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A New Kind of Bond

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  1. >You’re Anon.
  2. >Local CHS student, cameraman and loner.
  3. > “Is the camera rolling?”
  4. >You roll your eyes as you brought the camera to your face and try to play it like a flute.
  5. “Brubrummmm. Yeah it’s working.”
  6. >A grey haired man in a dark blue suit walks up from behind you while patting your shoulder.
  7. > “Stop goofing around Anon. You can be a dick on your own time.”
  8. >You laugh at Mr. Johnson, your history teacher, while going over everything you need.
  9. >You weren’t doing too great in his class and when you asked you any, he suggested helping him with a project of his.
  10. >You were glad he wasn’t hinting at something sexual.
  11. >You now had to investigate some weird stuff as Mr. Johnson walked towards an old yet abandoned mental asylum near the woods.
  12. >You remember how kids use to come to this place to either party or see if ghosts haunted this place.
  13. “So remind me again what’re we doing here?”
  14. >He sighed and moved his flashlight to shine the light at what was left of the front door with you following him.
  15. > “I’m sure I don’t have to tell you the parts of why the asylum was abandoned.”
  16. >You nod, knowing about the fire that happened around eleven years ago.
  17. “Yeah, one of the patients set fire to the place and went crazy.”
  18. >He looks walks through a doorway and into a cafeteria.
  19. >He nods and says, “Good so you do pay attention in class. Anyways I’ve been hearing some strange rumors of screams and lights coming from this place.”
  20. >You lower the camera a bit to look at him.
  21. “It could be some kids partying or scarring someone. It’s not that strange.”
  22. >He shook his head while stepping over some of the fallen ceiling and walking to the other side of the cafeteria.
  23. > “I thought that as well but then there were some rumors of students disappearing.”
  24. >Ok, you didn’t hear anything about that.
  25. > “Don’t worry. I looked into it and there’s no missing students but the screams and lights are true from what that youtube video showed me.”
  26. >You stop walking as your hands drop to your side.
  27. “Youtube video?”
  28. >He turn around and looks at you with a confused look on his face.
  29. > “It was one of sites that popped up when I searched this place.”
  30. >You groan and raise the camera up to eye level.
  31. “Ok fine, let's just search this place and leave. This better get me a good grade.”
  32. >You follow him to a cross section hallway as you tried to look at everything with the camera.
  33. > “Disrespectful kid. I remember when-”
  34. >You hear something coming from the right hallway.
  35. “Shhh.”
  36. >Mr. Johnson turns around shining the flashlight in your face.
  37. > “Don’t you ‘shhh’ me-”
  38. >You hold your hand up to silence him.
  39. >You then point down the right hallway and try to whisper to him.
  40. “Quiet. I hear something.”
  41. >He nods as you quietly walk down the hall as the sound gets louder.
  42. >It sounds like metal scrapping against the floor from what you can tell.
  43. >You reached the end of the hallway and saw it split into two directions.
  44. >Looking down the right you see a light down the hall while the left has the noise getting even louder.
  45. “What should we do?”
  46. >Mr. Johnson looks unsure but turns to you and points down the left hallway.
  47. > “You go down that way and see what the hell that noise is. I’m gonna go down this way and see what’s in that room.”
  48. >You begin to walk down the dark hallway as you turn on the night vision function of the camera.
  49. “What could that be?”
  50. >As you got closer, the sound got louder and started to change.
  51. >It didn’t sound like the metal scrapping noise anymore but more like an animal growl.
  52. >You wanted to turn around and leave this place like a coward but your curiosity got the better of you.
  53. “Please don’t be a bear. Please just be a simple game or something that a student left behind.”
  54. >You were just a few feet away from a door when you heard someone yelling and what appeared to be a few gun shots.
  55. >You quietly open the door a jar and look inside as much as you could.
  56. >Inside the room, you could see a pure white interior and tables with a bunch of people in labcoats or SWAT uniforms running around.
  57. >A woman with purple with a teal stripe hair looked to be ordering everyone around as she pointed at something.
  58. >Looking at what she was pointing at, you saw some strange goo being forced into a large tube as a few SWAT guys use some kind of flame throwers.
  59. >Once the tube’s sealed, the woman looks at a few of the scientists and begins to address them.
  60. >Unfortunately you’re unable to hear what she’s say, so you try to get what you can on camera.
  61. >You move the camera up and zoom in on the back and see a few more tubes like the one they just closed.
  62. “I need to get Mr. Johnson and get out of here.”
  63. >You move away from the door and turn around carefully, so you don’t trip or crash into something.
  64. >You’ve seen those movies were the guy either breaks something or runs into someone behind him.
  65. >Luckily neither of those things happen to you as you walk back down the hall.
  66. >As you got closer to where you originally started, you knew something was wrong.
  67. >The light at the end of the other hallway was off.
  68. >You pull out your phone and scroll through your contact till you find the number you’re looking for and dial it.
  71. >The phone finally stops ringing when you hear not Mr. Johnson but a smooth feminine voice say, “Hello.”
  72. >You end the call and hold the power button to turn it off.
  73. >The screen goes dark as you put the phone back in your pocket.
  74. “I need to get out of here.”
  75. >You began to back track down that one hallway to leave this place.
  76. >As you reach the crossway, you saw a bunch of lights shine on the floor and the walls.
  77. > “Check every corner. The boss thinks there might be another.”
  78. >You began to back up and down the same way you came from.
  79. >Turning to the left, you quietly run as you hear footsteps getting closer to you.
  80. >You open the door and slip in hoping no one would see you.
  81. >You were lucky as all the scientist were facing the other direction, either working on their computers or at some desk doing something.
  82. >You knew it would be over once they see you.
  83. >Looking around, you see some desks you can easily hide behind momentarily and a lab coat  just hanging on a chair right next to you.
  84. >You grab the coat and slip it on while buttoning it up and see the name tag on it.
  85. >You remove the tag and throw it under a desk as you hide your camera in your pocket.
  86. >You knew that the coat wouldn’t completely hide you so you decided to walk to find a way out.
  87. >At the other end of the lab, you can make out a couple of doors.
  88. >You didn’t know were they led to but it was better than waiting out in the open.
  89. >Walking by some desks, you grab a clipboard to try and look like you belong.
  90. >One of the scientists at a desk looked at you but you tried to walk as fast as possible to the door.
  91. >You could see the door and it was only a few feet away when a loudspeaker blared to life, causing you to stop in your tracks.
  92. > “Attention, there seems to be an intruder on the premises.”
  93. >It was the same smooth voice on the phone.
  94. >You wasted no time in opening the door and going inside while closing the door.
  95. >Taking no time to look, you just walk down the hallway to the next door at the other end.
  96. >You heard some yelling from the other end as you opened the door and walked inside.
  97. >Closing the door, you look around the room but find out that there was no other door there.
  98. >And your only way out was through the door you just came from.
  99. “Shit, I’m screwed.”
  100. >You started to panic while looking around for anything from a way out to something to defend yourself with.
  101. >All that was in the room was a couple of the tubes with the slime in them and a control panel of sorts.
  102. >There was even a small desk with some paperwork and forms on it.
  103. “What the hell’s going on here?”
  104. >You walk towards the tubes, you tried to look inside one of them to see what those things were.
  105. >Inside the slime looked like it was rising and falling, almost like it was breathing.
  106. >You moved your head a bit close when the slime moved and hit the side of the tube.
  107. >Moving back in surprise, your hands brushed against one of the tubes.
  108. >You move your hand away from the tube as the door opens causing you turn turn around.
  109. >Walking through the door were 4 SWAT guys and the woman you saw earlier.
  110. >The woman looks at you as if you’re nothing but a bug and says, “It seems I was correct. There was another one.”
  111. >Your eyes go wide, fearing the worst as you tried to talk in an even voice.
  112. “What did you do to Mr. Johnson?”
  113. >The woman looked amused and said, “I believe he decided to take an earlier retirement since he didn’t have the heart to go on.”
  114. >You feel a chill run down your spine as you look at her in fear.
  115. >You try to back up but your arm hits a white colored tube causing it to move slightly.
  116. >The woman, unaware of the tube moving, turns around to leave as the SWAT guys raise their assault rifles at you.
  117. > “Gentlemen, please give our guest a once in a lifetime experience.”
  118. >The armed men turn their sights onto you as the door closes and the tubs falls from the desk.
  119. >You see the tube smash onto the ground, sending glass and slime all over your feet.
  120. >The SWAT guys take aim as you see the slime begin to move up your foot.
  121. >You hold your hands up and close your eyes in a pathetic attempt to protect yourself, waiting for the inevitable sting of death.
  122. >But you feel nothing as you open your eye a bit to see your left arm turn into some kind of white shield.
  123. “What the fuck?”
  124. >Looking down, you see the white slime covering half of your body and spreading.
  125. >One of the SWAT guys loudly said, “We’ve got a problem. One of the symbiotes got loose, I repeat, one of the symbiotes got loose.”
  126. >You didn’t have time to question anything as the slime begins to cover your head.
  127. >Once your head’s covered, you couldn’t see anything until eye holes open up.
  128. >Both of your arms are raised to show white claws to you as they lengthened.
  129. >You see some of the SWAT try to leave as your arm forms into a blade.
  130. >That freaked you out.
  131. >You could see one of the SWAT stand his ground and fires a few shots at you.
  132. >What happened next was the strangest thing as it felt like someone was controlling your body.
  133. >Your arm slices his gun in half as your other arm grabs him by the head and throws him out the door.
  134. >You seem to leap out the door and onto the ceiling, crawling through the other door.
  135. >Once you were in the room an alarm came to life, causing all the scientists to run out the door and away from you.
  136. >You hear someone yell for more guards or something but you just continue to crawling through the doorway and up the wall.
  137. >You even hear someone say, “Shoot to kill.”
  138. >The sound of gun shots as a bullet almost hits your hand as you jump off the wall and land in front of someone.
  139. >Your right arm goes through the gunner’s chest as your left arm forms a shield.
  140. >The sound of bullets hitting against the shield causing you to growl, confusing you.
  141. >Your blade turns back into a hand as it shot a thread at the gun, forcing it out of the man’s hands and towards the floor.
  142. >The man didn’t have time to react as a long white tentacle slams him into the wall.
  143. >To your right, you can see two men holding those flame throwers as they aim them at you and release a stream of fire.
  144. >Your arm becomes a shield once more as the flames lick it.
  145. >After a few moments, the fire stops as you lower your shield and had two tentacles shot towards the two men.
  146. >They drop their guns and twitch as their chest’s are pierced.
  147. >The tentacles lift the two corpse off the ground and threw them a retreating group of gunners.
  148. >The next few moments were a blur as you run out the door at the other end of the lab and start running down the hall.
  149. >A few gunners in the hall tried to shot you but had their heads separated from their bodies.
  150. >You continued running down the hallway and through the walls to reach the outside of the building.
  151. >Once you got out of the asylum, you didn’t stop running as you reached the road.
  152. >Raising your arm, a thread is shot out of your hand at a building as you jump and began to swing on it.
  153. >You then shot another thread at the next building and swing on it.
  154. >Within a matter of minutes, you landed on top of an apartment building as the slime seems to disappear as you fall onto your hands and knees.
  155. >You suddenly felt the weight of the night's events hit you like a freight train.
  156. “What the fuck happened? That was insane.”
  157. > ‘It was our bond, host.’
  158. >You stand up and look around to find whoever talked to you.
  159. >But no one else was on the building.
  160. “I must be going crazy. I’m starting to hear voices.”
  161. > ‘We’re not crazy, host. We’re the slime that touched you.’
  162. “Wait, you’re that slime? But where are you?”
  163. > ‘We’re inside you and calm down.’
  164. “It’s kind of hard to do that when you have a talking slime inside of you.”
  165. >You could feel as if someone sighed in your head.
  166. > ‘I’m not a slime but a symbiote.’
  167. “A what?”
  168. > ‘Just call me a Tonic, that’s what those scientists called me.”
  169. >You tiredly nod your head as you continued this strange conversation.
  170. “So, I’m guess this means you’re gonna either take over my body or leave, right.”
  171. > ‘Hihihi, unfortunately I can’t survive without a host. I need to feed upon a chemical that can only be found in chocolate or in your race’s brain.’
  172. >A shiver travels down your spine as you heard the familiar sound of the police siren.
  173. >Walking to side of the building, you see a dark car drive by with a bunch of police cruisers following it.
  174. > ‘What’s going on?’
  175. “Another robbery and soon a hero with superpowers will stop them.”
  176. > ‘Why not stop them yourself?’
  177. >The symbiote covers your body in an instant.
  178. “Hey, what’re you doing?”
  179. > ‘You said someone with powers and you have power with me inside of you.’
  180. >You nod knowing that he’s right.
  181. “But I don’t know what to do.”
  182. >Your arm began to move as it shot a thread at a building.
  183. > ‘It’s webbing.’
  184. >You nod and jump off the building and begin to chase after the car.
  185. >You felt kept on shooting your webbing at the buildings as you were swinging to catch up to the car.
  186. >The car was within your sights as you swing on the webbing and jump onto the roof of the car.
  187. >You hear some yelling as someone pokes their head out the window.
  188. > “What the landed on….OH FUCK!!”
  189. >He tries to get back into the car but you grab him and pull him out.
  190. >He pulls out a handgun from his pants and fires wildly at your head.
  191. >You were able to dodge each bullet by moving your head slightly before throwing him away.
  192. >Looking behind you, the robber lands on a few garbage cans.
  193. >Returning your attention to the car, you punch a hole into the roof of the car and pull your arm back.
  194. >You hear someone scream as you pull the roof back with your arm, revealing two people in the front seats.
  195. > “What the fuck is that?”
  196. > “Just shot the fucker.”
  197. >The thug in the passenger seat fumbled with a rifle and fired it.
  198. >And completely missing you.
  199. >Deciding to stop this, you grab the rifle with your claw and snap it with little effort.
  200. >The thug in the passenger seat looks at you with wide eyes as he shakily raises his hands above his head.
  201. > “Can I surrender?”
  202. >You glare at them causing the driver to skid to a halt and try to get out of the car.
  203. >With their seat belts still on.
  204. > ‘They don't seem to smart.’
  205. ‘Thugs aren't smart to begin with.’
  206. >As you had your little talk, the driver pulled out a knife and held it out  in a threatening manner.
  207. > “D-don’t come any closer. I've got a knife.”
  208. >You couldn’t believe this guy was threatening you with a knife of all things.
  209. > ‘This is pathetic right?’
  210. ‘Beyond pathetic.’
  211. >You raise both of your hands and shoot a web line at the knife and pull it out of his hand.
  212. >The two, seeing that they're outmatched, kneeled down with their hands behind their heads.
  213. >Looking behind the thugs, you see that a couple of police cruisers driving towards your location.
  214. >You perform a jump flip onto the side of a building and launched some webbing at another building.
  215. >Your grip on the building is released as you began to swing through the city.
  216. >It didn’t take you long till you reach your street and landed in your backyard.
  217. >The symbiote receded back inside of you, leaving you in your blue jeans and black shirt, as you open the back door and walk inside.
  218. >After locking the back door and walking to your room, you crash onto your bed as you were beginning to feel sleepy.
  219. “This was a crazy night.”
  220. > ‘That it was, host.’
  221. >Yawning loudly, you get comfortable and start to fall asleep unaware of the events to come.
  225. >You’re the director of this facility.
  226. >It was just an hour ago when two intruders broke into the facility.
  227. >The older male has already been dealt with but the younger one was able to escape.
  228. >If it wasn't bad enough, he was able to escape with an experimental symbiote and kill a bunch of your security personal.
  229. >And now you had to explain everything to your superior.
  230. >In front of you, was a large holographic projection of your superior.
  231. > “When I made you the director of this facility, I thought I was hiring the best. Someone who could handle running one of my many facilities and overseeing my experiments. I was promised no mistakes, no failures and no unexpected surprises.”
  232. >You tried not to sweat as you stood there.
  233. “Sir, this wasn’t my fault. We dealt with every other problem without any problems before and-”
  234. > “SILENCE!!”
  235. >You stop talking, knowing that the guards will kill you if he orders them.
  236. > “I don’t like it when you make excuses.”
  237. “But sir…”
  238. > “I told you to make sure no one gets inside. I told you take care of any trespassers and what happened. Not only did someone get in there but they were able to leave with one of my symbiotes.”
  239. >He glares, daring you to make an excuse but you stay quiet.
  240. > “I hate it when someone steals from me. And to make matters worst, it was a child no less that got away.”
  241. “We’ll find this kid and we’ll get the symbiote in no time.”
  242. > “Oh it will return one way or another. Now I want you to continue with the project I’ve entrusted with you.”
  243. >He turns away from you slightly, sighing, as you relaxed slightly.
  244. > “While it is unfortunate of the lose of one of the symbiotes, we’re behind schedule.”
  245. >He turns back to look at you causing you to straighten up.
  246. > “I don’t want anymore excuses or mistakes, just results. And if the opportunity arises, you are to retrieve the stolen symbiote. Do you understand?”
  247. “Yes. I’ll get right on it”
  248. >He nods while lessening his glare.
  249. > “Good. Now I want you to get back to work.”
  250. >You bow and turn to walk away as he continues.
  251. > “While it’s still your work. Don’t think for a moment that you can’t be replaced.”
  252. >The projection ends as you walk over to your desk trying to figure out what to do next.
  255. >You feel so comfortable that you don’t want to get up but the sun had other plans.
  256. >You’re Anon and the sun hates you.
  257. “Stupid widow. Letting the light through and waking me up.”
  258. > ‘It’s an inconvenience but you can’t sleep all day.’
  259. >You wave a hand in a half assed kind of way as you got off the bed and made your way towards the bathroom.
  260. “At least it’s Saturday, so no school for two days.”
  261. > ‘What is this school?’
  262. >You entered the bathroom and stood in front of the sink.
  263. “It’s a place were mainly kids have to go to learn.”
  264. >You grab your toothbrush and apply some toothpaste to it, ready to brush your teeth when your eyes go wide.
  265. “WAIT! Who am I talking to?”
  266. > ‘You really aren’t aware of your surroundings in the morning, aren’t you?’
  267. “What the….Tonic?”
  268. > ‘Yes?’
  269. >You fall to the floor as the memories from last night come back to you.
  270. >The investigation with Mr. Johnson.
  271. >Finding the lab and the symbiote.
  272. >Stopping those thugs.
  273. >That woman killing your teacher.
  274. >You suddenly felt cold remembering her words.
  275. > “I believe he decided to take an early retirement since he didn’t have the heart to go on.”
  276. >Those words kept echoing inside your head.
  277. “He’s dead.”
  278. > ‘Yes he is. They dispose of any intruders.’
  279. “He didn’t deserve to die.”
  280. >You hear nothing from Tonic.
  281. “What now?”
  282. > ‘You should get ready and learn how to use our powers.’
  283. “Why? I mean can't we just lay low?”
  284. >The image of a weird slime head shaking it's head entered your mind.
  285. > ‘Those people will try and hunt down anyone who has a symbiote. You're better off learning to defend yourself or….’
  286. “Or what?”
  287. > ‘Or they might come after those who are closest to you.’
  288. >You began thinking of your friends, classmates, teachers and your family either being gunned down or cut open like frogs.
  289. >You slowly get up and look at yourself in the mirror.
  290. “Ok, we'll try out our powers.  It's better to know at least some of our limits but I want to see what I've become first.”
  291. >The white symbiote starts to cover your body showing you a white bodysuit with a large black spider design on your chest.
  292. >Your hands are covered and form the familiar claws you saw the other day while the suit stretches over your face.
  293. >You hold your breathe, preparing yourself for whatever happens.
  294. >The suit engulfs your face while forming your face into one of the most terrifying yet awesome faces out there.
  295. >Your head is white except for the black marks around your eyes as your mouth has some sharp teeth.
  296. “Woah, is this what those thugs saw?”
  297. > ‘Yes, it was the only thing that came to mind.’
  298. “Ok, let's change and go over what we can do.”
  299. >Your suit starts to change as the bodysuit becomes a pair of blue jeans and white shirt while the mask disappears.
  300. >The moment the suit changes, you gasp and look at yourself.
  301. “Ok, that’s cool but weird. Didn't know you could do that.”
  302. > ‘Matter consumption is one of the abilities i have.’
  303. “We need to have a talk about the powers we have.”
  304. > ‘Fine but let's go outside.’
  305. >You raised one of your eyebrows.
  306. “Why?”
  307. > ‘I would like to see the outside world and all I ever saw was that lab.”
  308. >You open your mouth to argue but then think maybe some fresh air would do you some good.
  309. “Ok but first let me eat something.”
  310. >It’s been about two hours since you left your house and gave your new roommate a tour of the city.
  311. >You found out he could see through your eyes as you went to the library, the park and, his favorite place, the candy store.
  312. >When you saw the chocolate selection, Tonic said to buy a lot of chocolate and different ones.
  313. >From what Tonic said, chocolate contains a chemical to help sustain him.
  314. >He sounded like a little kid throughout the whole tour and even explained some of the powers you have.
  315. >Enhanced strength, agility, stamina, matter generation and a healing factor just to name a few.
  316. >Tonic was just about to tell you of one other power, when you felt something go off in your head.
  317. >You turned around and hold your arms out as you see someone flying towards you.
  318. >As the person got within arms reach, you move yourself to have the person land in your arms as you spin a bit.
  319. > “Hahaha, again.”
  320. >Taking a good look at the person in your arms and notice the familiar white blue shirt and pink skirt.
  321. >It doesn't hurt that the person has a lot of energy, pink fluffy hair and a smile on her face.
  322. “Hello Pinkie.”
  323. >She wraps her arms around you and gives you a big hug while pressing her big breasts against your chest.
  324. > “Hi Anon. I wanted to surprise you but you caught me and surprised me instead.”
  325. > “I've got to admit, i haven't seen anyone do that before. And Pinkie surprises everyone.”
  326. >You turn around to see Sunset Shimmer and Rarity Belle a few feet away from you.
  327. “Hey Sunset, Rarity. How's it going and let me go Pinkie.”
  328. > “Ok.”
  329. >She jumps off of your arms and lands next to her friends, still smiling in a cute kinda way.
  330. > ‘Is that girl ok?”
  331. ‘Pinkie does weird things, just don't question it and you'll be fine.’
  332. > ‘I'll. ...take your word for it.’
  333. “So what’s up?”
  334. > “We were just walking along when I saw you and wanted to say hi but-”
  335. >Sunset covers Pinkie’s mouth and laughs a bit.
  336. > “Yeah we saw you and figured we could say hi.”
  337. “Well thanks, so what’re you up to now?”
  338. >Rarity looks around at the shops.
  339. > “We were about to go to the mall and maybe shop for a bit, dear. Would you like to come? We could use a nice strong man to help us.”
  340. >You smile while you walk towards them.
  341. "In other words, you want someone to carry your purchase?"
  342. >Rarity gasps as the other two giggle behind her back.
  343. >"Well, I'd never-"
  344. "I was joking, Rarity. Sure, I accompany you."
  345. >They look surprised at your answer while glancing at each other.
  346. >Rarity looks back at you as she waved her arm in front of her.
  347. >"We don't mean to-"
  348. “Don’t worry about it. I have nothing better to do besides just wandering around. So were to first?”
  349. > “We were going to the mall before we ran into you but we need to hurry. The rest of the girls are already waiting for us.”
  350. “Lead the way.”
  351. >The girls began walking as you followed and had a silent conversation with your new friend.
  352. ‘What the hell was that?’
  353. > ‘That was a psychic warning, if that’s what you mean.’
  354. ‘Yeah that. Why did that happen?’
  355. > ‘It sends a mental warning when you’re in danger. That’s how you were able to dodge those bullets last night.’
  356. ‘And I’m guessing there’s no way to turn it off.’
  357. > ‘No, it’s a passive ability but as long as nothing tries to kill you, you’ll be fine.’
  358. “Well there’s that.”
  359. >Sunset turns around and looks at you confused.
  360. > “Did you say something Anon?”
  361. “Just thinking of what to make for dinner.”
  362. >Sunset stares at you for a moment before turning back around and talking to her friends.
  363. >You sigh and you’re glad you could lie fairly easy.
  364. > ‘Host? Those three are females, correct?’
  365. >You nod your head, confused by the question.
  366. ‘Yes, why?’
  367. > ‘Will you be breeding with them?’
  368. >You almost trip on your own two feet at that question.
  369. ‘Where the fuck did that come from?”
  370. >'They are about your age and your hormones peaked upon seeing them, especially after the pink one embraced you.'
  371. 'You're saying...'
  372. >'Make them yours, I help.'
  373. “I can’t do that.”
  374. > “Can’t do what, Anon?”
  375. >You jump while looking to your right and at Pinkie.
  376. “Just thinking Pinkie.”
  377. > “But you were saying on not doing something. So what can’t you do Anon? Maybe the girls and I can help you with whatever you need help with.”
  378. > ‘The pink girl seems willing so why not breed with her?”
  379. >You try to fight the blush that's threatening to appear on your face.
  380. “Don’t worry Pinkie, it's nothing but why don't you have a chocolate bar?”
  381. >You pull out a chocolate bar out of you bag and present it to her.
  382. >She gasps over dramatically and gives you a bone crushing hug before bouncing back to her friends.
  383. > ‘Why did you give her our chocolate and why don’t you breed with her?
  384. ‘She’s a friend and  we can get more. And we'll talk about that later.’
  385. > ‘Very well host, but if you decide to breed I'll be here to help.’
  386. ‘Ok fine and I'll buy another bar later.’
  387. >Before you know it, you're inside the mall and still following the girls.
  388. “So, where’s the rest of your friends?”
  389. >The girls look around as Sunset put a hand over her eyes.
  390. > “They should be near the food court. I got a text a few minutes ago telling me that's where they were.”
  391. >You join Sunset in looking and see a familiar hat and rainbow hair, pointing in that general direction.
  392. “Is that them?”
  393. >They all look where you’re pointing and start walking over while waving.
  394. >The two wave once they see their friends walk over but give you a confused look as Pinkie gives them a bone crushing hug.
  395. > “It’s soooooo good to see you. It’s been too long, Dashie and Jackie.”
  396. >Applejack laughs awkwardly while patting Pinkie’s back.
  397. > “It’s only been a day, Sug.”
  398. >Pinkie just nuzzles her.
  399. > “That one day too long.”
  400. >Rainbow on the other hand was trying to escape.
  401. > “Damnit Pinkie let me go.”
  402. >She struggles as Pinkie tightens her grip.
  403. > ‘Host, the pink one…’
  404. ‘Just don’t think about what she does and you’ll be fine.’
  405. > “So why is Anon here?”
  406. >You shrug and point at Rarity and Sunset.
  407. “They invited me after Pinkie tried to tackle me.”
  408. >Pinkie let the girls go and started to jump while doing some strange kung-fu moves.
  409. > “You should have seen him. I took a running start and was like ‘Weeee’. Anon was just walking but then turned around and caught me.”
  410. >Applejack and Rainbow looked at you in shock.
  411. “Yes it happened. So what’re we going to do now?”
  412. > “We need Shy and Twi, Anon.”
  413. > ‘What’s the pink one talking about?’
  414. ‘Just a couple more friends.’
  415. “So where are they?”
  416. >Applejack was about to say something when Pinkie started to wave at someone.
  417. >Looking to your side, you see a pink haired girl in a green sundress and a purple haired girl in a purple dress with a cast on her right arm.
  418. >Everyone waved at the two as Pinkie gave them a small hug.
  419. > “Shy, Twi. You ready to have some fun?”
  420. >They were about to open their mouths as they saw you.
  421. “Rarity invited me after we ran into each other. So let's go shopping or something.”
  422. >A hand grabs your shoulder and you turn to see Rarity’s the one who grabbed you.
  423. > “Oh we will darling, but first we need to do some clothes shopping.”
  424. >As she said that, Rarity gained a gleam in her eye.
  425. > ‘Host, i have a bad feeling.’
  426. “So clothes shopping first huh?”
  427. >Rarity grins wickedly and you start to feel the same feeling as Tonic.
  428. > “Why yes, but I think we should give you a little makeover first and then we can get our clothes.”
  429. >All the girls grin while looking at you.
  430. “You don’t need to waste your time on me.”
  431. >You need to get out of here before they do something drastic.
  432. >As you tried to back up, Sunset and Pinkie grab you as everyone push you down the walkway.
  433. >Rarity points in some direction, her eyes burning with passion.
  434. > “To the clothing store.”
  435. > ‘I hope you survive this, host.’
  436. ‘So do I.’
  440. >It’s been ten minutes since the girls dragged you into the store and started to pick out some clothes.
  441. > ‘Is this normal for females, host?’
  442. >You see them go through racks of clothes like crazy women while Pinkie held you to her chest like a teddy bear.
  443. ‘You mean go insane for stylish clothes then no. But to give someone a makeover then they do whatever they want.’
  444. >Sunset walked over to you holding a grey jacket and held it against you.
  445. > “That could work.”
  446. >The others did the same things as Pinkie cuddle dragged you to the dressing room with a pile of clothes waiting for you.
  447. >You look at the girls as you point at the pile.
  448. “Do I have to try on all of these?”
  449. >They nod as you walk into the dressing room and close the door while looking at the clothes.
  450. >You grab the bottom of your shirt when you remember that Tonic changed the shirt earlier.
  451. ‘Wait am I able to remove these clothes, Tonic? You did make them.”
  452. > ‘You can take them off. We're able to change the clothes but that doesn't mean they're like last night.’
  453. >You’re not sure if that’s good or not but you let it go.
  454. >Too many crazy shit is going on for you to care about a clothes changing power.
  455. >Wanting to get this done sooner than later, you grab the bottom of your shirt and start to lift it over your head.
  456. > “Oh Anon.”
  457. >The door to the dressing room opens and you see Rarity, Pinkie and the girls through the door.
  458. > “We found this….nice…..shirt.”
  459. >And now they’re staring at you.
  460. >Well your chest anyways.
  461. “That the shirt?”
  462. > “Yes darling ...here.”
  463. >Rarity hands you the shirt as the others close the door but Pinkie pulls out her phone and snaps a picture.
  464. >With the door closed you look at yourself in the mirror and see your toned stomach.
  465. > “PINKIE!!”
  466. > ‘Are girls always this loud, host?’
  467. ‘It more on what Pinkie just did.’
  468. >After trying on the clothes and buying a few.
  469. >You hated to admit it but a few of the shirts were nice.
  470. >As you left the store, you turned to the girls wondering one thing.
  471. “So, did I at to know why Pinkie’s receiving the death stare treatment?”
  472. >It’s true, the girls are literally glaring at her.
  473. >But Fluttershy and Twilight are blushing while they do that.
  474. >Then again Fluttershy blushes or hides from almost everything.
  475. >Pinkie just smiles while doing her usual happy bounce thing.
  476. > “I just sent them the picture I took.”
  477. > ‘So the pink one sent the image to excite them?’
  478. ‘Not now, Tonic.’
  479. “Why do you do this stuff Pinkie? I already apologized for breaking a promise and took the punishment you gave me. Can’t you cut me a break?”
  480. >Pinkie just smiles at you, annoying you even more.
  481. > “C’mon Anon, it’s just a prank. It’s not like I’m hurting anyone.”
  482. >You just sigh, knowing Pinkie would do almost anything as a joke.
  483. > “But I’ll stop ok?”
  484. “Thanks.”
  485. > ‘You sure you don’t want to breed with her, host?’
  486. ‘Tonic, we’ll talk about this later.’
  487. “So now that’s out of the way, what should we do next?”
  488. >Sunset looks around and shrugs her shoulders.
  489. > “We don’t have any plans so we’ll just walk around for a while and see where we go from there.”
  490. >The girls start walking away from the store as you just stood there for a moment.
  491. > ‘Host?’
  492. ‘Yeah?’
  493. > ‘Shouldn’t you catch up to them?’
  494. ‘I will. I’m just preparing myself.’
  495. > ‘Very well.’
  496. >You run to catch up to the girls, ready to be a pack mule.
  497. “Hopefully they don’t buy a lot.’
  498. >After a few stores, everyone decided to go home.
  499. >And they hardly got anything, which made you happy as you didn’t carry too much stuff.
  500. >After bringing their purchases to their cars, which were parked right next to each other, you looked back at them as they began talking.
  501. “Well, gotta say this was mostly fun.”
  502. >Rainbow gives you a smirk.
  503. > “Even the pranks and jokes?”
  504. >You give her a light hearted glare.
  505. “I said mostly.”
  506. >While you’re walking with the girls a few people are running in the opposite direction.
  507. “But It wasn’t all bad.”
  508. >A few more people run past you.
  509. “But I could still do without-”
  510. >Someone bumps into you as a few more people run by.
  511. “Hey, watch it.”
  512. >Rainbow grabs one of the guys who’s running.
  513. > “What’s going on? Why’s everyone running?”
  514. >The guy looks frantic and is trying to break free from Rainbow’s grip.
  515. > “Robbery…..Women…..Arms…..Dubstep.”
  516. >He then breaks free and runs away.
  517. “Did he say a robbery? And Dubstep?
  518. >You hear the sound of glass breaking as something screeches on the floor.
  519. >Looking at where the noise came from, you see what was a steel door on the ground as two people leave the store.
  520. >You couldn’t tell what they looked like but one had tentacles on her back and the other was just running in a bodysuit.
  521. >They run towards the exit and out the doors.
  522. > ‘Host, should we stop them?’
  523. ‘I’m sure a hero will stop them and we’ll not have to worry about it.’
  524. > ‘Would they get here in time?’
  525. >You don’t say anything to Tonic as you’re trying to think about what to do.
  526. >You really don’t want to fight anyone but no one is trying to stop them.
  527. > ‘They’re getting away, host.’
  528. ‘Ok, just give me a moment.’
  529. >You turnback to the girls and hand your bag to Fluttershy.
  530. “I got to see this.”
  531. >You began running towards the obvious danger as the girls yell at you.
  532. “Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.”
  533. >You run through the door and see the two getting near the road.
  534. > ‘Shouldn’t we be doing something, host?’
  535. >Looking around and even behind you, you don’t see anyone.
  536. ‘Yeah, this is gonna suck though.’
  537. >You run towards the two as Tonic forms over you and jump onto the building.
  538. >They’re a good distance away from you but you managed to keep your eyes on them.
  539. >They slow down a bit as you start wall crawling behind them.
  540. >The tentacled one holds up a bag of cash while she was pointing at something.
  541. >You raise a hand and shoot a bit of webbing at the bag and pull it away from them.
  542. >The tentacled one growls and turns to you.
  543. > “Always at the scene, huh Spider….Woman?”
  544. >The two look at you confused as you were able to take in their appearance.
  545. >The one on the left was a black haired woman with a dark grey button up shirt, a black skirt, nylon stockings, purple sunglasses and had four metal tentacles on her back.
  546. >The other one was a blue haired woman in a white and bodysuit with a circle pattern on the chest.
  547. >You just stayed on the side of the side of the building, waiting for them to make the first move.
  548. >The fancy looking one snaps out of it and angrily points at you.
  549. > “You’re not Spider-Woman.”
  550. >You nod in amusement.
  551. “No I’m not. Glad to know you can tell genders apart.”
  552. >You see the monochrome one giggle as the tentacled one glares at her.
  553. > “Stop laughing Clash.”
  554. >The girl called Clash didn’t listen as she kept on laughing.
  555. > “What, it’s pretty funny, Octy”
  556. “So your name’s Octy?”
  557. >You really were curious on who these girls were.
  558. >She sends a tentacle towards you as you flip over it and land behind them in a crouch position.
  559. >She glares at you while the other stops giggling and tries to look serious.
  560. >She sounds like someone who can’t take anything serious
  561. > “It’s none of your concern who we are. Now either stand aside or die. It makes no difference to us.”
  562. >You really don’t want to do this but it’s not like anyone's trying to stop them.
  563. >Clash holds her hands out and sends a shockwave at you.
  564. >It hits you and sends you flying a few yards as you raise you hand and shoot some webbing at a lamp post.
  565. >You then use the web to launch you back towards them as ‘Octy’ threw a trash can at you.
  566. >The Sense told you of the danger and you moved to dodge it by spinning slightly.
  567. >Landing on the a dumpster behind them, you formed two tentacles and moved them forward.
  568. >They saw the tentacles coming at the two of them and move to the side as the blue haired one laughed at you.
  569. > “Spider-Woman would have hit us, loser.”
  570. >She falls down as a trash can hits the back of her head.
  571. “I never miss.”
  572. > ‘Octy’ looked mad as you used your tentacle to sweep her under her feet.
  573. >She doesn’t fall as her extra arms stab the ground to balance her out but that was a bad move.
  574. >You launch yourself forward and cock your fist back as Tonic tells you something interesting.
  575. > ‘You can manipulate the matter of me to stretch or enlarge your body. But there’s a limit to it, so be careful.’
  576. ‘Got it.’
  577. >The matter around your fist begins to expand to the point of being three times it’s normal size.
  578. >She tries to move but you were faster and punched her in her chest.
  579. >She went flying til she hit the dumpster, knocking herself out.
  580. >Clash saw this and was shaking.
  581. > “You hurt her.”
  582. >Glancing over at her, you raise your hand and change it into a blade.
  583. “Yes, and now I’m gonna sever her connection to those arms.”
  584. >Clash tries to get up but you raise your other arm and web her to the ground.
  585. >You walk towards the downed woman and lift you blade above your head.
  587. >You lower your blade slightly as you look at the webbed woman.
  588. “Is that true?”
  589. >She looks desperate as she struggles to break free.
  590. > “Yes, they’re connected to her spine and act like an extention for her.”
  591. >You stop and think about this.
  592. ‘What do you think, Tonic?’
  593. > ‘I’m not a lie detector, host. But it’s a choice you should make.’
  594. ‘Well I can’t do this if there’s a chance. Besides that would make me the bad-’
  595. >You couldn’t finish that thought as you felt a pair of feet hit your side.
  596. >You crash into the wall and slowly get up.
  597. > “So you like to kick anyone while they’re down huh?”
  598. >You turn to see the one and only…
  599. “Spider-Woman.”
  600. >Crouched down on the edge above you was Spider-Woman, the bane of all super villains.
  601. >Looking over her, you could see the form fitting black and red spandex covering her body.
