Monmusu Quest/Monster Girl Quest Gameplay Walkthrough

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  2. Monmusu Quest/Monster Girl Quest Gameplay Walkthrough
  4. Monster Girl Quest is a small adult adventure game from Toro Toro Resistance. Thanks to the efforts of RogueTranslator, people who can read English can now enjoy the game.
  6. If you'd like to purchase it, you can find it here:
  8. RogueTranslator's English patch for the game is here:
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  11. Notes
  13. This is just a little walkthrough for people having trouble getting through battles in the game, but I've included a small amount of description of where to go (even though it's sort of obvious) for completion's sake. I made a lot of it very vague to avoid spoilers, however. I realize that there's already a started walkthrough over at but it's been a while and s/he hasn't updated the actual game walkthrough. I DO recommend you check it for any technical problems though; it has pretty much all of the common issues people run into and their fixes.
  15. Anyway, just a few notes: I'm going to be assuming that you set the game on Hard difficulty, since that's where all the gameplay fun is. However, IN GENERAL make sure that you read the text in battle. Whenever Luka is captured by a monster and you struggle to no avail, you MAY have noticed that Luka said something like, "But one of my arms is still free." That's your cue to attack instead of struggle. There are other points in the game where you want to try to read the text, as it'll give you clues as to what type of strategy you should employ.
  17. I'll repeat: READ THE TEXT. It'll save you a bunch of trouble.
  19. Next thing of note is that you should save before every battle. On Normal, it doesn't really matter that much, but on Hard, there are a handful of monsters that are honestly just HUGE games of chance. You'll need to restart those battles over and over again unless you're really lucky, so instead of skipping through the sex scene 30 or more different times to retry, you should save so you can just reload it.
  21. Oh, and just one more note, but whenever you lose to a monster you'll get an 'Evaluation' option where Ilias will give a bit of advice on how to beat the monster and such. If you choose Evaluation 50 times, you'll get an extra sex scene.
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  24. Walkthrough
  26. When you first start you'll get three options, the first choices don't matter, but if you pick "..." twice, you'll get an instant game over and have to retry. This is fairly common, if you run into a 'heroic' choice and a 'not-so-heroic' choice, the not-so-heroic may give you a game over. (Although it may not do anything at all beyond a small change in the dialogue.) Sometimes they're pretty funny though, so you might want to try them out, you'll always get the option of retrying from the choice anyway.
  28. After you wake up, you'll get another choice. This is just like the previous ones, if you choose to run away twice, you'll get a game over.
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  31. Slime Girl
  33. As the starting monster, she's not too difficulty even on Hard, but you CAN still lose. Ilias will give you a tutorial on how to fight, if you don't know the basics, read it, I'm not going to explain in this walkthrough. If you want to see an amusing game over, ask her to explain it again.
  35. Anyway, the enemy will capture you right as the battle starts. Struggle until you're free, and then attack. Keep attacking until Luka gives you the option to "Flail Wildly", and just continue to use that until you win.
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  38. Alice
  40. Choose the heroic option to continue the story, or choose to "Hurry on" to get an impossible battle, and a sex scene.
  42. Moving on, the next set of choices don't matter. Pick whatever, look through the town if you like, and then leave.
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  45. Slug Girl
  47. Like the slime, she's not difficult even on Hard. Unless you purposefully do nothing, it's pretty hard to lose. Attack her until she captures you, and then struggle until you break free. At that point, Luka will give you the option, 'Throw Salt'. This will cause a significant amount of damage, and all you need to do is keep using it until you win.
  49. Later, after setting up camp, Alice will teach you a special attack, and give you a tutorial on them. These abilities will be important to every single battle, and as a note: new attacks will often be a trigger for winning a special battle. One thing of note is that the SP points will build up if you select 'Attack', even if you can't actually attack, like if you're paralyzed. This will be important.
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  52. Mandragora
  54. You'll run into another choice. You can avoid the fight entirely by ignoring her, but you don't get any rewards for it, so go ahead and pick a fight.
  56. This is basically the first fight you can lose without intentionally doing so. You'll start it with the paralysis status effect, which makes it so you can't move for several turns. Even though you can't move, just keep trying to attack. Right before she gets you to lose it, you should be able to knock her away, and Luka will regain enough HP to actually win. Immediately use Demon Decapitation, and then attack. You should win.
  58. On an aside, Mandragora has two sex scenes. You get one from losing from her fellatio, and the other from any of her other attacks.
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  61. Granberia
  63. Choose to confront her to continue the story. Attack her once, and then use Demon Decapitation to win. Alternatively, you can use Flail Wildly to lose and get a sex scene.
  65. Go through the scenes, ask around town, try to leave town and meet your destined soulmate, ask around town again, and then finally leave. Alice will give you a special weapon, which then leads to...
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  68. Earthworm Girl
  70. Attack, and then you'll likely be captured. Keep struggling until you break free, then attack again to build up 2 SP. Use Demon Decapitation, and then attack again and you should win.
