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  1. [11:59] <Razlo> What started it was that DS's database got so massive that it started crashing the server and corrupting other databases
  2. [12:00] <Razlo> This happens after six years of non-regular maintenance and cleaning shit up
  3. [12:00] <Razlo> So Keiro took the site down to fix the corrupted bits in the server and fix up DS's database
  4. [12:01] <Razlo> holy didn't know all too much of what was going on at the time, just kinda accepted the passive "oh okay do what you do" attitude
  5. [12:01] <Razlo> During that time, Krad and Karu started drafting plans to start a new database and transfer topics, posts, and records into this read-only archive for those who're sentimental about their shit
  6. [12:02] <Razlo> Somewhere along the way, holy got it in his head that simply deleting shit would be an "ez" fix. He probably got it from Karu making a sarcastic remark like, "from your reasoning, this would give us this much extra time"
  7. [12:03] <Razlo> So what he did was he "deleted" 700K posts and turned everything back on, thinking he bought an additional 11 months.
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  9. [12:04] <Razlo> Only he didn't delete anything, he just moved it all to the virtual recycling bin, and turned everything back on in an unstable form. This infurated Karu as holy just ignored the plans and was impatient, acting against advice from the three server admins. Thus Karu resigned
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  11. [12:05] <Razlo> Since holy continually acted like he could do it on his own, taking advice with mountainous piles of salt, EidolonHost dropped support (but not hosting) for holy's site
  12. [12:06] <Razlo> Digibase, being kind of a team member of EH and ST, decided to pull up stakes too and drop hands-on support as well
  13. [12:07] <Razlo> holy took this as a personal attack and thinks everyone hates him now and moved everything away. He changed DS's host to Hostgator, the channel's host to Rizon, and has severed all ties with us
  14. [12:07] <Razlo> -and proceeds to spread lies and misinformation about the situation
  15. [12:08] <Razlo> Even in his last efforts, he didn't hold up his end of what he said, that the #DS channel would remain open for users who wanted to stay here. He ordered the channel to be shut down
  16. [12:10] <Razlo> So he burned the bridge with his own arrogance, ignorance, and selfishness
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