  602. >The spandex even showed off her child bearing hips and her amazing breasts.
  603. > ‘Host, is this..’
  604. ‘Talk. Later.’
  605. >You stand up slowly as Spider-Woman shot a webline at you, which you dodged.
  606. > “So you a fan or a copycat?”
  607. >You glare at her while standing at your full height.
  608. “Neither, and do you mind. I was about to take care of them.”
  609. >She looks at the two villains and raised her hand, shooting another web at you.
  610. > “Sorry but it’s my job to put them away, not kill them.”
  611. >She pulls on the web and launches herself at you, her leg extended at you.
  612. >Your sense goes off as you grab her leg and throw her away from you.
  613. “Why’re you trying to kick me?”
  614. > “Because killing them won't solve anything.”
  615. >She ran at you with her fist raised.
  616. >You bat her fist away from you by backhanding it.
  617. >Ducking under a spin kick, you punch her in her side and send her skidding against the ground.
  618. >She looks up at you with her fists raised.
  619. > “You're not bad.”
  620. >You raised an eyebrow at this.
  621. ‘Why isn't she taking this seriously?’
  622. >You block a few more punches and jump back as she tried to kick you.
  623. > ‘Host?’
  624. ‘What, Tonic?’
  625. > ‘The two robbers?’
  626. >Your eyes go wide, not that she could see them.
  627. >Looking just behind Spider-Woman, you could see the remains of your web but no Clash.
  628. “FUCK!”
  629. >You jump over the masked hero and onto the building.
  630. >Looking around, you tried to see if you could find any sign of the two villains.
  631. >Sadly you couldn't, meaning they got away.
  632. >You growl and turn to face Spider-Woman.
  633. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”
  634. >Spider-Woman flinches at your loud voice.
  635. > “What’re you talking about?”
  636. >You point to the pile of webs you made.
  637. “You let them get away.”
  638. >She looks at the webs and all around her, not seeing any villain near her.
  639. “Now if you don’t mind. I'm gonna find those two and make sure they get what they deserve.”
  640. >You shot a bit of webbing and begin swing through the town.
  641. >You pass by a few apartments and a couple of stores when you saw it.
  642. >Spider-Woman was right behind you.
  643. “Doesn’t she have anything better to do?”
  644. >You make a hard left turn and she follows you.
  645. >Looking behind you and see that she’s still following you.
  646. “I need to lose her.”
  647. > ‘I may have an idea, Host.”
  648. ‘Well I’m listening.’
  649. >He tells me a fairly simple idea that could work.
  650. >With a plan in mind, you start to slow down a bit.
  651. >She gets a little closer as you stop using your web and flip under her.
  652. >While you flip, two tentacles form from your back and wrap around Spider-Woman.
  653. > “What the-”
  654. >You then grab her and throw her as far away as possible.
  655. >On the plus side, you see her spin like a human top and you managed to get away from her.
  656. >After a few minutes of looking, you decided to call it quits.
  657. “Better go back and get my clothes.”
  658. >It doesn’t take you long to get back to the mall and change back into your regular clothes.
  659. >Pulling out your phone, you dial a number.
  660. “Hey Pinkie. You girls still at the mall?
  664. >Be Sunset Shimmer.
  665. >The Spider-Woman.
  666. >You just got out of the shower and dried yourself off with a small white towel that barely covered you.
  667. >Walking out the bathroom door and into Twilight's bedroom, you put on a simple purple shirt and tight black shorts.
  668. >After getting dressed, you leave the room and walk to Twilight's workshop or the basement.
  669. >Doesn't matter what it’s called.
  670. >Walking down the stairs to the basement, you see a few machines on shelves near a desk and computer.
  671. >From the stairs you could see Rarity, wearing a simple blue dress, was holding your Spider-Woman outfit away from her with her nose wrinkled in disgust.
  672. >Twilight, wearing a lab coat, black shirt and pants,  was near Rarity and on her computer while going over a few programs you guess.
  673. > “What happened to your outfit, darling?”
  674. >You walk over to Twilight and sit in a chair while sighing.
  675. “The guy threw me into a garbage truck, Rarity.”
  676. >She looked at you confused and a bit horrified.
  677. > “But how did it-”
  678. “Can we please not talk about it? I can still taste some of that crap.”
  679. >Rarity opened her mouth to ask but decided not to.
  680. > “Anyways I should have this cleaned and smelling like roses by tomorrow.”
  681. >You nod tiredly, thankful that you won’t smell like a trash can when you don your suit.
  682. >You hear Twilight tapping away at the keyboard for a program you don't know about.
  683. “So what're you working on Twilight?”
  684. >She looks up from the computer to show you a blueprint of a right hand with a bunch of schematics and stuff.
  685. > “I'm trying to put the finishing touches on a little project, but I can do that later.”
  686. >She minimizes the window and brought up a different window.
  687. >In this window you can see a list of names.
  688. >Names of all the superpowered villains you’ve faced.
  689. > “Now, can you tell me what were you dealing with? I thought the symbiotes just disappeared.”
  690. >You lean back in the chair.
  691. “That’s what I thought, but it looks like we were wrong.”
  692. >Twilight looks thoughtful and clicks on two of the names.
  693. >Two windows open, showing a crimson tall man and a dark blue bulky man, both with wide mouths and sharp teeth.
  694. > “You think that was Venom or Carnage?”
  695. >You shake your head, barely giving the screen a glance.
  696. “No, Venom wants to destroy me and Carnage would have just gone on a killing spree.”
  697. >Twilight sighed but understood what you meant.
  698. >When you were just starting your superhero career, you found the symbiote that bonded to you and gave you a huge boost in power.
  699. >While the extra power was nice, the symbiote was changing you.
  700. >You were a bitch to your friends, violent to anyone who crossed your path and almost killed someone close to you.
  701. >You were able to get rid of the symbiote but it found another host.
  702. >Trixie Lulamoon, the school bully and stage magician.
  703. >She wanted to pay you back after you humiliated her in front of the school.
  704. >She hunted you for weeks, trying to destroy you and created another symbiote named Carnage that bonded with a murderer.
  705. >It took a while but you were able to defeat the two but Trixie mysteriously disappeared.
  706. >You shake your head to get rid of the memory.
  707. “Whoever it was that stopped Oct and Clash was more worried about stopping them than killing me.”
  708. >Twilight and Rarity look at one another, confused at that.
  709. > “So we don't know who or what he is?”
  710. “No and it's getting on my nerves. Is he a new hero trying to help or a villain who doesn’t want any competition?”
  711. >You grab a fistful of hair in anger as you close your eyes.
  712. “For all I know, it could be someone from the future with symbiote powers or something.”
  713. >Someone puts their hand on your shoulder, as you open your eyes to see Rarity next to you.
  714. > “You shouldn't worry about that. I'm sure the next time you see him, you'll show him what for.”
  715. >Despite how stupid it sounded, you smiled gratefully at her little speech.
  716. > “You should also let go of your hair before you ruin it.”
  717. >You laugh at the typical Rarity response, glad someone there to help you.
  718. >Twilight smiles as well, happy you're not being some kind of emo kid.
  719. > “Well do you have a plan, Sunset?”
  720. >Thoughts of starting a fire or bringing Pinkie’s airhorn enter your head, but you shake it.
  721. “I'll deal with him when I see him. I’ve faced tougher situations before and this won’t be any more difficult.”
  722. >Your two friends nod and go back to what they were doing before.
  723. “Hopefully he won't be like Carnage.”
  726. >It’s Monday and you’re still Sunset.
  727. >The day’s been just about the same as any other.
  728. >Or that’s what you thought of when the day started.
  729. >Right now you’re in your last class of the day and you’re sitting next to Anon.
  730. >Looking at him, you could see that he looks a bit glum.
  731. >Maybe you should sick Pinkie on him.
  732. >That’ll cheer anyone up.
  733. >You turn on your phone to text Pinkie quick you notice something odd.
  734. >It’s five minutes into the class but dismiss it.
  735. >After a while you see that half the class is over and you start to think something’s up.
  736. >You then hear the door open and in walks ….. Vice Principal Luna?
  737. >She stops in front of the class and clears her throat.
  738. > “Students, I have an announcement to make. It seems that Mr. Johnson won't be teaching here anymore.”
  739. >A few students groan at they won't see one of their favorite teachers again but one student raises his hand.
  740. > “Did he transfer or something? We weren’t told of this before.”
  741. >Luna sighs while shaking her head.
  742. > “It's sad to say but he passed away over the weekend.”
  743. >Many of the students were shocked, including you, that your teacher died over the weekend when he seemed okay on friday.
  744. > “Now this class will be a study hall till the bell rings.”
  745. >After that, no one made a sound until the end of the first class.
  746. >It’s lunch time and you’re sitting with your friends and just told them the news.
  747. >They were shocked to say the least as Pinkie ran out the cafeteria screaming something about a cheering up party.
  748. >She even took Twilight and Fluttershy with her for some reason.
  749. >Everyone stared at her as Applejack sighed and rubbed her forehead.
  750. > “That girl has too much energy.”
  751. >Everyone nods as you sigh.
  752. “I wish I knew where she got it from and maybe give it to everyone else.”
  753. >Rarity nods while rummaging through her bag and pulling out a small makeup bag.
  754. > “Well at least we know she puts it to good use. And Sunset, your outfit is ready whenever you can get it.”
  755. “Thanks, I’ll get it after school if you don’t mind.”
  756. > “Not at all dear.”
  757. >Applejack and Rainbow Dash looked at them, wondering what happened.
  758. > “So, What happened to your outfit, Sug?”
  759. > “Did someone get a little ‘rough’ with you?”
  760. >You gag as they remind you of what happen just a couple of days ago.
  761. “I’d rather not talk about it.”
  762. >Applejack looks a it confused but nods in an understanding kind of way.
  763. > “You gotta tell me what happened.”
  764. >Rainbow Dash on the other hand couldn’t take a hint.
  765. > “Was it torn to shreds or did you get blood on it from breaking the guy’s nose”
  766. “Dash, just stop.”
  767. >She whines a bit while moving her arms around.
  768. > “C’mon and tell me. It’s not like you landed in garbage or something right?”
  769. >You don’t say anything and find the table very interesting.
  770. > “Wait you mean..”
  771. >You nod as you heard Rainbow snicker.
  772. “Dash if you laugh, I’ll web you to the flagpole by your panties.”
  773. >She stops snickering almost immediately and clears her throat.
  774. “Now if you don’t mind, I need to finish my food before..”
  775. >The bell rang.
  776. “Lunch ends. Great.”
  777. >You get up and dump your food into the garbage and walk out the cafeteria.
  780. >Be Anon.
  781. >And you’re walking home after a long day for school.
  782. >You felt sick in your first class and it didn’t go away till noon.
  783. >At least Pinkie was able to cheer you up, even just a tiny bit.
  784. “She really knows how to make a great triple chocolate chip muffin.”
  785. > ‘If you don’t breed with her, make sure to get more of those muffins.’
  786. ‘Can we go one day without the need to talk about me breeding, fucking or whatever?’
  787. > ‘What else can we talk about then?’
  788. >You sigh knowing he’s right.
  789. >He’s not a person who could walk or do stuff.
  790. >And he certainly doesn’t have much of interests except for chocolate and talking.
  791. >You pass by a gas station as a thought occurred to you.
  792. ‘Hey Tonic, what were they doing at the lab?’
  793. >You don’t hear anything from him for a few moments but then he talks.
  794. > ‘I don’t know what they were trying to do but they were trying to bond us to certain individuals and see the results.’
  795. >Thoughts of people going crazy enter your mind as you get a little headache.
  796. > ‘And then they would forcefully remove us from the others, in turn harming us.’
  797. >Another image of a few symbiotes screaming as they were removed from some people.
  798. ‘Ok, you don’t need to say anymore.’
  799. > ‘.....Thank you, host.’
  800. >You get no more images and your headache stops.
  801. ‘Still what was that? I saw some images as you talked.’
  802. > ‘Those were some memories. Since we are bonded we can share memories.’
  803. >That sounded a tad strange but you live in a world with heroes and villains so this shouldn’t be that crazy.
  804. “Well might as well get going.”
  805. >You were about to cross the road when you heard a faint cry before it was silenced.
  806. ‘I should go and check that, shouldn’t I?’
  807. > ‘You should.’
  808. >Sighing, you turn around and walk back a bit.
  809. >You didn’t hear any screams but you did hear some faint whimpering coming from an alleyway near you.
  810. >You lean against the wall and look down the alleyway to see a bunch of people pushing a girl against a wall while a couple hold her two friends.
  811. >The girls look familiar, like you’ve seen them before.
  812. >Wait, the one girl has pink glasses on.
  813. >You instantly recognize the girl as Photo Finish while the other two are her friends.
  814. >One of the guys holds a knife to her throat but doesn’t cut her.
  815. > “Now  we’re gonna play a game.”
  816. >His hand grabs her chest as she whimpers in a sad way.
  817. > “It’s called the quiet game. All you have to do is stay quiet and not make a sound but if you do, well let’s just say that your friends here won’t walk away unscratched.”
  818. >You can see her two friends begin to cry as their friend was molested in front of them.
  819. ‘Tonic, how scary can you make my face look?’
  820. > ‘Let’s find out.’
  821. >You run around the back of one of the buildings, away from the public as the suit forms and you climb up the wall.
  822. >Once on top of the building, you see that they’re still there and molesting Photo.
  823. >You look to see a fire escape ladder near them as you jump down and stick to the side of it.
  824. >The noise you make causes all the guys to look at you.
  825. “Sup.”
  826. >That one word in that demonic voice caused them to loosen their grip on the girls as you shot some web at their hands.
  827. >The web connected with their weapons and you pulled them away from the guys.
  828. >Now weaponless, the molesters just stared at you as you got an evil idea.
  829. >You open your mouth as wide as possible and roar at them.
  830. >They back up, tripping over their feet as they tried to leave the alleyway.
  831. >You shot some more web at them causing them to fall to the ground.
  832. >You shoot a few more webs at them to make sure they wouldn’t get away as your face morphs, losing the mouth.
  833. >Looking at the girls, they huddle together to protect each other.
  834. “You girls ok?”
  835. >The look a bit surprised but they don’t let down their guard as Photo Finish nods.
  836. > “Yes, ve are fine.”
  837. “Good, do any of you have a phone?”
  838. >They all nod and pull out their phones as proof.
  839. “I would call the cops and get these guys off the streets.”
  840. >You turn around, ready to jump when you hear Photo say something.
  841. > “VAIT!!”
  842. >You turn back around to see what they wanted but you’re assaulted by a bunch flashing lights as someone hugs you tight.
  843. >Glancing down, you see Photo Finish hugging you while crying a bit.
  844. > “T-Thank y-you for sav-ving us.”
  845. >It was weird to see the proud Photo Finish crying in front of you.
  846. >You gently hug her then lightly push her away.
  847. “Not a problem. Now I need to go.”
  848. >She grabs your hand, forcing you to stay.
  849. > “Vhat’s the name of our hero?”
  850. >You stay quiet for a moment before your arm slips from her grip.
  851. “I’m Tonic.”
  852. >You jump and do a backflip while shooting some webbing to swing away.
  855. >You’re the director of the lab.
  856. >Your boss gave you time to find the missing symbiote, so you’ve been going over anything on these symbiotes.
  857. >Files, documents and even videos of past experiments.
  858. >You find none of this to be helpful.
  859. >All they tell you about are the side effects of being exposed to these symbiotes.
  860. >While going through those files, your office phone begins to beep.
  861. >You push the button without even looking.
  862. “What is it, I’m busy.”
  863. >The voice on the other line sounded a bit nervous.
  864. > “Ma’am, you might want to turn on a tv to channel 8.”
  865. >You raise an eyebrow at that.
  866. “I fail to see what seeing someone win at Jeopardy is important.”
  867. > “You might want to see this.”
  868. >Rolling your eyes, you turn on the tv and change the channel.
  869. >On the screen was a reporter was going over a mugging.
  870. > “A group of would be muggers were stopped by a new hero. When we interviewed the victims they had this to say.”
  871. >The video cut to a group of three girls with pink hair in a ponytail, blue hair in two pigtails and white hair barely reaching her shoulders.
  872. >The white haired one was doing all the talking.
  873. > “These low lifes tried to molest us ven this guy vas able to knock them out easily. After that he asked if ve vere all right and was about to leave. I stopped him and he told me his name.
  874. >An unseen reporter takes the mike away from her.
  875. > “And what was his name?”
  876. >The mike went back to the girl.
  877. > “Ves, He told me his name is Tonic. I even have a picture of him.”
  878. >She pulls out her phone and shows an image of a familiar guy in a white suit with a black spider mark on the chest.
  879. >You pause the report and look at the image on the screen.
  880. >You remember seeing him in the lab a few days ago.
  881. >You grab your phone and push the same button.
  882. “Get me security, now.”
  883. > “Of course, Miss Glimmer.”
  884. >You lean back into your chair and begin to plan on how to retrieve the missing symbiote.
  888. >Be Anon.
  889. >It’s the next day and you feel a little bit better compared to yesterday.
  890. >You just walked into the school, ready to face the day like everyone else.
  891. >But you noticed something weird.
  892. >You see a couple of students walk by, which is nothing strange.
  893. >The strange thing was that they had a tablet that was playing the news?
  894. > ‘Is it strange for others your age to be watching the news?’
  895. ‘Not really but it’s not a usual thing. Most of the time everyone would just watch the next stunt on youtube or talk on some forum.’
  896. >You shrug and continue walking towards your class.
  897. >As you walk inside the classroom, you see a few people wearing what looks like a white shirt with the same spider design as Tonic.
  898. ‘Are you seeing what I’m seeing?’
  899. > ‘I think so?’
  900. >You don’t know why there are shirts of Tonic’s symbol but you’re gonna ask about it.
  901. >Making your way towards a group of your classmates, Flash Sentry, as he was talking to a friend of his.
  902. >You don’t talk to him much but from the few short conversations you had you could tell he was an okay person.
  903. “Hey Flash.”
  904. >He looks at you and lazily waves.
  905. > “What’s up Anon?”
  906. >You shrug nonchalantly.
  907. “Not much but you mind if I ask what’s up with the shirt?”
  908. >He looks down and back at you with a lazy grin.
  909. > “Oh yeah, I got mine a few minutes ago. Why, trying to get your own?”
  910. >With a shake of your head, you just pointed at it.
  911. “Maybe later but I just wanted to know what’s up with them?”
  912. >He looks at you confused.
  913. > “You mean you haven’t heard?”
  914. “Heard what?”
  915. > “Well Photo Finish and her friends got into a bit of trouble with some would be rapists.”
  916. >Your eyes widen in what you hope is a shocked expression as he continued.
  917. “They’re okay, right?”
  918. >He and his friends all smile and nod at your question.
  919. > “They’re fine, don’t worry about that. But then some guy showed up and saved them easily. I mean he made them run so easily and get this, he’s like Spider-Woman.”
  920. >That confused you as it sounded like he saw you.
  921. “So did you see this guy? It sounds like you saw the whole thing.”
  922. > “No but there was a video on the news.”
  923. >You weren’t expecting that.
  924. “The news saw this guy?”
  925. >He just laughs while playfully punching you.
  926. > “No, Anon. Photo Finish and her friends recorded the whole thing and showed the reporters when she was interviewed. Hell, the guy even gave her his name and it’s Tonic.”
  927. >You nod while walking away and sit down at your desk.
  928. ‘Tonic.’
  929. > ‘Yes?’
  930. ‘I think our lives just got a little more difficult.’
  934. >Be Starlight Glimmer, director of this facility.
  935. >And you need a drink…...badly.
  936. >It’s been over twelve hours since you saw the news report.
  937. >And in that time frame you were able to sleep and plan.
  938. >But right now you were going over a few detail while thinking of your past and future.
  939. >You thought back on how you got this job and how you were put in charge of this lab.
  940. >Everything was fine when you first started and there were no
  941. >Until one day a few out of towners came by and found the lab.
  942. >Upon finding them, you figured it would be simple to get them to leave, maybe even bribe them.
  943. >But as soon as you saw them, they were gunned down.
  944. >One moment they were in front of you alive but then they were on the ground in a pool of their own blood.
  945. >As you were about to yell at the guards when they told you they were ordered to eliminate any unauthorized personnel on the premise.  
  946. >You lost your temper and told….no ordered them to not to kill any outsiders but they refused.
  947. >They told you that those orders can from the owner of this facility and that you couldn’t stop that order.
  948. >You felt cold that day knowing you couldn’t stop the death of a few people.
  949. >But from that day on, you tried to do everything in your power to stop everyone from even entering the lab.
  950. >Barbed wire fences, padlock on the fences and even a few fallen trees on the road.
  951. >You even had a few rumors spread around while have a few guards making some noise those nights.
  952. >It worked for the most part but the few that did see the lab, well it left a bad taste in your mouth.
  953. >And now because of your ideas to keep this place unreachable, two people get in.
  954. >One dead and the other left with one of the symbiotes.
  955. >Because of this, your life is now on the line and you need to get that symbiote back and fast.
  956. >Or else you’ll be the next one to leave this place.
  957. >The phone on the desk beeps as you press a button.
  958. “Yes?”
  959. > “They’re here.”
  960. >You sigh knowing this was the last thing you want to do.
  961. “Send them in.”
  962. >Your door opens and in walks a couple of armed men and women.
  963. >They stop in front of your desk, waiting for the reason why they’re here.
  964. >You type a few things on your computer causing an image to be holographically projected.
  965. “This here is your target.”
  966. >The image is the white and black hero from the news last night.
  967. “You need to find him and retrieve the symbiote he’s wearing.”
  968. >One of the women starts to laugh.
  969. > “THIS is our target?”
  970. >You glare at her and nod.
  971. “Yes but he was able to kill about twelve people the same night he bonded with it.”
  972. >One of the men whistles loudly.
  973. > “That’s some kill count.”
  974. >You groan as they continue to talk.
  975. “Look, I need you all to find him and get that symbiote back. Will that be a problem?”
  976. >They all shake their heads negatively.
  977. “Then go and find him.”
  978. >They leave your office as you slump against your chair.
  979. >You have a bad taste in your mouth but you don’t know if it’s because of the child or the hunters.
  983. >Be Sunset but you’re wearing a fresh Spider-Woman outfit.
  984. >You’re inside Rarity’s room/workshop, marveling at how she was able to  make this suit feel like it’s brand new.
  985. “Thanks again, Rarity. Sorry for coming at this time.”
  986. >Rarity, who was wearing a loose blue bathrobe, waved her hand dismissively.
  987. > “Oh pish posh, darling. I did say come by anytime and it’s a good thing Sweetie and my parents aren’t here at the moment.”
  988. >She grabs your two bracelets and puts them on your wrists.
  989. > “And with that your ensemble is complete.”
  990. >You smile and give her a hug.
  991. “I can’t thank you enough, Rarity. If I had to deal with that smell..”
  992. > “I understand, Sunset, but please be careful this time.”
  993. >Rarity hugs you back as her robe came a it undone.
  994. >She awkwardly releases the hug and fixes her robe.
  995. “Sorry.”
  996. > “It’s alright, darling. Now not to sound rude but I really need to get dressed right now.”
  997. >You nod while putting on your mask.
  998. >Walking over to her window, you open it and step outside of it.
  999. >Looking behind you, you wave at Rarity.
  1000. “I’ll see you later, Rarity.”
  1001. >You then shot some web and start swinging away from your friend’s house.
  1002. >As you were passing a few town blocks, you felt as if you were as free as a bird.
  1003. >You almost lost yourself in a nice fantasy if it weren’t for your hands free ringing in your ear.
  1004. >Releasing your webs and flipping in the air, you push the button on the side of your head.
  1005. “Yeah?”
  1006. > “Hey Sunset, where are you?”
  1007. “I’m near the shopping district and about to head home. Why?”
  1008. >Rainbow Dash and your friends give you a call if they ever see anything and this must be important.
  1009. > “There’s something going on near the bank. Don’t know what’s going on in there but the cops are surrounding the place.”
  1010. “I’ll be there in a bit.”
  1011. >You end the call and start to swinging towards the church while grumbling.
  1012. “They can’t do something themselves for a day.”
  1013. >After a few minutes, you land on top of the bank and see a bunch of police cruisers near the front.
  1014. “I’m guessing it’s some superpowered villain.”
  1015. >Looking around, you see a vent and a door.
  1016. “.......Not taking those choices.”
  1017. >You walk to the back of the bank and you see an open window.
  1018. “Now that’s a good choice.”
  1019. >Falling over the edge, you hold out your arms and stick to the wall.
  1020. >Slowly making your down the wall, you open the window a bit more and crawl inside the office.
  1021. >You land on the ground quietly and walk towards the door.
  1022. >Opening the door ajar, you see a bunch of people on the ground as a few guys in suits with masks and assault rifles.
  1023. "Guess I was wrong for once."
  1024. >You hear them start to talk as their voices
  1025. > “You think this’ll work.”
  1026. > “It better work. I didn’t plan this for nothing.”
  1027. > “And the fall back plan?”
  1028. > “With the others in the safe. Can’t show our hand just yet.”
  1029. >You close the door and try to think of what to do.
  1030. >It sounded like they may have a few people near the safe, so if you tried doing your usual heroic stick.
  1031. >But you can’t just sit here doing nothing.
  1032. >You have to do something and fast.
  1033. >You pull out your phone and dial a number.
  1034. “Hey, I’m gonna need your help.”
  1036. >Once you explained the situation, you hung up the phone and walked back to the door, opening it slightly.
  1037. >Waiting to see what happens while the robbers walk and talk.
  1038. > “So, when’s the next part of the plan gonna happen?”
  1039. >The other guy, who you think is the leader, groans while his had is over his eyes.
  1040. > “All we have to do is wait for those pigs to ask us what we want and we’ll take it from there.”
  1041. >You open the door a bit more and start to crawl up the wall without them seeing you.
  1042. >Once on the ceiling, you see them stop in front a scared looking old woman.
  1043. > “That’s good and all, but how long will that take? We’ve been in here for thirty minutes now.”
  1044. >The first guy bends down slightly and grabs the old woman by her hair while pulling it.
  1045. > “You know we could get this going a bit faster if we just kill some of our hostages.”
  1046. >The woman whimpers as the barrel of his gun  barely touches her head.
  1047. > “Besides it’ll show them we’re serious.”
  1048. >The leader smacks the other guy with the but of his rifle, causing him to let go of the woman and stumble back.
  1049. > “We’re not gonna kill anyone, Space. We’re gonna follow the plan to the point and everyone will get what they want.”
  1050. >Space growls angrily but stands up straighter.
  1051. > “Whatever you say, boss.”
  1052. >He walks away muttering to himself.
  1053. >The boss stares at the woman for a moment as she looks down.
  1054. >The a screeching sound is heard.
  1055. > “Boss, we found it.”
  1056. >He looks down at his walkie talkie then back at the woman.
  1057. > “Stay there and don’t do anything.”
  1058. >He then walks away, talking quietly to someone.
  1059. >While this was going on, you were wondering when the hell back up will get here.
  1060. >You see another guy walk through the door and towards the boss.
  1062. > “Here.”
  1063. >He hands some kind of case to the boss, who looks at it.
  1064. > “Good, now to make our demands.”
  1065. >He hands it back to the other guy, who puts it into a duffle bag.
  1066. >Space walked up to the boss while gesturing to everyone on the floor.
  1067. > “So what about them?”
  1068. >The boss just shrugs while taking out a few grenades from the duffle bag.
  1069. > “Take one of them hostage.”
  1070. >He hands him a belt of grenades.
  1071. > “Wrap that around one of them.”
  1072. >He turns to a brown haired woman and her son wearing a propeller hat.
  1073. > “Looks like we’re going for a ride.”
  1074. >The mother starts to cry as Space grabs her arm and pulls her to her feet.
  1075. >The child gets up and runs at him, to protect his mom.
  1076. > “Leave my mom alone.”
  1077. >Seeing him coming Space moves the mother to the side and kicks the kid in the stomach.
  1078. > “BUTTON!!”
  1079. >The mother tries to grab her child, as he hits the ground, but is pulled back by Space.
  1080. > “Sorry lady but he’s not old enough to join us.”
  1081. >Before he was able to put the belt on her, the front of the building blows up, destroying the front doors.
  1082. >Everyone shields their eyes as someone walks through the wreckage and the dust.
  1083. >As the dust settles, you see….
  1084. >A blue haired woman wearing a black leather top, shorts, leggings and gloves.
  1085. >But the most eye catching features were the horns on the side on her head the large broadsword she was carrying.
  1086. >The mother was able to get away from them and back to her son.
  1087. >The robbers stare at her stupidly as Space voices everyone's thoughts.
  1088. > “Who the fuck is this girl?”
  1089. >The mysterious woman raised her free as a fire was being created.
  1090. > “Oh shit.”
  1091. >The robbers dive in opposite directions to avoid a torrent of flames coming at them.
  1092. >They're able to hide behind a desk as Space jumps over a bench while losing the grenades in the process.
  1093. >From what you can see, the boss and the other guy look like they're arguing over something as Space is looking around frantically.
  1094. >He stops moving once he sees a lone grenade near his foot and tries to grab it but you shoot some web at it.
  1095. >He pulls his hand back as if he was burned and looks up at you.
  1096. >He just stares at you as you wave your hand at if half heartedly.
  1097. “Hey what’s up?”
  1098. >That seemed to snap him out of it as he grabbed his gun and aimed at you.
  1099. >The moment he starts to let loose a barrage of bullets, you jump at him and began to flip.
  1100. >All the bullets miss you as you flip and spin in the air.
  1101. >Landing in front of Space, you kick the gun out of his hands and punch him in the face.
  1102. >He staggers a bit before pulling out a simple combat knife.
  1103. > “Oh that’s it come here bitch.”
  1104. >He lunges forward while swinging his knife wildly like a madman.
  1105. >After he swings for a few times, you lazily dodge to the left while grabbing his hand.
  1106. >You then twist his arm and throw him over your shoulder, onto the ground.
  1107. >He groans a bit as you look at your back up.
  1108. >She’s still block their shoots when their guns stop firing.
  1109. >They were out of bullets and even the woman knew it.
  1110. >She smirks as she rests her sword on her shoulder and calmly walks towards them.
  1111. >They see her walking towards them while trying to reload their guns.
  1112. >With a wave of her hand, the guns fly out of their hands and to the opposite wall.
  1113. >Seeing no other option, they pull out knives and slowly walk around her.
  1114. >She shakes her head in amusement as she snaps her fingers.
  1115. >The two were pushed away from her and hit the walls, knocking them out.
  1116. >She dusts herself off and turns to you.
  1117. > “Shouldn’t you stop him as well?”
  1118. >You look down in confusion and see Space trying to crawl away from you.
  1119. >You bend down, grab the back of his head and slam it into the floor.
  1120. >He instantly slumps to the ground, not moving.
  1121. >Letting go of him, you turn back to your partner who was clapping.
  1122. “Thanks for the help Magik.”
  1123. >The woman, Magik, just smiles at you.
  1124. > “I did say to call me if you needed help. But this seemed a bit easy.”
  1125. >You look away in embarrassment.
  1126. “I heard them talking, alright. Besides I didn’t want to take the chance.”
  1127. >Magik sighs as the ground below her and you start to glow in a blinding light.
  1128. >The next moment you and Magik are one the roof of an apartment building a few blocks from the bank.
  1129. >You always feel weird whenever you teleport with someone.
  1130. “Warn me next time, will you.”
  1131. >Magik grins cheekily as she puts her sword on her back.
  1132. > “No promises, though do you a ride to your place?”
  1133. >You quickly shake your head.
  1134. >You hate teleporting.
  1135. “No thanks, I’ll web swing my way home.”
  1136. >Magik just shrugs uncaringly while creating another glowing circle on the ground.
  1137. > “Your choice but please remember to finish your homework when you get home. Don’t want your grades to suffer to much.”
  1138. “Yes Luna. I’ll take care of it.”
  1139. >You wave goodbye to your partner/mentor and vice principal as she disappears.
  1140. “Sometimes I hate that she’s my principal.”
  1141. >You get a running start and began to web swing your way home.
  1144. >Still Sunset.
  1145. >You just finished another day of school and you’re just at your locker getting your stuff.
  1146. >Grabbing your backpack and some stuff, you close your locker and see Applejack leaning against the wall there.
  1147. “Hey AJ.”
  1148. >Applejack nods while pushing herself off the wall.
  1149. >She then slings her arm around your shoulder, bringing you in close to her.
  1150. > “Hey Sug, you mind helping me out with something?”
  1151. >You struggle to break free from her, but Applejack just tightens her grip on you.
  1152. “....You’re not gonna let go until I agree, aren’t you?”
  1153. >She just laughs and let’s you go.
  1154. > “Sorry Sug, but I just wanted to know if you could help me. I made a bet with Rainbow and I need your help.”
  1155. >You roll your eyes but smirk.
  1156. “What’re the stakes?”
  1157. >Applejack waves you off as a blush was forming on her face.
  1158. > “That doesn’t matter. Will you help me?”
  1159. >You were about to say no when a thought occurred to you.
  1160. “You know I still need to get back at Dash for that web cum joke.”
  1161. >Applejack gets a huge smile on her face.
  1162. > “I knew I could count on you.”
  1163. >Applejack slaps you on the back causing you to stumble a bit.
  1164. >You stop yourself from falling as you take step towards Applejack and playfully punch her.
  1165. >She then pushes you away causing you to bump into something.
  1166. >You feel something soft and squishy on the back and side of your head.
  1167. > “I hope I’m not interrupting anything.”
  1168. >You look up to see Vice Principal Luna’s smiling face.
  1169. >You step away from her as fast as you can while you stutter out apologies while looking away.
  1170. “I-I’m so so-orry. W-we didn’t m-mean to d-do that.”
  1171. >You hear your vice principal giggle at your stuttering.
  1172. >You look at her and see her wearing a tight black skirt and a white button up shirt with a few buttons undo.
  1173. > “It’s alright Sunset, I was hoping to run into you but not like that.”
  1174. >You look away as Applejack snickers at you.
  1175. “Sorry about that.”
  1176. >Luna waved you off, nonchalantly
  1177. > “It’s fine but do you have a few moments to talk, Sunset?”
  1178. >That meant she wanted you to talk to her and the principal for a while.
  1179. “Sure, I didn’t have any plans anyways.”
  1180. >You turn back to your friend and tell her that you’ll see her later which she in turn says to you.
  1181. >With Applejack gone, you follow Luna down the hall and towards the principal’s office.
  1182. >Opening the door and walking inside, you see Principal Celestia wearing her usual white button up shirt and tight purple pants.
  1183. >She was looking over some paperwork when Luna cleared her throat loudly.
  1184. >Looking up from her paperwork, Celestia smiles once she sees you and Luna.
  1185. > “Good afternoon Luna. And Sunset, it’s been awhile hasn’t it?”
  1186. “Yeah. Fighting crime and trying to make time for friends and homework is a challenge.”
  1187. >Celestia and Luna both sport knowing grins.
  1188. > “Yes, it’s always hard to juggle everything.”
  1189. >She points to a chair near her desk, indicating you to sit down.
  1190. >Taking a seat, you begin to wonder what Celestia wants to talk about.
  1191. >Most likely about the robbery Luna helped you with.
  1192. “Was there something you wanted to know?”
  1193. > “Not in particular. I just wanted to know how you were doing. Is everything okay?”
  1194. >Sighing, you slump in the chair slightly.
  1195. “Are you asking as my principal or as Aunt Celestia?”
  1196. >She laughs while shaking her head.
  1197. > “I’ve been a friend of your mother and you called Luna and I your aunts ever since you meet us.”
  1198. “The two of you have been their for me when mom couldn’t. But to answer your question, I’m trying to figure out who this Tonic person is?”
  1199. >The two looked confused before Luna snaps her fingers.
  1200. > “You mean the one who saved Miss Finish a few days ago?”
  1201. >You nod tiredly.
  1202. “Yeah, him. From what the video showed and my own encounter with him, he has a symbiote.”
  1203. > “So that means he’ll want to kill you like before?”
  1204. >Groaning, you put your head in your hands.
  1205. “I just don’t know. His actions show he’s not a monster like the others but I’m worried  about what could happen if I’m wrong.”
  1206. >Celestia looks concerned by your rant.
  1207. > “Have you tried finding him and seeing what his intentions are?”
  1208. “No but it wouldn’t matter. He captured two criminals and I practically helped them get away.”
  1209. >You stay like that for a few moments when you feel something touch your shoulder.
  1210. >Looking up, you see Luna squeezing your shoulder in a comforting manner.
  1211. > “You shouldn’t worry about that kind of stuff, Sunset.”
  1212. >You feel yourself begin to smile a bit.
  1213. >They were their for you to teach and train you at the beginning of your superhero career.
  1214. >Out of the corner of your eye, you see Celestia rise from her chair and walk towards you, smiling like Pinkie.
  1215. > “Luna’s right. You shouldn’t worry about what ifs or anything like that. Just do whatever you can and save the day.”
  1216. >You start to giggle at her silly answer which turns into full blown laughter.
  1217. >After a while, you begin to calm down and address them.
  1218. “Thanks I needed that.”
  1219. > “Anytime, just remember you can talk to us for anything or just call us if you need help.”
  1220. >You smile as you hug your surrogate aunt which she returned.
  1221. “Even if I need Captain Marvel to help with a robbery?”
  1222. >Celestia hugs you a bit tighter as Luna joins the hug as well.
  1223. > “Even if you need Captain Marvel’s help.”
  1224. > “And Magik’s help as well.”
  1225. >You stayed like that for a little while, just enjoying the warmth, until you notice the time.
  1226. “Hey, I need to get going. Mom wants me home tonight.”
  1227. >The two look at the wall clock and let you go.
  1228. > “Do you want a ride? It’s on the way to our apartment.”
  1229. >You shake your head.
  1230. “I’m just gonna walk home.”
  1231. >You walk to the door and open it.
  1232. “And thanks for the talk.”
  1233. >You walk outside and close the door, making your way to the exit.
  1235. >Be Anon
  1236. >It’s 8 pm at your house and you just finished your late dinner.
  1237. >After cleaning up, you go into the living room to watch TV when you see a light shine on the window.
  1238. “Guess mom and dad are home.”
  1239. >You just sit on the couch and continue on like it’s nothing.