  72. You'll go to the continent map and you can choose to go to any of the three locations that popped up from your rumor gathering. Choose the Irina Mountains. It's technically optional, but you should go there anyway since it makes all the upcoming fights easier.
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  75. Goblin Girl
  77. Get sand thrown in your face, and watch her power up. This is your cue to Guard, so do so. Use Demon Decapitation, then attack until you build up more SP to use it again. Ad infinitum until you win. This will be basically be all you do until you learn more techniques.
  79. ---
  80. Tiny Lamia
  82. Struggle, and feel bad about it. On Normal, you win at this point, but on Hard you get a bit more of a 'challenge'. As per usual, Demon Decapitation, and then build it up until you can use it again. You shouldn't have any problem winning.
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  85. Vampire Girl
  87. Get hit, struggle, and then make another little girl cry. Guard, otherwise you automatically lose. Demon Decapitation, etc. Win.
  89. The Vampire Girl has two sex scenes. One if you lose to her Eyes of Obedience, the other to any other attack.
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  92. Dragon Pup
  94. Even on Hard, this is a very easy battle. Attack once, and then use Demon Decapitation. That's all.
  96. You head back to Iliasburg and get a special reward that will probably be important in the next game, but doesn't do anything for now. You'll meet the Unfortunate Lamia again and then pop back on the world map. You can check back in Iliasburg for new dialogue, and to see what the four bandits are doing at any point before you leave the continent now, but otherwise head to Happiness Village.
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  99. Bee Girl
  101. Use the Demon Decapitation strategy. You'll almost certainly be captured, but just struggle until you're free before continuing with it and you'll win. This will be a very close battle. If you screw up at all, you'll lose.
  103. The Bee Girl has two sex scenes. One from losing to her normal attack, the other from when you're captured.
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  106. Harpy
  108. This is a battle that requires a small change. The Harpy will initially fly away from any of your attacks. Attack once (which will miss) to build up your SP, and then Guard until she captures you. Don't struggle, attack instead. She'll be weakened after this so you can hit her normally. Just use the usual Demon Decapitation ad infinitum after this point until you win. It should end quickly.
  110. After the scene, talk with the villagers if you like, and then wait until evening.
  112. ---
  113. Harpy Twins
  115. Same thing as last time, you'll be captured, and you'll need to attack instead of struggle, then the usual strategy. Demon Decapitation, then attack to build up SP to use it again. You should win in short order.
  117. ---
  118. Queen Harpy
  120. Attack and then use Demon Decapitation right away. Unlike with other Harpies, you don't need to weaken her to be able to hit her. Like other Harpies though, you do want to attack instead of struggle when she captures you. When she uses Royal Invitation, make sure you Guard. If you attack her when she has that defense up, you lose. Just keep in mind what she's doing and you'll win in no time.
  122. After a lengthy scene, things will be put in order and you'll be back on the continent map. Go to Enrika.
  124. ---
  125. Dark Elf Fencer
  127. This is a monster where there's an element of chance in winning. If she puts you in a Trance, you might as well reload, because you won't be able to do enough damage to win before she beats you. Use Demon Decapitation right away, and then use the usual strategy of attacking to build up SP and use it again. While you now have 3 SP, be sure to use Demon Decapitation when you hit 2 instead of waiting. This battle will be a close one.
  129. ---
  130. Dark Elf (M)
  132. She doesn't have a Trance status effect, so she's actually easier than the Fencer. Just use Demon Decapitation right away, build up, etc. She'll probably capture you, but just struggle a few times and you'll break out of it. She shouldn't be much of a problem.
  134. Go into the village, see an interesting hint of the future plot, and get kicked back out to the world map. Only one place left to go, but if you haven't been to Iliasburg at this point to check on the four bandits and want to, do so now. You won't get another chance. Otherwise, make your way to Iliasport.
  136. ---
  137. Leech Girl
  139. This will likely be a close battle unless you don't get captured, which is unlikely. I actually lost when making this walkthrough due to a random miss. Regardless, do the usual Demon Decapitation, build up, then another Demon Decapitation, ad infinitum.
  141. ---
  142. Rafflesia Girl
  144. Here's where things start to get a tiny bit more varied in strategy thanks to the inclusion of another technique. From this point on, you'll always want to use Thunder Thrust at the very start of a battle except when you don't start with enough SP, or in rare cases of a counter technique. After the first turn, Demon Decapitation does more damage than Thunder Thrust, so it's wasteful to use it beyond that point, except in specific cases which I'll note.
  146. So, as I said, use Thunder Thrust. ...then go back to the Demon Decapitation strategy of building up power with attack, and using it over and over again. It shouldn't actually take more than one Demon Decapitation. You'll likely finish the battle before you build up enough SP for a second one.
  148. ---
  149. Roper Girl
  151. Thunder Thrust, then attack and Demon Decapitation. You'll likely get captured, so struggle and attack to win by the skin of your teeth as is usual in Hard.
