Dark Souls Remastered Any%

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  1. VOD of a full (bad) run :
  3. Thief + Bombs
  4. Kill Asylum
  5. Keep the DGH for hydra RTSR
  6. Warp to Firelink
  8. Go down new londo ruins, pop a humanity
  9. Get the 1K and 2K souls
  10. Get Dragon Crest Shield
  11. Get RTSR, get GCS
  12. Kill BKH, Kill Lizard
  13. Get warpick +2, buy weapon smithbox
  14. Level 11 STR
  15. > Sen's gate skip
  16. Kill Golem (R2, R2, Black Firebomb, R2, R2, Black Firebomb, R2, R2)
  18. AL bonfire, upgrade BKH+2, level up 26str, 18dex
  19. Use golem soul, kill O&S, use smough soul
  20. Chamber bonfire, 17end 27str
  21. Warp to undead parish
  23. Buy Crest of Artorias
  24. Rest in the forest, warp to undead parish
  25. Gargoyles, bell, dark sign back
  27. Warp to Firelink, FAP ring
  28. > Meme rolls blighttown drop :
  29. Quelaag, bell, dark sign
  30. Place the lord vessel, dark sign
  32. RTSR setup with DGH, kill hydra, kill dusk, dark sign
  33. AL, pendant, dark sign
  35. Guardian
  36. > Royal Wood Skip
  37. Artorias
  38. Get the PCC, warp to firelink, rest at Lordvessel, Warp to Township
  39. > Wrong Warp
  40. Gwyn
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