  1240. >The door opens and your parents walk into the living room, not even looking at you.
  1241. >They head upstairs and to their rooms to sleep like usual.
  1242. >Ever since they got their high paying jobs, you’ve been seeing less and less of them everyday.
  1243. >You really only see them for a few moments and exchange small pleasantries more than half the time.
  1244. >It hurts knowing you’re the one taking care of the household than them.
  1245. >At least they don’t forget about you and leave some money for food and other things.
  1246. >You just wish they would at least talk to you from time to time.
  1247. > ‘This is a trend for them, host?’
  1248. ‘Yeah.’
  1249. >You stay silent for a bit before getting of the couch and walking up the stairs.
  1250. >As you were about to open your door, your mother walks out from her room in her work closes minus the black vest and tie.
  1251. > “Hey, kiddo.”
  1252. >She sounds tired if the bags under her eyes says anything.
  1253. “Hey mom.”
  1254. > ‘You don’t sound to happy to talk to her.’
  1255. ‘It’s hard to talk to someone who's busy most of the time. Especially when we talk for just about twenty minutes out of the week.’
  1256. >That’s an exaggeration, but close enough.
  1257. > “How’s school going?”
  1258. >She seems a bit nervous for some reason.
  1259. “It’s fine. How's work?”
  1260. > “It fine.”
  1261. >After that l, it becomes silent for a few moments before you turn the doorknob to your room.
  1262. > “Wait, Anon.”
  1263. >You stop and look at your mom.
  1264. >She sighs while leaning against the wall.
  1265. > “I heard what happened to your teacher.”
  1266. >So she heard about Mr. Johnson’s death.
  1267. “It was unreal when I heard about it. ….He seemed full of life on Friday and to hear that….”
  1268. >You never told her about the extra credit assignment you took.
  1269. >It was literally sprung on you that moment.
  1270. > “Anon, I know we don't see each other that much anymore but you can talk to us.”
  1271. >While they're busy most of the time, it's nice to know they're trying to be apart of your life.
  1272. “....Yeah I know. I'm just dealing with some stuff.”
  1273. >She raises an eyebrow at that.
  1274. > “What kind of stuff?”
  1275. “You know ...friends and stuff.”
  1276. > “These ‘friends’ wouldn’t happen to be doing drugs, right?”
  1277. >You shake your head dismissively.
  1278. “No, I just went to the mall with Pinkie, Sunset and the rest of the girls.”
  1279. >Mom goes from tired to wide awake in an instant while getting a cheshire like grin.
  1280. ‘I fucked up.’
  1281. > ‘Why, host?’
  1282. > “So you’ve been seeing some girls. Any you got your eyes on?”
  1283. > ‘Does she want you to breed as well?’
  1284. ‘Is that all you ever think about?’
  1285. “No, I just went to some stores and carried their stuff.”
  1286. >Her grin gets even bigger.
  1287. > “So one of them already has you wrapped around her finger?”
  1288. “No, they just like to mess with me.”
  1289. >Mom shakes her head.
  1290. > “That’s how it starts but before you know it, you’ll be on dates with a girl.”
  1291. > ‘Should we listen to her advice?’
  1292. ‘Don’t. She’s just messing with me.’
  1293. “I’m not dating anyone, ok. It’s just some friends hanging out with one another.”
  1294. >She just rolls her eyes, but doesn’t lose her grin.
  1295. > “Maybe you could bring them over sometime. I would love to meet them.”
  1296. >She turns around and heads towards her room.
  1297. >You don’t say anything.
  1298. >She wants you to give her ammo to use against you.
  1299. >You open the door to your room and go inside before your mom can say anything else.
  1300. >Putting your head near the door, you listen for anything your mother will say but  you only hear the closing of a door.
  1301. “At least that’s over.”
  1302. > ‘Did she want you to breed with all the girls, host?’
  1303. >You groan as you fall onto your bed, trying to drown out Tonic’s voice.
  1306. >It’s Friday and you’re walking to school like usual.
  1307. >It’s been quiet but tiring for the past couple of days.
  1308. >While you didn’t have to run around as Tonic, you did have to deal with a few other things.
  1309. >Having to learn the limits of your power, school and homework takes a lot out of you.
  1310. >Add dealing with the few friends you have and Tonic’s talks, could make anyone tired.
  1311. >At least you can distract yourself at school.
  1312. >While walking, you smell of flowers in the air and hear the birds a chirping.
  1313. > “ANON!!”
  1314. >Or the battle cry of Pinkie Pie.
  1315. >You turn around and catch the flying pink giggling girl in your arms.
  1316. > “Aw, you caught me again. I wanted to surprise you.”
  1317. >You roll your eyes but smile nonetheless.
  1318. “Maybe you shouldn't have done your little warcry.”
  1319. >She circled her arms around you as you saw a few of her friends walking towards you.
  1320. ‘.......Not gonna say anything, Tonic?’
  1321. > ‘Well you keep on saying you don't want to talk about it.’
  1322. ‘Thank God.’
  1323. > ‘But does she want to breed with you?’
  1324. >That thought makes you wonder why Pinkie goes out of her way to do these crazy things.
  1325. >You push the thought away, not wanting to think about it.
  1326. ‘I'll. ..look into that later.’
  1327. >You see a familiar purple haired girl in a schoolgirl outfit and a red and yellow haired girl in a teal dress.
  1328. “Hey Twilight, hey Sunset.”
  1329. >The two smile and wave as Sunset glanced at the pink haired girl in your arms.
  1330. > “Pinkie tried to surprise you again?”
  1331. >You just nodded while easing Pinkie to the ground and letting her go.
  1332. >She starts to skip to school, leaving you with Twilight and Sunset as you turn to them.
  1333. “So what’s new and why do the both of you look tired?”
  1334. >The two chuckle nervously.
  1337. >Be Twilight Sparkle.
  1338. >It's what 9 pm and you’re working on some wiring on your arm.
  1339. “Just need to connect this wire here.”
  1340. >You take another wire and hook it to the knuckles while looking it over.
  1341. >Seeing nothing wrong, you put the metal casing back on the palm.
  1342. “Let test it out.”
  1343. >Using your computer, you open a window with the  program for your arm and start it.
  1344. >The arm begins to glow a pale blue as the charts show a stable energy reading.
  1345. >But the glow becomes a dark red as a warning sign appears on your computer.
  1346. “That’s not good.”
  1347. >The arm then explodes, causing bits to fly all over the place with the hand hitting your forehead.
  1348. >You stumble back and look at the destruction your project made.
  1349. “This'll take a while.”
  1350. >You didn’t get much sleep that night.
  1354. >Be Sunset
  1355. >With your Aunt Celestia in her little dojo.
  1356. >After changing into a sweat pants and a shirt, you walk to where Celestia is in the center of the room.
  1357. “So what're you gonna teach me, Celestia?”
  1358. >She grabs your arm and flips you over her shoulder before your sense even registers what even happened.
  1359. > “We're gonna work on sneak attacks and reaction speed. And we're not going to stop till you can break away from my throws.”
  1360. >You groan, knowing this will hurt.
  1362. >The two just said, “It’s nothing, Anon. I didn’t want to get up.”
  1363. >You just shrug and continue walking to school with the girls.
  1364. >You decide make a little small talk with your friends just to pass the time.
  1365. >That and you were tired of just hearing cars zoom by.
  1366. “So how much longer are you gonna have that cast on, Twilight?”
  1367. >She looks uncomfortable she looks away like she doesn’t want to talk about it.
  1368. > “Not much longer. They uh, want me to keep it for another week or two to ...to make sure my arm heals properly. Yeah that’s it.”
  1369. >...That was a bit suspicious but you guess it has to be a pain to wear have one of those things.
  1370. >You felt a strong sort of gust as a black car went zooming past you, faster than the normal speed limit you would say.
  1371. >Looking back you see the car, or SUV as you saw what it was, make a hard turn right down a road about 3 blocks away.
  1372. > ‘Strange.’
  1373. ‘What’s strange?’
  1374. > ‘.....It’s nothing. I thought I felt something.’
  1375. >You shrug and continue on talking with the girls.
  1376. “Well let’s hope you get that cast off soon then. It’s a real bummer to see you with that thing on.”
  1377. >She blushes and smiles at your words while Sunset playfully pushes you.
  1378. > “Trying to put the moves on Twilight, huh? Got tired of Pinkie already?”
  1379. >You rub your shoulder and look at Sunset in shock.
  1380. “W-What the hell Sunset? I'm not dating Pinkie.”
  1381. >She just smirks at your discomfort while putting her hand to her mouth in mock shock.
  1382. > “Really? But she always hugs you.
  1383. “Half the time you sick her on me.”
  1384. > “And the both of you look so happy together.”
  1385. “She’s like that with everyone. Now stop it Sunset, I get enough shit as it is.”
  1386. >She giggles at you in a cute kinda way.
  1387. > “Relax. I'm just teasing you but since you're single,  you thinking about asking someone out?”
  1388. >You sigh, waiting for Tonic to say about breeding or something.
  1389. >.....
  1390. >......
  1391. >You don’t hear anything from him.
  1392. >Weird.
  1393. “Maybe when I find someone I like. I really don't want to rush things if I can help it.
  1394. >She gains a thoughtful look but shrugs her shoulders the next second.
  1395. > “Whatever floats your boat, Anon. But remember that me and the girls can help you if you need it.”
  1396. > “She’s right. Friends help each other.”
  1397. >You silently groan as you imagine the cluster fuck that will cause.
  1398. “Thanks.”
  1401. >Be the leader of Starlight’s security detail.
  1402. >You go by the name Alpha.
  1403. >After your boss told you to hunt down a new hero who was a kid with one of the company's symbiote.
  1404. >Doesn't matter though.
  1405. >With your team, you’re all now on a hunt for a kid with superpowers.
  1406. > “Boss?”
  1407. >Looking at the rear view mirror, you see a green haired woman looking out the window.
  1408. “What is it, Echo?”
  1409. >She turns to you, giving you her full attention.
  1410. > “Do you have any idea how to find this kid?”
  1411. “.....Not a clue.”
  1412. > “What?”
  1413. “It would be impossible to find a kid in this town. There would have to be a few hundred at the least.”
  1414. >You look out the window as you see a boy with two girls walking down the road as you hear something rattle in the trunk.
  1415. “Try and be careful Fox.”
  1416. >The driver mutters a quick “sorry” as he makes a sharp right turn.
  1417. “Anyways I have a better idea. We can't find this kid but what if we could get him to come to us.”
  1418. > “Would that even work?”
  1419. “Echo, we’re dealing with a kid hero. Of course he'd show up if we were to destroy something or rob a bank. After all these kids like showing off.”
  1420. >You use the rear view mirror to look at the back of the SUV.
  1421. “Taking care of one kid will be easy but if we run into some trouble…”
  1422. >A case in the back rattles a bit.
  1423. “We still have a secret weapon to use.”
  1424. >It’s been a few hours and you found the perfect place to execute your plan.
  1425. >You step out of the SUV, and take a nice long look at the place.
  1426. >You see the old looking warehouse, judging to see if it's usable.
  1427. “Fox.”
  1428. >The driver closes the door behind you but doesn’t move.
  1429. > “Sir?”
  1430. “Get all of our supplies out of the trunk.”
  1431. > “May I ask why, Alpha?”
  1432. >You turn around to face him as he flinches.
  1433. “Just do it, Fox.”
  1434. >He nods and scurries to the back of the SUV.
  1435. >Echo scowls while walking towards you, holding a small rectangular object in her hand.
  1436. > “So what does the head bitch want us to do with these things again?”
  1437. >You ignore the disrespectful name she said as you attention was on the building in front of you.
  1438. “While retrieval of the symbiote is our top priority, Starlight ordered for us to keep these cameras either on us or around a building for all we want. Just as long as we get the data needed on it.”
  1439. >She snorts while walking towards the door.
  1440. > “So we’re nothing more than her little lab rats?”
  1441. “More or less. Now help Fox unload our equipment.”
  1442. >Giving you a sloppy salute, she walks away in a huff.
  1443. >You walk inside to see what you’re working with.
  1444. >Just some shelves, a couple of palettes and a few boxes that had a lot of dust.
  1445. >Guess no one will care if those boxes get destroyed.
  1446. >Before you could go any further, you hear someone yell at you.
  1447. > “Sir, we got all the equipment out.”
  1448. >You silently nod to yourself.
  1449. “Good, let’s set up then.”
  1450. >You turn around and begin walking towards your comrades, ready to start your mission.
  1451. >To bring down this so called hero.
  1454. >Be Anon.
  1455. *School bell ring*
  1456. >And the classes just ended as the teacher started to wipe the chalkboard clean.
  1457. > “Alright class, make sure you study today’s lesson. You will be tested on it.”
  1458. >You gather your books into your backpack, then follow everyone else out the door and into the halls.
  1459. > ‘Did that bell have to be so loud?’
  1460. >You open your locker and start putting your books inside.
  1461. ‘Yes it did. Why, hate the noise?’
  1462. > ‘My kind are usually weak to them and while I’m a bit more resilient, I still hate it.’
  1463. ‘Gotta say that sucks.’
  1464. >You were so caught up in your mental conversation that you jumped when you felt something grab your back.
  1465. >Looking behind you, you could see a smirking Sunset and the girls behind her.
  1466. > “So that scared you?”
  1467. >You straighten up and glare at your smirking friend.
  1468. “N-No, I was just surprised.”
  1469. > “Sure you were.”
  1470. >The other giggle while Pinkie just pouts.
  1471. >She’s probably sad that Sunset got you to jump.
  1472. > “Anyways, the girls were wondering if you felt like hanging out today?”
  1473. “Sure, I’ve got nothing-”
  1474. > ‘You need to practice today.’
  1475. ‘Do I have to?’
  1476. > ‘It’s your choice, but you really should try practicing a bit more.’
  1477. “Actually I just remembered I had to do something, so I can’t.”
  1478. >They look a bit down but understanding sort of way as Sunset just stares at you.
  1479. > “You sure you can’t hang out?”
  1480. “Sorry….but raincheck.”
  1481. >The girls nod as Pinkie playfully glares at you.
  1482. > “We’ll hold you to it.”
  1483. >You wave at them as you walk towards the school’s entrance.
  1484. >You continue walking for ten minute, you find a quiet and secluded place to change.
  1485. >As the Tonic suit is formed, you wonder what the suit feels like.
  1486. >The “glove” of your right hand recedes, showing your bare hand.
  1487. >You touch your left arm and it surprises you how smooth it feels.
  1488. >It almost felt like a warm latex like glove.
  1489. >Your right arm is then sealed up back in the Tonic suit as you start to web swing.
  1490. >You been swinging around for the last twenty minutes just swinging and flipping here and there.
  1491. >But then you heard a loud explosion not that far from you.
  1492. >Landing on a roof, you turn to see smoke coming from the warehouse district.
  1493. “I should check that out.”
  1494. > “That would be a good idea.’
  1495. “I really don’t want to.”
  1496. >You take a running start and jump off the side of the building.
  1497. >With the wind rushing past you and the ground getting closer, you raise your hand you make a web line.
  1498. >It doesn’t take you long to reach the smoking warehouse and land on the roof.
  1499. “How to get in? The front door’s out.”
  1500. >Looking around you see a large vent near the middle of the roof.
  1501. >Walking over to the vent, you remove metal grate and see the inside of the vent.
  1502. “Well, let’s give it a shot.”
  1506. >Be Alpha.
  1507. “You sure the bomb was big enough?”
  1508. >You looked at Fox while load a magazine into your M6 rifle.
  1509. > “I put enough C4 at the entrance to get the job done, Sir.”
  1510. “That doesn’t answer my question, Fox.”
  1511. > “Look, the kid should be here soon. If we don’t get the kid then we keep on trying.”
  1512. >You turn away and stop talking to your subordinate.
  1513. >Sometimes you just want to hit the guy.
  1514. >You see Echo looking at the ceiling for some strange reason.
  1515. “Echo, that’s going-”
  1516. > “SHHH. Listen.”
  1517. >You stop talking and do what she says.
  1518. >There was nothing at first but then you heard it.
  1519. >The sound of low banging.
  1520. >You turn to Fox and glare at him.
  1521. “I thought you checked every entrance.”
  1522. > “I didn’t think someone would try the vents.”
  1523. >You scowl at his laid back answer.
  1524. >After this mission, you’re gonna have a word with your employer about transferring Fox.
  1525. >You turn back to Echo, who was loading her gun.
  1526. “Take care of this.”
  1527. >She raises her rifle and points at the ventilation shaft.
  1528. > “Not a problem.”
  1531. >Be Tonic Anon.
  1532. >And you hate this idea.
  1533. ‘Go through the ventilation and sneak up on them. That was a great plan.’
  1534. > ‘Wouldn’t the back door have been better?’
  1535. ‘Look Tonic, I don’t need that right-”
  1536. >A few bullets puncture the shaft in front of you.
  1537. ‘-now. Fuck this, I gotta get out of here.’
  1538. >You slam your fists onto the vent making the front break off from the rest of the vent.
  1539. >The vent started to bend forward from your weight as you slid out the opening.
  1540. >As you land on the ground, you turn to look around and find a couple of armed people.
  1541. >Who were pointing their guns at you.
  1542. “Shit.”
  1543. >You start to run to the right as they were firing their guns.
  1544. >Your sense was going crazy as bullets flew all around you.
  1545. >Taking cover behind a forklift, you look around to see if there was anything you could use but found nothing.
  1546. >The three stop shooting the forklift, as you try to see what you can use against them.
  1547. >While you were cursing in your head, you could hear the sound of slow yet steady footsteps coming towards you.
  1548. > ‘Got a plan?’
  1549. ‘No, figured I could wing it.’
  1550. > ‘Hopefully it works.’
  1551. >You turn around and kick the forklift forward, wanting to confuse them.
  1552. >They dive to the sides, avoiding the forklift as you ran at one of them.
  1553. >The woman tries to raise her gun but you grab the gun.
  1554. >She let’s go of the gun while winding up her fist.
  1555. >Your sense kicks in as she throws a punch that you easily grab.
  1556. >She struggles to break out of your grip as you move her hand to the side.
  1557. >With a flick of your wrist, you send her flying to the side as your arm forms a shield.
  1558. > “Shoot him.”
  1559. >The other two start firing at your shield, the bullets harmlessly ricocheting off it.
  1560. >Standing there, you hear someone yell behind you.
  1561. >Turning around, you see the woman standing on shaky legs.
  1562. > “Eat this Asshole.”
  1564. >She shakily holds up some kind of tube over her shoulder and aims.
  1565. ‘Shit, a rocket launcher.’
  1566. > ‘What’s a rocket launcher?’
  1567. >You don’t answer as she pulls the trigger, making the rocket fly towards you.
  1568. >Your sense goes crazy as you run towards the rocket and jump over it.
  1569. >Spinning in the air, you shot a web line at the rocket and start to guide it the other way.
  1570. >You release the web as the rocket sails towards the woman, who drops to the ground as it got closer.
  1571. >The projectile flies harmlessly by her and hits one of the big shelves against the wall.
  1572. >The large shelf begins to buckle from the explosion as the woman stands up.
  1573. >You stand there as the other two run by you and towards their comrade.
  1574. > “ECHO!!!”
  1575. >She looks at them confused but turns around when she heard a loud screeching noise.
  1576. >She saw the shelf coming for her but didn’t the move, no matter what the others yelled.
  1577. > “MOVE IT!!”
  1578. >She fell to the floor as the shelf fell on her, crushing her chest.
  1579. >You were shocked as the her blood was pooling around her.
  1580. ‘I just killed someone.’
  1581. > ‘You didn’t, host.’
  1582. ‘But I-’
  1583. > ‘Host, they were trying to kill you with that rocket and you were trying to defend yourself.’
  1584. ‘But-’
  1585. > “Grenade, now.”
  1586. >You were hit in the head with some kind of ball.
  1587. >Looking down at the ball, you see that it wasn’t a all but a grenade.
  1588. “Oh fuck.”
  1589. >The grenade explodes as you raise your arms, that are now shields, to protect yourself.
  1590. >The two guys then start shooting at you but the bullets weren’t doing a thing to you.
  1591. >You lower one of your arms and shot some web at one of the guys, pulling him towards you.
  1592. >As he stumbles forward, you take a small step back with your right arm behind you.
  1593. >Once he’s close enough, you take a step forward and swing your whole arm forward.
  1594. >You successfully clothesline the guy, causing him to flip behind you.
  1595. >He lands on the ground, groaning in pain.
  1596. >As he begins to rise, you then quickly turn around and kick the guy in the head, knocking him out.
  1598. >You turn back to see the other guy running towards the entrance.
  1599. >Shooting a bit of web at the entrance, you use it like a bungee cord to launch yourself towards the entrance.
  1600. >Looking around, you see that he was trying to open the trunk of the SUV parked near there and pull out some kind of case.
  1601. > ‘There it is. Host, stop him.’
  1602. ‘Why, Tonic?’
  1603. > ‘One of my siblings are in that case. Stop him before they bond.’
  1604. >You jumped off the building and towards the guy.
  1605. > “Need to open this thing.”
  1606. >He puts his hand in his pocket as you land next to him and punch him in the face.
  1607. >He skids against the ground as he dropped the case.
  1608. > “SHIT!!”
  1609. >He groans as you walk towards him.
  1610. >Standing above him, you bend down and pick him up by his collar.
  1611. >Looking him in the eye, you bring him a bit closer to you.
  1612. “Why did you blow up the entrance?”
  1613. >The guy just coughed and smiles.
  1614. > “Sorry but you’ll never know.”
  1615. >You just felt the guy knee you in the gut, causing you to let him go.
  1616. >He then punches you in the face as he runs to the case.
  1617. >You run after him just as he put a key into the slot.
  1618. >He was just about to open the case, you kick it out of his hands and into the air.
  1619. >You watch as it goes past the street.
  1620. >And a few buildings.
  1621. >And past a few buildings.
  1622. ‘That’s not good.’
  1623. > ‘NO IT ISN’T!! Do you know what you just did?’
  1624. ‘Stopped the guy from becoming something like us?’
  1625. > ‘Yes but now you kicked the container away and someone could bet bonded to it.’
  1626. >While talking to Tonic, you see the guy stand up and start to pull out a handgun out of his holster.
  1627. >But you were quicker as you spin kicked the gun out of his hands and kick his head.
  1628. >His head hits the wall, knocking him out as he slides down the wall.
  1629. ‘Now that’s taken care of, let’s find that case.’
  1630. > ‘It might be too late, host.’
  1631. ‘We might be lucky and the case didn’t open.’
  1634. >Be Rarity, the fabulous seamstress.
  1635. >Walking home after a fun afternoon with your friends.
  1636. >It was nice to actually have Sunset with everyone for once.
  1637. >With your friend trying to stop crime all the time, it feels like you never see her outside of school.
  1638. >Oh sure, you help Sunset with her outfit and making it a beautiful as possible.
  1639. >But you wish you could be more useful to Sunset besides just fixing her clothes.
  1640. >You push these thoughts to the side as you continue on your way home.
  1641. >While walking past a convenience store, you see a bunch of people leave the store and point at you.
  1642. > “Should we get her?”
  1643. > “Nice body.”
  1644. > “She'll do just nicely.”
  1645. >Hearing those comments directed at you, you quicken your pace.
  1646. >As you more or less walked away, you heard the sound of footsteps behind you.
  1647. >Looking behind you, you could see the people walking a good distance away from you.
  1648. >You faced forward and tried convince yourself they were just walking the same way and nothing more.
  1649. >Not wanting to get in there way, you turn to the right down another street and begin to jog.
  1650. >You sigh thinking that they left when you heard the footsteps get a bit louder.
  1651. >Glancing behind you, the same group was running towards you.
  1652. > “Wait up girlie we just want to talk.”
  1653. >Seeing they were chasing you, you begin to run down the road.
  1654. >You take a few turns trying to lose them but they were hot on your trail.
  1655. >Another left turn ran down the alleyway to reach a deadend.
  1656. > “She’s over here.”
  1657. >You turn around to see the group blocking off your only escape as they inch their way towards you.
  1658. >Backing up to put some distance between you and them.
  1659. >With each step they took, the feeling of dread grew larger and larger.
  1660. >The leader, you presume, holds up a hand to stop the others as he licks his lips.
  1661. > “Now that you can’t run, let’s talk.”
  1662. >Your back was against the wall as he continued talking.
  1664. > “You see, we were feeling a little lonely.”
  1665. >Something wet and cold hit your head as you were wondering if i was starting to rain.
  1666. > “And you look like someone who could use some protection, so how’s about a trade?”
  1667. >Drops of water keep hitting you when you notice that the gang was completely dry.
  1668. ‘Please just be water. Please just be water.’
  1669. > “So how about you show us a good time and we’ll make sure you get home or wherever you’re going safely.”
  1670. >He gestures to the rest of the boys, who had lecherous smiles.
  1671. > “I think that’s a fair deal.”
  1672. “Please, just leave me alone.”
  1673. >The water keep dripping on you as a thought occurs to you.
  1674. >Your clothes don’t feel wet at all.
  1675. >Looking up you see something hanging on the roof, like a case of some sort.
  1676. >It looked like it was ready to break as it was dangling by a broken handle.
  1677. > “Well?”
  1678. >You look back at the leader and don’t answer, afraid of the situation you're in.
  1679. >He grows impatient while looking at one of the boys.
  1680. > “Go help her decide.”
  1681. >The guy starts walking forward as you close your eyes, wishing for something to happen.
  1682. >The footstep got closer as you hear something hit the ground, a moment later.
  1683. >Opening your eyes, you see the case feel to the ground and started to leak some kind of shiny yellow liquid.
  1684. >A liquid that was traveling towards you.
  1685. > “What’re you waiting for? Get the girl so we can go.”
  1686. > “Got it boss.”
  1687. >The boy was get closer to you, filling you with fear.
  1689. >At that moment, you saw the liquid launch itself at you as a loud scream was heard.
  1690. > ‘As you wish.’
  1691. >After hearing that voice, everything went dark as you fainted.
  1693. >You don’t know what was going on.
  1694. >One moment you’re in the alleyway, the next you hear a loud banging.
  1695. > “Rarity. It’s time to get up.”
  1696. >You roll to the side and fall off something, and land on the floor.
  1697. “What?”
  1698. >Looking around, you see that you’re in your own room.
  1699. >And what you fell off of was your own bed.
  1700. >The banging continued as you try to untangle yourself from the bed sheets.
  1701. > “Rarity, are you ok?”
  1702. >You stand up and lean against the bed for support.
  1703. “Yes, everything’s just fine Sweetie.”
  1704. > “But I heard something fall down.”
  1705. “I fell off my bed, now I need to get ready.”
  1706. >It was silent for a moment but then you heard your sister say “Ok”.
  1707. >You stood there for a moment, waiting for your sister’s footsteps to fade away.
  1708. >You sigh, walking over to your walk in closet to change.
  1709. >A few minutes later, you’re in the kitchen making some toast as Sweetie turns on the TV.
  1710. >Just as the toast popped, the news came on as Sweetie groaned.
  1711. > “Why does the news have to be on? I'm missing my show.”
  1712. >You ignore your sister’s whining, while the reporter started to talk.
  1713. > “Local authorities are baffled at the most  recent murder. As of late last night, 7 members of the Diamond Dogs were found in a downtown alleyway, dead.”
  1714. >You started to cough when you saw the familiar alleyway from last night.
  1715. >Your sister looks at you in concern.
  1716. > “You ok, Rarity?”
  1717. “I'm fine. …...it just went down the wrong way.”
  1718. >Sweetie nods and continues watching the news.
  1719. > “When interviewed, the chief officer commented on the victims being either ripped apart or strangled. Because of this-”
  1720. >You don’t listen to the rest as you walk back up the stairs and into your bathroom.
  1721. >Locking the door, you turn on the faucet and splash some water on your face.
  1722. >Turning off the water, you grab a towel and dry off your face.
  1723. “What happened last night? I couldn't of killed them, it's impossible.”
  1724. > ‘Nothing's impossible.’
  1725. >The feminine like voice caused you to drop the towel and look around wildly for whoever said that.
  1726. “Who said that?”
  1727. > ‘Your saviour, child.’
  1728. “My saviour? What do you mean and where are you?”
  1731. > ‘I helped you last night child. Let me show you.’
  1732. >You grip your head as your mind was assaulted with a bunch of memories.
  1733. >You saw the gang from last night back up as someone roared.
  1734. >They tried to run but a few tentacles grabbed them, hoisting them up in the air.
  1735. >The few that weren’t restrained, pulled out some knives and tried to defend themselves.
  1736. >You saw that the tentacles threw the bodies at the rest of the gang as you started walking forward.
  1737. >What came next made you sick to your stomach.
  1738. >A red and yellow claw grabbed one of the thugs by the head and crushed it with relative ease.
  1739. >The next to fall had a hand piercing his chest.
  1740. >After that was nothing more than punching a head to mush or just slitting their throats.
  1741. >Once the images had stopped, you were able to hold back the urge to puke.
  1742. “What was that? And how are you doing this?”
  1743. > ‘I was showing how I saved you last night and I can do that because I’m inside of you.”
  1744. >You were scared as the thought of one of Rainbow Dash’s movie monsters controlling you.
  1745. > ‘Don’t worry, child. I’m here to help you, after all you asked for help last night.’
  1746. “But I didn’t want them to die, just to go away.”
  1747. >You grab you head as tears begin to form in your eyes.
  1748. > ‘Don’t cry child. I’m only here to help you.’
  1749. “But-”
  1750. > ‘You wanted to help your friend right?’
  1751. “Yes but-”
  1752. > ‘With me, you can finally do that.’
  1753. >You stay silent for a few moment until you slowly rose to your feet.
  1754. “What are you and do you have a name?”
  1755. >You could hear this thing chuckle, causing you to shiver.
  1756. > ‘My kind are referred as symbiotes and you can call me ….Scream.’
  1759. >You’re still Rarity and you’re a little on edge at the moment.
  1760. >You were able to calm down slightly after finding your supposed saviour.
  1761. >Well after your clothes morphed into a stylish blue dress and black stockings, you started to calm down.
  1762. >Anyways, you’re at school and nervous at the moment.
  1763. > ‘You should calm down child.’
  1764. ‘I would if you could stop talking to me.’
  1765. >You had to deal with Scream constantly telling you to do stuff.
  1766. >As you walk through the school’s entrance, you make your way to your locker.
  1767. >Opening your locker, you grab the books and walk to class.
  1768. > ‘It’s strange seeing so many of you humans around.’
  1769. ‘Well it’s normal here, now be quiet.’
  1770. >You enter the classroom and look around for any open seat.
  1771. > “Rarity!”
  1772. >Looking in the back of the room, you see Sunset and Pinkie waving at you.
  1773. >You make your way over to the two and sit in between them.
  1774. > ‘So that’s her.’
  1775. ‘What?’
  1776. >Scream doesn’t say anything as you felt a hand grab your shoulder and lightly shake you.
  1777. “W-What?”
  1778. >Looking to your right, you see Pinkie smiling at you.
  1779. > “What’s on your mind Rarity?”
  1780. >You look away from your friend, not wanting to deal with this.
  1781. > ‘Aren’t you going to answer her?’
  1782. “I’m just a bit tired, Pinkie. I couldn’t sleep last night.”
  1783. > “Oh, were you working on a new dress? Watching a scary movie? Or were you scratching a certain itch?”
  1784. >You glare at Pinkie for that comment.
  1785. “That’s revolting, Pinkie!! Why would you even suggest something like that?”
  1786. >Pinkie just shrugs nonchalantly.
  1787. > “It’s what I do when I have an itch.”
  1788. >Turning away from your slightly perverted friend, you direct your attention to a chuckling Sunset.
  1789. > “Pinkie’s comments aside, are you ok, Rarity?”
  1790. >You begin to wonder if you should tell Sunset and the others about Scream.
  1791. >You sigh while shaking your head.
  1792. “I just couldn’t sleep last night, that’s all.”
  1794. >Sunset looked at you but nods and let’s it go.
  1795. >The teacher comes in and starts class by writing on the board.
  1796. >While you were taking notes, Scream was talking to you.
  1797. > ‘Why were you thinking of telling her about me?’
  1798. ‘She’s my friend and had experience on your brother.’
  1799. > ‘Father, but that’s besides the point. Do you think it’s wise to tell her?”
  1800. ‘I don’t know what to do.’
  1801. >You sigh once again and rub your temples.
  1802. ‘She hasn’t had many good meetings with others like you.’
  1803. >You glance to your side, to see Sunset writing down the notes on the board,
  1804. ‘But you’ve been helpful and saved me. I just don’t know what to do.’
  1805. > ‘Maybe you should tell her, if it will at least calm you down a bit.’
  1806. >That was surprising.
  1807. >You expected some more arguing or something.
  1808. >But now you need to make a choice.
  1809. >Tell Sunset about Scream or not.
  1812. >Be Sunset.
  1813. >Writing down notes and listening to teacher drone on and on about something.
  1814. >You’re half paying attention to it.
  1815. > “And as you see in the next diagram.”
  1816. >You just wish he would just get to the point or shut up.
  1817. >Either or is fine with you.
  1818. >You turn your attention to your friends to see what they’re doing.
  1819. >Pinkie seems to be taking notes, drawing and making origami at the same time.
  1820. >Not the craziest thing you saw her do but whatever.
  1821. >Rarity seems to be struggling and nervous.
  1822. >As if she’s fighting with herself.
  1823. >Maybe it has something to do with her little sleep problem.
  1824. > “Miss Shimmer.”
  1825. >You turn to face your teacher, who was looking at you in annoyance.
  1826. > “Is my lesson that boring?”
  1827. “No, just thought I saw something.”
  1828. >A few student chuckle at your excuse, while mentally berate yourself.
  1829. >Why did you have to say that stupid excuse?
  1830. >The teacher sighs and runs his hand through his hair.
  1831. > “I’ll let it go this time Miss Shimmer. Don’t let me catch you doing it again.”
  1832. >He goes back to his lesson as the other students begin taking notes again.
  1833. >Glancing back at Rarity, you see her still look a bit nervous.
  1834. >You’ll talk to her after school.
  1836. >It’s after school and nothing much happened except for Anon beating Applejack in arm wrestling.
  1837. >Rainbow Dash tried to beat him to prove she’s better than AJ.
  1838. >She didn’t do much better than AJ.
  1839. >It was funny to see them lose to him and a bit cute to see Anon celebrate his victory over them.
  1840. >After you heard them saying they’ll beat Anon one day, the rest of the day was more or less the same.
  1841. >You head towards the front of the school with a mission in mind.
  1842. >Looking around, you see your target walking down the road.
  1843. >You run down the road bumping into a couple of people and apologizing to them.
  1844. “Rarity, wait up.”
  1845. >Your target stops and turns to face you.
  1846. > “Oh Sunset, why’re you here?”
  1847. >You slow down as you got close enough.
  1848. “Just figured we could hang out a bit before I go to work.”
  1849. >Fighting crime and saving the day.
  1850. >Yeah that’s a real job.
  1851. >Man you’re a dork sometimes.
  1852. > “Well if you’re sure, then I don’t see why not.”
  1853. >AS she said that, Rarity gives you a weak smile.
  1854. “Rarity, are you okay?”
  1855. >She looks a bit worried before giving another weak yet fake smile.
  1856. > “What’re you talking about? I’m fine.”
  1857. >You just stare at her for a moment then you put your hand on her shoulder.
  1858. “You can tell me anything, Rarity. You and the girls were there for me, so It’s my turn to be there for you.”
  1859. >Rarity just stares at you, but you can see her mouth twitch.
  1860. >As her mouth twitches, she raises her hand to cover her mouth while giggling.
  1861. > “That was terrible, darling.”
  1862. >She didn’t tell you what’s wrong, but hearing her giggle was a good start.
  1863. > “But thank you, darling. I needed that.”
  1864. “Sure but you sure you’re okay? Anything you need help with or want to talk about?”
  1865. >Rarity looks like she’s thinking on what to say.
  1867. > “It’s nothing, darling.”
  1868. >You nod and continue walking with her.
  1869. > “Now is there anything you want to do before work?”
  1870. “Got anything you need help with? Like a new dress design or something?”
  1871. >You start to regret saying that as Rarity get a dangerous glint in her eye.
  1872. > “Well there is a few pieces I need help with.”
  1873. >She looks at you like a predator who found it’s prey.
  1874. > “And you’re just about the right size for them.”
  1875. >You start to back up, thinking this was the worst thing to do.
  1876. “Uh maybe I can do this some other time.”
  1877. >You were about to run when Rarity grabbed your arm.
  1878. > “Nonsense, darling. It’s the perfect time for a dress fitting.”
  1879. >She started dragging you down the road with an impressive grip on your arm.
  1880. > “After all, it’s rare for someone to offer to help me.”
  1881. >This is gonna take a while.
  1884. >You didn’t know where you were.
  1885. >All you could see was a black void in front of you as a dull noise filled your ears.
  1886. >You try to open your eyes but a bright light forces them shut as you groan.
  1887. > “I see you’re awake. Let me close those blinds for you.”
  1888. >The bright light dims down as you open your eyes again.
  1889. >As you take in your surroundings, you see that you’re in a hospital room.
  1890. “What happened?”
  1891. >Miss Starlight walks into your line of sight and just stares at you.
  1892. > “You’re in one of the many recover wards. You’ve been here for a few days now.”
  1893. >You try to move, but it proves difficult as Glimmer puts a gentle hand on your shoulder and holds you down.
  1894. > “I wouldn’t move. You took quite the beating from what the cameras showed us.”
  1895. >It takes you a moment, but you remember why you’re in pain.
  1896. “The wannabe hero. Wait, what happened to my team?”
  1897. >Miss Glimmer sighs and looked away.
  1898. > “They’re dead. Echo was crushed while Fox had his head caved in and his neck snapped.”
  1899. >A cold shiver ran down your spine when you heard that.
  1900. >To hear that two of your closest comrades die wasn’t something you wanted to hear.
  1901. >Sure they were a pain most of the time, but they were some of the finest soldiers you ever knew.
  1902. > “Our superior isn’t happy at the moment.”
  1903. >You say nothing and just lay there.
  1904. > “But with the footage from the cameras, we were able to get more data than we usually get.”