  153. You'll get to town and discover from your destined soulmate that another quest is needed to get off the continent. Check around town if you want, then go to the Treasure Cave. You'll see an amusing scene in camp, and learn a technique that will add a LOT more variation to your battles: Meditation. This is going to be very important, as it's your healing technique. It'll often be a good idea from this point to actually keep some SP in reserve instead of immediately using Demon Decapitation now.
  155. ---
  156. Kitsune
  158. Use Thunder Thrust, and then possibly Demon Decapitation if you want. You can save your SP and use Meditation otherwise. The Kitsune will use a cloning technique, and then ruin it with some clumsiness moe. Enjoy Dat Smirk, and then attack the left one. Keep attacking, and then use Demon Decapitation or Meditation when desired. You'll likely be brought close to death and win by the skin of your teeth if you just used Demon Decapitation, but it'll be quicker.
  160. ---
  161. Medusa
  163. Thunder Thrust, and then whatever you like. I personally just use the Demon Decapitation strategy in most cases since it's faster, but Meditation can be good if you want some leeway in mistakes. Medusa will likely capture you, but just struggle until you break out of it. Not a very difficult battle.
  165. ---
  166. Spider Girl
  168. This battle can rely a lot on chance. You can't break out of her webbing, can't use skills when in it, and you'll only have four turns before she defeats after she uses it. So, if she captures you before you can do enough damage, you won't win. If you can pull off a Demon Decapitation on top of the beginning Thunder Thrust though, you'll be set. Good luck.
  170. The Spider Girl has two sex scenes, one from normal attacks, and the other from her captured attack.
  172. ---
  173. Mimic
  175. You're given a choice of investigating a suspicious box in the middle of a hallway, or you can avoid it entirely. The choice is up to you, and given that this is seriously one of the hardest battles in the game on Hard, I don't think anyone would scoff at you for walking away. If you do choose to fight her, save beforehand. Unless you get really lucky on the first try, you'll want have it there to reload unless you feel like watching the sex scene over and over.
  177. Don't Thunder Thrust. If you attack the Mimic when she's withdrawn into her box, you'll get countered and automatically lose. Guard until she comes out of her box, and then use Demon Decapitation. From this point on, all you can do is pray she doesn't use Slow Swallow, and that you'll get a critical hit. If she does use Slow Swallow, struggle until you break out of it. You'll be close to 'death' afterward, and you can try to use Meditation to heal, but unless you can build up enough SP to use a second Meditation before she uses Slow Swallow again, you'll lose. If you can, you'll be able to survive one more Slow Swallow. On an aside, you'll sometimes be unable to break out of the Slow Swallow before it brings your HP to 0, but this is thankfully a rarer occurrence.
  179. The Mimic will periodically withdraw into her box. On average, it's every 3 turns, unless she does a Slow Swallow, in which case it's 4 not counting the turns she uses to draw you into her box and deal a huge amount of damage. If you want to use Meditation, I would actually try to time your attacks so you can use it when she's withdrawn to save yourself a turn of potential damage dealing, but it will largely depend on how the battle plays out.
  181. Winning the battle relies entirely on her not using her attack too often, so make use of that save to reload whenever you know you're screwed. This battle can sometimes take an incredibly long time, or you could win within the first few battles. It all depends on your luck.
  183. Lastly, the Mimic has two sex scenes. One when you lose to her counterattack, the other when you lose to Slow Swallow (which you will likely see A LOT if you don't save.)
  185. Good luck.
  187. ---
  188. Nanabi
  190. Don't bother to use Thunder Thrust or Demon Decapitation in this battle. You can't actually deal enough damage to bring this boss' HP to 0. Instead, you need to use Meditation so that you can survive her special attack twice, immediately after you see something pretty neat and the battle will be over.
  192. There are some things to keep in mind to survive: Her special attack takes 3 turns to charge, it'll give the message "Nanabi finishes charging her magic!", and the turn after you'll get hit with it, so be sure to guard. You need to have around 100 HP to be able to survive the attack. The first time she does it you'll have one turn before she starts attacking again, which you will definitely want to take advantage of to either use Meditation or attack to get enough SP to use Meditation. If you had around 100 HP and less than 2 SP before she did her attack, you won't be able to survive her regular attacks afterward. You'll probably win by the skin of your teeth, but overall it isn't a particularly difficult fight.
  194. Nanabi has two sex scenes, one from her regular attacks, and one from her special attack.
  196. ---
  197. Tamamo
  199. Lots of plot. You're given three choices, two of them will lead to a game over, but I would encourage you to try them out for the lulz. Afterward, you're given the choice of fighting Tamamo. It's not a battle that you can win, but it leads to a sex scene.
  201. ---
  202. Alice
  204. You're also given the choice to fight Alice here, which again, you can't win the battle, but it leads to a sex scene (which is vore, by the way).
