Anon - [Nameless] [Untagged]

Aug 25th, 2014
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  1. >You are Virgo, the resident charmer and swayer of hearts
  2. >You proudly walk forward on the busy streets of your home village, giving a greeting or two to familiar faces, and a courtesy or two to all the sexy ladies
  3. >Yes indeed it feels good to be on a roll
  4. >Hexferry looks away from you angrily as you make a little suggestive innuendo in her way, which makes Caramel smile a bit before waving back at you before the two continue on with their business
  5. >An energetic hop in your step you walk forward, only to stop for a while to avoid a few running fillies with a sweet looking mare chasing them
  6. >Butterscotch tells you she’s sorry for their behavior while blushing a bit and you tell her not to worry about it, and then she’s back to running after them as you let your gaze linger on her butt while you bite your lip
  7. >Dat ass
  8. >Satisfied with another lovely sight you continue walking
  9. >That is, until you notice something at the side of your vision
  10. >You stop and turn your head to see a rather striking looking rump
  11. >A butt you do not recognize, someone new in town perhaps?
  12. >You let your gaze wander and look at the striking red fur this mothpony mare has on those sexy hooves
  13. >You hope it’s a mare, your friends certainly have not forgotten that one time when you tried to hit on Gemini when you did not recognize it was him...
  14. >The mare is standing in front of a sign that has the basic map of the village laid out
  15. >You brush your mane back and walk to the mare
  16. >”Well hello~, are you a bit troubled there?”
  17. >The mare turns to look at you in surprise and your Virgo eyes get to work to analyze the attractiveness of her face in under a second
  18. >She’s pretty all right
  19. “U-uh, excuse me?”
  20. >You put on one of your gentler game faces
  22. >”I noticed you seemed a bit troubled, might I be of some assistance?”
  23. >The moth keeps looking at you for a small while before blushing very lightly
  24. “Yeah, I’m new to this village and trying to find my cousins house. He gave me instruction but...”
  25. >The mare gives you small smile
  26. >You put your hoof around the mare and pull her to you, which makes her jolt a bit
  27. >”Let me see those instructions and I’ll get you there”
  28. >You successfully fake your little maneuver to seem like you just wanted to take a closer look at the note and give her directions, but unknowns to this mare the magic has already began to happen
  29. >And then you glance at the paper
  30. > know this hoofwriting
  31. >You look back at the mare
  32. >”Pepper Dust?”
  33. >The mare looks surprised
  34. “You know my cousin?”
  35. >You remove your hoof from the mare and sheepishly rub the back of your head
  36. >”Yeah, he’s a friend. I’m Virgo by the way”
  37. >The mare nods
  38. “I’m Paprika, nice to make your acquaintance”
  39. >”I was actually on my way to see him about something before I noticed your- you looking troubled and decided to offer my help”
  40. >Paprika gives you a kind smile
  41. “That’s very nice of you Virgo”
  42. >You point at yourself while beaming proudly
  43. >”Well I am quite a nice guy”
  44. >Paprika lets out a small giggle of amusement
  45. >”Here let me lead the way”
  46. >You and Paprika start walking and soon the two of you are out from the more busy part of the village and walking past a few houses
  47. >The two of you walk next to each other while you glance at Paprika from time to time
  48. >Even if she’s your friends cousin it doesn’t hurt to look, especially if the view is nice
  49. >But then she catches you glancing at her in a very unprofessional manner
  50. >Well, that’s awkw- she looks happy?
  51. >You raise an eyebrow and give your pick up smirk to her while doing your eyebrow thing
  52. >It’s working! Oh yeah, bad Virgo, friends cousin, don’t, don't do that...
  54. >Paprika closes the distance between the two of you
  55. “So you’re some sort of local helpful stallion hmm?”
  56. >”You could say that, I’m pretty good with my hooves so I’m more of a jack of all trades”
  57. >Paprika gives you a light smirk of her own
  58. “I bet you are~”
  59. >Paprika gives you a smile while you feel a bit awkward
  60. >”Yeah... anyways we’ll take a left from here and...”
  61. >The rest of the walk to Peppers house goes smoothly
  62. >Even a bit too smoothly for your taste
  63. >Paprika seems to enjoy your attention much more than mares usually do
  64. >By the time the two of you are at Peppers door you are sweating a bit almost like you would have just been doing heavy lifting
  65. >”Here we are”
  66. >Paprika looks at Pepper Dusts house
  67. “Wow, did not think it’d be this great”
  68. >Paprika then turns to look at you with a happy expression
  69. “Thank you Virgo for helping me, I would have been lost if you would not have helped me”
  70. >Your charm shifts into gear once again
  71. >”If there’s anything I can help you with give me a shout, anything at all~”
  72. >Paprika blushes a bit while you realize what you are doing again
  73. “I’ll keep that in mind~”
  74. >Just as you are about to feel awkwardly triumphant there is the sound of somepony clearing their throat and then sneezing right away
  75. >You already know who it is before turning your head to look at him and putting on a slightly awkward grin
  76. >”Hi Pepper”
  77. >Paprika’s face beams
  78. “Hiya cuz!”
  79. >Paprika rushes to give Pepper a hug which takes him by surprise, but soon he accepts it
  80. >Pepper Dust keeps looking at you with a bit of a grumpy look on his slightly blushing face as he hugs Paprika
  82. >Soon enough the two of them break their friendly hug
  83. “I met your friend Virgo, he helped me to find your house”
  84. >Pepper Dust glances at Paprika
  85. “And that’s... all he did?”
  86. >Paprika looks at Pepper questionably
  87. “What else would he do?”
  88. >Pepper Dust blushes a bit while looking away
  89. “...nothing”
  90. >You rub the back of your head with your hoof
  91. >”So Pepper, I’m actually here to pick up that delivery you have for Minty, about some spices for some sort of tea?”
  92. >Pepper Dust nods
  93. “Right, I’ll go fetch them”
  94. >With that Pepper Dust disappears into his house/shop leaving you with Paprika on the outside
  95. >”Minty owns a café in town, best tea and service you could find anywhere”
  96. “Really? Sounds lovely, maybe I should visit it someday”
  97. >Pepper appears out of his shop and makes his way to the two of you while holding a brown paper bag in his mouth
  98. >You take the bag from him and give him your thanks
  99. >”Well, I’ve got to fly, see you around Pepper, Paprika”
  100. >As you take flight you can’t help but to wonder why Paprika looked a bit sad as you left
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