  1905. >You really wanted this bitch to leave.
  1906. > “Which is why he wants to make a proposal with you.”
  1907. “What do you mean?”
  1908. >Miss Glimmer reaches for the side of your bed and pulls a clipboard out.
  1909. >Not one with charts like the hospitals, but one with a stack of papers covered by something.
  1910. > “He’s willing to give you another chance, if you become a part of this experimental procedure.”
  1911. >You snort at this, wondering what kind of drugs she’s on.
  1912. “And why should I do that? Gonna kill me if I don’t?”
  1913. > “No, but considering you won’t have a job once you’re fully healed is the deciding factor.”
  1914. >Your eyes widen at that.
  1915. “That bullshit!”
  1916. > “You should know that he doesn’t tolerate failure. The only reason you’re getting this choice is because you at least have some experience fighting the symbiote.”
  1917. >You want nothing more than to punch this bitch but now you need to make a choice.
  1918. >Lose your job or pay that hero back.
  1919. >It doesn’t take you long to make a decision.
  1920. “How long will this experiment take?”
  1921. >She flips through a few of the papers, reading them quickly.
  1922. > “We should be able to finish it within a day or two but we need to wait for your body to heal.”
  1923. >She stands up and heads for the door before turning back to you.
  1924. > “Welcome to project “Goblin”, Alpha. We’ll get you ready within a few days.”
  1925. >She leaves the room as you could only think of one thing.
  1926. >Revenge.
  1929. >Be Anon.
  1930. “The same fucking thing.”
  1931. >Correction, be a very frustrated and angry Anon in a dark yet messy room.
  1932. >Just a few books and magazines on the floor and your bed, but that’s not important.
  1933. >For a while now, you've been looking into everything involving Spider-Woman or any superhero in general.
  1934. >From books, magazines and computer articles, and what you find disappoints you.
  1935. >You find countless articles on all manner of crooks, street gangs and even villains.
  1936. > But you find these kinds of articles happen almost every month.
  1937. >You saw that this ‘Black Cat’ fought Spider-Woman and escaped every time.
  1938. >Hell, this Firefly character has been sent to jail about ten times and still manages to escape.
  1939. “How is she a hero?”
  1940. > ‘That is very concerning.’
  1941. >You can't tell if he reads your mind or reads the article through your eyes, but whatever.
  1942. >This has become a normal thing nowadays.
  1943. > ‘These villains almost take the lives of countless civilians and cause property damage just to be sent to jail?’
  1944. >You nod slightly as you grab a chocolate bar and unwrap it.
  1945. >It seems it's nothing but an endless cycle of cat and mouse.
  1946. >Taking a bite out the chocolate bar, you can't help but wondering if Spider-Woman will stop this cycle.
  1947. >To put an end to those criminals once and for all, then you think of your first and last encounter.
  1948. >She attacked you as if you were the bad guy and let those two get away.
  1949. >Speaking of villains, your thoughts bring up those wannabe SWAT members from the other day.
  1950. >They almost reminded you of the ones from that lab but more organized.
  1951. “You think they found us, Tonic?”
  1952. > ‘No, that explosion was used to lure us in. If they knew who you were, we would most likely get a visit from them.’
  1953. >Can’t argue with that, as you take another bite out of your chocolate bar.
  1954. > ‘But that doesn’t mean they won’t find us sooner or later.’
  1955. “Very true.”
  1956. >You stare at the image of Spider-Woman in front of you.
  1957. “That’s enough studying for today.”
  1958. >Closing the Internet browser, you stood up and stretch.
  1959. >After hearing your bones creak and snap, you start to straighten up all the magazines and articles into a neat pile on your desk.
  1960. >With that taken care of, you walk towards your bed and just flop on top of it.
  1961. >You move around until you're on your back and stare at the ceiling in boredom.
  1962. “I'm bored.”
  1963. > ‘Then do something. Go outside, eat something or find a girl and mate with her.’
  1964. “Not helping, Tonic.’
  1965. > ‘I'm just suggesting it. Whatever you do is up to you.’
  1966. >You run a hand through your hair as you let out a quiet sigh.
  1967. “Guess I should get some fresh air.”
  1968. >You rise from your comfortable bed and walk out into the hall.
  1969. >On the way down the stair, you see your mom and dad sitting in the living room, watching the TV.
  1970. “I'm going out for a bit.”
  1971. >Your parents take their gaze away from the TV as your mom looks at you suspiciously.
  1972. > “Where’re you going, Anon?”
  1973. >You open the door and wave your hand nonchalantly.
  1974. “Just gonna go out for a bit. Maybe hang out with a friend for a bit.”
  1975. >Mom get a large grin on her face as she waves at you.
  1976. > “Well stay safe and use protection.”
  1977. >Dad looks a bit surprised at this and stares at you.
  1978. > “What’s your mother talking about?”
  1979. “It’s not a girl and I'll see you later.”
  1980. >You close the door and run as fast as you can away from your house.
  1981. >You don’t want to deal with any of their teasing at the moment.
  1982. >You keep on running, not paying any mind to your surroundings.
  1983. >This continues on for a while as Tonic gets a bit chatty.
  1984. > ‘What did the woman mean by use protection?’
  1985. ‘Nothing you need to worry about, now let me run.’
  1986. > ‘Fine but you might want to watch out.’
  1987. ‘Watch out for what?’
  1988. >You don’t know what happened but now you're suddenly on the ground as you hit your head on the pavement.
  1989. “Oww. What did I hit?”
  1990. > “You hit me asshole?”
  1991. >Pushing yourself up, you see a young woman with pinkish hair with a white stripe and a tiara on her head.
  1992. >Rising to your full height, you move your hand to help her up.
  1993. “Here, let me help you.”
  1994. >She slaps your arm away as she stands up and starts to dust her clothes off.
  1995. > “You should watch where you're going, jerk. You almost ruined my clothes.”
  1996. >Lowering your arm, you take a good look at her.
  1997. >She was wearing some kind of yellow jacket, white shirt and black skirt with shoes.
  1998. “Hey, I'm sorry for running into you. I was in a bit of a hurry.”
  1999. >She stops brushing herself to hatefully glare at you.
  2000. > “You better be sorry. This jacket costs more than all your clothes combined.”
  2001. > ‘She seems pleasant.’
  2002. ‘Glad those sarcasm lessons are working.’
  2003. > “Why don’t you watch where you're going?”
  2004. “I said sorry, you should calm down.”
  2005. >She sticks her nose up in the air and began to walk away.
  2006. > “I just need you to watch where you’re going. This is why I don’t like walking around with losers.”
  2007. >You roll your eyes as she walked away and out of your sight.
  2008. > ‘Host, don’t breed with that one.’
  2009. ‘That we can agree on.’
  2012. >You start walking the other way while putting your hands in your pockets when you noticed something.
  2013. >Pulling your hands out of your pockets, you notice that the few dollars you had weren’t in there.
  2014. “That sneaky little bitch.”
  2015. > ‘What’s so bad about losing a few dollars?’
  2016. ‘I can buy anymore chocolate for now.’
  2017. >He didn’t say anything for a moment which worried you.
  2018. ‘Tonic? You there?’
  2020. >You should have expected that.
  2023. ‘Shut up Tonic, I don’t need a headache right now.’
  2024. > ‘Sorry, host. I’ll try to …..what’s that?’
  2025. >Confused, you blink and see something heading towards you.
  2026. >As you stood there like a moron, you could clearly see what this thing was.
  2027. >Running towards you was some kind of robot man, destroying everything in his path.
  2028. >As this tank go closer, your sense activates causing you to dive out of the way.
  2029. >Rising to your feet, you turn to see Spider-Woman and some other woman in a blue and red bodysuit chasing the tank.
  2030. >You see them turn around a corner and disappear out of sight.
  2031. >You stood there a few seconds just staring in the direction they went.
  2032. > ‘.....You think, what I’m thinking?’
  2033. ‘Follow them and watch what they do? Oh yeah.’
  2034. >As calmly as possible, you started walking in the same direction that the three went.
  2035. >Once you made the same turn as them, you ran into a small alleyway.
  2036. >The next moment, you jump out of the alley in the Tonic suit and land on top of a building on the other side of the street.
  2037. > ‘You know they have a good head start on you, right?’
  2038. ‘Shouldn’t be hard to find a tank with Spider-Woman and flying hero behind him.’
  2039. >You took a running start then jump over a satellite dish.
  2040. >Holding both hands over your head, you shot some web at a traffic light.
  2041. >As you start to fall towards the ground, you grab the web and pull it hard.
  2042. >That caused you to launch yourself into the air as you began to web swing, looking for Spider-Woman and the other two.
  2043. >It doesn’t take you long to find that group of people.
  2044. >Especially when you see the trail of destruction they left in their wake.
  2045. “Glad I’m not the one who cleans this up.”
  2046. >It takes you another minute or two to find the group in the middle of the street.
  2047. >Landing on top of a nearby building, you slowly walk to the edge while staying out of sight.
  2049. >Be Spider-Woman with Captain Marvel.
  2050. >Right now you’re dealing with the villain of the day and current pain in the ass, Iron Rhino.
  2051. >Long story short, this was suppose to be a military weapon with some AI but it went rogue.
  2052. >Why they wanted a robotic rhino is beyond you but now you have to focus.
  2053. >The weapon stood up to its full height, nine feet tall, and glared at you.
  2054. > “Surrender Spider-Woman and be deleted.”
  2055. >His arms turn into machine guns as he fires a barrage of bullets at you.
  2056. >Both you can Captain Marvel dive to the side and run at the robot.
  2057. >Rhino raised his fist while you were running at him.
  2058. >He threw his fist as you jump and shot some web at his arm, causing it to stick to the ground.
  2059. >He tried to pull his arm back, to break the webs hold on him but the web was stronger than it.
  2060. >Rhino didn’t see Captain Marvel right next to it with her arm glowing.
  2061. >The metal monstrosity looked in her direction as she blasted him with a golden beam in its face.
  2062. >The blast caused Rhino to stumble back a few feet as his face was slowly crumbling.
  2063. >A large blade extended out of Rhino’s arms as it started to run at you.
  2064. > “CRUSH!!”
  2065. >You spider-sense flared to life while Rhino was getting dangerously close to you.
  2066. >You just need to wait for the right moment to strike.
  2067. >Rhino slices a car open as it made its way towards you.
  2068. >Just a little closer.
  2069. >Rhino was within arm’s reach when you jumped over him and shot some web on the ground.
  2070. >The metal beast stepped on the web and couldn't move it's legs.
  2071. > “Release me.”
  2072. >Rhino struggles to free it's legs as Marvel flew in front of it with her fist raised.
  2073. >She slammed her fist into the robot causing more of it’s face to break.
  2074. >You jumped on the damaged Rhino with your fists over your head and brought them down.
  2075. >Marvel then grabbed Rhino’s right arm and slammed her elbow into it, breaking and bending it.
  2076. >Landing on the ground, you see the robot fall over as if it was dead.
  2078. >You let out a sigh as you turned to look at your aunt/superhero mentor.
  2079. “Thanks for the help Marvel.”
  2080. >She waves her hand dismissively.
  2081. > “I’m sure you could have done it yourself.”
  2082. >Unaware to you, Rhino twitched a little bit.
  2083. “Still, thanks.”
  2084. >Your spider-sense goes crazy as you turn to see Rhino pointing its gun at you.
  2085. > “I ….Will …...Destroy….”
  2086. >Before he could finish, a pole pierced its head causing the arm and gun to drop.
  2087. > “YYYYYoooooooouuuuuuuuu.”
  2088. >Rhino basically powered down as oil began to leak from the pole.
  2089. >You looked up at the rooftops of all the building to find out where that pole came from, but didn’t see anything suggesting its origin.
  2090. > “Where did that come from?”
  2091. “ …..I don’t know.”
  2092. >You could hear the sound of sirens getting near your location.
  2093. “We should leave before the boys in blue show up.”
  2094. >Captain Marvel just giggles and said, “Like the good old days.”
  2097. >Be Anon.
  2098. >You’re walking home, deep in thought.
  2099. >Or you would be if Tonic wasn’t talking to you.
  2100. > ‘You did you help her?’
  2101. >You don’t answer him as your mind is elsewhere.
  2102. > ‘You didn’t have to do it, you know.’
  2103. ‘I know that.’
  2104. >You stop at a crosswalk, waiting for the light to change.
  2105. > ‘Then why did you do it? I thought you hated her.’
  2106. >You sigh as the light changed, allowing you to walk across the road.
  2107. ‘I don’t hate her. I hate her methods, that’s why I decided our next course of action.’
  2108. > ‘And what’s that? Don’t tell me we’re gonna kill her.’
  2109. >You smile slightly to yourself.
  2110. ‘No I don’t but ….Let’s talk in the morning alright?’
  2111. > ‘Is everything alright?’
  2112. >You shake head while running a hand through your hair.
  2113. ‘I’m fine. Just need some time to think.’
  2114. >Tonic doesn’t say anything as you continued walking towards your home.
  2117. >It’s the next day and you’re still Anon.
  2118. >Walking down the sidewalk, you yawn while covering your mouth.
  2119. >Thinking about what happened last night made it impossible to get comfortable in your bed.
  2120. >You only had about three hours of sleep and that sucks.
  2121. > ‘You should have slept last night instead of worrying about the fight.’
  2122. >It didn’t help that Tonic was being a bigger pain the the ass than he usually was.
  2123. >He just went on and on about your actions from earlier and watching the fight.
  2124. >Seriously, you sort wished he would go back to his breeding stick.
  2125. “I'm fine.”
  2126. > ‘You're very tired.’
  2127. ‘I'm fine, Tonic.’
  2128. > ‘You tried eating a plastic fruit an hour ago.’
  2129. ‘Yeah, well ….I'm tired. Is that what you want to hear?’
  2130. > ‘This isn’t a game. You should have stayed home and rest.’
  2131. >A loud yawn escaped your lips as you cover your mouth.
  2132. ‘I'll get a soda or chocolate or something when I get to school. That should at least get me some energy for the day.’
  2133. > ‘Well get some soon. You're about to bump into that fire haired girl.’
  2134. >You would raise an eyebrow if you could.
  2135. ‘What fire haired-’
  2136. > “Hey.”
  2137. >Your head just something smooth and reacted or leather.
  2138. “Sorry.”
  2139. > “Watch where you're. ... Oh, Anon, good morning.”
  2140. “Good ….uaaaahhh, morning.”
  2141. >While cover your mouth for the second time in five minutes, Sunset turned around to get a better look at you.
  2142. > “Bad night?”
  2143. >Shake your head, you rub your eyes a bit.
  2144. “Too much on my mind. I just want to sleep.”
  2145. >Standing in front of her, you start to sway side to side as you felt something grab your arm.
  2146. > “Man, you’re really out of it. Let’s get a coffee.”
  2147. “Hate coffee, love hot chocolate.”
  2148. >You felt an arm wrap around your shoulders as you were pushed towards Sunset.
  2149. > “Then I'll get you one my treat.”
  2150. >You hardly heard her as you were leaning your head against hers and hummed in agreement.
  2152. >At that moment, your sense goes crazy while trying as you try to comprehend what danger was near you.
  2153. > “Surprise.”
  2154. >Something wrapped itself around you and started to squeeze you into Sunset.
  2155. >This would have caused you to jump if you weren’t being forced into your fiery haired friend.
  2156. >As you drowsily looked to the side, you saw a mass of fluffy pink hair.
  2157. > “I finally got you, Anon.”
  2158. >Patting the fluffy hair, you sigh but smile.
  2159. “Yes you did Pinkie, but you mind letting us go?”
  2160. >She hums to herself as if she’s thinking.
  2161. > “Okie Dokey.”
  2162. >She released her hold on you as you look at her smiling face.
  2163. “You’ve got quite the grip.”
  2164. > “I worked on my family’s farm when I was younger.”
  2165. > ‘I don’t know what to think of this girl.’
  2166. ‘You and the rest of the world, buddy.’
  2167. >You let out another yawn while Pinkie just looks at you and bouncing at the same time.
  2168. >This girl confuses you.
  2169. > “Tired?”
  2170. “Yeah, Sunset was about to treat me to a hot chocolate before-”
  2171. > “Here you go.”
  2172. >You blink and stare at the steaming cup in her hands.
  2173. “You got here?”
  2174. >She hands you the cup as you try to comprehend this.
  2175. “How did you-”
  2176. > “I always have one on me.”
  2177. >You look at the cup then back to your smiling pink friend.
  2178. > ‘Host, I’m scared of the pink one.’
  2179. ‘You’re not the only one …..Well when in Rome.’
  2180. >Bringing the cup to your lips, you take a nice big swig of the hot drink.
  2182. >And burn your mouth in the process.
  2183. >You’re so not a morning person.
  2185. >You could hear Sunset and Pinkie laughing at your misfortune.
  2186. “Glad you girls find this amusing.”
  2187. >You stick out your tongue as you fan it with your hand.
  2188. >Why did you take such a huge gulp?
  2189. >Pinkie walked over to you and hands you a water bottle.
  2190. >You don’t question where she got the bottle but took it and drank some water.
  2191. >The cool and refreshing liquid soothes your mouth.
  2192. >Handing the bottle back to Pinkie, she threw in into a garbage can.
  2193. >Behind her.
  2194. >Twenty feet away from you.
  2195. >........
  2196. >Not gonna question how she did that.
  2197. > “Now that you’re awake, we should get going.”
  2198. >Pinkie hooks her arms around both you and Sunset, dragging you down the road as she more or less hugs you.
  2199. “Pinkie, I can walk you know.”
  2200. > “Eyup.”
  2201. >Craning your neck, you see Sunset blushing as her face met Pinkie’s breast.
  2202. “Can you let me go?”
  2203. > “Nope.”
  2204. >Just another day with the girls.
  2205. >At least no one else was here to see this.
  2206. > “Howdy, Pinkie.”
  2207. >You can’t win today.
  2210. >You’ve been on this examination table for a while now.
  2211. >Waiting for this experiment to start and to get out of these restraints.
  2212. >The sound of a door opening drew your attention to your right side.
  2213. >In walks Director Glimmer and a few no name scientists.
  2214. >Glimmer towers over you, as the scientists all move to different corners of the room.
  2215. > “This won’t be easy.”
  2216. >You look at her emotionless face in confusion.
  2217. > “This project has never fully been tested. We don’t know the success rate, side-effects or even what it will do to you.”
  2218. >Silence is her answer.
  2219. > “If you survive this then you’ll been one step closer to your goal.”
  2220. >Glimmer moves away from you as a couple of scientists walk over and hook you to a few machines.
  2221. > “Are you ready, Alpha?”
  2222. “........Yes.”
  2223. >You suddenly feel a bunch of needles pierce your skin and inject you with something.
  2225. >Then comes the pain.
  2226. >Not just from the needles but from all over your body.
  2227. >You want to scream, yell or something but it hurts to even think.
  2228. >You don’t know how long it’s been but you heard them say some things over the searing pain you felt.
  2229. > “Increase …. Dosage.”
  2230. > “Monitor his vitals.”
  2231. > “...Have them on standby.”
  2232. >The pain just keeps getting worse with every passing second as you heard a strange sound.
  2233. >It starts out small, sounding like a small mouse squeaking.
  2234. >But the noise grows and you find out it’s no mouse squeaking.
  2235. >It sounds like laughter.
  2236. >Not the joyous kind of laughter but the madman kind of laughter.
  2237. >As soon the experiment began, it ended.
  2238. >The pain soon fades as you gain your bearings.
  2239. >The lights come on and almost blind you as you hear a few of the scientists talk amongst themselves.
  2240. > “Vitals are higher than normal.”
  2241. > “Muscle mass increased.”
  2242. > “Brain activity is off the charts.”
  2243. >You try to make sense of everything they but it sounds like a drunk man speaking gibberish.
  2244. > “Looks like you survived for the moment.”
  2245. >Glimmer’s voice seems like it’s so far away.
  2246. “What... do you…. mean?”
  2247. >You feel as if your body is made of stone.
  2248. > “Rest for we have a few more test to come.”
  2249. >Glimmer’s eyes go wide as you close your own eyes.
  2251. >Be Sunset Shimmer.
  2252. >Or as the media calls you,  Spider Menace.
  2253. >Fuck You Jamerson.
  2254. >That’s besides the point.
  2255. >You're leaning over a gargoyle, glaring at the streets menacingly as you try to find anything wrong with this small town.
  2256. >You let out a large sigh while leaning back and stare at the night sky.
  2257. “Why am I even doing this? It's been slow for the past few days.”
  2258. >It’s true, the last few days were nothing but a snoozefest like science class.
  2259. >There was no robberies, muggings or superpowered villain plots going on.
  2260. >Just you swinging around for a few hours and you were tired of it.
  2261. >Shooting a webline at a building, you began to swing through the air like you always do.
  2262. >While in the air, you searched the streets below for any sign of criminal activity.
  2263. >It wasn’t that surprising as you saw nothing interesting happening.
  2264. >Just the everyday people walking around, without a care in the world.
  2265. “I hope something happens soon. I'm really bored right now.”
  2266. >Your spider sense goes crazy as you let go of your web and flip in the air.
  2267. >During the flip, you saw what appeared to be some kind of missile.
  2268. >You slowly spun around as the missile flew by your face.
  2269. >Looking at the flying projectile, you saw that it was heading towards a crowd of people below you.
  2270. >Thinking fast, you shot some web at it and flung it into the sky.
  2271. >It explodes harmlessly.
  2272. >Landing on the side of the building, you try to see if you can find to one responsible for that.
  2273. >You don’t see anyone behind you but you can see a faint smoke trail leading to the other side of a building.
  2274. >You look up at the sky, with a raised eyebrow that no one can see.
  2275. “You take things way too seriously.”
  2276. >Launching yourself off the building, you shot a webline as you resumed swinging around.
  2277. >Only now you’re following the smoke trail.
  2278. >Rounding the corner, you can barely make out the thing making the smoke.
  2279. >From what you can see it’s humanoid and on a board.
  2280. >Whatever it is, you need to follow and or stop this thing.
  2281. >It flies straight ahead before making a sharp right and disappearing from sight.
  2282. >With the next shot of web and a strong pull, you cleared the distance a lot faster.
  2283. >As you round the corner, your spider sense goes crazy as another missile was heading towards you.
  2284. >You were able to flip kick it away from you as your spider sense is still going off and something grabbed your leg.
  2285. >Looking at your leg, you see some kind of green armored man.
  2286. >The person seemed to have have some kind of fitted armor like in those japanese rider shows with a round helmet on.
  2287. >Reminds you of Iron-man except a bit less protective.
  2288. >A quick web shot to the face and it released it’s hold on your leg to get the web off of him.
  2289. >Landing on the side of the building, you turn to the emerald flyer.
  2290. “A little early for Halloween isn’t it?”
  2291. >He’s able to get the web off his face as he looks at you.
  2292. >Not saying anything.
  2293. >.....
  2294. >Okay?
  2295. “Hello? This is usually the part where you curse me and say that you’ll kill me or something.”
  2296. >He just raised his hands as the top of his arms opened to reveal a gun.
  2297. “Oh shit.”
  2298. >You didn’t need your spider sense to tell you to dodge.
  2299. >Jumping off the building, you shot some web on his arms as you began to swing away.
  2300. >You make as many turns to try and lose the guy but he’s still behind you.
  2301. >Who’s been shooting missiles at you like no tomorrow
  2302. “Don’t you ever run out of ammo?”
  2303. >Spider sense goes off, causing you to jump over the one hundredth missile of the night.
  2304. >You quickly tap your ear as a ringing sound filled your ears.
  2305. >The ringing stops as a familiar voice is heard.
  2306. >“Hello?”
  2307. “Aunt Celestia, it’s Sunset and I need a favor.”
  2308. > “Sunset, you know I can’t let you play hooky just because you’re tired.”
  2309. “Not that. I’m currently being chased by some flying missile man and need you or Luna to help me.”
  2310. > “We’ll be there soon. Where should we meet you?”
  2311. >You dodge another missile as you looking at your surroundings.
  2312. “I’ll try to get near the shops. Can you be there in a minute or two?”
  2313. > “We’re already there. We’ll see you in a moment.”
  2314. >The line goes silent as you turn back to see the armored man a few yards away from you.
  2315. >Releasing your hold on the webs, you do a crazy spin flip to dodge the incoming missiles and shot some more web at the guy.
  2316. >.......This is getting repetitive.
  2317. >Maybe you should talk to Twilight about getting some kind of web bomb.
  2318. >You’ll have to ask her later.
  2319. >Right now, you need to get your sexy spider ass to the shops in one piece.
  2320. >It doesn’t take you long to get there as you search for any sign of your aunts.
  2321. >Landing on the nearest as you try to find the cavalry as you call them.
  2322. >To your disappointment, you can’t see them anywhere.
  2323. “Where are you?”
  2324. >Suddenly, you see your pursuer floats in front of you.
  2325. “Seriously? Don’t you have anything better to do?!!”
  2326. >He doesn’t answer your question as his hover board, or whatever it is, opens up in the front.
  2327. >You could tell that the opening wasn't for some kind of super missile.
  2328. >Not from the sickly green glow it was getting.
  2329. >He began flying backwards as a golden beam and a stream of fire are shot at him.
  2330. >Turning around, you can see your aunts, donning their costumes, with their hands pointed at your opponent.
  2331. >Your aunts grin as they walk towards you.
  2332. > “Need some help Spidey?”
  2333. >You ran up to them, happy to see them as they lower their arms.
  2334. >Well Celestia did.
  2335. >Luna was holding onto her sword.
  2336. “Like you wouldn't believe it.”
  2337. >You see Luna or Magik, as she’s called, glance at the flying nuisance.
  2338. > “So this is what you’re having trouble with?”
  2339. >You give her a quick nod while turning to face the emerald flier.
  2340. “Yeah, he’s been chasing me for a while now and just firing…”
  2341. >Two projectiles are shot out of his board and are heading towards you fast.
  2342. “...Missiles at me.”
  2343. >A dark blue but transparent wall forms in front of you as the missiles collide against it.
  2344. >The smoke from the explosion makes it impossible to see.
  2345. >Once the smoke clears, you’re surprised at what you see.
  2346. >You see the your assailant is gone and there’s no trace of him.
  2347. “What the fuck? Did he just leave?”
  2348. > “It seems like it, Spider-Woman.”
  2349. >You remove your mask while giving Captain Marvel a flat look.
  2350. “There's no one here Aunt Celestia, or do you want me to start calling you Ms. Marvel every time I see you.”
  2351. >Captain Marvel cups her chin for a moment, before sticking out her tongue at you.
  2352. > “You're right Sunny. You should learn to take a joke.”
  2353. >Magik chuckles at your little banter.
  2354. > “Now, now you two. You can argue when we get back home children.”
  2355. >You glare at your aunts as they giggle at you.
  2356. “I hate the both of you.”
  2357. >Magik, or Luna in this case,  shakes her head while adopting a serious look in her eyes.
  2358. > “Why was that person chasing you dear niece?”
  2359. >You let out a sigh while scratching your head.
  2360. “I don’t know. I'm just swinging around like usual when he shoots a rockets at me.”
  2361. >Celestia raised her eyebrow at that.
  2362. > “He just starts firing rockets at you? No witty banter or death threats?”
  2363. “None of that. Can we go somewhere private and i can tell you?”
  2364. >Both of your aunts nod as a light appears below you.
  2367. > “You were ordered to return to the facility, Alpha.”
  2368. >You sigh as the director yells into her mic.
  2369. “You did but I saw a spider and thought it would be best to test the weapons on this glider.”
  2370. > “Oh then it’s fine. Go on and fly around and take in the sights.”
  2371. “We needed to test this thing and I did that.”
  2372. > “The weapon system hasn’t been tested before this. You’re lucky that you didn’t explode.”
  2373. >You don’t say anything, knowing she’s being sarcastic.
  2374. > “....What do you have to report on the glider?”
  2375. “You need to build a better one.”
  2376. > “You’re only able to use that glider because of the experiment. We can find others to take your place very easily. Now what do you have to report on the glider?”
  2377. >You growl at that, wanting nothing more than to kill the bitch and find the bastard that put you in this mess.
  2378. > “Maybe even show your appreciation for all this.”
  2379. >Where did that come from?
  2380. > “Alpha!!!”
  2381. “What?”
  2382. > “You were quiet for a minute. What do you have to report?”
  2383. “.....The glider works fine. Weapons need more variety and the armor works perfectly.”
  2384. > “Then return to the facility. We’ll have a team there to debrief you.”
  2385. “Understood.”
  2386. >You start to fly towards the base, you began to wonder what that voice was.
  2387. >You push that thought aside, thinking you imagined it because of stress.
  2388. “Just need to wait a little longer and when I find that bastard, I’ll pay him back a hundredfold for the pain and humiliation.”
  2391. >Be Anon.
  2392. >Reading a book when you felt a shiver run down your spine.
  2393. “Someone’s talking about me.”
  2394. >The next day, you’re Anon and you're very annoyed at the moment.
  2395. >To start, you hardly had any sleep last night because Tonic wanted some stupid chocolate.
  2396. >The bad thing was that you had to eat about five bars of the stuff.
  2397. >While you don't hate chocolate, you do hate how the stuff kept you up for most of the night.
  2398. >Besides that, Tonic kept on talking about human mating rituals as you wanted some old TV show.
  2399. >You were able to fall asleep at 2 am and after talking to Tonic for five hours.
  2400. >Right now, you're just sitting down at the dining room table as you watched some TV.
  2401. >All that's on is some news show you don't give a shit for.
  2402. “This day can’t end soon enough.”
  2403. > Yawning loudly, you get up and walk into the kitchen to get some food.
  2404. >Opening a few drawers and the fridge, you find that all that's here is either some leftover pizza or bread for toast.
  2405. “Fuck it. I'm having some pizza for breakfast.”
  2406. > ‘Is that breakfast food?’
  2407. “It will be in a few minutes.”
  2408. >Putting it in the toaster oven, you turn the dial as the lights turn on.
  2409. >You don’t care if that’s wrong or strange sounding.
  2410. >You’re tired as shit, so fuck it.
  2411. >Leaning against the kitchen counter, you just stay there watching the pizza cook while you listen to the news.
  2412. > “-the winning goal last night against the Appleloosa Cowboys.”
  2413. “Who cares about sports? Tell me something that i could care about.”
  2414. > “And in other news, last night eyewitnesses claimed to see Spider-Woman running from some kind of flying jet.”
  2415. >You turn to look at the TV, giving it your undivided attention.
  2416. >A black haired woman in a blue suit turns towards the camera.
  2417. > “At around 10 pm, officers were quickly dispatched when a few explosions happened near Lakeside Park. While a few eyewitnesses were questioned, the chief of police said that Spider-Woman was seen leaving the area with some kind of compact jet following her.”
  2418. >You raise your eyebrow at that.
  2419. > “The explosions hit several buildings and a couple of cars. Luckily, no one was injured.”
  2420. >You grab the remote and turn off the TV.
  2421. “What the hell?”
  2422. > ‘You just say some news on Spider-Woman, host. Didn't you pay attention?’
  2423. “Yes, i paid attention to the news. I just can't believe the report.”
  2424. > ‘Why? Oh don’t forget your pizza.’
  2425. “What?”
  2426. >Looking back at the oven, you can see your pizza starting to darken a bit.
  2427. “Shit.”
  2428. >Opening the oven, you were able to save your pizza but it was still pretty burnt.
  2429. >The crust and some of the cheese were a dark charcoal black from what you could see.
  2430. > ‘Is it still edible, host?’
  2431. “It could taste like a brick for all I care. I’m still gonna eat it.”
  2432. >You brought the slice of pizza to your mouth and took a big bite out of it.
  2433. >It tasted like cardboard.
  2434. “This is the worst pizza leftover. Ever. Of all time.”
  2435. >You through the rest of it in the trash as you reluctantly walked up the stair and towards your room.
  2436. > ‘What’re you gonna do now?’
  2437. >Opening the door to your room, you walk inside and grab your book bag from underneath your desk.
  2438. “Go to school? Like I always do?”
  2439. > ‘I mean about that jet that was chasing Spider-Woman.’
  2440. “It doesn’t involve us.”
  2441. >You close the door to your room, while walking down the hall.
  2442. > ‘It might involve us, host. You have to remember that those people are after us.’
  2443. >Walking out the front door, you lock the door and began your journey to school.
  2444. “We’ll cross that bridge when it comes. Until then we need to watch the heroics and stay under the radar as possible.”
  2445. > ‘Very well, Host.’
  2449. >Be the most fabulous yet generous student of them all, Rarity.
  2450. >Except you aren't feeling fabulous at the moment.
  2451. >For the past week, you've been dealing with a recent change in your life.
  2452. >Those recent change to the form of the strange alien entity named Scream.
  2453. >For the past week, you've been trying to understand her powers and learn how to use them.
  2454. >It was tough but you're finally get the hang of everything, including the super strength.
  2455. >You had a little incident were you squeezed something to tightly.
  2456. >Thankfully your father believed your story of accidentally dropping those plates.
  2457. >After that, nothing bad happened after that.
  2458. > ‘Are you feeling alright, host?’
  2459. ‘I'm fine, Scream. Just didn't get enough beauty sleep last night.’
  2460. > ‘I did tell you to go to bed earlier, but you wanted to work on your newest ensemble.’
  2461. >You let out a sigh, knowing she’s right.
  2462. >Scream did say you should go to bed but in your infinite wisdom, you decided to work on a very elegant dress.
  2463. >You payed for your own mistake.
  2464. > “Rarity!!”
  2465. >Hearing someone yell your name, you turn to the source and see Sunset and Twilight walking towards you.
  2466. >You stop walking as you smile at them.
  2467. “Sunset, Twilight, how are you doing?”
  2468. >Sunset waves her arm in a nonchalant kind of way.
  2469. > “I'm doing fine. Twilight and I wanted to go to the mall today and wanted to know if you wanted to come with us.”
  2470. >You were about to decline their offer when Scream voiced her opinion.
  2471. > ‘You should take them up on their offer, host.’
  2472. ‘But I need to finish another dress.’
  2473. > ‘You need to relax, host. Go have fun with your friends, the dress isn't going anywhere.’
  2474. >Smiling to yourself, you see that Sunset and Twilight are looking at you.
  2475. “I believe that would be divine.”
  2476. > “REALLY?!!”
  2477. >You jump at the loud noise as Scream groans inside your head.
  2478. >You turn to see your friend Pinkie Pie jumping up and down behind you.
  2479. >It surprises you that she doesn't set off your ESP sense.
  2480. > ‘It only works if something tries to attack you, host.’
  2481. “A good afternoon to you to, Pinkie. Will you be joining us as well?”
  2482. >She strikes a strange pose with her legs wide apart and pointing at you.
  2483. > “You betcha. I'M SUPER HAPPY FUN TIME.”
  2484. >Scream continues to groan inside your head.
  2485. > ‘How can you stand such a loud being, host?’
  2486. ‘She grows on you.’
  2487. >You put a finger to your excited friends lips and shush her.
  2488. “Pinkie, could you be a dear and lower your voice, please?”
  2489. >She bobs her heads so fast that her hair looks like it’s floating.
  2490. > “Okie Doki Loki.”
  2491. >You lower your arm and turn back to Sunset, who’s talking to Twilight about something.
  2492. “Will the others be joining us?”
  2493. >Sunset shakes her head.
  2494. > “Unfortunately, Applejack had to work and Rainbow had field practice.”
  2495. “And Fluttershy?”
  2496. >Sunset just gives you a blank look as you remembered what your shy friend does.
  2497. “The Shelter?”
  2498. > “Bingo.”
  2499. “It’s a shame that she couldn’t join us. When shall we meet up?”
  2500. >Pinkie hoists you over her shoulder and began to run down the street with the other following behind her.
  2501. “Pinkie, put me down this minute.”
  2502. > “Sorry but there aren’t any breaks.”
  2503. >You pout as your other friends laugh at you.
  2504. >Even Scream is chuckling inside your head.
  2505. >It didn’t take you long to get to the mall via Pinkie Pie.
  2506. >About a five minute run for her, when it would have taken you about twenty minutes.
  2507. >Unfortunately Pinkie had to go and get the others as you sat on a bench, waiting for them.
  2508. >Before you knew it, Pinkie returned with Sunset and Twilight over her shoulders.
  2509. >You couldn’t help yourself from giggling at the look on Sunset’s face.
  2510. > “Laugh it up, Rarity.”
  2511. “It’s only fair since you laughed at me, darling.”
  2512. >Sunset grumbles as Pinkie lets both her and Twilight down.
  2513. >Pinkie gave them a salute then turned to face the mall's entrance.
  2514. > “We've only have a few hours, so let's do something exciting.”
  2515. >She waved her arms in an excited fashion as the entrance lit up.
  2516. >Your senses tell you something was about to happen as Sunset grabs Pinkie by the shirt and pulls her down.
  2517. >Taking this as a sign, you and Twilight duck as a large metal door flies over you.
  2518. >While the door soars, you cover your head to protect yourself as shards of broken glass fell upon you.
  2519. >After waiting for the danger to pass, you slowly get up to see your friends are a bit shaken but unharmed.
  2520. “What was that?”
  2521. >Pinkie and Twilight are still shaking a bit as Sunset pushes Pinkie towards you.
  2522. > “I'm gonna find out.”
  2523. >Sunset runs into the mall as you see her open her bag and pull out her outfit.
  2524. >You turn back to your friends, trying to think of the best course of action.
  2525. > ‘You should help your friend, host. She might need some help.’
  2526. ‘Sunset will be fine. She's faced greater challenges than this.’
  2527. >You don’t know why but you feel as if Scream is shaking her head in disappointment.
  2528. > ‘Everything has a breaking point, host. You should still make sure your friend is safe.’
  2529. >You turn towards the destroyed entrance.
  2530. >Then back to your friends.
  2531. >Looking back at your friends, you see that they’re walking slowly towards the entrance.
  2532. “What’re you two doing?”
  2533. >Pinkie and Twilight both turn to look at you.
  2534. > “We're going to see if Sunny needs some backup.”
  2535. >Your eyes widen at Pinkie’s answer.
  2536. “Are you crazy , darling? There's a potentially dangerous criminal in there, maybe even a few armed men and you want to go in there?”
  2537. > “Yup.”