  206. Continuing the story, you make your way back to town. Talk to the townsfolk if you want, and then go to the Port to leave the continent. On the trip over Alice will teach you another technique which requires that you have something that you can climb nearby to use.
  208. ---
  209. Arumaeruma
  211. As per usual, this isn't a battle you can win per se, but it's not like Nanabi where you need only survive so long. You DO need to deal a certain amount of damage to Arumaeruma before Luka allows you to use Demon Skull Beheading, which will end the battle. I would encourage you to save, as this one does have a small element of luck depending on how much she uses her capture technique, but overall it's very simple.
  213. Start with Thunder Thrust, and then build up to 3 SP to use Meditation. Afterward, attack a few times. Luka should think to himself that he can't win with his usual techniques, which will unlock the Demon Skull Beheading technique for use, so use it (or if you don't have enough SP, attack until you can use it) which will end the battle.
  215. ---
  216. Alice
  218. Go to town, get forced to buy the Grilled Starfish, watches the scenes, explore the town, then leave the city and make your way to San Iria.
  220. ---
  221. Sea Cucumber Girl
  223. Use Thunder Thrust, possibly Demon Decapitation, although you might want to keep your SP in reserve for Meditation. This one can be slightly tricky since she can put you in a Trance while she captures you, but at this point you have enough HP that you can still live through it without any real problem. Not a difficult fight.
  225. ---
  226. Shellfish Girl
  228. Again, Thunder Thrust, possibly Demon Decapitation. But at this point, I actually favorite using Meditation in most cases since it allows more leeway, as the damage you're being dealt will start to climb to where you can't win unless you start healing. Either way, this shouldn't be a difficult fight. She'll capture you undoubtedly, but just struggle until you're free.
  230. ---
  231. Lamia
  233. Thunder Thrust, and then attack until you have enough SP for Demon Skull Beheading. Most of her HP will be eaten away from this, and so just chip off the rest until she reaches 0. She'll likely capture you in between this, but just struggle out of it and continue. On Hard difficulty, a second part of this fight will begin with her taking off her clothes, and then wrapping you up in an unbreakable hold. No need to worry, though. All of your HP gets restored, the only thing you need to do is keep attacking and you should win without too much of a problem. (There's a chance you won't be able to do enough damage before she auto-wins after four attacks, but just reload and try it again).
  235. The Lamia has three sex scenes. One from normal attacks, one from her capture attack, and one after she takes off her clothes (which doesn't happen in Normal difficulty).
  237. Afterward you'll make it to San Iria. Explore a little if you want, but then use the usual 'exit' option to see the King. None of the choices matter, although I find honest answers to be far more amusing.
  239. ---
  240. Granberia
  242. She wants you to show her all your techniques. This doesn't include Meditation, and while you get some extra dialogue from it, you'll likely lose if you use it on Hard. Just use Thunder Thrust, Demon Decapitation and Demon Skull Beheading to win. You'll win by a small margin here so don't mess around even though she's basically doing nothing.
  244. She'll leave, satisfied, and you'll get quite a bit of respect just like back in Iliasburg for bravely driving her off.
  246. ---
  247. Page 17
  249. This is a unique monster. You can only damage her by using Thunder Thrust, otherwise she dodges. So quickly gather up SP and use Thunder Thrust continually. If you dawdle Thunder Thrust's attacks will grow weaker, making the fight harder. It should take you 2 strikes from the special attack if you do it quickly.
  251. ---
  252. Page 257
  254. Use Thunder Thrust, and then build up to a Demon Skull Beheading. This should more than halve her HP, and a few more attacks will finish her off. I beat her before she even got an attack off, but that was mostly random chance. She can capture you, but just struggle out of it. This shouldn't be hard.
  256. ---
  257. Page 65537
  259. Boss battle. Use Thunder Thrust, and then build up to Demon Skull Beheading when you can, or a Meditation when you need it. You can't avoid this monster's special attacks, so don't bother guarding them. She has a paralysis attack, a capture attack, as well as an attack that will make Luka 'Surrender', this isn't an automatic loss, you just need to have enough HP so that Luka can snap out of it. So, remember that Meditation will heal half of your maximum HP so you don't waste any of it. Thankfully, the battle isn't incredibly chance driven, just deal with everything appropriately and you should be able to get through the battle easily enough.
  261. After that mishap in the library, you happen upon your destined soulmate by complete chance, and she gives you some information. Take a look around town if you'd like, then leave and go back to Port Natalia.
  263. Look around town, and be sure to talk to the Mermaid Merchant for another unappetizing food product, then visit Meia's house. She is totally living the life, I must say.
  265. ---
  266. Crab Girl
  268. One of the nicest monsters you'll meet. She even lets you go if you lose to her in combat, after a bath anyway.
  270. Use Thunder Thrust, and then do whatever you think is appropriate. At this point, you have a lot more leeway in strategy, so do what you feel is best. I usually use attack until I have 4 SP, then employ a Demon Decapitation or Meditation depending on whatever needs I have at the moment. Do be sure to keep your health up, as her capture attack does a good chunk of damage. If she starts preparing for her special attack when she's holding you, attack instead of struggle, otherwise you'll lose. Otherwise, you can just struggle to get out as usual. Overall, not a very difficult battle.
