Lewd Fashion Modeling with Twilight

Aug 23rd, 2019
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >Because of the fact that you constantly wore clothes, Rararara had taken a very real interest in you
  3. >The unicorn thought it was wonderful that a species wore clothing casually, though she did think it was a little silly when you told her some people wear "clothes" when sleeping
  4. >"There's wonderful and there's trying too hard, dear" she had told you
  5. >Because of this, Rarity thought you were some expert on clothing
  6. >You weren't; not even a little bit
  7. >You even told the mare more than once
  8. >She didn't seem to listen though
  9. >Because of her, you had landed yourself a job as a clothing consultor
  10. >Some clothing designs were tossed your way, you looked at them, pointed something that caught your eye, and Rarity would go ahead and start working
  11. >It really wasn't too hard, more sitting around waiting for the mare to have a flash of inspiration
  12. >A few of your picks were best sellers oddly enough
  13. >Probably had something to do with that "alien stamp of approval" thing Sassy Saddles was pushing
  14. >Not that you really cared though
  15. >You liked helping your buddies, especially when they paid you way too much for stupid jobs
  16. >At that moment, you were at one such job
  17. >Rarity had called you just after 1 am, demanding you come over
  18. >She had some up with some new designs, she had said, something for the upcoming fall season
  19. >The mare seemed so excited about the whole thing you hadn't been able to get a word in edgewise
  21. >So there you found yourself, half-asleep, splayed out on one of her fancy couches while she was working in the other room
  22. >Somehow, she had gotten some pony to come here to help model whatever the outfit was
  23. >"There we go! Now hold still dear. Just a few more stitches and... AH-HUH! Wonderful! Marvelous! Easily some of my best work!"
  24. >You heard a slightly maniac giggle, which was follow by Rarity herself stepping into the room
  25. >The mare had three different measuring ropes around her neck
  26. >A little cotton ball filled with pins and needles sat on her back, and a marker was stuck behind her ear
  27. >The unicorn looked tired, but happy as she pushed her red-rimmed glasses up her muzzle
  28. >"Anonymous, darling, I would grab something if I were you, because I daresay this might just blow your socks off."
  29. >She looked down at your feet, her muzzle scrunching in disgust
  30. >"Though, those abominations could use a good blowing right into a fire."
  31. >You yawned
  32. "You made these socks, Rares," you pointed out.
  33. >"To my utter shame," the mare said, placing a hoof against her head. "They look as if a novice made them. Truly that was a different time."
  34. "You made them last week."
  35. >"As I said, ages ago," Rarity replied with a flick of her tail. "But your ghastly socks can wait for another day. Twilight? Could you come here please?"
  36. >A few moments passed before Twilight Sparkle, the biggest purple book horse that you knew, stepped into the room
  37. >The alicorn looked tired, bags under her eyes and her wings drooping slightly
  38. >"Eve--"
  39. >She yawned
  40. >"Evening, Anon."
  42. >You yawned back
  43. "Evening, Twi. So Rarity managed to rope you into this, huh?"
  44. >The alicorn smiled
  45. >"I'm happy to help a friend," she said, covering her mouth with a hoof as she let out another yawn
  46. >"And what wonderful help you've been, darling," Rarity said, patting the mare's shoulder. "Now Anon, sit up. Up! You must see this."
  47. >You did as you were told, sitting up as Rarity walked Twilight over toward you
  48. >The alicorn was wearing black, see-through stockings
  49. >They reached up to the mare's rump, displacing some of the flesh near the top, as it seemed that Rarity had made it a size too small
  50. >Twilight also seemed to be wearing a pair of panties, made out of the same shiny black fabric
  51. >They seemed well-made, though just like the stockings were a bit too small
  52. >They strained against Twilight's big bottom
  53. "A big small, huh?"you said
  54. >"Well, yes. I must admit that they're a bit... snug," Rarity said. "I had made these with a... smaller mare in mind."
  55. >Twilight's ear flattened against the sides of her skull
  56. >Rarity noticed this, her eyes widening
  57. >"Not to imply that you're FAT, dear, anything but, but I had not made those with an alicorn's figure in mind."