  2538. > ‘She’s honest if not crazy.’
  2539. >You ignore Scream’s comment as you look at Twilight for support.
  2540. “Please tell me you're not thinking of following her, Twilight?”
  2541. >She looks uncertain of something as she rubs her arm.
  2542. > “Maybe?”
  2543. “Well, I for one believe we should wait out here for Sunset to return. That includes you, Pinkie.”
  2544. >Glancing to the side, you see your pink energetic friend disappear through the mall's entrance.
  2545. “Pinkie!!! GET BACK HERE!!”
  2546. >She either couldn’t hear you or didn't want to listen to you.
  2547. “Honestly, that girl. Listen Twilight, I’m gonna go and get Pinkie out of there. I need you to stay here, ok?”
  2548. >Twilight doesn’t say anything but nods.
  2549. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.”
  2550. >You ran through the destroyed entrance, carefully avoiding anything dangerous.
  2551. >Once inside, you see store windows have been cracked or destroyed.
  2552. >Many registers littered the floor as a few of the cars were on fire.
  2553. “OOOoohh, where are you Pinkie?”
  2554. >You run past a ruined coffee shop to see a trail of pink hair disappear corner.
  2555. “Pinkie, get back here.”
  2556. >You round the corner to see your pink haired friend hiding behind a flipped over counter.
  2557. “Pinkie, we need to-”
  2558. >She grabs you and pulls you down while one of her hands cover your mouth.
  2559. “MMMPPHHH!”
  2560. >Pinkie holds a finger to her mouth, signaling you to be quiet.
  2561. >Your muffled groans stop as she moves her finger away from her mouth and points ahead of her.
  2562. >Letting go of your mouth, you turn and rise to see what Pinkie was pointing at.
  2563. >You see Sunset in her Spider-Woman outfit, jumping from wall to wall as different objects were launched at her.
  2564. >Turning back to your pink haired friend, you see her moving around the wreckage for some unknown reason.
  2565. >Pinkie seemed to be moving between different barriers with more stealth and caution than you thought possible for your energetic friend.
  2566. >As you follow Pinkie to the next hiding spot, you peak over another turned counter to see a large brute of a man throwing various objects and yelling something.
  2567. >You see Pinkie hide behind a crushed car as a cooler flew over your head.
  2568. >Stopping behind a kiosk a few feet away, you look up to see if the brute was looking in your direction.
  2569. >Luckily he wasn’t, so you quickly moved to where Pinkie is hiding.
  2570. “Are you crazy, Pinkie?”
  2571. > She began to rise as she peaked over the car, to get a better look at the fight.
  2572. >You peeked over the car to see the brute throwing a large cash register in your direction as your sense goes off.
  2573. >Grabbing Pinkie’s shoulder, you pull her down just as the register flies just centimeters from your head.
  2574. >Turning around, you see the register hit the elevator a few yards away from you.
  2575. >You let out a sigh of relief as you look do to see Pinkie’s okay.
  2576. >The sight that greets you isn’t of Pinkie smiling at you like you expect.
  2577. >You’re greeted to the sight of Pinkie wedged in between your bosom.
  2578. >Pulling her away from your chest, you see Pinkie with the biggest grin on her face.
  2579. > “Wow, your chest is really soft Rarity.”
  2582. >You look up as Pinkie bends her neck backwards to see Spider-Woman crouched in front of you.
  2583. >Pinkie gives her masked friend an upside down wave and smile.
  2584. > “Hi, Spidey.”
  2585. >You couldn’t see it but you know Sunset was glaring at Pinkie and yourself.
  2586. > “You two should be outside where it’s safe.”
  2587. “Pinkie ran inside for some reason.”
  2588. > “I wanted to see you fight.”
  2589. “She wanted to see you fight. …..Really, Pinkie?”
  2590. >Spider-Woman slams her fist down, getting both Pinkie and your attention.
  2591. > “Look, the both of you just get out of here before you get serious hurt.”
  2592. “But what about…”
  2593. > “I have him tied up at the moment.”
  2594. >Pinkie brought her hands to her mouth as she tried to hide her giggles.
  2595. > “I see what you did there, Spidey.”
  2596. >A loud groan escapes Spider-Woman’s lips as she stood up.
  2597. > “This isn’t a game. The both of you need to ….MOVE!!!”
  2598. >Spider-Woman moved follow as she grabbed you and Pinkie’s shoulder.
  2599. >Then pushed you to the side causing you to fall to the floor.
  2600. >Groaning from your little fall, you turn to see your masked friend holding off the brute in the strangest costume you've ever seen.
  2601. >The man was wearing a literal bear outfit that made him look like some kind of
  2602. >No, you could make out some metal armor from a few tears in the suit.
  2604. >Spider-Woman holds both of his arms out away from herself as she turns to look at you.
  2605. > “Grab Pinkie and run.”
  2606. >You quickly get up and run around towards your pink haired friend leaning against a pillar.
  2607. “Pinkie, get up.”
  2608. >You started to lightly slap her as she wasn't getting up.
  2609. >You were starting to get worried as she slumped down a bit.
  2610. >Pulling Pinkie to her feet, you try to drag her away from the fight.
  2611. “Come on Pinkie. We need to go.”
  2612. >Dragging her away proved to be difficult as she was slipping through your arms.
  2613. >At the very least you were able to get away from the fight and into one of the stores.
  2614. >Once you were inside, you dragged your unconscious to the back of the store and prop her against one of the shelves.
  2615. >Giving her a quick once over, you couldn’t see any injuries which was good.
  2616. >You try to get her up by lightly slapping her face.
  2617. “Pinkie, wake up.”
  2618. >She doesn’t stir.
  2619. “Up and at them Pinkie.”
  2620. >She just sits there limply.
  2621. > ‘She’s got going to get up, host. At least, not at the moment.’
  2622. ‘There has to be something we can do.’
  2623. > ‘Leave her here and fight that human.’
  2624. ‘I can’t fight, I don’t know how to fight someone like that.’
  2625. >A loud crunching noise causes you to turn around to see the bear of a man standing near the entrance.
  2626. >He began walking towards you, effortlessly throwing selves and other stuff out of his way.
  2627. > “Grizzly found you.”
  2628. >As he gets closer, you hug Pinkie’s unconscious form protectively.
  2629. > “Grizzly's gonna use you against puny spider.”
  2630. >He stops just a few feet away from you while looking at you weirdly.
  2631. > “Maybe Grizzy will have fun with you.”
  2632. >At that moment, your memories of that one night flashed before your eyes.
  2633. >The images of the gang saying the same thing to you.
  2634. >You clench your fist, feeling your anger start to control you.
  2635. >Their promises of having a good time are whispered in your head.
  2636. >You feel your beautiful face form an ugly looking snarl as your anger turns to hatred.
  2637. >The man in front of you raises his hand and slowly moves it towards you.
  2638. > “Grizzly will enjoy-”
  2639. >Red and yellow tendrils ensnarl his arm.
  2640. > “This?”
  2641. “You.”
  2642. >Your hands slowly turn into sharp red and yellow claws.
  2643. “You.”
  2644. >You feel your whole body being covered by Scream.
  2645. > ‘You need to fight or else your friend might die.’
  2646. >What comes out of your mouth wasn’t the voice of a sophisticated lady but the sound of a raging demon.
  2648. >Rarity isn't here at the moment.
  2649. >But Scream is here to play.
  2652. >The tendrils holding his arm tighten as you pull your fist back.
  2653. >Before the bear man knew it, you buried your whole hand into his stomach as the sound of metal denting was heard.
  2654. >Grizzly, you assume that's his name, groans from the impact as your tendrils release his arm.
  2655. > “Grizzly won't take this standing-”
  2656. >He couldn't finish his sentence as Scream punched his face, sending him flying out the store.
  2657. >You get ready to move but tense up at the moment.
  2658. >Looking behind you, Pinkie was lying on the ground.
  2659. “I'll be right back, Pinkie.”
  2660. >Turning back to the entrance, you make your way out to finish the fight.
  2661. >Once you're outside the store, you began to look around to try and find Grizzly.
  2662. >Your spider sense goes off while you jump in the air and flip onto the wall as a kiosk hit the floor.
  2663. >Looking to the side, you see Grizzly hoisting up another kiosk as you growl at him.
  2664. >You launch yourself up in the air and twirl to avoid the other kiosk Grizzly threw at you.
  2665. >Grizzly tried to grab you in midair but failed as you outmaneuvered him and landed on the ground behind him.
  2666. >Kicking his feet from under him, you stand  up with your arm raised.
  2667. >He looks at you in worry while thrust your elbow into his torso, forcing him into the tiled floor and making a small crater.
  2668. >From his position, Grizzly tried to swing his arm at you but you effortlessly caught it.
  2669. >You gently squeeze his arm as you begin to smirk.
  2670. >Grizzly was growing a bit pale and scared while looking you in the eye.
  2671. > “Uh, mercy?”
  2672. >You smirk gets even bigger, showing off your teeth which seemed to scare him.
  2673. “No, you uncultured swine.”
  2674. >You increased the pressure and twisted his arm while you were enjoying the sound of the bones breaking.
  2676. >This was like music to your ears.
  2677. >Grabbing the front of his suit, you lift him in the air and hold him there for a moment.
  2678. >And throw him against a store window, destroying it completely.
  2679. >Nothing happens for a moment as you carefully walk towards the now windowless wall.
  2680. >Your spider sense goes off as Grizzly jumps at you with his undamaged arm raised above his head.
  2681. >Bending backwards, you were able to dodge his fist as you perform a flip kick to his chin.
  2682. >The force of your kick sent him up in the air.
  2683. >Once your feet were back on the ground, you quickly grabbed Grizzly’s feet and pulled him down.
  2684. >With Grizzly on the ground, you turn and pull him back up into the air and slam him back onto the ground.
  2685. >Each hit caused the craters to get bigger and deeper than the last.
  2686. >You did this for a few moments but dropped him on his back.
  2687. >Grizzly’s painful groans filled the air as you look at his pathetic state.
  2688. >Blood was pouring out of various cut and tears in his costume as his arm was broken and twisted in an impossible angle.
  2689. >You focus on moving a few tendrils to lift him off the ground and suspend him in front of you.
  2690. >Holding your hand just above your head, you were ready to stab him with your claws.
  2691. >You would have struck him but a something grabbed her hand.
  2692. >Turning around, you see Spider-woman holding your hand.
  2695. >A few minutes earlier.
  2696. >Be Spider-woman or Sunset Shimmer.
  2697. >Depending on who’s asking and what you’re wearing.
  2698. >At the moment you’re lying on the ground, buried under a ton of stuff.
  2699. >Pushing the stuff off of you and to the side, you stand up and start to dust yourself off.
  2700. “Can’t believe he headbutted me.”
  2701. >You feel a bit insulted at that.
  2702. >You were able to face Doc Octy, Clash, the Black Cats and the Shadowbolts easily.
  2703. >But you get knocked out by a large russian man with the brain of a dog.
  2704. >A large russian man who wasn’t near you.
  2705. >Who could be looking for your friends right now.
  2706. “FUCK!!!”
  2707. >Running out the store, you look around to try to find the crazed bear man.
  2708. >To your surprise, you can’t see him anywhere.
  2709. “How hard is it to lose a five hundred pound mountain of muscle?”
  2711. >You flinch at the demonic sounding voice.
  2712. “What the hell was that?”
  2713. >The next second, you hear a loud cracking noise which was followed by a dull thud.
  2714. >Not wasting any time, you began to run to where the noise came from.
  2715. >As you were getting closer, the sounds of tiles cracking a man scream and some kind of sophisticated slur filled the air.
  2716. >You were able to reach the area all the noise was coming from as you saw a terrifying sight.
  2717. >Grizzly was on the ground, moaning in pain as blood was seeping through his costume as a someone was standing over him.
  2718. >That someone was a curvy woman in a strange red and yellow skin tight suit with large hair.
  2719. >The woman was just standing there, looking at the broken man lying at her feet.
  2720. >Thoughts of who this woman was and how she beat Grizzly entered your mind as her hair began to move.
  2721. >.....
  2722. >....What?
  2723. >You can see her hair circling and lifting Grizzly off the ground while she pulls her arm back.
  2724. >Ready to strike Grizzly’s heart.
  2725. >You couldn’t let this person kill Grizzly as you ran towards her.
  2726. >Luckily you were able to grab her arm before she could throw a punch as she looked at you.
  2727. “I can’t let you do that.”
  2728. >She tries to free her arm as she glares at you in annoyance..
  2729. > “He hurt Pinkie.’
  2730. >You were surprised at her answer when you just thought of something.
  2731. “Was there another girl with her?”
  2732. >The mysterious woman turns away from you and mumbles something you didn’t hear.
  2733. “What did you say? Please tell me there was another one there.”
  2734. > “....It’s. ….set.”
  2735. >You could barely make out a few words she said.
  2736. “What? Speak up.”
  2737. > “I ….me…. Et.”
  2738. >You grab the woman’s shoulder and force her to face you.
  2739. “SPEAK UP!!”
  2740. >She pushes your hand off of her and grabs your collar, pulling you closer to her face.
  2742. >With that said you just stare at her as you try to figure out what she meant.
  2743. >Saying it’s me and darling at the end made it sounded like Rarity was under that costume.
  2744. >Wait, she knew Pinkie.
  2745. >Didn’t answer when you asked about another girl.
  2746. >She even said darling like Rarity.
  2747. >Was she…
  2748. “Rarity?”
  2749. >Her mouth began to open up as you grew worried that she would bite your head off.
  2750. >Luckily, your fears were put to rest as Rarity’s face appeared in the costumes mouth.
  2751. “What the fuck, Rarity? Where did you get this? How did you beat Grizzly? And is Pinkie alright?”
  2752. >Rarity lets your collar go as she rubs her arm nervously.
  2753. > “Pinkie’s fine at the moment. I used Scream to defeat this ruffian. And I found her about a week ago.”
  2754. “I have so many questions. Like where’s Pinkie?”
  2755. >Rarity points a clawed hand  to a store behind you.
  2756. > “I left her back there, Sunset. And I couldn’t see any injury on her.”
  2757. >Well that’s good news.
  2758. >But now you need to chose the next course of action.
  2759. “Ok, now should help Pinkie.”
  2760. > “Agreed but what should we do? We can’t move her around to much or else we could do more harm than good.”
  2761. > “Maybe I can just walk out the door?”
  2762. >You shake your head at that silly advice.
  2763. “You can’t do that Pinkie. Now we need a better ….idea?”
  2764. >Turning around slowly, you see your pink haired friend standing behind you and looking perfectly fine.
  2765. “PINKIE?”
  2766. > “SUNSET!!!”
  2767. >She wrapps her arms around you, giving you the strongest bear hug you’ve gotten in your life.
  2768. >You try to break free of her monstrous grip but it proves to be useless.
  2769. >How strong is she?
  2770. “Pinkie, let me go.”
  2771. >Pinkie doesn’t let you go as she nuzzles your chest.
  2772. >Out of the corner of your eyes, you see Rarity holding a hand to her mouth to stifle her giggles.
  2773. > “Do you need help?”
  2774. “Please.”
  2775. >Rarity walks towards Pinkie and whispers something in her ear.
  2776. >You don’t know what happened but suddenly you’re on the floor as you see Pinkie running away.
  2777. >Rubbing your back, you see a hand in front of you.
  2778. >Looking up, you see a nervously smiling Rarity.
  2779. > “Need a hand?”
  2780. >Grabbing the hand, Rarity helps you back to your feet as she dusts your shoulders off.
  2781. “Thanks.”
  2782. > “Not a problem, Darling.”
  2783. “We’re still gonna talk later.”
  2784. >Rarity groans in disappointment at your statement.
  2788. >Some time later.
  2789. >Be Sunset and you’re currently at Twilight’s house, having a discussion with your friends.
  2790. >You’re currently wearing your cute teal dress with blue leggings instead of that superhero outfit.
  2791. >Sitting in front of Rarity, the rest of your friends are off to the side being as quietly as possible.
  2792. >Most likely confused at what’s going on and why you called them over.
  2793. “So let me get this straight. A week ago when we hung out, you left to go home and were chased by a street gang who cornered you.”
  2794. >Rarity nods sadly.
  2795. “After that you blacked out and woke up the next morning in your bed, perfectly fine. Then out of nowhere you heard a voice that showed you her memories of killing those gang members.”
  2796. >Rarity looks away from you.
  2797. > “It was a frightening experience.”
  2798. >You silently nod, knowing how something like that could be.
  2799. “You found out that ‘Scream’ bonded with you and was a symbiote. A symbiote like Venom and Carnage.”
  2800. >Silence was your answer.
  2801. “So with that in mind, you never thought of telling us about this? That maybe we could help you?”
  2802. >You know that you’re being a little harsh with her, but she knew you had a bad history with these symbiotes.
  2803. >Rarity doesn’t say anything but looks at the ground.
  2804. >Maybe you could have said it a bit better than sound like a parent.
  2805. “Rarity, can you tell me why you didn’t trust us?”
  2806. >You can see Rarity sigh while she looked to the side.
  2807. > “I was afraid.”
  2808. >Your eyebrow raises as you stayed silent.
  2809. > “I didn’t know how you would take it. When Scream showed me her memories, I panicked. I was starting to stress out on what to do and I wasn’t sure what to do.”
  2810. >You mentally berate yourself after hearing that.
  2811. >When you had the Venom, it wasn’t a problem as you had your spider powers for a while.
  2812. >Rarity on the other hand was a normal everyday girl who was thrust  into this by pure dumb luck.
  2813. >While those were good points, one thing was bugging you.
  2814. “That symbiote, Scream right?”
  2815. >Rarity has a confused look on her face.
  2816. “It hasn’t been doing anything right?”
  2817. > “Other than helping me gain more control over her powers, nothing else.”
  2818. >A faint smile appears on your face.
  2819. >You trust Rarity but you’ll keep an eye on her just incase.
  2820. “Ok now that’s taken care of, we have one more thing to discuss.”
  2821. >All of your friends look at you curiously as Rainbow shrugs.
  2822. > “What’s there to talk about? Rarity has a symbiote, that’s that.”
  2823. “It’s actually something else.”
  2824. >Applejack and Fluttershy look at each then back at you.
  2825. > “What dya mean, sug?”
  2826. > “I would like to know as well….. If you don’t mind.”
  2827. “Well, we should figure out what to do next.”
  2830. >Be Anon.
  2831. > “Squash the bugggghhhhh.”
  2832. >Currently you’re beating up a few muggers at a parking lot.
  2833. >You just punched a guy send him flying a few yards away.
  2834. > ‘You really should pull your punches as I think they say.’
  2835. >Another mugger runs towards you with a baseball bat in his hands.
  2836. ‘I’m trying but it’s a bit difficult at the moment.’
  2837. >You jump and flip over him once he got  closer to you.
  2838. >Your senses go off as you turn in midair and caught the baseball bat in your hands.
  2839. >Ripping the bat out of his grip, you line up your feet with his chest.
  2840. >His eyes go wide as you push your legs forward and hit his chest.
  2841. >The impact of your kick sent him tumbling towards a car causing him to slump to the ground.
  2842. > ‘You're still not holding back.’
  2843. ‘Never I was going to for this.’
  2844. >Looking behind you, a lone mugger stood there while reaching inside his jacket.
  2845. >You’re willing to bet he pulls out a…
  2846. > “Get back you Spider freak.”
  2847. >Handgun.
  2848. ‘This is getting a bit repetitive.’
  2849. > ‘I hate to say it but it is, host.’
  2850. ‘Is it too much to ask for something different to happen?’
  2851. >The mugger was backing up when your sense goes off.
  2852. >Moving your head slightly to the right, you narrowly avoid a golden beam from hitting you.
  2853. >Unfortunately for the mugger, he gets hit with the beam instead and fell to the ground.
  2854. >.....
  2855. > ‘That was different.’
  2856. “Yeah. That was different.”
  2857. >Looking behind you to see what the beam came from and saw a strange woman just standing there with her arm raised.
  2858. >You could tell she was older than you as she filled out her red and blue catsuit while donning a simple domino mask.
  2859. >You just stare at her for a few moments, sizing her up before turning around to face her.
  2860. “I could’ve taken him.”
  2861. >The mysterious woman gave you a gentle smile as her rainbow colored hair blew gently in the air.
  2862. > “I’m sure you could.”
  2863. >She began walking towards you slowly while watching you.
  2864. > ‘Should we fight her?’
  2865. ‘Don’t know. Maybe we should see how this goes.’
  2866. > ‘Are you gonna-’
  2867. ‘If you say anything about breeding, I swear I’m gonna find a way to hurt you with orange chocolate.’
  2868. > ‘See what she wants?’
  2869. ‘.....Good answer.’
  2870. >The costumed woman stopped in front of you, giving you a once over.
  2871. ‘Please don’t go where I think this is going.’
  2872. >She continues to smile as she bows slightly.
  2873. > “Hello Tonic, I’m Captain Marvel.”
  2874. >You stood there, trying to figure out what in the ever living fuck was going on.
  2875. >You were hoping to never run into Spider-Woman but somehow had this other hero found you.
  2876. >As you watched her, various thoughts were going through your head.
  2877. >Like what does she want, is she gonna fight you and a bunch of others things.
  2878. “So Captain Marvel, was that shot intended for me or him?”
  2879. >You pointed at the downed mugger.
  2880. >Her gentle smile gets a bit thinner.
  2881. > “Well I wasn’t aiming at either of you.”
  2882. “WHAT?!!!”
  2883. >After you yelled, the older superhero giggled a little bit.
  2884. “You mean to tell me that you almost hit me with that one hit KO?”
  2885. >You point at the downed mugger as you shout at her.
  2886. > "I was sure you could dodge."
  2887. >A frown forms on her face as she crosses her arms over her chest.
  2888. > “You make it sound like I’m so sort of monster.”
  2889. “No, that makes you seem like some kind of sexy psychopath.”
  2890. > ‘Sexy is good, right host? Does this mean you want to breed with her?’
  2891. ‘What, no I mean shut up, Tonic.’
  2892. > “Oh so I’m sexy huh?”
  2893. >You snap out of your little mental conversation
  2894. “What? I mean um.”
  2895. >She poses a bit by leaning forward with her left hand on her left leg.
  2896. > “It’s nice to know I still have it.”
  2897. > ‘Does this mean she wants to breed? Your hormone level spiked.’
  2898. ‘Tonic shut up.’
  2899. “Sorry Captain, but that slipped out.”
  2900. > “So I’m ugly then?”
  2901. >You hold up your hands in surrender, hoping that she doesn’t try to break you.
  2902. “No, I didn’t mean that. You’re a beautiful woman, hell you could be a model if you wanted to.”
  2903. >You know that it was the truth as her body was a perfect hourglass figure with long legs and nice breasts.
  2904. >But you still feel like you fucked up somehow.
  2905. > “Oh?”
  2906. >She began walk towards you with a sway in her hips as her eyes close a little bit.
  2907. >The way her hips swayed from side to side just seemed to draw your eyes towards them.
  2908. > ‘Host why is she getting closer?’
  2909. ‘I’ll tell you when you’re older Tonic.’
  2910. > She’s just a foot away as take a hesitant step back.
  2911. > ‘Is this a part of your kinds breeding host?’
  2912. ‘Tonic just go to sleep or something.’
  2913. > “So you like what you see?”
  2914. >You turn away from her, unable to look her in the eye.
  2915. “Um, you don’t have a bad body.”
  2916. >Captain Marvel hums curiously causing you to look her in the eye.
  2917. “I mean you look like you’re twenty. No that’s not right.”
  2918. >You try to find the right words to say but you saw the Captain with hand cover her mouth.
  2919. >The very next moment, she started to giggle.
  2920. >It just hit you that she was just having fun.
  2921. >While she had her giggle fit, you just stood there unamused.
  2922. >It  wasn’t long till she calmed down.
  2923. “You done?”
  2924. >Your opinion of her was starting to go down if this is how she acts like this everyday.
  2925. > “Oh, don’t be such a stick in the mud.”
  2926. >If she could see through your mask, you would be rolling your eyes right now.
  2927. “Other than making me look like a fool, was there anything else you need? I have something I need to do.”
  2928. >Marvel shook her head good heartedly.
  2929. > “No, but we can have a bit of fun if you want.”
  2930. >She wiggles her eyebrows a bit but you don’t fall for it.
  2931. > ‘Are you-’
  2932. ‘Tonic, she’s joking.’
  2933. >You started to walk away from the mature hero.
  2934. “Well it was nice meeting you, but I have a report due tomorrow.”
  2935. > “So you’re a student?”
  2936. >You stop walking when she said that.
  2937. > ‘You fucked up, host.’
  2939. >You continue walking away as if you didn’t say anything.
  2940. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. See ya.”
  2941. >You shot a web line at a building and start to swing away, praying she wouldn’t follow you.
  2944. >Be Captain Marvel.
  2945. >You just had an interesting talk with the newest hero, Tonic.
  2946. >And you have to say, it was fun teasing him like that.
  2947. >It’s a pity he’s younger than you.
  2948. >Though it has been a good while.
  2949. >Anyways, you pull out your phone and speed dial a number.
  2950. >The phone rings for a moment before a familiar voice answered.
  2951. > “Hello?”
  2952. “Hello Lulu.”
  2953. > “Ah, Tia. Is there a reason for this call?”
  2954. “Yes there is. I just found the newest hero Tonic.”
  2955. > “WHAT?”
  2956. “Calm down, Lulu. We just talked when he told me the most interesting thing.”
  2957. > “What could he have said? Surely he couldn’t have has anything that interesting to say.”
  2958. >You giggle a bit at that.
  2959. “Oh he did. While he denied it, he slipped up and said he might be a student.”
  2960. >You might need to tell Sunset as well.
  2963. >It’s the next day and you’re Twilight Sparkle.
  2964. >As you walk to school with your friends, you’ve been to so shocking news.
  2965. “Tonic might be a student?”
  2966. >Sunset shushes you then looks around to see if anyone was listening in on you.
  2967. >She lets out a sigh of relief and turns back to face you.
  2968. > “That’s what Celestia told me.”
  2969. “And you’re sure that’s what she said? I don’t doubt the principal but it seems a bit unlikely.”
  2970. >Your fiery haired friend nodded in agreement.
  2971. > “I’m a bit sceptical myself, but it could make sense.”
  2972. >The rest of the girls give her a curious look as Applejack clears her throat, gaining Sunset’s attention.
  2973. > “What do you mean, Sug? If this Tonic fella is a student then we’re gonna have a hard time finding him.”
  2974. >You could see the others look at Applejack as Rarity butted into the conversation.
  2975. > “She’s right, Darling. Even if we know he’s a student, it’s not as if there’s only a handful to pick from. He could be a student here, at Crystal Prep or the university. And that’s if he’s at one of those schools, he could even be going somewhere else.”
  2976. >That certainly made sense.
  2977. >There’s no telling where he could be.
  2978. >Sunset shakes her head while smiling?
  2979. >That doesn’t look right.
  2980. >Shouldn’t she be looking frustrated or mad?
  2981. > “And that’s why I’m telling you this.”
  2982. “HUH?”
  2983. >It seems the rest of your friends joined in when you said that.
  2984. > “While we’re at school, we’ll watch for anyone who could be acting strange.”
  2985. >Pinkie wrapped her arms around you and Rainbow while hoisting herself up.
  2986. > “But isn’t everyone in our school strange already? We have Adagio and her sisters there and you know when they’re up to something.”
  2987. >A sigh escapes Sunset’s ruby red lips.
  2988. > “True but we should still look out for anything out of the ordinary.”
  2989. >Suddenly Pinkie is next to Sunset as you wonder how she’s able to do these kind of things.
  2990. > “So when do we start?”
  2991. >Sunset, unfazed by her hyperactive pink haired friend, just stared at the school gates she was approaching.
  2992. > “Right now.”
  2995. >Be Anon.
  2996. >And you’re trying to calm the fuck down.
  2997. >After your little slip up last night, you’ve been a bit restless with worry.
  2998. >But after thirty minutes of pacing and getting some reassurance from Tonic, you finally calmed down to fall asleep.
  2999. >Still didn’t stop you from watching your step though.
  3000. > ‘You really need to relax, host.’
  3001. ‘Can’t help that I have a possible stalker looking for me.’
  3002. > ‘You should have breed with her.’
  3003. >Opening your locker, you take out a science textbook and closed the door.
  3004. ‘Then I would’ve had a sexy superheroine looking to either kill me if she got pregnant or bring me to the altar. I’m not sure which is worst.’
  3005. > ‘You worry too much, host.’
  3006. >You began walking down the halls while passing Flash on your way.
  3007. > “Hey Anon. What’s up?”
  3008. “Not much Flash. You?”
  3009. >He gives you a silly grin while he shrugs.
  3010. > “Good on my end. Gonna meet up with the band later.”
  3011. “Nice. I’ll see you later.”
  3012. > “Later Anon.”
  3013. >The both of you walk away, heading towards your respective classes.
  3014. > ‘He seems nice.’
  3015. ‘Flash was always a cool guy.’
  3016. > ‘Now back to the sexy hero.’
  3017. >You groaned knowing Tonic when he talks about females as one thought went through your head.
  3018. >This is gonna be one long day.
  3020. >You hate having to sit through Harshwhinny’s social studies class.
  3021. >She just goes on and on like a recording.
  3022. >She could put someone to sleep
  3023. >Looking around, you see many students either taking notes or in Pinkie’s case looking everywhere.
  3024. > ‘The pink haired one is an oddity.’
  3025. >You would have to agree with Tonic but you won't want to have Pinkie any other way.
  3026. >Next to her was Aria Blaze, who looked like she was getting pretty annoyed at Pinkie.
  3027. >The constant hair whipping could be the reason but Aria’s default emotion seems to be annoyed anger.
  3028. > Can’t rule anything out with her or her sisters.
  3029. >Looking over to your left, you see Sunset taking notes like everyone else while staying awake.
  3030. >Kudos to her.
  3031. >A chairs away from Sunset was Rainbow Dash and she looked like she was having a hard time keeping up with her notes.
  3032. >Moving on, you see Snips and Snails texting on their phones.
  3033. >You give them five minutes before Harshwhinny gives them detention.
  3034. >Eventually you see Photo Finish looking out the window while writing something in her notebook.
  3035. > ‘Isn't that the girl we saved?’
  3036. ‘Yeah, she's a nice enough girl but has a passion for photography.’
  3037. >She continued to write as you got a bit curious of what she was writing.
  3038. >It seemed like every time her hand moved, it was in a sweeping motion instead of a small twitch.
  3039. >Craning your neck a bit, you see that Photo wasn’t writing anything coming out of Harshwhinny’s mouth.
  3040. >Instead you saw that she was drawing a couple of pictures that had a man in a familiar full body suit.
  3041. >With a very familiar spider insignia on the front.
  3042. >.......
  3043. >She’s drawing Tonic or you to be precise.
  3044. >You’re not sure how that's supposed to go but whatever.
  3045. >Anyways she’s drawing the hero Tonic and they're pretty good even the one where you hold her close to your chest and punch a bad guy.
  3046. >Another picture was of Photo and you in superhero costumes as hers was some kind of dress with a utility belt.
  3047. >There was even one with her on a bed wearing a very revealing swimsuit while i was holding her from behind.
  3048. >....Ok, this wasn’t what you were expecting to see today.
  3049. > ‘Host, why is she drawing something like that?’
  3050. ‘Some people have fantasies, Tonic. And yes she does want to breed but for different reasons I think.’
  3051. > ‘Really?’
  3052. >You shrug at his question.
  3053. ‘Don’t know. I'm not a mind reader but I doubt it. Photo is someone with a leveled head unless she sees something that's photogenic.’
  3054. > “Hem hem.”
  3055. > You jolt away from your mental conversation as Photo stares at you curiously.
  3056. > “Can I help you?”
  3057. >Clearing your throat a bit, you turn towards the front of the class to see if Harshwhinny saw anything.
  3058. >Thankfully she didn't and continued to drone on about some war.
  3059. >Turning back to Photo, you see her still looking at you.
  3060. “Just looking at your drawings, Photo.”
  3061. >She blushes a bit.
  3062. “Really like the one with the guy and girl standing heroically. Who're they?”
  3063. >Photo gains a smile on her face and leans towards you.
  3064. > “You haven't heard of Ze Tonic?”
  3065. >You shake your head slightly as she sighs.
  3066. > “He was on ze news and he zaved my friends and I.”
  3067. “Really?”
  3068. > ‘Is it wise to be playing dumb?’
  3069. ‘No but I can't stop the act now.’
  3070. > “Yes, from zome people who wanted to uze us. I was so scared until he showed up.”
  3071. >You nod, not knowing what else to do.
  3072. “Must have been something, huh?”
  3073. >She sighs while having a dreamy look on her face.
  3074. > “Yes he was. Zo brave, zo majestic.”
  3075. “Sounds like you admire him.”
  3076. >Her dreamy look is replaced with a saddened one as she looks down.
  3077. > “Yes i do. I just wish i could zee him again and talk to him one more time.”
  3078. >You feel a bit sad at that.
  3079. >The one you saved just wants to see her hero again.
  3080. “You’ll see him again.”
  3081. >Photo looks at you, confused at what you mean.
  3082. “Well he’s gonna be around for a while, so there’s a good chance you’ll see him again.”
  3083. > “How can you be zo sure?”
  3084. >You nonchalantly shrug your shoulders.
  3085. “I don’t know to tell the truth, but it’s not like it’s impossible. Besides it’s not like he could forget a cute girl like you.”
  3086. >Her eyes go wide as she looks away from you.
  3087. > “What do you mean? I would be a nobody to a hero.”
  3088. >You put a hand on her shoulder causing her to turn back to you with a blush on her face.
  3089. “You’re not a nobody. You’re Photo Finish, the best damn photographer this school has ever had. You have the passion that’s reflected in your art. There’s no way a hero, or anyone for that matter, would ever think of as a nobody.”
  3090. >Her blush gets a bit darker after you said that.
  3091. > “No one ever said that about me.”
  3092. >Just then the bell rings, signaling the end of class.
  3093. >Harshwhinny stops talking and addresses the class.
  3094. > “Alright class. I want you to answer the questions at the end of the chapter and hand them to me tomorrow.”
  3095. >As you gather your stuff to leave, you feel someone grab your wrist.
  3096. >Turning around, you see that Photo has your wrist in her hand.
  3097. “Uh, yeah Photo?”
  3098. >She looks like she wanted to say something as she opens her mouth but closes it.
  3099. “Hmmm?”
  3100. >She sighs as she looks at you.
  3101. > “I just wanted to say thank you, Anon. Your kind words were appreciated and..”
  3102. “Think nothing of it. You really are an amazing person and Tonic would be crazy to ignore you next time.”
  3103. >Photo gives you a genuine smile and lets go of your wrist.
  3104. “Thank you, maybe we could hang out zome time.”
  3105. “Sure.”
  3106. > “Then we shall but now …..I must go.”
  3107. >She then ran out the classroom faster than Rarity seeing a clothing sale.
  3108. “Well that happened.”
  3109. > ‘Host, her pheromone levels spiked a few moments ago.’
  3110. ‘What?’
  3111. > ‘We can smell her arousal. Does this mean-’
  3112. ‘Tonic, just stop.’
  3115. >Be a very annoyed Pinkie, if you can believe it.
  3116. >As you were watching the class, you noticed Anon talking to Photo Finish and you were happy that he was making some new friends.
  3117. >After the bell rang, Photo seemed to have asked Anon something then ran away blushing.
  3118. >You’ve seen enough anime to know what’s going on.
  3119. >And you’re not feeling very happy at the moment.
  3122. >Be Sunset Shimmer.
  3123. >You just saw Anon talking to Photo Finish before running away.
  3124. >Why do you feel a bit sad?
  3127. >It’s lunchtime.
  3128. >You’re sitting with your fiends eating a lunch like you normally do around this time.
  3129. >A sigh escapes your lips as your friends just stare at you in confusion.
  3130. >They look like they wanted to say something but can’t work up the nerve to ask you until Applejack groans.
  3131. > “I guess I have to ask.”
  3132. >You turn to give her your attention.
  3133. > “Why?”
  3134. >Resisting the urge to facepalm, you motion her to go on.
  3135. >Even Applejack shares your thoughts as she rolls her eyes.
  3136. > “Why’s Pinkie holding onto you like a rattlesnake with it’s prey?”
  3137. >You were wondering the same thing.
  3138. > ‘I’m baffled a how this happened, host.’
  3139. “Well here’s what happened.
  3142. >Still Anon about a two hours ago.
  3143. >You just left the classroom after Photo said thank you.
  3144. > ‘Your kinds females are a strange thing.’
  3145. ‘Tell me about it.’
  3146. >You took about a few steps when your sense goes crazy as a familiar voice was heard.
  3148. >Turning around, you see a speeding pink bullet heading towards you.
  3149. >You were able to catch her in time and gently set her on the floor.
  3150. “What's up, Pinkie? Wanted to try and surprise hug me again?”
  3151. > “What were you taking to Photo Finish about?”
  3152. >She seemed a little angry when she asked you about Photo.
  3153. >Seems odd that Pinkie would be angry at anyone unless they broke a pinkie promise.
  3154. >You were just about to answer her when the sound of footsteps getting closer to you.
  3155. >Looking behind you, Sunset was looking at Pinkie with an eyebrow raised.
  3156. “Hey Sunset. What's up?”
  3157. >Sunset takes one look at you then looks away.
  3158. > “Um, well I was just getting Pinkie. Yeah, she just ran to you so quickly that I wanted to know what’s up.”
  3159. > ‘Host, these girls are acting very strange today. Why?’
  3160. ‘Don’t know but I'm guessing either it's their time of the month or it's meatloaf day.’
  3161. “Well Pinkie just wanted to know what I was talking to Photo about.”
  3162. >She quickly looks at you with an unreadable look on her face.
  3163. > “REALLY? ...I mean really? Well, what did you two talk about?”
  3164. >Ok, this just proves that something’s up with these two today.
  3165. “I asked her about that Tonic guy and she said how the guy saved her. She even talked about how she wished she could meet him again.”
  3166. >The two girls looked at you curiously.
  3167. “Photo was about to cry from what I could tell and I tried to cheer her up.”
  3168. >They smiled at you, happy that you cheered up a classmate.