  272. ---
  273. Jellyfish Girl
  275. Use Thunder Thrust, and then again, whatever you think is best. Be sure to note that she has a paralysis attack, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Like the Crab Girl, she has a special move that she uses when you're captured. Attack instead of struggling when she's preparing that, otherwise you lose. Just try not to make any mistakes and you'll win without too much difficulty.
  277. ---
  278. Sea Anemone Girl
  280. As noted from when you start the battle, you can't break out of her hold. However, if she tries to drag you into her mouth, be sure to struggle, otherwise you'll lose automatically the next turn. Besides that, just keep attacking and you'll win in short order. Not a difficult fight.
  282. ---
  283. Anglerfish Girl
  285. Special attacks that deal damage are useless here, save your SP for Meditation. The first attack won't deal any damage, but you'll get the option to attack her from the back afterward, which will allow you to damage her. She'll eventually try absorbing you, so when that happens struggle until you're free. You'll probably want to use Meditation afterward just to be safe, but it shouldn't take long to bring her down just from normal attacks.
  287. ---
  288. Kraken
  290. Like with Nanabi, the point of this battle isn't to bring her HP down to zero. You just need to survive until she uses her defense technique, which she will do after you dodge her special attack twice. After the barrier is up, you need to attack twice, and the battle will be over. Just make use of Meditation as much as you can. Her special attack doesn't take any time to charge, unlike Nanabi, but as you dodge it, it won't deal any damage. It's not a difficult battle, but if you make a mistake you can easily lose.
  292. ---
  293. Meia
  295. After you receive the mermaid's reward take a hike outside. I don't recall there being any new dialogue, but feel free to check if you want before leaving. Head to the Haunted Mansion, one of the more amusing parts of the game if you like Alice.
  297. ---
  298. Ghost Girl
  300. Due to the suddenness of the attack, you can't make use of Thunder Thrust on the first turn, so don't bother with it. Some of this monster's attacks can do a lot of damage, and the chance of missing is pretty high, so it's better to use your SP to use Meditation and keep your HP high than make use of many of your techniques. Of course, Demon Skull Beheading can do a ton of damage, so you might be able to finish her off before she rapes you. Either way, she'll sometimes grab you, but it shouldn't be hard to break out of her hold with a struggle or two.
  302. ---
  303. Cursed Doll
  305. Use Thunder Thrust, but afterward it's pretty risky to use most other attacks, so just use Meditation to heal. Like the Ghost Girl, she can rake in the damage pretty easily, and her holding attack isn't so easily broken as the Ghost Girl's. Still, not that hard of a fight, just keep your HP high and you shouldn't run into any problems.
  307. The Cursed Doll has two sex scenes, one from normal attacks and the other from her capture attack.
  309. ---
  310. Zombie Girl
  312. Thunder Thrust at the start, and then continually do Demon Skull Beheading. Also be sure to use Meditation to keep your HP higher, but overall don't worry too much. This battle can take a little while, but the Zombie Girl doesn't do a lot of damage. Be sure to struggle out of her capture attack right away, however, as if you can easily lose if she starts raping you while you're down.
  314. ---
  315. Zombie Girls
  317. This is a bit more threatening, but the same strategy applies. Thunder Thrust, and then Demon Skull Beheading to do a lot of damage. You'll want to be a bit more careful though, since the capture attack can last a while, which leads to damage getting raked in. Struggle, attack, special attacks, you should know the drill.
  319. ---
  320. Frederika
  322. Boss battle. Use Thunder Thrust, and then a Demon Skull Beheading if you like, but afterward you'll want to save all your SP to maintain your HP. This is largely a battle of attrition. Your normal attacks will chip away at her health fine, but her attacks will be doing their fair share of damage. Eventually she'll throw you down, and struggling will be pointless. You won't be able to attack and knock her off until Chrome orders her to rape you, but you should still use attack anyway to bring up your SP so you can heal yourself afterward.
  324. ---
  325. Chrome
  327. Use Thunder Thrust or Demon Skull Beheading at the start, but otherwise only use your SP to heal. Chrome can screw you over in a hurry. She has a paralysis attack that will very likely make you loss if you don't have enough SP to heal up after you can move again. You should be able to escape her capture attack in two struggles, but if she holds on long enough to prepare her rape attack, attack to break out. This one has an element of chance to it, so just keep trying until you pull it off.
  329. Back in San Iria, check around the town and the castle for new dialogue all around if you want, but otherwise head out to the next last location for this area of the continent: The Forest of Spirits. You'll learn another technique while camping, and then soon be traveling through the forest without a tagalong.
  331. ---
  332. Fairy
  334. Skip using Thunder Thrust and save up your SP to use Death Sword Chaos Star, which should bring her down to a sliver of health, then finish her off. She'll probably cling to you at some point, but just struggle to shake her off. Not a difficult battle.
