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  1. Reaction to the brief
  3. I am supposed to create a a realistic photomontage using adobe photoshop.
  4. The theme is on multiplicity: Me, Myself and I.
  5. The photomonatage requires 10 instances of one person.
  6. The instances need to be my own photos, each of the instances should interact with each other and overall depict a story.
  7. There needs to a mesaage behind the story that these instances create.
  8. The finished product needs to be a single realistic scene.
  9. The image size needs to be A3 landscape, the final image is presented as a high-res PDF( min 300dpi suitable for printing).
  10. The photoshop file showing all the layers needs to be submitted as well.
  11. Along with the above I am required to produce a written report of the process of this project.
  12. The proccess book will show all of my research, thoughts about research, montage concepts, montage development and anything else that is relevant to the development of my work.
  13. This needs to be completed in adobe indesign and submitted as an interactive PDF, A3 landscape.
  14. Interactive showing a table of contents, and navagation buttons.
  15. Once my project is complete I am to partner up with someone else and we are to review each others work, stating both the pros and cons. Explanations and ways of improvement, the review should consist of at least 600 words.
  16. When I receive my partners own review of my work I am to then to write a one page response as to whether or not their response was fair and if I would alter my work in light of their crisicm.
  17. Once all of this is done the final part will be a 2 minute presentation explaining the proccess, use of tools and meaning and story behind the image.
  19. In response to the brief, I am feeling ok towards this. I have my own dslr camera so am looking forward to being able to go out and take some picture. As far as using photoshop goes I am quite new to the software so looking forward to enhancing my skills as I comple this assignment.
  20. I think it's cool that we are required to partner up with another person so we can respond to their work, hopefully if there were any genuine suggestions on my work that my partner points out that there would be enough time for me to alter my work if I decided to.
  22. Concept:
  23. I’m going to show a progressive story of one enjoying the heightened scene of drugs and alcohol, to then depression and despair, to then finding the bible, to then finding a meaningful life without the need for substance abuse.
  24. The far left iterations will be interacting and laughing at the iteration expressing despair and depression and from the other end the iterations showing men of faith will be helping the iteration up.
  25. At this point in time I am not sure if this is going to be valid so havent put a lot of work into sketching concepts as I want to make sure I can do this before putting the time into it.
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