  3169. “With that all said and done, Photo basically said we should hang out sometime.”
  3170. > “So they want to hang with us?”
  3171. >You look at Pinkie and shake your head negatively.
  3172. “She just meant me, Pinkie.”
  3173. >”What?”
  3174. “Yeah, she just said we should hang out and just ran off without saying another thing.”
  3175. >Pinkie’s eye began to twitch as Sunset had a forced smile on her face while she clenched her hands.
  3176. >Those signs were very worrying for you.
  3177. “You two okay?”
  3178. >Sunset just looks at you and waves her hands in front of her franticly.
  3179. > “I’m fine. I’m just angry ….I mean hungry. Yeah, hungry. So I’ll talk to later. BYE.”
  3180. >Sunset then ran down the hall and away from you.
  3181. “That was weird. Any ideas what’s up with her Pinkie?”
  3182. >You turn to look at your pink haired friend but saw that she wasn’t there.
  3183. “Pinkie, where did you go?”
  3184. > “Here.”
  3185. >Suddenly you feel a pair of strong arms wrap around your shoulders as a pair of legs squeeze your sides.
  3186. “Pinkie, What the hell?”
  3187. >She doesn’t say anything as you try to shake her off of you.
  3188. >While trying to get her off, Pinkie pulls your head closer to her soft chest like.
  3189. “Pinkie, get off.”
  3190. > “No.”
  3191. “I have class.”
  3192. > “No.”
  3193. >You tried to shake her off once more but it proved to be useless as Pinkie forced your head even deeper into her pillow like chest.
  3194. “I don’t have time for this. I need to go to class and you’ll need to let go sooner or later.”
  3195. “And she’s been on me since.”
  3196. >Your friends look at you in disbelief as Rarity clears her throat.
  3197. > “Are you saying that Pinkie’s been on your back for the last couple of hours? And none of the teachers said anything?”
  3198. “For some reason they didn’t say anything once they saw us. We share the same classes.”
  3199. >Pinkie hasn’t said anything but you could feel her smile somehow.
  3200. >You continue on through your day as if nothing was wrong.
  3201. >Before the day ended, you even had gym with Pinkie on your back.
  3202. >Playing sports with Pinkie was challenging but you got the impression that everyone was impressed.
  3203. >Anyways you just had enough for one Pinkie for one day.
  3204. >Though to be fair, she’s fairly light for a girl of her size and she wasn’t bothering anyone as far as you could tell.
  3205. >But you really need go to the bathroom.
  3206. “Pinkie.”
  3207. >She hums while tightening her hold on you.
  3208. “What’s it gonna take to get you off my back?”
  3209. >She doesn’t say anything.
  3210. “C’mon Pinkie. I’ll do anything.”
  3211. >She mumbles something into your hair.
  3212. “Speak up Pinkie. I can hardly hear you.”
  3213. > “I want to have a sleepover on friday.”
  3214. >....Ok, you weren’t expecting that.
  3215. “Any reason why.”
  3216. > “I just want to play games and stuff. There's no other reason.”
  3217. >You want to say bullshit to that but you can't figure out what she meant.
  3218. >You really don’t want to agree to her terms but you really need to take a piss.
  3219. “Fine Pinkie, you can stay over for one night.”
  3220. >She jump over you and turns so that she lands face to face with you.
  3221. > “Really?”
  3222. >You sigh while massaging your temples.
  3223. “Yes but only one night.”
  3224. >She suddenly gives you a bear hug.
  3225. > “We're gonna have so much fun. Oh I need to go and plan. Bye bye.”
  3226. >Pinkie lets you go and runs away, leaving behind a dust trail for some reason.
  3227. > ‘Your friend's very unusual, host.’
  3228. ‘I know, Tonic. Sometimes I wish i could see what goes on inside her head for a minute.’
  3229. >You began walking away, looking for a bathroom as you were unaware that someone was watching you.
  3232. >Be Sunset and you just witnessed Anon making a deal with Pinkie.
  3233. >You knew that Pinkie was angry at Anon for some reason but to go from angry to happy just because she gets to stay over was odd.
  3234. >But now you have to watch them and make sure they don’t do anything.
  3235. >Cause they're your friends and not cause you feel angry.
  3236. >You don’t know why Pinkie’s little get together was making you mad but you're gonna find out even if you have to invite yourself.
  3239. >Be Anon and you let out a sigh of relief.
  3240. >It was good to finally use the bathroom after having Pinkie as a back pack.
  3241. >Walking out the bathroom of a fast food place, you make your way to the exit to go home.
  3242. “That was good. Need to make sure I don’t do that again.”
  3243. >Once outside, your phone rings as you pull it out of your pocket.
  3244. >It was just your mom asking you to pick up some milk or something.
  3245. > ‘You better go get it now. You might forget to do it later.’
  3246. ‘Good point. Maybe i can grab a soda or something on the way.’
  3247. > ‘Chocolate.’
  3248. ‘Fine, and some chocolate.’
  3249. >Letting out a tired sigh, you walk down the road towards the store near your house.
  3250. >On the way, you see a group of people running into a store wearing the same jackets and ski masks.
  3251. > ‘Host…’
  3252. ‘I know.’
  3253. >You walk into an alleyway as the suit forms over your body.
  3254. >This seems to be a trend when you suit up.
  3255. >You shot a webline at a building across the street, using it to launch yourself into the air.
  3258. >Be Sunset and you’re in quite the pickle right now.
  3259. >On your way home, you were thinking of what to do about the Pinkie situation when something happened.
  3260. >Lost in your own thoughts, you went into a store to buy a few ...personal things when a group of people ran through the front door.
  3261. >You weren’t paying attention to what you were doing as you bumped into one of the guys.
  3262. >The guy then pushed you into one of the aisles as they were rounding up everyone in the store.
  3263. >Surprisingly there was only about twenty people in this store.
  3264. >Looking at the group in front of you, you could see then pulling out different guns from their jackets.
  3265. > “Now I'm sure you know by now but you're being used as hostages.”
  3266. >The people behind you started to get a bit worried as their cries were heard.
  3267. > “If anyone tries anything, you'll be gunned down before you can blink.”
  3268. >A couple of them run off as the sounds cash registers being broken was heard.
  3269. >You wanted nothing more than to bust their heads open and tie them up but you couldn't risk the people and your identity.
  3270. >Even if you beat these robber, the group behind you could report this and you can say goodbye to your social life.
  3271. >You were brought out of your internal monolog by one of the remaining robbers taking to his boss.
  3272. > “Boss, maybe we should take one of them as a hostage. You know, incase things get dicey.”
  3273. >The head robber takes a look at everyone.
  3274. > “That could work but who to choose?”
  3275. >He walks in front of a mother and child.
  3276. > “A kid would get them to back off but the kid’s too small. And the lady would struggle if we separate them.”
  3277. >He walks away from them and stands in front of an elderly couple.
  3278. > “The old people would be good shields but they're a bit slow.”
  3279. >He’s now in front you and a bunch of students.
  3280. > “The kids would probably be the best but which one.”
  3281. >He was interrupted by one of his underlings running up to him.
  3282. > “We got all the money.”
  3283. >The boss nodded at the underling while stroking his chin.
  3284. > “Now which of you will be the lucky one.”
  3285. >He reaches out to touch you when a webline hits his hand.
  3286. > “What? Spider-Woman’s here?”
  3287. >Everyone looks up to not see Spider-Woman, because you’re her, but they see a person in a white bodysuit with a black spider symbol and eye markings on the ceiling.
  3288. >It was Tonic and you’re not sure if you’re lucky or not.
  3289. >The crooks look at him in confusion as he tilts his head to the side.
  3290. > “Sup.”
  3291. >He shot a bunch of webs at their guns and pulled his arms back making the weapons fly out of their hands.
  3292. >With them disarmed, Tonic jumps off the ceiling and lands on his feet.
  3293. > “So gonna give up?”
  3294. >The robbers pull out knives and collapsible batons while slowly walking towards him.
  3295. > “It’s always the hard way with you guys.”
  3296. >One guy runs at Tonic, screaming like one of those anime guys with his arm raised over his head.
  3297. >Tonic just stands there as the one guy gets closer and swings his arm down
  3298. >He wasn’t able to hit anything as Tonic grabs his hand, mid swing.
  3299. >Realizing his current position, the gun ho robber looks up at Tonic in fear.
  3300. > “Mercy?”
  3301. > “No.”
  3302. >The White suited hero doesn’t look amused as he lifts the guy up and throws him out the door.
  3303. >The others were getting nervous as they saw one of their own getting thrown like a basketball but it didn't stop them.
  3304. >One by one, the robbers tried their hands at taking down Tonic but they all shared the same fate.
  3305. >Getting thrown or kicked through the door.
  3306. >Soon all that was left was the boss and he was shaking in his boots.
  3307. >Seeing that he had no way, he grabbed the nearest person and used them like a human shield.
  3308. >Unfortunately you were the closest to him as he held a knife to your throat.
  3309. > “Don’t move.”
  3310. >Tonic just stands there as the guy shakily tries to get you to move with him.
  3311. > “If you get any closer, the girl dies.”
  3312. >You don’t understand why Tonic started to laugh at this guy like he said a funny joke.
  3313. > “You won't kill her.”
  3314. >The boss stops and holds the knife a little closer to your throat.
  3315. > “I'll do it, then her blood will be on your hands. I know how you heroes think.”
  3316. >Tonic stops laughing as he tilts his head slightly.
  3317. > “Then you’ll have no shield. Also Spider-Woman’s behind you.”
  3318. >The boss takes the knife away from your neck as you used this opportunity to break his hold on you.
  3319. >By ramming your elbow into his gut.
  3320. >This caused him to let go of you while he stumbled backwards.
  3321. >Finally free, your spider sense goes off as you move to the side in time to see Tonic drop kick the robber into a candy rack.
  3322. >The boss falls to the floor as candy and snacks are showering him in the sugary goodness.
  3323. >Tonic walks over to the guy and kicks him but the robber doesn’t move.
  3325. >The rest of the hostages shake their heads negatively.
  3327. >He then runs out the door and began to web swing away.
  3328. >You ran out the door while pulling out your phone and quickly dialed a number.
  3329. >The phone rings for a moment before a sophisticated voice answered, “Hello, Sunset.”
  3330. “Rarity where are you? I just found Tonic and I'm chasing him.”
  3331. > “My word, do you need help?”
  3332. “Yes, i think i will. Suit up and track my phone. I'm gonna try and follow him.”
  3333. > “I'll be there as soon as possible but please, do be careful.”
  3334. “Always.”
  3335. >You hung up your phone and ran into an alleyway.
  3338. >Be Anon.
  3339. >You feel good for some strange reason.
  3340. > ‘You gonna get your stuff now?’
  3341. ‘I will once I can change.’
  3342. >After a couple minutes of swinging you land on the roof of a warehouse.
  3343. ‘This looks like a good place to change.’
  3344. > ‘Are you sure, host? Someone could be watching.’
  3345. ‘Relax. We're a few minutes away from that store and they couldn't of followed us.’
  3346. >While talking to Tonic, you heard a loud thud like noise behind you.
  3347. >Turning around you come face to face with Spider-Woman herself.
  3348. > “Hello, Tonic. We need to talk.”
  3349. >You stood there for what felt like hours as one thought ran through your head.
  3351. > ‘Host, you need to calm down.’
  3352. ‘UUUUUUUUUUU-’
  3353. > ‘Host, you need to stop.’
  3355. > ‘HOST, CALM DOWN.’
  3356. >You stop your inner scream after that.
  3357. > ‘Host, she just wants to talk, so talk and be calm.’
  3358. ‘.....You’re right. As long as I don’t do anything stupid, I’ll be fine.’
  3359. >Taking a deep breathe, you look at Spider-Woman.
  3360. “WHAT DO YOU WANT?”
  3361. >Spider-Woman holds her hands up in surrender as she takes a few steps forward.
  3362. > “Look, Tonic. I’m not here to fight, I just want to talk.”
  3363. >You narrow your eyes as she said that.
  3365. >She flinches a bit once you said that.
  3366. > ‘Host, I’m feeling something getting closer to us.’
  3367. >That seemed weird but if Tonic feels something coming near you, then you have to leave soon.
  3369. >You walk to the edge of the building ready to jump if you need to.
  3370. > “Wait, you’re seriously gonna leave?”
  3371. >You look back at her, annoyed that she was trying to stop you.
  3375. >Be Sunset, the Spider-Woman.
  3376. >You need to find a way to keep Tonic here until Rarity arrives.
  3377. >C’mon, you should be able to do this easily.
  3378. “Why did you help the people at the store?”
  3379. >You hear him sigh and then turn to look at you.
  3380. > “I just decided to help them. That’s it.”
  3381. >He then turned back to the edge, ready to leave.
  3382. >Crap, now you really need to do something.
  3383. >Thinking fast, you shot a web at him.
  3384. >Like you expected, he dodged the web and just looked at you.
  3385. > “What’s your problem?”
  3386. >You took a step forward to try and intimidate him, which failed.
  3387. “I’m gonna need to ask you a few things and you’re not leaving till I get my answers.”
  3388. >He shakes his head while he cracks his knuckles.
  3389. > “Don’t even think about it.”
  3390. >Against your better judgement, you shot more web at him as he jumped in the air.
  3391. >Once airborne, he shot his own web and began to swing away.
  3392. “Oh no you don’t.”
  3393. >You shot your on web and gave chase, hoping Rarity will find you soon.
  3397. >Be Rarity or Scream at this moment.
  3398. >After a day of web swinging, you started to see why Sunset loved this.
  3399. >Anyways you tried using the tracking device to find Sunset, and you can see she’s on the move.
  3400. “Is it too much trouble to stay in one place.”
  3401. > ‘She is a very rowdy girl, child.’
  3402. ‘Yes but that's not here or now.’
  3403. >Letting go of your web, you flip in air while checking the tracking device on your arm.
  3404. >It shows that Sunset is moving away from her current position and heading towards the shopping district.
  3405. “Hopefully we can reach them soon.”
  3406. > ‘You should try to go a little faster, child.”
  3407. “I'm trying to Scream.”
  3408. >You swing a bit faster while trying to follow the tracking device.
  3409. >You need to remember to ask Twilight about it when you get the chance.
  3410. > ‘It would also help if you paid more attention to your smart friend’s explanation when she talks.’
  3411. ‘I’ll get right on that when I can but right now-’
  3412. >The tracking device starts beeping.
  3413. >Looking at your wrist, you can see that Sunset stopped moving and isn’t far from you.
  3414. >You swing towards her location, praying you’ll be able to help stop Tonic.
  3417. >Be Anon and you’re really getting sick of this shit.
  3418. “Get lost Spider-Woman.”
  3419. > “I’m not leaving till we talk.”
  3420. >You’ve been trying to lose this girl for the last five minutes.
  3421. >Every turn, shortcut and obstacle you used, she was able to keep up with you.
  3422. >It was starting to annoy you as you looked around for anything to use against her.
  3423. >Then you see it.
  3424. >The mall.
  3425. > ‘Is this a good idea?’
  3426. ‘Don’t know ,Tonic. But we need to get her off our trail.’
  3427. > ‘This is a bad idea.’
  3428. ‘Duly noted.’
  3429.  >You launch yourself towards the mall’s entrance and ran through it without destroying the door.
  3430. >Looking behind you, Spider-Woman was still running after you as you pass a few stores on the first floor.
  3431. > “Stop, Tonic.”
  3432. >You jump onto the second floor while looking down at Spider-Woman who stopped and cursed for some reason.
  3433. >She then looks to the side and jumps on the other side of the mall as you ran back towards the entrance.
  3434. >Making your way out the entrance, you hide to the side hoping to see her run out the door.
  3435. >As soon as you see her run out the door, you made your move.
  3436. >Taking a step forward, you swung your arm at her chest and made her flip on to the ground.
  3437. > ‘I can’t believe that worked, host.’
  3438. ‘Same here. I was ready to fight her maybe even shoot some web at her. This was a bit too easy.’
  3439. >You walk towards her as she groans.
  3440. >Standing beside her, Spider-Woman looked up at you.
  3441. “Sweet dreams.”
  3442. >You kicked her and knocked her out.
  3443. >She falls to the ground and doesn’t move.
  3444. >You were just about to leave when your heard your buddy talk to you.
  3445. > ‘You gonna leave her there?’
  3446. ‘She’ll be fine, Tonic.’
  3447. > ‘You could at least move her to the side or something.’
  3448. ‘Fine.’
  3449. >Bending down, you pick Spider-Woman up bridal style and look for a good place to put her.
  3450. >After a few moments of looking, you saw a few bushes that were perfect to hide her.
  3451. >Walking over to the bushes, you push them aside and gently place your pursuer down.
  3452. ‘Happy?’
  3453. > ‘Very, host.’
  3454. >And like that you left, hoping she doesn’t wake up till you’re long gone.
  3457. >Be Sunset and you have a raging headache.
  3458. >Opening your eyes, you see Rarity in her Scream outfit kneeling beside you.
  3459. “Rarity?”
  3460. > “Sunset, you shouldn’t strain yourself.”
  3461. >You groan while you try lift yourself up.
  3462. “How long?”
  3463. > “You’ve been out of a few minutes, darling. What do you remember?”
  3464. >You try to remember how you got here when everything came rushing back to you.
  3465. “Tonic, did you see Tonic?”
  3466. >Rarity shakes her head.
  3467. > “I’m sorry but he wasn’t anywhere near here.”
  3468. “Damnit.”
  3469. >You slam your fist onto the ground, startling Rarity a bit.
  3470. >Calming down, you slowly get up as Rarity grabs you.
  3471. > “You shouldn’t move, Sunset.”
  3472. “I’m fine.”
  3473. >You shot a webline and start to swing back home with one thought on your mind.
  3474. >Who was Tonic?
  3476. >The end of the next day and you're still Sunset.
  3477. >You've been in a bad mood since yesterday's beating and you still felt sore.
  3478. >Better than yesterday but still sore.
  3479. >As you laid in your bed, you couldn’t sleep as your mind wandered to the chase from earlier.
  3480. >Before you knew it, morning came and the start of a bad day.
  3481. >With your sleep deprived mind, you didn't see large wad of gum you stepped in.
  3482. >You were  short with your friends when they asked about yesterday's events.
  3483. >All of your pencils broke in your own  hand.
  3484. >You tried to take out your frustrations in gym class as you played dodgeball with Rainbow Dash.
  3485. >Let's just say while your team won, you were the one hitting everyone on the field.
  3486. >If this kept up, you were gonna deck the next person that talked to you.
  3487. > “Hey Sunset.”
  3488. >Faster than you can say goddammit,  Anon was on the floor with a red mark on his face.
  3489. “Shit, I'm sorry Anon. Are you okay?”
  3490. >You wanted to curse yourself when you heard Anon chuckling?
  3491. >Looking down, you saw Anon slowly get to his feet while rubbing his jaw and chuckling.
  3492. > “Damn, Sunset. What’d I do to you?”
  3493. “I'm so sorry Anon. I didn't mean to hit you like that.”
  3494. >He holds a hand out to stop you.
  3495. > “It’s fine. You didn’t hurt me that bad.”
  3496. >He just waves you off as if nothing happened a minute ago.
  3497. “You sure, Anon?”
  3498. >You see Anon you at you weirdly as you begin to feel a little nervous.
  3499. > “I'm fine but are you okay?”
  3500. >Caught off guard by the question, you could only look at the ground in silence as you tried not to think of an answer.
  3501. >Something wraps around your shoulders causing you to look up at Anon’s face.
  3502. >His face is so close to yours, you feel a blush starting to form.
  3504. > “C’mon Sunset, tell me what’s wrong?”
  3505. >All that comes out of your mouth are nothing but mumbles.
  3506. > “I didn’t catch that.”
  3507. “I didn’t get any sleep last night and i’m having a bad day.”
  3508. >You look down in embarrassment as you heard him trying not to laugh.
  3509. > “That’s all? You must have a lot on your mind.”
  3510. “I guess.”
  3511. >You really don’t want to talk about this but you feel comfortable being near him.
  3512. > “You're not gonna tell me what bothering you?”
  3513. >Rubbing your head on his shoulder negatively is the only answer he'll get.
  3514. >He doesn’t do anything as you enjoy this strange feeling.
  3515. > “Shit, i need to get going.”
  3516. >The arm holding you is suddenly gone as you saw he run down the hall for some reason.
  3517. >Now you feel sad but you’re curious about what could Anon need to leave in a hurry.
  3518. >As if the gods themselves heard your question, an answer appeared in the form of a familiar bubbly voice.
  3519. > “Gonna have a sleepover at Anon’s tonight. Yay.”
  3520. “That was oddly convenient.”
  3524. >Be Anon and you just finished cleaning up the house.
  3525. >You told your parents about Pinkie staying over and they said you could.
  3526. >As long as you clean up before she gets here which wasn’t that bad.
  3527. >There was hardly a mess to clean.
  3528. >Just a few dishes and you had to vacuum the house.
  3529. >As you put the vacuum away, you were praying that Pinkie doesn’t go crazy with her partying like she normally does.
  3530. >You don’t want to clean up donuts from the ceiling again.
  3531. >The doorbell rang and thought it was Pinkie but remembered it wasn’t her style.
  3532. >Usually she just knocks like a madman or madwoman.
  3533. >Whatever the case, you better open the door.
  3534. >You walk over to the door ad began to open it.
  3535. “Hey Pinkie, what’s with using the door….bell?”
  3536. >With the door open, you expected to see Pinkie Pie with a large smile on her face with a huge backpack filled random stuff.
  3537. >What you saw was a frowning Pinkie, a nervous smiling Sunset and their friends at your door.
  3538. >Each with a bag over their shoulders.
  3539. “......Just get inside and tell me what’s going on.”
  3540. >Moving to the side, you let the girls inside your house as they all took a seat in the living room.
  3541. > You close the door and turn to see the girls are comfortably sitting down, clearing your throat and gaining their attention.
  3542. “Ok, I have to ask why’re you all..”
  3543. >The doorbell rang again causing you to stop.
  3544. >Confused, you go back to the door and open it to three people you really weren’t expecting to see today.
  3545. >You were greeted by Photo Finish, Violet Blurr and Pixel Pizazz standing at your front door.
  3546. > “Greetingz Anon. May we come in?”
  3547. >They giggle at what you suspect is your confused as fuck face.
  3548. >You move out of the way, to let them inside.
  3549. “Welcome to my home.”
  3550. >The three photographers walked inside and gave their thanks.
  3551. “Just grab a chair from the dining room while I try to talk to the others.”
  3552. >It was their turn to look confused as they said the same thing.
  3553. > “Otherz?”
  3554. >With a tired sigh escaping your lips, you point to the next room.
  3555. “In there.”
  3556. >You see them walk into the other room and gasp from seeing the others if you had to guess.
  3557. > ‘This is quite the predicament you’re in.’
  3558. ‘I know. ….Let’s hope nothing bad happens.’
  3559. >Making your way to the living room, you see almost everyone pointing fingers at one another, with Pinkie getting in Photo’s face.
  3560. > “What’re you all doing here?”
  3561. > “Zat zould be my question.”
  3562. >Their respective friends try to break up their little face off before they try anything.
  3563. “Ok, I have to know. Sunset, what’re you and the girls doing here?”
  3564. >Sunset just scratches the back of her head while the other girls look just as sheepish.
  3565. > “Well I heard that Pinkie was having a sleepover at your house, so I figured the more the merrier.”
  3566. >You look at the other five girls as they nod and shrug as Pinkie looks surprisingly bummed.
  3567. >Whatever, you can try and figure out Pinkie later.
  3568. >Looking at your newest guest, you clear your throat.
  3569. “And I’m guessing you wanted to hang out, right Photo?”
  3570. >Photo nods happily with a small blush while her friends smile knowingly at their friend.
  3571. > “Yez, I waz hoping we could spend a little time together but zince you have company, I can leave.”
  3572. >Photo and her friends began to walk to the door with the intent to leave.
  3573. “You don’t have to leave, Photo.”
  3574. >She stops with her hand hovering over the doorknob and looks at you.
  3575. > “What? But your friends?”
  3576. > ‘Host tread carefully with-’
  3577. “What’s a couple more people? Besides, Pinkie would say you could never have enough people at a party.”
  3578. > ‘...this. I see something bad happening soon.’
  3579. >Photo has a conflicted look on her face as she looks at her two friends for support.
  3580. >Pixel and Violet both whisper something in Photo’s ears.
  3581. > “C’mon ….you …..him.”
  3582. > “Show ….heaven ….closet.”
  3583. >You could only make out a few words and they confused you.
  3584. > ‘Is this what females do?’
  3585. ‘You mean whisper what some kind of nonsense? Eh, sometimes.’
  3586. > ‘Does this mean they’re planning something?’
  3587. >You were about to answer when you looked at Photo’s group with their little prep talk.
  3588. >Looking back at the living room, you see Pinkie writing something in a notebook furiously  as Sunset is talking to Twilight and Rarity about something.
  3589. ‘You’re not wrong, Tonic.’
  3590. > ‘Is it a way to defeat the other group and take you as their own to breed with?’
  3591. >You quietly let out a snort of amusement that went unnoticed by the girls.
  3592. ‘It more likely they're planning on embarrassing me with truth or dare.’
  3593. >For some reason Rainbow,  Violet, Pixel and Sunset sneeze at the same time.
  3594. “Gazuntite.”
  3595. >They say their thanks as Photo and her group walk back to the living room.
  3596. “Okay, I'm gonna order some pizza. Anyone want a topping?”
  3597. > “Pepperoni.”
  3598. >“Meatball.”
  3599. >“Bacon and chicken.”
  3600. >“Broccoli.”
  3601. >“Extra cheese.”
  3602. “Got it. I'll be right back.”
  3603. >Nodding to yourself, you began walking towards the kitchen to order the pizzas.
  3604. > ‘Is it wise to leave them back there?’
  3605. ‘Pinkie by herself, no. But with the others there, she should be fine. Besides what's the worst they could do?’
  3608. >Be Photo.
  3609. >You’re off to the zide talking to your friends/partners in huzhed whizperz.
  3610. “Are you zure thiz will work?”
  3611. >Pixel gigglez at your nervouzness while leaning next to you.
  3612. > “Don’t worry Pho. When we get some games going, and trust me they will, I'll get everyone to play truth or dare.”
  3613. >Nodding to yourself, Violet puts a hand on your zhoulder while giving it a comforting squeeze.
  3614. > “And when that happens, it'll be my job to make sure Anon gets a little closer to you.”
  3615. “And your zure of thiz plan?”
  3616. >You hated zounding weak but your friends zmiling faces help calm your fearz.
  3617. > “Don’t worry, Pho. We'll help catch this guy.”
  3618. >Pixel cheerfully hugged you while Violet just giggled zlightly.
  3619. > “If he's as interesting as you say then I have no reason to stand in your way. Plus i always wanted to play matchmaker.”
  3620. >Giving them your bezt zmile, you chanel all of your energy into one important task.
  3621. >Getting Anon’s attention.
  3624. >Be Pinkie Pie and you're going over your game plan.
  3625. >Your original plan was to just enjoy the night at Anon’s and have a wonderful date that only you thought of.
  3626. >Now you have not only Sunset and your other five super bestest friends here, but also that girl and her group.
  3627. >All you need to do is get Anon close to you without hurting Photo’s feeling and this party will be a success.
  3628. >Or you can do what Auntie Quinn does and just take Anon but that's not very nice.
  3629. >Decisions, decisions.
  3632. >Be Sunset and you’re freaking out somewhat.
  3633. >You basically invited yourself and your friends into Anon’s house for Pinkie’s sleepover.
  3634. >And now Photo Finish and her friends are here.
  3635. >Many thoughts were going through your head.
  3636. >Why did i do this? Should I stay or should I go? Couldn't I had a better idea than this?
  3637. >While in your own little world, something touched your shoulder causing you to jump slightly.
  3638. >Looking to your right, you see Twilight and Rarity looking at you in worry.
  3639. > “Are you alright, darling?”
  3640. > “You seemed a bit lost, I think.”
  3641. >Taking a deep breathe, you give them your best smile and try to reassure them you're fine.
  3642. “I'm fine, girls. It's just been awhile since we all hung out i guess.”
  3643. >The two just look at you with their eyebrows raised.
  3644. “Ok, i just feel like some supervillain will crash through a wall and steal a fridge. I know what I said.”
  3645. >They were beginning to look at you like you were crazy or something.
  3646. > “You really need a day to yourself, Sunset.”
  3647. “Yeah.”
  3648. >You lower your head in despair at how stressed you feel.
  3649. >Being a hero is hard work.
  3650. > “Maybe we can all go to the spa sometime, darling. A nice message or dip in the sauna would help you relax a bit.”
  3651. >......That's not a bad idea.
  3652. >A day to let all your troubles wash away sounds really nice.
  3653. “I might take you up on that offer, Rarity.”
  3654. >Her eyes light up dangerously as you begin to feel a bit of fear.
  3655. >You just hope that nothing bad happens while you make sure Anon and Pinkie don't do anything.
  3659. > ‘You sure, host?’
  3660. ‘Yes, I'm sure. Now i better get back in there and make sure Pinkie is trying to do a Robin Hood thing or using her aunt’s giant mallet.
  3663. >It’s been about an hour since everyone got here and nothing bad has happened.
  3664. >When the Pizza got here, the delivery guy was staring at you in disbelief at all the girls in your house.
  3665. >Giving the guy a good sized tip, you shut the door on him before he did anything stupid.
  3666. >After everyone ate, Pinkie had the bright idea of playing truth or dare.
  3667. >The moment she said that, you had crazy Vietnam flashbacks but with no killings.
  3668. >Just embarrassing things you wish you could forget.
  3669. > ‘Did she really…’
  3670. ‘Yes, Tonic. Now don't asking anymore.’
  3671. > ‘Very well.’
  3672. >Everyone gathered around in a circle as Pinkie pulled a glass bottle from her hair, somehow, and placed it in the center of the circle.
  3673. > “You know the rules. When the bottle lands on someone, they get a choice and have to choose. Now let's play.”
  3674. >She spun the bottle as everyone watched go round and round till it stopped on…… Fluttershy.
  3675. > “Truth or dare, Fluttershy.”
  3676. >The animal lover looks nervous but says a quiet “Truth” before looking away.
  3677. >Pinkie ponders on what to ask her quiet friend when she suddenly starts to smile.
  3678. > “Have you ever taken one of your animal friends home by accident?”
  3679. >Fluttershy nods her head and said, “The hamsters made a mess of the coffee maker when I wasn’t looking. Dad was mad when he drank some.”
  3680. >That had most of the girls laughing while Rarity, Twilight and Photo quietly giggled to themselves.
  3681. >Fluttershy grabbed the bottle and spun it, getting everyone to watch as it lands on Rainbow Dash.
  3682. > “I pick dare, now give me your best shot.”
  3683. >You saw a strange gleam in Fluttershy’s eyes as Rainbow was smirking at her friend.
  3684. > “I dare you to have Rarity put makeup on you and keep it on till the end of the game.”
  3685. >The look on Rainbow’s face made you wish you had a camera on you.
  3686. > ‘You do on your camera.’
  3687. ‘Thanks for the reminder but I'll wait to see what Rarity does.’
  3688. > “Rarity doesn’t have her makeup case with her.”
  3689. >Rainbow looked smug as she said that but Rarity was smiling as well, giving you a slight chill.
  3690. > “Luckily I brought some just incase.”
  3691. >In her hands was a small bag which she pulled out some eyeliner causing Rainbow to sweat a bit.
  3692. > “Give me a moment and I'll have Rainbow looking like a lady.”
  3693. >It took two minutes but it was worth it to see Rainbow wearing red lipstick, black eyeliner and a good amount of blush.
  3694. >You secretly took a picture for blackmail as Rainbow glared at her fashionable friend.
  3695. > “You better watch out Rarity.”
  3696. >This went one for a while as dares went back and forth between you and the girls.
  3697. >Pixel and Twilight posing for a tiny photoshoot for Photo.
  3698. >Rarity dared you and Applejack square dancing in dresses.
  3699. >You got Sunset and Rarity into maid outfits that Rarity had on her, for the rest of the game.
  3700. >Pinkie somehow got dared by Sunset to  juggle flaming chainsaws.
  3701. >You’re still trying to figure out how she learned to do that.
  3702. >After Violet finished her hula dance dare, she sat back on the ground and spun the bottle.
  3703. > “Round and round and round it goes. Where it stops, not even I know.”
  3704. >Everyone watched as the bottle began to slow down.
  3705. ‘Who do you think is next, Tonic?’
  3706. > ‘Don’t know but i want to see more of this game. It amuses me.’
  3707. >You it slow down till it stopped on Photo as Violet’s eyes seem to sparkle a bit.
  3708. > “I dare you, Photo Finish, to go with Anon into his basement for thirty minutes.”
  3709. >You looked at Violet while sticking your pinky inside your ear to clean it out.
  3710. “I'm sorry, I think i had something in my ear. I could have sworn you said you wanted Photo and myself to stay in my basement for thirty minutes?”
  3711. >Violet gives you an unimpressed looked as she crossed her arms.
  3712. > “That’s exactly what I said. Now where's your basement?”
  3713. >You dumbly point at the kitchen as Violet grabbed both your’s and Photo’s hands and dragged us to the kitchen.
  3714. >She opened the door and practically pushed Photo and yourself into the room.
  3715. >Stumbling a little, you were able to steady yourself as a soft scraping noise was heard.
  3716. >Walking towards the door, you grabbed the doorknob and tried to open the door.
  3717. >To both your surprise and disappointment, the door wouldn’t budge no matter how hard you pushed.
  3718. “What the hell, Violet?”
  3719. > “Just making sure you stay in there, Anon. Now play nice while the rest of us continue our game.”
  3720. >You heard her footstep fade away, leaving you and Photo to stay in the somewhat empty basement.
  3723. >Be Photo Finish and you feel ze butterflies in your stomach.
  3724. >You’re not zure if this was zuch a good idea but Pixel and Violet assured you otherwise.
  3725. >Now you’re here with Anon and have a chance to talk to him
  3726. > “Well this is just great. Getting locked up in my own house.”
  3727. >Anon makes his way to a comfortable looking couch and takes a seat.
  3728. > “You might as well take a seat, Photo. We're gonna be here for a while.”
  3729. >Taking a zeat next to Anon caused your heart to beat faster than it already was.
  3730. >Waz it the thought of being alone with Anon or being this cloze to him?
  3731. >Taking a quick glance at him, you zee that he was leaning back into the couch and had hiz eyez clozed.
  3732. >He looked zo peaceful as he laid there comfortably.
  3733. >You weren’t zure how it happened but you were zlowly moving clozer to him as if hiz mere presence was pulling you in.
  3734. >You would have moved a little closer when Anon opened hiz eyes and looked at you.
  3735. >Hiz beautiful blue eyes.
  3736. >At this point, you did what you thought waz the best course of action.
  3737. >And you weren't dizzappointed.
  3740. >Be Anon and you have Photo just inches away from you.
  3741. >You were just about to ask if something was wrong when she did the craziest thing.
  3742. >She grabbed your head and mashed her lips against your’s.
  3743. >You tried to ask her what she was doing but the moment you opened her mouth she stuck her tongue inside.
  3744. >Thinking of what to do, you put your hand in between the two of you in order to push her away.
  3745. >What you touch is soft yet large, which you’re unsure what it is.
  3746. > “Mmmnnnn.”
  3747. >Scratch that, you know what you’re touching.
  3748. >Her tongue explores your mouth as Photo lets go of your head.
  3749. >Photo uses her one hand to grab yours and forces you to squeeze her breast while the other one travels down your body.
  3750. >You slowly give into the kiss while pushing your own tongue into her mouth.
  3751. >Before you were able to enjoy it, Photo pulled back while leaving nothing but a trail of saliva connecting the two of you.
  3752. > “That waz amazing.”
  3753. >She started to unbutton her shirt as your eyes go wide.
  3754. > ‘What's she doing?’
  3755. ‘Something I need to stop.’
  3756. >You grab her hands and pull them away from her chest.
  3757. “What’re you doing?”
  3758. >Photo looks down on you but you can't make out her expression because of her sunglasses.
  3759. >Damn them to hell.
  3760. > “I was ……”
  3761. >She mumbled the rest of her reason while making your eyebrow rise a bit.
  3762. “You need to speak up.”
  3763. > “I said I waz doing what Pixel and Violet told me to do zo i could get your attention.”
  3764. >This was confusing in so many ways.
  3765. > ‘That is correct host. Your culture is confusing like those TV programs.’
  3766. ‘I'm not even gonna ask.’
  3767. “And what did they say.”
  3768. >She finds the wall behind you interesting as she unknowingly shows you her cleavage.
  3769. >Nice.
  3770. > “They zaid if let you touch me then you would be a bit more interested in me.”
  3771. > ‘..... I'm lost.’
  3772. ‘You’re not the only one.’
  3773. > “If i got you interested, then maybe we could have gotten zomething to eat.”
  3774. > ‘...... I’m gonna go, host. This is becoming to random for me.’
  3775. >You really didn’t blame him.
  3776. >Having to deal with Pinkie and the others must have been too much for Tonic.
  3777. ‘Just take a nap or something. You'll be fine in the morning.’
  3778. > ‘Sure. Night, host.’
  3779. “Let me just say this….”
  3782. >Be Sunset and you’re starting to get worried
  3783. >After Anon and Photo went downstairs, you've been glancing at the door every now and then.
  3784. >The only things stopping you from camping beside the door were Pinkie and a bunch of dares you got roped into.
  3785. >You did almost everything from dancing to lame songs to singing a couple and you even wore a nice little black dress and bikini.
  3786. >Gotta talk to Rarity about getting that dress and bikini later.
  3787. >Anyways Twilight spun the bottle and it landed on Pinkie who hard a serious look on her face.
  3788. > “Okay Pinkie, truth or dare.”
  3789. >Pinkie puts her fist under her chin and thinks for a moment.
  3790. > “Truth.”
  3791. > “What’s the worst thing that ever happened to you?”
  3792. >Your curly pink haired friend goes quiet and looks to the side.
  3793. > “I was stuck to my ceiling after i got into some taffy.”
  3794. >You were about to ask what she meant when an alarm went off.
  3795. >Violet pulled out her phone and stopped the alarm while walking to the basement door.