  336. ---
  337. Elf
  339. This one can be annoying, but only if you're too hasty. The Elf will distance herself from you and then fire an arrow that paralyzes you to get some attacks in. Once the paralysis wears off, you'll be able to hit her one time before she moves away again to repeat her paralysis attack pattern. You'll have some spare moves in between her paralysis attacks which you should use to attack (to build up SP) or use Meditation to heal. All your special attacks are pretty much useless besides Meditation, as they'll miss even when she's close to you. Even so, this isn't a difficult battle, just always attack to raise your SP, and then use Meditation to keep your HP high.
  341. She'll also use a capture attack, as you'd expect, and you'll need to break out of it. Even if she uses reverse-rape, just keep struggling. You may need to reload if your HP is too low when she does it, however.
  343. ---
  344. Twin Fairies
  346. Same tactic as with the first Fairy. They should get finished off by the Death Sword Chaos Star attack since you'll need to attack twice to get the needed SP. Struggle if they cling to you.
  348. ---
  349. Fairies
  351. You'll be given a choice here. I'd advise you to apologize to the fairy, since you'll get the same amount of experience and an item, but you should also try being a jerk and fighting them for the sex scene if you want to view it.
  353. Use Thunder Thrust, and then attack until you can use Death Sword Chaos Star. You want to finish this quickly, because if they use their capture attack, you're likely going to lose. That said, this isn't a hard fight. I fought them about ten times and they only used it twice when I was trying to prolong the fight.
  355. ---
  356. Sylph
  358. Don't do anything. Just guard until you see "Sylph releases the wall of wind!" and then attack. That's it.
  360. ---
  361. Chimera Dryad
  363. This is a difficult battle, with a lot of emphasis on luck. She has a Trance attack which can screw you over at the wrong moment, but you can't really do anything to avoid it. She has a special attack that's incredibly obvious when a rose starts blooming on her chest. Guard then, because her attack will hit you and give you a game over otherwise. She has a capture attack, which is the same as all the harder enemies. Struggle until you break free, unless she starts to prepare her rape attack, where you should attack to break free.
  365. You'll want to start off with Thunder Thrust, or Demon Skull Beheading, but save most of your SP initially for Meditation. In actuality, you just need to deal a certain amount of damage before Sylph will pop in and tell you to use her power, but the wind barrier will take 2 SP and the Dryad will be able to attack you once after Sylph is unlocked, so if you don't have enough SP or HP to live through it, it's pointless. When Slyph is unlocked, go to your skill menu and click one of the arrow keys now there to switch to the element skill menu and use Slyph.
  367. Once you actually pull off a Slyph barrier, you've basically won. All attacks except for her insta-win one which requires charge up time will be nullified (for the special attack, just guard like normal to avoid it), so you can build up your SP to use your special attacks without any worry. The wind barrier will last around 8 turns before fading, but you can spend 2 SP to make another. I'd recommend you spend time to heal just in case, but as long as you have enough SP to make another barrier, you really don't have to worry. For this battle, the wind will always block normal attacks even on Hard. (If you on Hell difficulty, however, you'll only get a chance of it deflecting an attack.)
  369. As I said at the start, there's a lot of luck involved in this battle, so just try not to get frustrated and keep reloading if you lose. Good luck.
  371. After the battle is over, check around the town and castle for even more new dialogue, and then leave.
  373. ---
  374. Tarantula Girl
  376. Just a note, but due to how combat is now much more varied, it's quite easy to win a good number of battles is many different ways. I'll still give suggestions, but I encourage you to try out whatever you feel is best. As long as it allows you to win, it's a good strategy. Also, and this shouldn't be surprising, but Sylph will no longer block all attacks. Whenever you use her, she'll have a chance of blocking normal attacks, and in some cases she'll be a key defense against special attacks, which I'll be sure to note. Even though she doesn't block all attacks, it's still a very good idea to use her at the start of the battle as she adds a random factor in your favor, and I encourage you to use her in pretty much every battle.
  378. Anyway, start off against the Tarantula Girl with a Thunder Thrust, and then use Sylph when you build up the necessary SP. The Tarantula Girl has a special attack that you need to use Sylph to block, otherwise you'll lose. You'll still have a single turn of preparation when she's about to use it, but if you already have Sylph up, just keep attacking. Build up enough SP to use Demon Skull Beheading and then she should be done with, or at least close enough to 0 to finish off in short order. You may want to use Meditation if you get below 100 HP instead of Demon Skull Beheading, though, as her capture attack can hold you down for a while. This isn't a particularly difficult battle, just try not to make any mistakes and you'll be fine.