  58. >Twilight looked back at her outfit, then over at you
  59. >You responded with a smile
  60. "You look great, Twilight. Pinkie promise," you said
  61. >That seemed to brighten her mood
  62. >She smiled, standing a little straighter
  63. >"Thanks, Anon.
  65. >Rarity coughed into a hoof
  66. >"Yes, well, how does it look, Anon?"
  67. >Twilight turned around, exposing her rump to you
  68. >She even arched her back, really sticking it out there
  69. >The fabric covering her marehood visibly tightened, swallowed between her cheeks
  70. >You found yourself quite a bit more awake that you were a second ago
  71. "I really like the frills," you said, reaching out
  72. >You grabbed Twilight by the hips, pulling her back
  73. >The mare flicked her tail, lightly smacking your nose as she sucked in a breath
  74. "What material did you make these out of?"
  75. >"The finest silk that I could find of course," Rarity said, puffing her chest out. "It's so fine that it simply kisses the skin. I'm going to be using the same fabric for a few more designs for this new line. It's going to be called "Kissed by an Angel"."
  76. >You ran a hand across the underwear
  77. >They felt really, really silky
  78. >So smooth that you swore your fingers tingled
  79. >Grabbing the top of the panties, you gave them a little tug
  80. >Twilight tensed as the fabric further rode up, giving her a wedge
  81. >With another tug you nestled the fabric between the lips of her marehood
  82. >She let out a shaky breath, wings quivering as you traced the outline of her tailhole with your thumb
  83. "Okay. So what's the gimmick for this one? Other than the cloth?"
  84. >"A sensational one if I do say so myself," Rarity said. "This and the other articles of clothing I hope to make soon will help both mares and stallions alike relieve themselves while they are busy out and about!"
  85. >Twilight flapped her wings as you continued to tug and yank at her panties
  86. >The mare had always enjoyed your hands, even more than Bonbon, and you could already tell they were having an effect on her
  88. >A noticeable wetness was collecting at the near the mare's groin each time your fingers brushed near it
  89. >You noticed, however, that it wasn't staining the panties
  90. "You do something to keep the underwear from getting soaked?" you asked, pulling Twilight a bit closer
  91. >"Oh, you noticed? Yes, I managed to create a very special charm. It helps wick away any moisture. It should be able to handle a very sizeable load without any seepage."
  92. "Where's the moisture go?"
  93. >"Into another dimension, as far as I can tell."
  94. >You stopped molesting the princess to give Rarity a deadpan stare
  95. "Really? All that for some underwear?"you asked while Twilight let out a moan, grinding her rump against your knee
  96. >"Nothing is too much for fashion, darling," Rarity replied, turning her attention toward Twilight. "So how does it feel, Twilight?"
  97. >Twilight bucked her hips, eyes becoming hazy
  98. "I-It feels... g-great,"she said with a wiggle. "Gonna cum soooooOOOOO--"
  99. >She tensed, wings flapping as she stomped a hoof
  100. >You placed a hand under her, helping keep her upright as she rode out her orgasm
  101. >Twilight was usually a fast cummer--at least for you anyways--but her orgasm seemed to last shockingly long
  102. >Maybe it was an alicorn thing?
  103. >Twilight took a step back, then another
  104. >Panting, she hopped into your lap, legs twitching and jerking as she continued to cum
  105. >She turned her head to the side, licking your cheek as her hips bucked again and she let out a scream
  106. >You rested your head on her shoulder
  107. >Not able to help yourself, you slipped a hand into the still clean panties, slipping two fingers into the alicorn
  109. >That had her thrashing, her marehood milking your digits
  110. >You pumped them in and out of her, until Twilight went limp against you, tongue hanging out of her mouth
  111. >Your hand was soaked, but the panties were still dry
  112. >Twilight let out a groan as you pulled your fingers out of her, her hips rolling
  113. "You know what, Rarity? I think these might be a big hit," you said, licking fingers your clean
  114. >Rarity nodded, looking very pleased with herself
  115. >"Wonderful! Now you simply must take a look at the male undergarments I've designed as well. Big Mac? Could you be a dear and come in here?"
  116. >...
  117. >Oh no
  118. "Oh no."
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