  3796. > “Better let them out.”
  3797. >You watch as Violet removes the chair from under the doorknob and opened the door.
  3798. > “You two can come out now.”
  3799. >She doesn’t step out of the way but walks downstairs for some reason.
  3800. >Following the photographer, you walk down the stairs to see Anon flipping a tequila glass in the air.
  3801. >He flips it one final time before making it land in the palm of his hand.
  3802. > “Told you I could do it.”
  3803. >Photo just huffed and rolled her eyes.
  3804. > “Yez you did, Anon. Oh, hello.”
  3805. >She waves at you and you wave back.
  3809. >Be Anon and you just noticed that everyone was coming down the stairs.
  3810. “What's up?”
  3811. >The girls look at you as Violet stepped forward with her arms crossed.
  3812. > “Just coming down to say you're free to go.”
  3813. “So we can get out of the time out room?”
  3814. >That caused some giggling as Violet rolled her eyes.
  3815. > “Yes but misbehave again and you'll be back down here.”
  3816. >She even wagged her finger causing you to chuckle.
  3817. “You girls go ahead. I'll be up in a moment.”
  3818. >The girls went up the stairs as you walked to the wall and opened a cabinet door.
  3819. >Putting the glass with the other, under a few bottles of wine, you close the door and walk towards the stairs.
  3820. > “Anon?”
  3821. >You turn to see Photo standing there with her arms crossed.
  3822. “Thought you went with the rest of the girls.”
  3823. > “I ztayed behind cauze I wanted to say thankz.”
  3824. >You tilt your head to the side as she continued with her little talk.
  3825. > “You ztopped me from making a huge miztake tonight.”
  3826. “Guess I did. Still was surprised by that kiss though.”
  3827. >Photo began to blush causing you to smile a bit.
  3828. “Anyways, let's go upstairs before the girls come back down.”
  3829. > “Zure.”
  3830. >You started to go up the stairs with Photo following behind you.
  3831. “And I'll think about it.”
  3832. >You couldn’t tell but the white haired girl was smiling.
  3835. >Be Anon and you feel tired.
  3836. >It’s Monday and your weekend was tiring.
  3837. >After the sleepover and the girls leaving, you and Photo had a it of lunch while hanging out.
  3838. >But Pinkie decided to crash it with some of the most ridiculous disguises.
  3839. >When you and Photo went to the mall, Pinkie was dressed as a mannequin.
  3840. >She was in a waitress outfit when we passed a restaurant.
  3841. >And you swear that you saw her putting on an animal mascot head when you passed by a children’s pizza place.
  3842. >And that was just Saturday.
  3843. >On Sunday, you had to help your dad with a few things which took most of the day.
  3844. >While it wasn’t hard but it was time consuming and tedious.
  3845. >Closing your locker, you walk to class and try to be positive.
  3846. “At least nothing bad can happen today.”
  3847. > ‘Ooohhhh.’
  3848. ‘What?’
  3849. > ‘You just tempted fate, host. You should never do that.’
  3850. ‘What do you mean-oh.’
  3851. > ‘Yes, host. You just jinxed yourself.’
  3852. ‘Well, maybe nothing will happen today.’
  3853. >It’s the end of the day and a lot of things happened today.
  3854. >Pinkie was your partner in cooking class and somehow made an exploding cake.
  3855. >Which exploded on your shirt.
  3856. >Pinkie got Rarity once she saw the mess she made.
  3857. >Once your fashionable friend saw what she would call a crime against fashion, she brought you to the music were they practiced and made you a new shirt.
  3858. >Not even ten minutes later and Flash accidentally slashed you with some water.
  3859. >Luckily your shirt was just wet for a little while.
  3860. >And near the last hour of the day, Flutter came to you and asked you to help find her pet rabbit.
  3861. >You had a free period so you decided to help the shy girl.
  3862. >It only took ten minutes to find the rabbit and catch him.
  3863. >The rabbit had the bright idea to see what your nose tasted like.
  3864. >Fluttershy saw that and got the furry menace off your nose.
  3865. >After five minutes and thirty tries.
  3866. >The good thing was that the skin didn’t break.
  3867. >Now you just want to go home and go to sleep
  3868. > ‘Sleeping this early isn’t good for you.’
  3869. ‘Bite me, Tonic. I’m not in the mood for anymore shit.’
  3870. > ‘I understand how you’re feeling but you should find someway to channel your anger into something more…. Productive.’
  3871. ‘What, you saying that I need a hobby or something?’
  3872. > ‘It couldn’t hurt.’
  3873. ‘So what should I do then?’
  3874. >Your sense goes off while you start to bend backwards as a car flies over you.
  3875. >Getting back up, you could see that the car crashed into another car.
  3876. > ‘I think you found your hobby.’
  3880. >Be Sunset.
  3881. >Scratch that, be Spider-woman and today went from good to shit in a matter of five minutes.
  3882. >After school, you wanted to go home and relax before you went on a patrol when the most unexpected things happened.
  3883. >Doc Octy and Clash were robbing a bank.
  3884. >Nothing out of the ordinary but they brought a friend to help them.
  3885. > “C’mon Spider-girl, make this as pleasurable as possible.”
  3886. >You dodge a green colored energy blast by flipping over it and landing on a car.
  3887. > “Aww. I was hoping for you to counter.”
  3888. >You groan as Lemon Zest, an alien, flew towards you with her eyes glowing pink.
  3889. >This alien girl has been hounding you from time to time.
  3890. >She seems to get get some kind of sexual thrill from fighting you.
  3891. >It was easy to tell as she moaned almost every time you either dodge an attack or hit her.
  3892. >Ducking under a green beam, you spin on your back and shoot web at a tire.
  3893. >You then flung the tire at her, hoping to hit her.
  3894. >Your hopes were dashed as Lemon used her eye beams to incinerate the tire.
  3895. >Taking a chance, you shot some web at her face and it hits her in the eyes.
  3896. > “Damn it, nice shot.”
  3897. >While Lemon was trying to get the webs off her face, you ran towards the floating alien and jumped onto her.
  3898. >As she fell onto her back, you started to web her legs to the ground as she got the web off of her face.
  3899. >She tried to release another energy bolt but you webbed her hand to the ground.
  3900. > “Can’t wait for the bedroom? You dirty girl.”
  3901. “Sorry, not my type.”
  3902. >You would have said more but your spider sense went off causing you to jump and flip as a car flew by.
  3903. >Looking to your right, you see Clash and Doc Octy walking away from the bank.
  3904. >They stop infront of Lemon as Octy shook her head in disappointment.
  3905. > “Must you do this every time?”
  3906. >Lemon looks at Octy with an innocent smile as Clash snickers.
  3907. > “Sorry but I just-”
  3908. > “I don’t need the details of your fetish, Lemon.”
  3909. >One of Octy’s tentacles grabbed Lemon and pulled her off the ground, ripping the webs.
  3910. >Setting the alien girl down, Octy gives her a dry look.
  3911. > “Now take care of Spider-Menace. You too Clash.”
  3912. >Clash shrugged her shoulders and began walking towards you with Lemon following from behind.
  3913. > “Got nothing better to do. You up for a little team up, Lemon?”
  3914. >Lemon’s eyes began to glow as she smiles and dusts off her purple outfit.
  3915. > “Eh, sure. Kinda one sided though and no fun.”
  3916. >You just stared at them, getting ready to fight.
  3917. “What else could go wrong?”
  3918. >As if the gods heard you, your spider sense goes off once again.
  3919. >This time you jump off the car and land on the side of a building as a car hits the ground and flips towards your opponents.
  3920. >They get out of the way as you look behind you to see where that car came from.
  3921. “...Oh fuck me.”
  3922. >Standing at the end of the street, in a familiar white and black suit, was none other than Tonic.
  3923. >You see him look at the robbers then at you.
  3924. > “Room for one more?”
  3927. >You’re a male hero with a symbiote so you're obviously Anon in the Tonic suit.
  3928. >You just stood there waiting to see what will happen next.
  3929. >Spider-Woman was just glancing between you and those girls in front of the bank.
  3930. >Speaking of the girls, two of them looked familiar for some reason.
  3931. >Taking a closer look, you instantly knew who those two were.
  3932. >It was Doc Octy and Clash from that one time at the mall.
  3933. ‘I was wondering what happened to them.’
  3934. > ‘Now you know.’
  3935. ‘And they have a friend with them.’
  3936. >The girl next to them was a strange looking one.
  3937. >She had green hair and green glowing eyes which put you a bit on edge.
  3938. >Her outfit didn’t leave much to the imagination.
  3939. >Purple top that covered her chest, small purple skirt and thigh high purple boots.
  3940. >With a shake of your head, you point at the mystery girl as she tensed up.
  3941. “So, what's your name?”
  3942. >The new blinks at your question as the others looks at you.
  3943. > “What’s it to you?”
  3944. “Well I know Clash and Octy beside you.”
  3945. >You could see Clash shake a little bit as if she’s snickering at her companion’s name.
  3946. “And you would have to be a fool not to know of Spider-Woman up there.”
  3947. >You could see Spider-Woman flipping you off which makes you smile.
  3948. “But I don’t know you.”
  3949. >The new girl just smiles as her eyes and hands glow green.
  3950. > “Name's Lemon Zest. Now let's have some fun.”
  3951. >She began launching a barrage of green energy blasts at you causing your sense to act up.
  3952. >Dodging the blasts, you hide behind a car as you try to figure out how to pound that girl.
  3953. >You meant beat her.
  3954. >Looking around, you a few random objects that you could use against her.
  3955. >None of them seem good enough to use.
  3956. > ‘Host, the manhole.’
  3957. >You spot what Tonic saw and got an idea.
  3958. > “You hiding from little old me?”
  3960. >Raising both of your hands, you shot a bunch of webs at random things and that manhole cover.
  3961. “Just getting your present ready.”
  3962. >With a flick of the wrist, you send the random stuff flying towards her as pull the manhole cover towards you.
  3963. >You look around the edge of the car to see Lemon look up and start to shoot energy into the air.
  3964. > “Aw, you shouldn’t have.”
  3965. >Taking a chance, you ran from your spot and threw the manhole cover at Lemon while she was distracted with blasting random shit.
  3966. >The manhole cover flew towards her as you followed after it.
  3967. >After Lemon destroyed a few of the shit you threw, she looked down at you with her eyes as wide as saucers.
  3968. >Lemon couldn’t do anything as the manhole cover hits her head, forcing it back.
  3969. >You quickly shot some web at her feet and pulled back causing Lemon to fly towards you.
  3970. >Once she got within arms reach, you tried to grab her as she headbutted you.
  3971. >Stumbling back a bit, you could see Lemon smile with a strange glint in her eyes.
  3972. >”Gotta do better than that.”
  3973. >She fired a green beam from her eyes as you dodge and shot a webline behind her.
  3974. > “You couldn’t  hit a dumpster if it was auu g.”
  3975. >Lemon stops talking as you pulled a trash can towards her.
  3976. >She stumbles forward as you throw a punch to her face.
  3977. >Not giving her any time to recover, you grab her arm and flip her onto her back.
  3978. > “MMMmm nn.”
  3979. >A moan escapes Lemon’s lips as she looks at you with a grin on her face.
  3980. >Your senses go crazy as her eyes began to glow.
  3981. >A green beam heading towards you making you jump out of the way while shooting a bunch of web bullets at her.
  3983. >The moment you land, you duck under a shockwave as your senses go haywire.
  3984. >Looking to the side, you see Clash standing there with her arms raised.
  3985. > “Wasn’t gonna let Lemon have all the fun, Tonic.”
  3986. >She charges up another blast as you jump into the air while shooting some web at Clash.
  3987. >Seeing the webs coming, Clash fired the shockwave at the ground and causing the concrete to making a barrier.
  3988. >Taking a huge chance, you run towards the makeshift barrier with the stupidest idea ever.
  3989. > ‘Please don’t tell me you’re gonna do it.’
  3990. >Once you were within arms reach of the barrier, you vaulted over it and punch Clash in the chest.
  3991. > ‘And you did it.’
  3992. >The force of your punch sent her into the arms of Octy as she glared at you and sent a bladed tentacle at you.
  3993. >It doesn’t even reach you as a web bullet hits the tentacle, sending it to the ground.
  3994. >Looking up, you see Spider-woman hanging from the ledge of the building with her hand raised.
  3995. “You couldn’t have helped sooner?”
  3996. > “Wanted to see how you handle yourself.”
  3997. “....Dick move.”
  3998. >She shrugs before jumping off the building as a green beam hits the spot she was hanging from.
  3999. >You even backflip over a beam as your senses went crazy.
  4000. >When you and Spider-woman landed, you turned to see Lemon and she was starting to scare you.
  4001. >It wasn’t the fact that she had her hand raised and glowing.
  4002. >That seemed normal from what you could tell.
  4003. >What was scaring you was the smile and the look in her eyes.
  4004. >Lemon lowered her arms as she started to hug herself.
  4005. > “Ohhh this feeling. I thought I could only get this with my love but you.”
  4006. >She looks at you with her eyes slightly closed as her hands cup her cheeks.
  4007. > “But you.”
  4008. ‘I’m starting to feel dirty from this.’
  4009. > “You were able to make me feel so alive. I must have you and my Spider-Woman.”
  4010. > ‘Host?’
  4011. ‘Tonic, don’t.’
  4012. > ‘I just want to say…’
  4013. ‘I’m warning you.’
  4014. > ‘Don’t EVER breed with her.’
  4015. ‘Damnit Tonic, I said….. Wait, what?’
  4016. > ‘I said don’t breed with her. She’s too crazy, host.’
  4017. “..... You know what fuck today.”
  4018. >You just shot a web behind you and just pulled it, hoping for something big to throw at them.
  4019. >It was wishful thinking but what you got was a bus flying over your head and towards the trio.
  4020. >It would have crushed the alien and the other two if there was one thing you didn’t miss.
  4021. >You forgot about Clash and her shockwave power bullshit, which she used to destroy the bus.
  4022. >Raising your arm you create a shield to protect you from the debris.
  4023. >Once it was over, you lowered your shield to see that the villainous trio had disappeared.
  4024. “Fuck. They got away.”
  4025. > “Yes ad it’s your fault.”
  4026. >You turn to glare at her even though she couldn’t see it.
  4027. “My fault? If I didn’t show up you would have been that alien’s plaything.”
  4028. > “I was doing fine you piece of…”
  4029. >Police sirens were heard coming your way.
  4030. “Shit, the cops.”
  4031. >You jump into the air and start to swing away as Spider-Woman was yelling at you.
  4032. >All you wanted to do right now was go home and sleep.
  4033. > ‘You do need to do your homework and eat first.’
  4034. >Scratch that, do your homework and have a nice meal before you sleep.
  4035. > ‘And some chocolate.’
  4036. ‘Fine, Tonic.’
  4038. >Be Starlight, the director of this facility.
  4039. >It’s been over a week since Alpha began the test run for the glider and it's been nothing but a headache for you.
  4040. >When you started this project, everything seemed to good according to plan.
  4041. >No side effects, no explosions and no setbacks.
  4042. >That is until many different complaints and reports started to appear on your desk.
  4043. >From what many of the reports showed, Alpha had the strength to destroy a few of the labs equipment.
  4044. “That’s shows the serum is working.”
  4045. >Looking at another report, you see a psychological test and a report on his behavior.
  4046. >Both of which don't fill you with any amount of joy.
  4047. >You don’t even need to look through the complaints to know that Alpha either hurt someone or was harassing someone.
  4048. >Mainly the female staff.
  4049. >Letting out a groan, you threw the complaints to the side and continued to work when your phone started to beep.
  4050. “What now?”
  4051. >Without any hesitation, you press the button on the phone.
  4052. “Yes?”
  4053. > “Miss Starlight, Alpha’s here to see you as you requested.”
  4054. >Taking a moment to prepare yourself, you told them to send Alpha in.
  4055. >A moment later Alpha opened the doors and strolled in as if he was bored of everything.
  4056. >Stopping in front of your desk, Alpha just looked at you as if you were a fly compared to him.
  4057. > “You wanted to see me?”
  4058. >You stare at him for a moment before gesturing to the one other seat in the room.
  4059. “Please sit.”
  4060. >He sits in the chair while using your desk as a footrest.
  4061. >Taking one of your pens, you push the mercenary’s feet off your desk.
  4062. “Now, can you explain to me why I'm getting so many complaints from my subordinates about your behavior?”
  4063. > “I'm not much of a people person.”
  4064. “Regardless of your… life choices, you need to conduct yourself in a proper manner with these tests.”
  4065. >He nods his head while waving his hand around in a circular motion.
  4066. > “So we can find out my limits and blah blah blah. All I need to do is go out there and clean up your mess.”
  4068. >Glaring at the mercenary, you take a moment to take a calming breath before you say something.
  4069. “Yes but the glider and the suit aren't finished yet so we will continue with the tests for the unseeable future.”
  4070. > “Just give me them as they are and I'll take care for your problem tonight.”
  4071. >He was really starting to annoy you with his constant “Take care of your problem” talks.
  4072. >It's times like these, you wish you were somewhere else doing something else.
  4073. >Maybe you should of listened to mom and should have been a therapist.
  4074. “We can’t, Alpha.”
  4075. > “And why not, director? Trying to make sure your ass won't be on the line?”
  4076. “No but I'd be worried about yours, Alpha. You may have volunteered for this project but it doesn't make you any less expendable than you already are.”
  4077. >He gets up from the chair and began to walk towards the door.
  4078. > “You mean like yourself. I've heard that the boss hasn't been to happy with you lately.”
  4079. >Opening the door, he just stands in the doorway with his back facing you.
  4080. > “Makes me wonder how much longer you'll last before the boss terminates your contract.”
  4081. >He began to walk through the doorway while humming to himself.
  4082. “I'll be here longer than you mercenary.”
  4083. >He stops and turns to look at you curiously.
  4084. “While I might be on thin ice, our boss needs me more than he needs you. Don't think for a moment that you’re invincible because you became a part of this project. We can have you replaced with twenty others fairly easily, Alpha.”
  4085. >You feel a bit happy when you saw Alpha’s smile turn into a frown.
  4086. “Do remember that. We can always use new personnel who will listen to their orders.”
  4087. >He nods at your hidden message of “Don’t fuck up”.
  4088. “Do you understand, Alpha.”
  4089. > “......Crystal.”
  4092. >Alpha closes the door, giving you a bit of piece for the time being.
  4093. >Now all you had to do was finish a few more reports and…..
  4094. >Rrrrriiiinnnngggg, rrrriiiiinnnngggg
  4095. >Answer that god damned phone.
  4096. >Pushing a button on the phone, you lazily look through another report on Alpha.
  4097. “Yes?”
  4098. > “Miss Starlight. It's Jim from the research division and I need to talk to you.”
  4099. “Can it wait? I'm a bit busy at the moment.”
  4100. > “It's about the symbiotes.”
  4101. >You stay quiet of a moment before releasing a sigh.
  4102. “I'll be there in a minute.”
  4103. >Ending the call, you rose from your seat and walked out of your office.
  4104. “I really should have listened to mom.”
  4105. >While you were walking towards the labs, your thoughts began to drift to the Alpha’s words.
  4106. > “Makes me wonder how much longer you'll last before the boss terminates your contract.”
  4107. >While he was an asshole, he was right.
  4108. >Your boss can fire you at anytime he wants and replace you just as easily.
  4109. >You shake your head to get rid of though thoughts as you walk into another room.
  4110. > “Miss Starlight.”
  4111. >Looking to the sound of the voice, you could see Jim typing away at one of the few computer in the room.
  4112. “Jim, what was so important that you need to call me down?”
  4113. >Turning the monitor to face you, he points at the bottom of the screen.
  4114. > “Well, as you know our experiments with the symbiotes were going well enough to understand and weaponize them.”
  4115. “Please get to the point.”
  4116. >The screen changes from a documented report to a bunch of different images.
  4117. > “Right, well we were able to stabilize most of the projects at the moment with our limited personnel. The reason I called was for Project Scorn.”
  4118. >The images on the screen disappear as a video window appears.
  4119. >Jim pressed the play button, starting the video.
  4120. >The video itself just showed the symbiote in question near a couple of different things like a calculator and what appears to be some broken machine.
  4121. >The symbiote moves towards the various stuff around it, confusing you.
  4122. “What’s it doing?”
  4123. >You watch as the symbiote cover the broken machine and began to dismantle it.
  4124. “What?”
  4125. >The symbiote was taking everything apart and creating a cybernetic arm with the parts.
  4126. >Jim stops the video just as the arm began to flex.
  4127. > “Do you see why u called you down here? Scorn has been the only one to show a power like this.”
  4128. >As Jim went off to explain the finer points of the project, you tried to come to gripes about what you just saw.
  4129. >A symbiote that can merge with machines or reconstruct them.
  4130. >This opened a few possibilities on what you can use Scorn for.
  4131. >This could even save your job if you show your boss.
  4132. >Think of your boss made Alpha’s words echo through your head once more.
  4133. >  “Makes me wonder how much longer you'll last before the boss terminates your contract.”
  4134. >  “Makes me wonder how much longer you'll last before the boss terminates your contract.”
  4135. >You could hear those words as if Alpha was taunting you from within your mind.
  4136. >Suddenly you felt a hand on your shoulder causing you to flinch.
  4137. > “Miss Starlight?”
  4138. >Turning to the voice, you see it was just Jim who was touching you.
  4139. > “You spaced out for a moment. Are you okay?”
  4140. >Taking a deep breath to calm yourself, you nod your head at his question.
  4141. “I'm fine. I was just thinking of what you showed me. Has this been the project progressed any further than this?”
  4142. >With a shake of his head, Jim types something on the computer.
  4143. > “No, we just finished testing on this and gonna move to the bonding stage.”
  4144. >He continues to type on the computer as he turns to monitor back towards himself.
  4145. > “I can have a test subject ready in the next day or two.”
  4146. “No.”
  4147. >Jim looks up from the computer, confused by your answer.
  4148. > “But we need time.”
  4149. “Time is something we don't have. We'll move to the bonding stage now.”
  4152. > “I know we're pressed for time but we need to find a someone who can bond to Scorn. Plus we need to prep our equipment.”
  4153. “Then get everything ready for the bonding process. As for the subject, i already have someone in mind.”
  4154. > “What? But it takes us at least a few hours just to find a decent match. Ninety-five percent of the time, the bonding process fails and they don't properly sync.
  4155. “I know, Jim. Which is why I'm gonna bond with Scorn.”
  4157. >Be Anon as you swing away from the crime scene and away from Spider-Woman.
  4158. > ‘Shouldn’t you have stayed?”
  4159. ‘No.’
  4160. > ‘Why not?’
  4161. >You make a sharp left onto Cherry Avenue as you hear a police siren below you.
  4162. ‘I'm not dealing with Spider-Woman again.’
  4163. >You land on the roof of some store while catching your breath.
  4164. “Besides, she does this stuff herself.”
  4165. > ‘True but…..’
  4166. >Do do do doooo. Do do do dooo.
  4167. “Tonic, my phone please.”
  4168. >The suit makes a pocket that you reach in and pull out your cell phone.
  4169. >Sliding your finger over the screen, you brought the phone to the side of your face.
  4170. “Hello?”
  4171. > “Anon, it's your mom.”
  4172. > ‘What does she want?’
  4173. “Hey, mom. What's up?”
  4174. > “Just wanted to tell you to pick up an italian bread on your way home for dinner. Also your cousin and a friend of hers will be staying the night.”
  4175. >You let out a sigh at that.
  4176. “Why is she staying over? Her parents gone for the night?”
  4177. >You don’t hate your cousin, in fact you like to see her from time to time.
  4178. >It’s just her friends that make you feel uncomfortable.
  4179. >The last time she had a friend with her, you constantly felt as if you were being judged on everything.
  4180. “Sure I'll get right on it, mom.”
  4181. > “Also try to play nice with your cousin.”
  4182. > ‘Sounds like you have a bit of trouble.’
  4183. “As long as I'm not being examined like a science project then I'll try.”
  4184. > “That’s all i ask.”
  4185. “Ok, bye.”
  4186. >Hanging up the phone,  you put it back in your pocket somehow and jumped into a dark alleyway.
  4187. > ‘Do you always have to go into these kind of places?’
  4188. ‘It's either the alleys or a dumpster and I'm willing to bet that you don't want to touch trash.’
  4189. > ‘.....Good point.’
  4192. >It took you a bit longer but you're finally home with the bread.
  4193. “Mom, I'm home.”
  4194. > “In the kitchen.”
  4195. >Walking into the kitchen, you see your mom chopping some onions and peppers.
  4196. “Got the bread. So what're you making?”
  4197. >You watch as she scraps the choppings into a bowl as starts to measure some marsala wine.
  4198. > “Oh just a pork, corn and bacon recipe I found online.”
  4199. >She started to mix most of the stuff together as the smell assaults your nose.
  4200. “Smells good. Anyways I'm just gonna hang out for a bit.”
  4201. >Just you were about to leave the room, your mom grabs your shoulder and turns you to face her.
  4202. > “Before you do that, why don't you say hello to your cousin.”
  4203. >You blink in surprise at her request.
  4204. “I figured she would be here later.”
  4205. > “Nope, she’s here right now with her friend. So why don't you say hello…”
  4206. >She gives you a small glare causing you to try and take a step back.
  4207. > “And try to be nice this time.”
  4208. “Got it.”
  4209. >She lets go of your shoulder and gives you a reassuring smile.
  4210. > “Good, now go on. They’re in the basement.”
  4211. >You leave the kitchen and let out a sigh.
  4212. > ‘Why were you scared, host?’
  4213. ‘You might not know this but parents can be cruel if they want to be.’
  4214. > ‘I’ll take your word for it. So you gonna greet your distant family?’
  4215. ‘Might as well.’
  4216. >You walk into the basement trying to brace yourself for the worst.
  4217. >Looking towards the couch, you see your cousin lounging there in her school uniform while watching TV.
  4218. >She didn’t seem to see you as her attention was on the show she was watching, football you believe from the commentary.
  4219. > “He’s reaching the thirty yard line. The twenty annnnnd dd ….Touchdown, Colts.”
  4220. >Your cousin jumps from the couch and starts to punch the air in excitement.
  4221. > “Yeah, go Colts.”
  4222. >You smile at her antics
  4223. > ‘That’s your cousin?’
  4224. ‘Yup.’
  4225. “Hey, Indigo. How’s it going?”
  4226. >She stops her cheering while she blushes.
  4227. > “Oh ah hey Anon. Didn’t see you there.”
  4229. “Just got here.”
  4230. >Walking to the couch, you take a seat as Indigo does the same.
  4231. “So it’s been a while. How’re you doing? Still on the soccer team at Crystal Prep?”
  4232. >Indigo leans back as she nonchalantly shrugs.
  4233. > “It sure has been, huh. But I’m doing fine and you know it.”
  4234. >You shake your head but smile nonetheless.
  4235. >Indigo was always an easy person to talk to, at least you thought so.
  4236. “That’s good. So i heard you brought a friend.”
  4237. >She looks at you with her eyebrow raised.
  4238. > “Yeah?”
  4239. “Please tell me it’s not Sour or Sugarcoat.”
  4240. >Slapping you on the back, Indigo just grins at you.
  4241. > “What? Didn’t like them?”
  4242. “I had to deal with one being so blunt that I got hurt by her words while the other was a ticking time bomb of emotions. So no, I didn’t like them.”
  4243. >She holds her hands over her heart dramatically as if I stabbed her.
  4244. > “They’re gonna be heartbroken when they hear that.”
  4245. “I doubt it. So who did you bring over then? Is it Sunny this time?”
  4246. > “Nope. I brought someone new this time. And there she is.”
  4247. >Hearing footsteps, you turn to greet the person as the words die in your throat.
  4248. >Behind you was a familiar green haired amber eyed girl that you saw not that long ago.
  4249. >Indigo walks past you and hugs your enemy.
  4250. > “Anon, meet Lemon Zest. Lemon meet Anon.”
  4251. >Lemon takes a few steps towards you and gives you a bear hug.
  4252. >Almost breaking your spine in half.
  4253. > “Nice to meet ya, Anon.”
  4255. >Lemon holds out her hand to you and you’re unsure of what’s going on.
  4256. > ‘Just shake her hand before she gets suspicious.’
  4257. ‘Right.’
  4258. >You grab her hand to shake it but she pulls you into a tight hug.
  4259. > “It’s so nice to meet you.”
  4260. >She squeezes you as you awkwardly pat her on the back.
  4261. “It’s nice to meet you too, Lemon. Now can you let me go.”
  4262. > “No.”
  4263. >Turning to your cousin, you see her holding a hand over her mouth as her shoulders were shaking.
  4264. “Help me, Indigo.”
  4265. >She gives you an amused look while crossing her arms over her chest.
  4266. > “I don’t know. It looks like you’re enjoying it.”
  4267. “C’mon Indigo. Help me.”
  4268. > “Fine. Hey Lemon, can you let him go?”
  4269. >Lemon lets you go as you land into a crumpled heap on the floor.
  4270. “Thanks.”
  4271. >Lemon and Indigo grab your hands and help you up just as mom calls you up for dinner.
  4272. >Indigo and Lemon run up the stairs while yelling, “Hurry up, Anon or there won’t be anything left for you.”
  4273. >You just stand there in the basement, trying to understand what the fuck was going on.
  4274. ‘Why is she here?’
  4275. > ‘I don’t know host but you should be careful.’
  4276. ‘Really? I would have never guessed to do that.’
  4277. > ‘Sarcasm aside, you should be careful. There's no telling what could happen if she finds out you're Tonic.’
  4278. ‘It’s a good thing i won't be spending a lot of time with them.’
  4280. >You're sitting at the table with your parents, cousin and her crazy alien friend.
  4281. >You keep quiet as everyone talks and eats as Indigo looks at you.
  4282. > “So what’s new, Anon?”
  4283. “Not much, just been hanging out with some friends and stuff. Had Pinkie over a while ago.”
  4284. >Indigo smirks at you while pointing her fork at you.
  4285. > “She still as fun as I remember? That party was one of the best she ever did.”
  4286. “And as random but she's still cool to hang out with.”
  4287. >Your cousin gives you a sly smile.
  4288. > “Why not ask her out? I'm sure she would love that.”
  4289. >Lemon looks up from her meal, confused.
  4290. > “Does Anon like this Pinkie girl?”
  4291. > “It’s more of Pinkie liking Anon here. I still remember the time when she would just latch onto him like some kind of pink monkey.”
  4292. > ‘That happened recently. Does she do that often?’
  4293. ‘Not that much.’
  4294. >You give the girls a dry look as they giggle.
  4295. “I doubt she would go for it. Too busy planning parties and whatnot.”
  4297. >Meanwhile in another part of town.
  4298. >Said girl was currently writing in a notebook with a crazy look on her face.
  4299. > “YES! YES!! YES!! With this, I'm sure to get some alone time with Anon.”
  4300. >Ding.
  4301. > “Oh no, the cakes.”
  4303. “Besides I'm too busy at the moment.”
  4304. >Indigo and Lemon shake their heads at your answer.
  4305. > “Anon, you’re a moron.”
  4306. >The green haired girl gives you a pity like stare.
  4307. > “She sounds like me.”
  4308. >A small smile forms on her face.
  4309. > “I found someone who makes me feel alive. But that changed earlier today.
  4310. >You start to feel uneasy, luckily everyone looks at Lemon who has a far away look in her eyes.
  4311. > “I met someone today who gives me the same feelings and don’t know what to do.”
  4312. >Indigo smiles as your mom gushes.
  4313. > “He was such a gentleman. He took care of my needs and treated me like a lady.”
  4314. >She sighs lovingly as that uneasy feeling grows inside you.
  4315. > ‘I don’t know much about your culture but did that happen, host? I’m not sure i missed something.”
  4316. ‘I think it’s just how she saw it in her perverted mind.’
  4317. > ‘I thought so. …..Don’t mate with her, host.’
  4318. ‘Wasn’t gonna do that. At least i won’t be dealing with anymore crazy girls in my life.’
  4320. >Meanwhile
  4321. >A pink baker, a spider themed hero, an octopus armed woman, a bodysuited girl, a cybernetic armed student and fashionista all sneezed.
  4322. >In a secured location at the same time.
  4323. >“Achoo.”
  4324. >The woman in the lab coat hands you a tissue.
  4325. > “Bless you.”
  4327. >You take the tissue and blow your nose.
  4328. >“So, what did you need Trixie for Miss…”
  4329. > “Glimmer and I can offer you the freedom you desire.”
  4330. > “.....Trixie is interested.”
  4332. >You suddenly felt a chill run up your spine and Indigo noticed.
  4333. > “What’s up, Anon?”
  4334. “I felt as if someone walked over my grave.”
  4335. > “Ouch.”
  4337. >Dinner continued without any else happening.
  4338. >Except for a few more details of Lemon’s love life.
  4339. >Hearing those things made you pity Spider-Woman, no matter how much you disliked her.
  4340. >Only a little bit though.
  4341. >If you had a chance, you would still throw her at Lemon though.
  4342. >Even though she was very affectionate towards you and saying you were her newest best friend.
  4343. >It came as a shock that when she hugged you that she didn’t squeeze the living shit out of you.
  4344. >Still it was nice to feel her chest on yours.
  4345. >You returned the hug but had to assure Tonic that this didn't mean you were thinking of breeding with her.
  4346. >Anyways now you’re in your room watching a movie.
  4347. >Waiting for yourself to fall asleep.
  4348. “And there's the kick,” you muttered, bored out of your mind.
  4349. > ‘Host, why’re you watching this film if you know what's going to happen?’
  4350. “Because i’m either waiting for sleep or something interesting to happen. To tell the truth, I’m hoping for the former,” you muttered to your bodily roommate.
  4351. >You let out a yawn as something made a loud sound outside.
  4352. > ‘I think something interesting is gonna happen.’
  4353. “You don’t know that. It could be a raccoon for all you know,” you said desperately.
  4354. >Getting off your bed, you quietly walk towards your window and take a peek outside.
  4355. >What you saw was two feminine bodies going down the street, one running and the other was flying.
  4356. >You felt a bit of dread as the running one ran by a streetlight and saw her blue hair as she rounded the corner.
  4357. “Son of a bitch,” you said, grabbing your phone and walking out the room.
  4358. > ‘You gonna follow them?’
  4359. “I’m just gonna see what they’re up to,” you said to yourself as you walked out the front door.
  4360. >You started to run as Tonic formed the suit over you and began to web swing.
  4361. >After a few minutes of following the girls, you saw them enter one of the abandoned buildings.
  4362. >You landed on the side of the building as you crawl towards the top, looking for an entrance.
  4363. >Luckily once you got to the roof, you saw a door open with a staircase leading into the building.
  4364. >Taking extra care not to make a sound, you slowly yet quietly walk down the stairs and into a small storage room.
  4365. “Now where did Indigo go?” you muttered, looking around the room.
  4366. > ‘There's a window. Maybe you'll see her from there.’
  4367. >You walk towards the window while kneeling down so no one can see you.
  4368. >With your back against the wall, Tonic’s suit faded away as you perked out the window.
  4369. >The good news was that you saw Indigo and she was as safe as can be.
  4370. >The bad news was that Lemon, Doc Octy, Clash and a few others were there.
  4371. > ‘This is bad, host’
  4372. “This is very bad,” you said, watching the small group talk amongst themselves.
  4375. >Looking back at the group, you saw Indigo playing with two short staves by juggling them.
  4376. >She seemed to be talking to someone with a bow on her back and a girl with energy wings but was too far away to tell.
  4377. >Backing away from the window, you turned to see a ladder leading to who knows where.
  4378. > ‘I’m not sure if that’s a good idea,’ Tonic said as you walked to the ladder.
  4379. “Yeah but I need to know what’s up,” you said, climbing up the ladder and onto a walkway.
  4380. >You began walking towards the center slowly as you try to listen to the conversation below you.
  4381. > “So is everyone here?” Indigo asked to the others in the theater.
  4382. >No that were somewhat closer, you could see that your cousin was wearing a black and purple bodysuit with her goggles over her eyes.
  4383. > “We’re all here, Indigo,” Lemon said, wearing her purple skirt, top, gloves and boots you saw her in earlier today.
  4384. >You weren’t really surprised she was wearing that.
  4385. > “Except for the ones who got caught,” a whitish haired girl said as she lounged on a chair.
  4386. >She looked very familiar and it took you a moment to figure out why.
  4387. “Holy shit, it’s Sugarcoat,” you muttered to yourself.
  4388. >It was shocking to see the blunt girl wearing tight white pants, halter top, heels and cape.
  4389. >She looked pretty hot in that if you were honest.
  4390. > “We shouldn’t be too hard on them. After all they’re morons of the highest caliber,” a very familiar bipolar voice said.
  4391. >You saw another of Indigo’s friends and you groaned at who it was.
  4392. >Sour Sweet was leaning against a the wall while wearing a tight purple outfit with a quiver of arrows on her back and a bow in her hands.
  4393. >Right next to her was Sunny Flare wearing a dark bodysuit with gold shoulder pads and a bird symbol on the front.
  4394. > “We might as well start,” Sunny said, taking a seat with Doc Octy and Clash at a table.
  4395. > “And what’s on today’s agenda?” Doc Octy asked sarcastically while waving her hand.
  4397. > “One that I’m sure you’re familiar with,” Sunny said, getting the doctor’s attention.
  4398. > “If this is another Spider-Bitch thing I swear,” Octy began to say as her tentacles rose up threateningly.
  4399. > “It’s not about that bitch but you’re right on it being related to her,” Sunny said, scowling a bit.
  4400. >You were wondering who she meant as Lemon floated towards the group with a curious look on her face.
  4401. > “What do you mean, Sunny?” Lemon asked, tilting her head to the side.
  4402. >Watching the group, you see Indigo and the rest of the girls gather around the table.
  4403. >Sunny sighs while running a hand through her short pink hair.
  4404. > “I’m talking about our newest menace, Tonic,” Sunny said, sounding either bored or tired.
  4405. >It was hard to tell from up here.
  4406. > ‘Looks like they’re gonna talk about us.’
  4407. “It’s nothing something to be proud of, Tonic,” you muttered as you watch everyone’s reaction.
  4408. > “HIM!!” Doc Octy yelled angrily.