  380. ---
  381. Minotauros
  383. Use Thunder Thrust, and then Sylph. Like the Tarantula Girl, she has an attack you need Sylph to block, and unlike the Tarantula Girl she doesn't need any preparation for it, so be sure to have Sylph on all the time. She'll be doing a very hefty amount of damage, so you'll want to build up SP and pretty much only use Meditation as you attack, but she really isn't a very hard opponent over all. Just keep attacking and if the situation warrants it, you may want to use a special attack instead of healing to finish her off.
  385. ---
  386. Scorpion Girl
  388. Use Sylph right away, and keep it on, otherwise her paralysis attack will hit. This is a battle where you want to fight defensively, as if you allow the Scorpion Girl even an inch, you'll lose, but as long as you keep Sylph on and your HP high you should be able to breeze through it. Just keep attacking and use Meditation and renew Sylph when necessary. She has a capture attack, but you can break out of it in one struggle, so don't worry about it. If you're lucky, Sylph will block a good number of attacks, you'll probably finish the battle without even getting close to death. Even if she doesn't, consistent use of Meditation will keep you going until her HP is brought down to 0.
  390. ---
  391. Lamp Genie
  393. You can skip this battle just be shaking off the temptation, and you'll get the same amount of experience and an item, much like the Faires. This can be a somewhat tough battle on Hard too, so I'd encourage you to skip it, but as you'll want to complete the encyclopedia, I'll include some suggestions:
  395. Use Sylph at the start of the battle and keep her active at all times. She'll block the Genie's capture attack, which will otherwise make you lose automatically, EXCEPT in the case of when she uses it while you're in a trance. Honestly, if she uses her trance attack at all, I'd encourage you just to reload. It's almost certainly going to screw you over even if she doesn't use her capture attack.
  397. Try to build up to a Death Sword Chaos Star attack, and then quickly get more SP to use Meditation. You want to finish this as fast as possible to lessen the chances of getting hit with a trance attack. If you can pull off attack and healing, you'll be able to finish her off in about 3 turns, before Sylph needs to be renewed even once. Good luck.
  399. ---
  400. Alice
  402. Afterward, you'll hit the city and see a good many scenes, as well as seeing your destined soulmate once more. Ask around town, then go to the hotel, see something touching... and get raped by Alice again. After, you'll see the map of the area. Choose the Pyramid.
  404. ---
  405. Mummy Girl
  407. You'll run into a female warrior outside the location, and decide to travel with her for the duration of the dungeon. She'll aid you in a few of the battles, but is pretty useless overall.
  409. Thunder Thrust, and then Sylph. The only thing you really need to watch out with this battle is her capture attack, as it can take a while to break out of, so keep your HP high. This battle isn't anything special, just do whatever tactics you feel like. I personally just recklessly charged, built up the necessary SP, used Demon Skull Beheading and finished her off without even healing once, but that was with a considerable amount of luck through Sylph blocking several of the attacks. Using a strategy of healing is probably wiser, but do note that it might leave you open to getting captured a lot, so it's not necessarily less risky.
  411. ---
  412. Cobra Girl
  414. Thunder Thrust, and then Sylph. This monster has a paralysis attack that will screw you over, but as long as you have Sylph up, it's not a problem. This entire battle, in fact, is not a problem so long as you have Sylph up. I'm not sure why, but a huge percentage of this enemy's attacks were consistently blocked by Sylph over the course of 10 battles. Assuming that's a fluke, you should try to keep your health above 100. She has a capture attack that can be damaging, but you should be able to break out of it easily enough. Use Demon Skull Beheading if you feel like it and you're HP is high enough, but it's probably not really necessary.
  416. ---
  417. Nefertiti Lamias
  419. In this battle, I found simply bumrushing the Lamia girls to be fairly effective. Use Death Sword Chaos Star right at the start, and then attack to build up 4 SP and use it again. If they still have HP, chip the rest of it away. I won 8/10 times against them using that pattern. They're almost certainly capture you, but you should be able to break out of it with 3 struggles and still pull off enough damage to beat them before they reduce your HP to 0.
  421. Alternatively, the usual method of beginning with Thunder Thrust, and then keeping your HP high with Meditation can also be effective. I would say that Sylph is somewhat less useful in this battle any all others so far, but she can still block what might potentially be a fatal attack, so she can be a good use of SP. Whatever strategy you employ, this shouldn't be a terribly difficult battle. There is an element of chance in this battle, but even if you get some bad luck, a retry or two should get you passed them quickly enough.
  423. ---
  424. Sphinx
  426. As one would expect from her legend, you have answer the Sphinx's riddle(s) to continue. Answering any of the questions wrong will lead to an impossible battle, but you might want to do so to get the encyclopedia entry and sex scene. The questions aren't exactly difficult to answer, but I do think this section was particularly well put together in giving some retrospection.
  428. The first or second choice will fulfill the first question, the first or third choice will fulfill the second question, and the third choice is the only answer to the third question. The choices afterward don't really matter in terms of story progression.