  4409. > “Him,” Clash said mildly.
  4410. > “Him~” Lemon said dreamily.
  4411. > “Who?” everyone else asked, confused.
  4412. >Sunny just sighed and said, “A new hero that’s been seen every so often.”
  4413. > “What’s so great about this would be hero? Isn’t this Tonic like Spider-Woman, Magick and the others?” Indigo asked, using her staff as a makeshift cane.
  4414. >Sunny shook her head as she pulled out a few pieces of paper and placed them on the table.
  4415. >From what you could tell, they were photos of something.
  4416. > “From a few reports, Tonic isn’t like the other heroes. He seems to come and go as he wants,” Sunny said, getting everyone’s attention.
  4417. > “Isn’t that a good thing?” Indigo asked, looking at Sunny.
  4418. >The rest of the girls seemed to be questioning that as well while Sunny just sat there.
  4419. > “While he’s not as active as the other heroes, this still poses a problem for us,” Sunny said, crossing her arms under her chest.
  4421. > “A problem? It just means that we don’t have to see his face like Spider-Bitch,” Sour said, inspecting an arrow.
  4422. > “True but i don’t like it,” Sunny said, grabbing a photo and glaring at it.
  4423. >The others look confused as Lemon asked, “Why don’t you like it? Is he not following some kind of rule or something?”
  4424. >Sunny doesn’t answer but puts the photo back onto the table.
  4425. > “No but it’s becoming a challenge to see what side he’s on,” Sunny said truthfully.
  4426. > “If that’s all then why don’t we just capture him or something,” Sugarcoat said, not even paying attention to her supposed leader.
  4427. > “Let’s go for that idea,” Lemon said excitedly while jumping out of her seat and floating in the air.
  4428. >You saw Sunny drophead head onto the table which almost made you laugh.
  4429. > ‘We should leave, host.’
  4430. “Probably a good idea,” you said, standing up.
  4431. >The girls talk amongst themselves as you started to walk back to the ladder.
  4432. >Just as you got off the ladder, you slipped and fell on your back.
  4433. > “What was that?” you heard one of the girls yell.
  4434. “Fuck,” you swore quietly.
  4435. > ‘RUN HOST.’
  4439. ‘I got a better idea,’ you said in his thoughts.
  4440. >You slowly get up and groan as loud as you could.
  4441. “Fuck that hurts,” you said, rubbing your back.
  4442. > ‘What’re you doing?’
  4443. ‘It's called improvising,’ you said to your bodily roommate.
  4444. >It takes a moment for someone to come crashing into the room.
  4445. >The surprising thing was that Indigo came through the ladder opening, landed just above you with her staff just an inch away from your throat.
  4446. > “Now who're….. Anon?” Indigo said, once she got a look at your face.
  4447. >You look up at her face and force your eyes wide to show a shocked face.
  4448. >At least you hope it's a shocked face.
  4449. “Indigo? What’re you doing and can you get that away from me?” you ask nervously while moving your head away from her staff.
  4450. >She blinks as she saw where her staff was and moved it away from your throat.
  4451. >You let out a sigh of relief as your cousin offers you her hand which you take as she helps you up.
  4452. “Thanks,” you said, rubbing your back.
  4453. >Indigo sighs and said, “Why are you here Anon? And for that matter how did you find this place?”
  4454. >You were about to answer just as a familiar metal tentacle wrapped around your torso and pulled you out through the ladder opening.
  4455. >The very next moment you were tossed away from Octy and towards the ground.
  4456. >You had to stop yourself from doing something when your sense went wild during the fall.
  4457. >It was so tempting to use your webs, land on your hands and feet or anything else just to stop that sense.
  4458. >Luckily you didn’t need to do anything as you started to hover in the air.
  4459. “What?” you said, confused since you stopped falling.
  4460. >You felt two slender arms squeeze your torso as you looked up at the smiling face of Lemon Zest.
  4461. > “Hey Anon,” she said cheerfully, holding you close to her chest.
  4462. >It would have been nice if it wasn’t for the situation.
  4464. “Hey Lemon,” you said easily.
  4465. >She continues to smile as she descends to the ground and letting you go.
  4466. “Thanks,” you said tiredly.
  4467. >She giggles and floats away as you look just in time for Indigo to jump out of the room you were in, flip a couple of times and land with the grace of a cat.
  4468. >Indigo stood up as you heard the sound of excited clapping.
  4469. >Most likely Lemon as the others looked like they were rolling their eyes.
  4470. >With that done, Indigo made her way towards you as you just stood there.
  4471. > ‘What’re you doing, Host?’
  4472. ‘Just trust me,” you said in your thoughts.
  4473. >Indigo stops in front of you and crosses her arms as she looks at you.
  4474. “Eight out of ten,” you said, somewhat impressed by the display.
  4475. > “Thanks, now then,” she said before whacking you over the head with her fist.
  4476. “Ow,” you whined from the light hit.
  4477. >At least your sense didn't go off from that hit.
  4478. > “What the hell are you doing here?” Indigo asked, slightly glaring at you.
  4479. >You rubbed the spot Indigo hit and sent a glare back at her.
  4480. “I was following you after you tipped the garbage can over. And why did you hit me?” you asked in slight anger.
  4481. >Her punch wasn't that painful but you had a role to play and it was the normal school kid.
  4482. > “And how did you get the bright idea to follow us? And for that matter how did you get up there?” Indigo asked, looking angry while her eye twitched a bit.
  4483. “Is it wrong that i was worried about you and your superpowered friend here,” you said, pointing at Lemon who smiled.
  4484. >It came as a surprise as Lemon was suddenly next to you and giving you the biggest bear hug of your life.
  4485. > “I knew we would be great friends,” Lemon said as you felt your back crack every few moments.
  4486. “Yeah, I'm happy too. Now can you stop with the hugging,” you said, trying to break the hug.
  4487. >You instantly stumbled backwards as Lemon let you go and giggled.
  4489. “Thanks,” you said before turning back to Indigo and saying, “To answer how i got up there…. Well i climbed the wall.” you said truthfully as everyone looked at you.
  4490. >Indigo just gives you a deadpan look and dryly says, “You climbed a three story wall?”
  4491. “Yes I climbed the wall. There was no way i was gonna have another rock wall incident happen,” you said off handedly.
  4492. >You instantly regretted saying that once Indigo grabbed your collar, pulled you down and said, “You promised to never speak of it again.”
  4493. >Before you could say anything, Sunny instantly smacked yours and your cousin’s head.
  4494. > “Both of you knock it off,” Sunny said, hands on her hips.
  4495. “What is it with you girls and hitting me today?”
  4496. > “First of all, Anon, shut up. Second, why’re the rest of you just standing around?” Sunny yelled at the rest of the girls.
  4497. >Most of them just shrugged while Sour and Clash snicker to themselves.
  4498. > “I wanted to see if Anon gets beat up or not,” Sour said simply.
  4499. “Love you too, Sour,” you said, flipping her off as she just blew me a kiss.
  4500. >God you hated her.
  4501. > “While that would have been somewhat entertaining, we now have another problem,” Sunny said, rubbing her temples in irritation.
  4502. > “What? Who gets to bring Anon home cause not it,” Sour said, smirking like a shark with Sugarcoat nodding as well.
  4503. >Scratch that, you hated those two equally.
  4504. > ‘I don’t like those two, host.’
  4505. > “No but now we have to decide on what to do with him,” Sunny said, staring at you like you’re some kind of puzzle that needs to be solved.
  4507. “What do you mean?” you asked, feeling your heart skip a beat.
  4508. > “I mean we have to figure out what to do with you,” Sunny said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
  4509. >You were about to speak when Indigo got in between you and Sunny.
  4510. > “Woah, Sunny. Let’s talk this out okay,” Indigo said, holding her arms up.
  4511. >Sunny just stood there as the others didn’t even move from their spots.
  4512. > ‘They don’t seem to care, host.’
  4513. ‘It’s expected of Clash and Octy so i don’t blame them,’ you thought as you were right.
  4514. >You were just some stranger to them so why would they care.
  4515. >Glancing to the side you saw the others stand there, not moving a muscle with Lemon looking ready to fight.
  4516. ‘At least the bipolar alien’s got my back unlike those two,’ you thought, thinking of Sour and Sugarcoat just standing there and watching the show.
  4517. >You half expected them to be eating some popcorn.
  4518. > “Oh? And what’s there to talk about?” Sunny asked, clearly interested in what your cousin has to say.
  4519. >Indigo was looking at you then at Sunny then back at you.
  4520. > “Well, um, i mean we can’t kill him cause it might draw some unwanted attention our way. Plus Anon could be useful to us,” Indigo said desperately.
  4521. >Sunny’s lips twitched as she crossed her arms under her chest.
  4522. > “How can he be of use to us, Indigo?” Sunny asked innocently, clearly enjoying Indigo’s nervousness.
  4523. > “He's smart, not genius level but pretty smart. Anon can also get us some things and we can use his house as a second base,” Indigo said, trying to find some good reasons.
  4524. >You grab the back of her bodysuit and pull her towards you.
  4525. “What’re you doing?” you asked quietly yet angrily.
  4526. > “I'm trying to help you,” Indigo said, equally as quietly and angrily.
  4527. “Well, you're not helping and my house as a second base? What the hell.”
  4528. >Indigo gets out of your grip and turned to face you.
  4529. > “Look Anon, I'm trying to make sure you don't end up like the last guy who found us,” your supervillain of a cousin said, grabbing your shoulders.
  4530. > “......What happened to the last guy?” you asked, feeling way too curious for your own good.
  4531. >A pale face was all you got.
  4532. “That bad?” you asked, somewhat dreading the answer.
  4533. > “Let's just say he goes by the name Daisy now,” Indigo said, not looking at you.
  4534. >Before you were able to do or say anything, something unexpected happened.
  4535. >You heard the sound of laughter.
  4536. >Looking over Indigo’s shoulder, you saw Sunny shaking as she began to laugh.
  4537. “Am I missing something? Why’s Sunny laughing?” you asked out loud.
  4538. >Sunny calms down after her little laughing fit and made her way towards you and Indigo with a sway in her hips.
  4539. > ‘Host, keep looking at her face.’
  4540. ‘Cause she's as crazy as Lemon?’
  4541. > ‘No, it's the polite thing to do. Besides i don’t wish for you to get killed by her.’
  4542. >Tonic made a very good point as you adjusted your gaze from her body to her face.
  4543. > “You don’t have to worry, Anon. We're not gonna kill or hurt you,” Sunny said good heartedly.
  4544. “Forgive me if I don’t believe that,” you said, being very cautious with Sunny.
  4545. >She stops in front of you and smiles at you.
  4546. > “I’ll forgive you this once but I’m serious Anon. None of us will hurt or kill you,” she said, looking you in the eye.
  4547. > “So we can maim him?” Sour ask sweetly.
  4548. >You and the girls on your side glare at Sour as she smirks.
  4549. > “Disregarding Sour’s comment, I mean it Anon. We won’t hurt you,” she said kindly as you let a sigh in relief.
  4550. > “But that doesn’t mean we’re letting you go,” Sunny said, looking completely serious.
  4551. “What?”
  4552. > “I’ll explain, Anon,” she said, leading you to the table.
  4554. >A little later, you were back home on your bed  while thinking of what happened.
  4555. >Your talk with Sunny was a bit crazy yet reasonable.
  4557. >All she said was that you wouldn’t have to worry about getting killed, maimed or a sex change.
  4558. >That was the good news.
  4559. >The bad news was that you practically had to work for Sunny and her small group.
  4560. >At least Sunny, Indigo and Lemon won’t mess with you that much.
  4561. >It’s the others you need to worry about.
  4562. > ‘Was it really wise to agree?’
  4563. “I wasn’t gonna take any chances, Tonic,” you said, rubbing a hand through your hair.
  4564. > ‘You could have taken them.’
  4565. “Yeah but I don’t want to have Indigo or my parents linked to Tonic,” you said, knowing that would be the worst case scenario.
  4566. >Silence was your only answer for the moment as you lean into your bed.
  4567. “I just hope this doesn’t come back to bite me,” you said, closing your eyes.
  4568. >Just as you were about to sleep, you heard Tonic say, ‘Me too, host.’
  4570. >It’s the weekend and you staring at the few things in front of you.
  4571. >It was a matter of life and death.
  4572. >One wrong move.
  4573. >One wrong choice and your done for.
  4574. >You needed to do this carefully or else….
  4575. > “Hurry up, Anon. We're starving here,” your cousin whined, a murmur of agreement following soon after.
  4576. >Looking behind you, the girls were sitting, lying or even floating around the abandoned room pathetically.
  4577. >It was almost a funny sight that you wish you had a camera.
  4578. “Just wait a few more minutes, girls,” you said calmly, turning around to finish preparing the food.
  4579.  > ‘These were the ones you fought before?’
  4580. ‘Hunger is a common enemy with humans. Remember that, Tonic,’
  4581. > ‘Of course but you should still be careful with them.’
  4582. >Giving the symbiote a mental nod, you get back to cooking.
  4583. >It didn’t take you long to finish making monkey pizza bread as you set it out in front of the girls with a small bowl of sauce for each of them.
  4584. “Bon appetit,” you said, bowing to them.
  4585. >The very next moment, the girls made wild grabs for the cheesy food in front of them as if they haven’t eaten for days.
  4586. >Good thing you made your own snack beforehand.
  4587. >A few minutes later, the girls finished the monkey bread as you finished your snack as well.
  4588. > “That was good, Anon,” Indigo said, sighing in relief with the rest of the girls voicing their own agreements.
  4589. >Even Sour and Sugarcoat didn’t say anything snarky at you.
  4590. >Well they looked like they wanted to say something but Sunny cleared her throat, getting everyone’s attention.
  4591. > “Now that we’ve been fed, it’s time for your next assignment, Anon,” Sunny said politely with a smile.
  4592. “Oh boy, does this mean I get my first important mission?” you asked in a fake over exaggerated tone.
  4593. >While Sunny was one of the few people you liked in this little group, it didn’t stop you from being a dick.
  4594. >Luckily Sunny just giggled which helped you lips twitch a bit.
  4595. > “For you, i hope you can deal with this,” Sunny said, looking somewhat concerned.
  4596. >It was a little odd to see her like that.
  4597. “So what am i doing? An errand run? Getting you coffee?” you asked, listing a couple of things.
  4598. >You see Sunny shaking her head negatively as she stood up and walked towards you.
  4599. > “Anon, what i need you to do is to watch over Lemon and make sure she doesn’t do anything drastic,” Sunny said, looking at you apologetically.
  4600. > ‘Host, did i hear right? Cause it sounded like She wants you to watch over the insane one.’
  4601. ‘You heard right,’ you mentally said, wondering why she wants you to do this.
  4602. > “The rest of us are gonna take care of something and the last time we left Lemon alone, she ate all the food and destroyed a toilet,” Sunny said, standing in front of you.
  4603. >You give her a surprised look causing her to laugh at you.
  4604. “Can you….”
  4605. > “No I can't read minds,” she said, easing the tension slightly.
  4606. “Then how…”
  4607. > “You're easy to read sometimes and i was expecting the question,” she said, walking away from you.
  4608. >You weren’t sure if that was a good thing or not.
  4609. > ‘It's not a good thing so be careful around her.’
  4610. ‘Got it, Tonic,’ you mentally said as a pair of arms wrapped around you and lifted you into the air.
  4611. >Looking down, you saw that you were about six feet above the ground.
  4612. >It didn’t take a genius to know who was holding you.
  4613. > “This is gonna be fun. Let's do something fun,” Lemon said, flying both you and herself out of the building.
  4616. > “What should we do? Go to the arcade? The movies?” Lemon asked while listing off a bunch of things you can do with her.
  4617. >Those were good choices and you would have been more than happy to go to any of those places.
  4618. >The only thing was that Lemon was still flying around with you in her arms.
  4619. >Not a bad thing, but it was degrading you think.
  4620. >Or it could have been how uncomfortable it was.
  4621. > ‘Most likely a combination of the two.’
  4622. ‘I was thinking that as well,’ you mentally said, looking down.
  4623. >You instantly look back up, seeing that you were higher than you've ever been since Tonic came into your life.
  4624. “How about we land and walk around first? We might find something to do if we’re on the ground,” you suggested, hoping she would do it.
  4625. >To your relief she said, “Ok,” and flew down towards the park.
  4626. >Once you were on solid ground, Lemon walked in front of you, grabbed your arm and started to drag you to wherever she wants.
  4627. > “I want to check something out quick,” she said, literally dragging you since your feet couldn't keep up with her.
  4628. >It took exactly twenty-eight seconds of running for you to reach somewhere via the Lemon express.
  4629. > “Here we go,” Lemon said happily causing you to look at the sign above the store.
  4630. >The sign had the words “Rockin Beats” in big neon lit letters.
  4631. >It didn’t take a genius to know that this was a music store as the green haired girl started to pull you inside.
  4632. > “C’mon Anon. I want to see if they got anything good,” Lemon said, already checking out some of the cd racks.
  4633. >She was looking through them at such a fast pace that you decided to let her do her own thing as you looked around yourself.
  4634. > ‘What’s this place? And why's that noise so loud?’
  4635. ‘It's just a store and that's music, Tonic. They tend to play it loud,’ you mentally said, lazily looking at posters and cds.
  4636. > ‘Not really liking this, host.’
  4638. ‘We’ll be done soon,’ you told your parasitic buddy as something touches your shoulders.
  4639. >Before you could even think of what to do, you were instantly turned around as you were face to face with Lemon.
  4640. > “Let's go somewhere else, Anon,” she said as she started pulling you towards the door and back into the outside world.
  4641. “Wait, where are we going now?” you asked, keeping up with her better than five minutes ago.
  4642. >Lemon looks at you with a happy smile and says, “I don’t know. We're going wherever the wind blows.”
  4643. “WAIT WHAT?” you yelled as you passed by a bunch of stores.
  4644. >She doesn’t slow down as the park barely comes into view.
  4645. >That’s when it happens.
  4646. >Your senses go crazy as you move slightly faster and closer to Lemon so you could dodge the oncoming threat.
  4647. >For some reason though, your right hand stretched out in front of Lemon’s face as something hit it causing you to grasp the object.
  4648. >Lemon stops once she saw your hand in front of her.
  4649. >She looks at you and says, “Woah. Nice catch, Anon.”
  4650. “Thanks,” you said, looking at the direction the ball came from.
  4651. >A little ways away, you saw a bunch of kids in uniforms with hats and mitts.
  4652. >Before they even had a chance to ask for the ball, you threw it at the little pitcher.
  4653. >The pitcher yelled his thanks as they went back to playing their game.
  4654. > ‘That was nice.’
  4655. >You mentally agree as you turn to see a small look of awe on Lemon’s face.
  4656. > “That was so close. I didn't even see it coming towards me,” Lemon said, taking a step back to look at you.
  4657. “You can thank Indigo for that. She always threw so many balls my way that I might have gotten use to it,” you said, lying through your teeth.
  4658. >She seemed to buy it as she had a thoughtful look and said, “Guess Indigo knows what she's talking about.”
  4659. >You mentally thanked god that Lemon believed all your bullshit as you didn’t want to answer any strange questions.
  4660. > ‘You shouldn’t relax just yet, host.’
  4661. ‘I'll be fine, Tonic. As long as I'm careful, there shouldn't be anything crazy or dangerous going on today,’ you mentally said, feeling that nothing bad will happen.
  4662. >Just then, your senses went crazy causing you to turn around while raising your arms to catch something pink and giggling.
  4663. > “Aww, you caught me,” a familiar voice said excitedly.
  4664. >You blink while looking at the pink giggling mass you caught.
  4665. “Pinkie?” you asked confused.
  4666. > “Yuppers. I wanted to see if i could surprise you,” your party planner friend said as you put her down.
  4667. >She reached into her shirt and pulled out an envelope while holding it out to you.
  4668. > “Here you go,” Pinkie said as you take the envelope from her.
  4669. >You open it and pull out what was inside the envelope.
  4670. >Inside was a simple card the said “Party” with the date and address of said party, which was today.
  4671. >Before you could say if you were able to go or not, Lemon wrapped her arms around your shoulders while leaning on you.
  4672. > “What’cha got, Anon?” Lemon asked, looking at the card in your hand.
  4673. “It’s a party…”
  4674. > “Who’re you?” Pinkie asked, interrupting you while looking at Lemon for the first time.
  4675. >Lemon let go of you as she gave her a smile and a friendly wave.
  4676. > “Hi, I’m Lemon Zest. Nice to meet you,” Lemon introduced herself as Pinkie continued to stare at her.
  4677. > “Nice to meet you too,” Pinkie said in a calm tone while frowning.
  4678. >That was strange since Pinkie loved to make new friends and was happy to do so.
  4679. >Pinkie then turned back to you while smiling a bit happier than a moment ago.
  4680. > “So can you come?” she asked.
  4681. “Maybe. I’ll have to see if I’m still hanging with Lemon later,” you said, not sure if something was planned or if the villainous was still gonna hang around you.
  4682. > “Oh, so she’s hanging out with you,” Pinkie said, looking back at Lemon while stroking her chin in thought
  4683. >Lemon nods her head as she grabs your hand and moves your arm around.
  4684. > “Yup, we’re gonna have fun today. It’s almost like a date,” Lemon said, laughing a bit.
  4685. >Suddenly Pinkie started to glare at the green haired girl next to you as if she was her most hated enemy.
  4686. >It was kinda scary, especially seeing some of her hair instantly go flat.
  4687. >You even felt a cold shiver run down your spine.
  4688. > ‘Host, what’s going on? Why do I want to run away from the pink haired one?’
  4689. ‘I don’t know and you’re not the only one, Tonic,’ you mentally said, wanting nothing more to leave Pinkie alone and go home.
  4690. >Pinkie continues to glare at Lemone before she walks to your other side and grabs your other arm.
  4691. > “Why don’t I tag along? You know what they say, the more the merrier,” Pinkie said, giving Lemon a forced smile.
  4692. >Lemon noticed that, but did something unexpected.
  4693. >She grinned and leaned her chest onto your arm.
  4694. > “Sure,” Lemon said as she started to walk, making you walk with her as Pinkie followed.
  4695. > ‘Host.’
  4696. ‘Yes, I know I tempted fate. Let’s just hope nothing else happens,’ you said to your parasitic friend.
  4698. >Since Pinkie joined your little date, you’ve been feeling very nervous as she clung to your arm.
  4699. >She seemed to be glaring at Lemon, who playfully glares right back.
  4700. >As you walked with the two excitable girls, you passed by a few stores that they wanted to go into.
  4701. >Being a nice guy, and not wanting an argument to happen, you escorted them to the various stores.
  4702. >Luckily you didn’t need to carry anything since they were just looking around.
  4703. >Though Lemon did find a strange called Giggles and wanted to go there.
  4704. >You told her to go when Indigo was with her.
  4705. >After visiting a couple more store, you and the girls were at the last store of the street.
  4706. >The candy store.
  4707. > ‘You better get more chocolate,’ Tonic instructed from your mind.
  4708. ‘I was gonna do that anyways, mom,’ you sassed, walking down the chocolate aisle.
  4709. > ‘Don’t back talk and you wouldn't want to be my child, host,’ Tonic commented, ‘Get that one. It tastes so smooth.’
  4710. >Nodding, you grab a few bars while looking at a box of truffles.
  4711. >Just then your senses went crazy as you turned around with your arms wide open and wrapped them around your attacker.
  4712. > “Wow, you’re quick, Anon,” Lemon cheered, wrapping her arms around your neck and nuzzling you.
  4713. >It felt nice feeling her soft hair brush against you as you could smell her vanilla shampoo.
  4714. “Pinkie does this every day so I  sort of built a sixth sense for this,” you lied, happy she could see your face while you hugged her.
  4715. >You stayed like that for a moment before looking up to see a terrifying sight.
  4716. >Pinkie Pie glaring hatefully at you.
  4717. > ‘I think she's glaring at Lemon, host,’ Tonic proposed, ‘But why would she be doing that? Do all your kinds females do that?’
  4718. ‘Maybe? I've never seen Pinkie this mad, not even with those party crashers from a year ago,’ you pondered, chuckling nervously as you let Lemon go.
  4719. >Your green haired attacker turned around and was walking away from you.
  4720. >Pinkie followed Lemon’s movement while glaring at her.
  4721. >Unknown to you, Lemon just smiles at Pinkie a little to sweetly as if to challenge her.
  4722. >Shrugging your shoulders, you went back to looking at other kinds of candy when you heard someone screaming.
  4723. >You saw both Lemon and Pinkie run out the door causing you to sigh.
  4724. >Putting down the chocolates, you walked out the store in time to see a small crowd running down the road.
  4725. “What’s going on?” you wondered, look at your friends for an answer.
  4726. > “I think it has something to do with that black spider lady,” Pinkie replied, pointing to the side.
  4727. >Turning to the pointed direction, you saw what looked like a black suited woman crawling on the wall.
  4728. >The mystery woman seemed to be looking for something as her large white eyes were scanning the area.
  4729. > ‘Host,’ Tonic began, ‘We might have a problem.’
  4730. ‘I'm guessing you know this girl? Ex girlfriend?’ you snarked, watching the woman closely.
  4731. > ‘No. That is my biological clone.’
  4732. ‘What?’ you asked, having a bad feeling about this.
  4733. > ‘My sister so to speak,’ Tonic answered as your eyes widened.
  4734. ‘Well shit. We're fucked aren't we,’ you groaned, knowing the answer.
  4735. > ‘While not how I would word it, but most likely,’ Tonic answered, getting you to frown at his answer.
  4738. >You  continued to watch as the symbiote terrorized the street.
  4739. “We should get out of here,” you suggested, taking a step back while grabbing the girls’ shoulders.
  4740. >It would raise too many questions if you turned into Tonic right now.
  4741. >That and you don’t want to imagine what Lemon will do if she found out.
  4742. >Lemon didn’t move as she shrugged your hand off her shoulder.
  4743. > “Get out of here? Just look at this,” Lemon cheered, pointing at the creature while looking ready to fight.
  4744. >Not wanting to deal with any bullshit, you wrap your arm around her waist and pull her close.
  4745. >As you were about to leave, you grabbed Pinkie’s hand and pulled her with you.
  4746. “We’re getting out of here. NOW,” you yelled, running away from symbiote.
  4747. >You weren’t able to get that far as Lemon was able to break free from your hold and ran back the way you came.
  4748. “What the hell, Lemon? You’re suppose to go this way,” you snapped, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk and looking at the retreating form of your friend.
  4749. >She just laughed and ran away, leaving you with Pinkie.
  4750. “Get out of here, Pinkie. I’m gonna try and get Lemon and I’ll be careful,” you stressed, starting to follow Lemon down the road.
  4751. >Pinkie looked a bit worried, but nodded as she ran with the other people.
  4752. >With that taken care of, you hid in the nearest alleyway and changed into Tonic.
  4753. >Donning your symbiote, you jumped on top of the next building and began running to where that symbiote was.
  4754. > ‘Do you even know what to do?’
  4755. ‘No, but I’m just gonna wing it,’ you thought, stopping on a roof near the store you were in earlier.
  4756. >There was no symbiote or Lemon there, just a few broken windows and some destroyed cars covered in webs.
  4757. > ‘You might want to find them, host. My sister is very bloodthirsty when she fights.’
  4758. ‘Know from experience?’ you thought, following the destruction towards the next street.
  4759. > ‘I’ve seen what she does and it’s not pretty.’
  4761. >Nodding to yourself, you continued to follow the destruction down the road and into another street.
  4762. >The good thing was that it didn’t take you long to find Lemon.
  4763. >The bad thing is that she wasn’t landing a hit on the symbiote.
  4764. >Without even thinking, you jumped off the roof and landed on the ground behind the symbiote.
  4765. >You watched as Lemon fired an energy bolt at her enemy’s feet only to see her jumps backwards towards you.
  4766. >Taking a chance, you grab the symbiotes shoulder and turn her around while throwing a punch at her.
  4767. >Unfortunately she was able to catch your fist and tried to land a kick on you.
  4768. >Your senses went crazy as you caught her leg and threw her towards a truck, hoping she would crash into it.
  4769. >That hope was destroyed instantly as she back flipped over the truck and landed on the wall behind the truck.
  4770. >The symbiote covered woman roared while shooting webs at a few cars.
  4771. >She flung her arms forward, sending the cars flying towards you as your senses went off again.
  4772. >Crouch down, you were ready to jump and dodge any of the cars if your senses didn’t go off for a third time.
  4773. >Twisting your body, you saw a few energy blasts rushing past you as you maneuvered by them.
  4774. >You were able to see that Lemon was the one firing the blasts as the cars exploded behind you.
  4775. >You didn’t even need to see it happen to know that she was aiming at the cars and yourself.
  4776. > ‘This might have been a bad idea, host.’
  4777. ‘I’m starting to regret this, but we can’t back out at this point,’ you thought, ready to fight Lemon at any moment.
  4778. > “So you came, Tonic. I was hoping we could meet again and dance once more,” Lemon shuttered, holding herself while floating in the air.
  4779. > ‘I'm about ninety percent sure she doesn’t mean any dances we've seen.’
  4780. >You didn’t say anything since you agreed with Tonic, keeping Lemon within your sights.
  4781. >A crazed animal like screech caused you to look behind to see the symbiote land on the ground.
  4782. > “You’re Tonic, aren't you? Don't answer, Venom already knows and wants nothing more than to destroy you,” the now named Venom screeched, punching her fist into her palm and cracking her knuckles.
  4783. >She dodged a beam by flipping onto a lamppost as Lemon flew in front of her.
  4784. > “The only one Tonic will have the pleasure of fighting is me,” Lemon screamed, raising her hands and releasing numerous energy blasts.
  4785. >Venom was able to skillfully maneuver around the blasts and away from Lemon.
  4786. >You even tried throwing a mailbox at her, but she just grabbed it in midair and threw it away.
  4787. > “Venom will get you next time, Tonic. That bimbo won't save you from your own demise,” Venom yelled, web swinging away from the area.
  4788. >You took that as your cue to hide and turn back into regular old Anon.
  4789. >It was a miracle that Lemon just stood there floating and staring at the retreating Venom.
  4790. >Running down the road and around the corner, you changed back and quickly caught your breath.
  4791. “Where are you Lemon,” you yelled, going back around the corner.
  4792. >You looked around and saw Lemon floating towards you with a big smile on her face.
  4793. >When she got close, Lemon wrapped her arms around you and started to spin you around.
  4794. > “You wouldn't believe what just happened, Anon,” Lemon cheered, squeezing a bit to tightly.
  4795. “I'm willing to listen, but can you stop hugging me. I'm losing the feeling in my legs,” you lied, hoping she would stop soon.
  4796. >The spinning stopped as Lemon gently set you down on the ground.
  4797. “Thanks. Now let's get out of here before the cops show up,” you suggested, grabbing her hand and walking down the road.
  4798. >Lemon didn’t seem to mind as she told you about Tonic and how he came to do some battle romance thing.
  4801. >It’s the end of the school day and you’re Anon.
  4802. >Nothing has happened in a good few days since you and Lemon found Tonic’s relative.
  4803. >No working for the Shadowbolts, your cousin’s gang.
  4804. >No superheroing of any kind.
  4805. >And no dealing with Spider-Woman, Venom or anyone.
  4806. >Tonic suggested laying low for awhile and it turned out to be a good idea.
  4807. >You tried to ask your body buddy about Venom, but sadly you didn’t get much info.
  4808. >All you knew was that this Venom was crazy over Spider-Woman for some reason that wasn’t explained.
  4809. >Tonic couldn’t even remember why she was obsessed with the masked superhero.
  4810. >That was something that was bothering you.
  4811. >Why would a symbiote want to destroy you?
  4812. >Maybe it could have bonded with someone you hurt at the mansion.
  4813. > ‘It’s a possibility, but I only killed a few people. So it’s most likely they aren’t doing this for revenge,’ Tonic suggested.
  4814. ‘True, but it could be some pissed off person who worked there regardless. We could have destroyed their work and that could be all the reason they need,’ you thought while grabbing your stuff and walking towards your locker.
  4815. > ‘So it could be anyone?’ Tonic asked.
  4816. ‘Yeah. The question is who and when will they strike next,’ you thought while opening your locker.
  4817. >Hopefully they don’t try a surprise attack on you.
  4818. > “Surprise,” someone yelled as something touched your shoulder.
  4819. >In an instant you grabbed whoever it was and put your opened yet empty bookbag over the person’s head.
  4820. > “What the hell, Anon?” The person shouted in a familiar yet muffled voice.
  4821. >You lift the bookbag off the person to reveal Sunset under it.
  4822. “Sorry,” you apologized awkwardly.
  4823. > ‘I can’t believe you did that, host,” Tonic commented.
  4824. ‘Shut up, she surprised me,’ you thought while putting the bookbag in your locker.
  4825. > “Seriously, why did you do that? You never do something that stupid,” Sunset wondered, crossing her arms under her chest.
  4826. > ‘She’s right you know,’ Tonic said.
  4827. ‘Seriously, shut up,’ you thought while scratching your head.
  4828. “Sorry Sunset. I haven’t been sleeping well for a couple of days,” you lied, hoping she would buy it.
  4829. >The red and yellow haired girl glared at you which almost caused you to sweat.
  4830. >After what felt like ages, Sunset let out a sigh while shaking her head.
  4831. > “You should do something about that. It’s not healthy,” Sunset suggested as her shoulders slouched.
  4832. >You nodded just as your phone buzzed.
  4833. >Taking it out, you saw that you received a message from Indigo.
  4834. >It simply asked where were you.
  4835. >You sent a reply back that said you were just leaving school.
  4836. > “Got a message?” Sunset asked while leaning against the wall.
  4837. “Just my cousin Indigo. Wanted to know where i was,”  you said nonchalantly while closing your locker. “So what’s up?”
  4838. > “Not much. Wanted to see what’s up and if you felt like doing something with me and Pinkie,” Sunset replied, shrugging her shoulders.
  4839. >You were gonna give her an answer when your phone buzzed once more.
  4840. >Checking your phone, you saw an unusual message that Indigo send.
  4841. > It merely said think fast.
  4842. >This confused you until you felt your senses go wild, cause you to turn towards the source.
  4843. >Thankfully you were able to catch a green haired human torpedo before she glomped you to the ground.
  4844. > “Hiya Anon,” a familiar voice cheered while hugging you.
  4845. “Hey Lemon,” you groaned from her hug.
  4846. > ‘At least she isn’t trying to kill you, host,’ Tonic said.
  4847. > ‘This is just as bad,’ you thought while patting the girl’s head causing her to nuzzle you.
  4850. >Well you have a cute alien who wants to murder your alter ego and is currently cuddling you.
  4851. >You would say something sarcastic and hurtful, but you couldn’t even if you wanted to.
  4852. >Just seeing the happy look on Lemon’s face made you want to just let her do her thing.
  4853. > “Anon? Whose this?” Sunset asked from above your head.
  4854. >Wait.
  4855. >Not above, but next to you.
  4856. > ‘I believe that’s right,’ Tonic answered.
  4857. ‘Thanks,’ you mentally replied before pointing at Lemon. “Sunset meet Lemon Zest, one of Indigo’s friends. Lemon meet Sunset Shimmer, my classmate and friend,” you introduced while on the floor and looking up at Sunset.
  4858. >Once you said Lemon’s name, you noticed that Sunset seemed to go a bit pale and freeze up.
  4859. >Seeing this was unusual since Sunset was pretty social and never got so nervous she would clam up.
  4860. >That’s what Fluttershy does.
  4861. “You ok, Sunset?” you inquired while still on the ground.
  4862. >That seemed to snap Sunset out of her stupor.
  4863. > “Sorry about that. Hello Lemon, it’s nice to meet you,” Sunset greeted with a wave and a forced smile on her face.
  4864. > “Hi,” Lemon cheered, slightly waving at your classmate which she returned returned hesitantly.
  4865. >Seeing that caused you to wonder about your red and yellow haired friend while deciding to ask her about it later.
  4866. >Lemon went back to cuddling you as Sunset looked conflicted for some reason.
  4867. >You were about to say something when you heard a loud gasp.
  4868. >Turning towards the sound, you saw Pinkie standing a few feet away from you with her hands covering her mouth.
  4869. >She moved towards you in an instant and pulled out a notebook and some rulers.
  4870. >Pinkie looked at your locker while measuring something.
  4871. > “Forty inches away from his locker,” Pinkie said, jotting down something in her notebook.
  4872. >She then pulled out some kind of spinning thing you would see on roofs or on farms.
  4873. > “Wind speed is five miles,” Pinkie muttered, jotting down more notes before looking at Lemon. “Subject is average female with a weight near one hundred and thirteen pounds.”
  4874. > ‘What is she doing?’ Tonic asked in a confused yet scared tone.
  4875. ‘I’m not sure anymore,’ you thought honestly, watching Pinkie do some weird math equations in the notebook.
  4876. >This went on for a while until Pinkie suddenly dropped her pencil and looked at Lemon in shock.
  4877. > “She did this by running from the end of the hallway to about ten feet away from you. This sent her fly at you at a speed of twenty seven miles per hour,” Pinkie said sounding both impressed and shocked. “She did something no one ever thought possible.”
  4878. >You couldn’t even begin to think of what to say at this point.
  4879. >Even Tonic was being quiet.
  4880. > “What’d I do?” Lemon asked curiously, lifting her head off your chest to look at your pink haired friend.
  4881. > “You did the perfect glomp in the history of glomping. No one was able to do this ever,” Pinkie said making Lemon cheer for herself.
  4882. >Guess it was quite an accomplishment to achieve even if it didn’t sound that impressive.
  4883. > “You did this in my school?” Pinkie practically growled, looking at Lemon in jealousy.
  4884. > “Awesome. Now i need a celebration pizza,” Lemon said as she got off if you and made you stand up.
  4885. >The green haired alien began dragging you towards the door, snatching Sunset in the process, and opened the door to go and celebrate.
  4886. >Just as you exited the school grounds, you heard Pinkie scream, “THIS MEANS WAR, YOU CRYSTAL PREP SCUM!”
  4887. > ‘......What’s going on in this city?’ Tonic asked.
  4888. ‘I’ve stopped asking that since I’ve met you, buddy,’ you thought, seeing Sunset looked confused as shit.
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