  430. ---
  431. Sara
  433. View the multitude of scenes, and you'll eventually be back outside, ready to choose your next destination. There's a very interesting (optional) scene that takes place in Sabasa's Mermaid pub that I recommend you viewing. You can do so any time before you go to the Safaru Ruins to meet Gnome. But regardless, your next choice should be the Witch Hunt Village, which is possibly the most character developing point in the game for Luka.
  435. You'll be able to enter the village without any battles, so view the scene, ask around town, and then choose to go to the Lord's Mansion to continue.
  437. ---
  438. Suck Vore
  440. The usual strategy of Thunder Thrust, Sylph, etc. works fine here, but like the Nefertiti Lamias, I found it easier just to bumrush it. Use Death Sword Chaos Star, attack it twice, and then use Demon Decapitation, which should likely finish it off. Although if you get captured (in which struggling works fine), save up 3 SP to use Demon Skull Beheading instead of Demon Decapitation. The enemy attacks will drain your HP, you see. This isn't a very difficult battle no matter what way you fight, but due to the health drain it can take a little bit longer if you take the more defensive strategy.
  442. ---
  443. Worm Villager
  445. Another simple battle. Use Thunder Thrust, and then Sylph, before making use of your SP to attack or just bumrush with Death Sword Chaos Star and Demon Skull Beheading like with the Suck Vore. She'll fall very swiftly either way, as she doesn't really have too much HP. The only thing to really watch out for is her capture attack, if you don't quickly struggle out of her hold she can use an attack that'll swiftly bring you down to 0 without any chance of stopping her. Like the Suck Vore, she has a drain attack, but she can only use it when you're captured, and it's one of lesser concerns of that situation.
  447. ---
  448. Iron Maiden
  450. This is a little bit of a tricky battle. In a similar manner to the Mimic (although reversed), if you attack her when she's open she'll counter and you lose automatically. You also need to have Sylph up at all times, otherwise her confusion attack will hit you 100%, and you'll likely either attack yourself and lose, or attack her when she's open and lose (there's a chance you might shake out of it before either of those happen, but it's less likely on Hard). Mind you, the confusion attack can still hit you with Sylph up, but it's simply a chance instead of a guarantee.
  452. That said, this isn't a difficult battle like the Mimic. Put up Sylph, and then use Demon Skull Beheading. You aren't going to need to heal, so try to save 2 SP for when you need to renew Sylph, and use the rest of it on either Demon Skull Beheading or Death Sword Chaos Star. The enemy's 'open' status can last several turns, so you might not necessarily want to renew Sylph right away if she goes down at the start of the Iron Maiden opening, as you could easily waste half of her duration. One Demon Skull Beheading and Death Sword Chaos Star should bring the Iron Maiden to the brink of defeat, and so long as you keep Sylph up it's very unlikely for you to lose. If you get unlucky, just retry a few times and you should be able to pull it off without much frustration.
  454. ---
  455. Lily
  457. Boss battle, but not a particularly hard one. You don't even need to bring her down to zero, just get her HP to around 1/5th and you'll enter something of a scene that will quickly lead to the end of the battle.
  459. Use Thunder Thrust, and then Sylph. Build up to a Death Sword Chaos Star, and after using it you'll only be a couple of attacks away from winning barring a capture attack (as she also can drain your HP). The only thing to be careful of in this battle is her trance attack, but there's a good chance that Sylph will block it from hitting you. I generally didn't even bother to heal in this battle, and finished it before Sylph went down even with getting held up by her capture attack. That said, I still failed twice out of the ten battles thanks to a couple misses and the trance attack getting through once, so it's not a sure thing. If you lose, just retry once or twice and you should be able to win soon enough.
  461. Watch the scenes and see Luka get some character depth, then leave the town. You'll find yourself at the map again. If you haven't already, be sure to stop by the Sabasa Mermaid Bar like I mentioned before, as this is the last quest before the end of the game.
  463. ---
  464. Antlion Girl
  466. Just keep attacking until you win. Like some monsters before like the Sea Anemone Girl, you'll start the battle captured, so you can't use skills, and you automatically lose after four turns. There's a chance you won't do enough damage to beat her within the time limit, but just reload and try again. It's an extremely straightforward battle.
  468. ---
  469. Sandworm
  471. Don't use Thunder Thrust, and don't use Sylph. Start off with Death Sword Chaos Star and never stop attacking. You should continue to use Death Sword Chaos Star whenever you get up to 4 SP. She'll start around doing nothing for a while and then do a capture attack, but don't bother struggling, just keep attacking until she lets go of you. Use Meditation at this point until you're above 220 HP, but then go back to using damage dealing special attacks. You should be able to beat her before she does a second capture attack, but the Meditation you used should be enough to last through it otherwise. Not a difficult battle as long as you don't waste your time with defensive moves.
  473. ---
  474. Gnome
  476. Use Sylph right away, and pretty much skip using special attacks unless you're feeling daring. It's been a while, but in this battle you really do need to concentrate on being defensive. Gnome's mud dolls are going to be crowding you, and Sylph will be invaluable to staving off the damage. Even so, you'll very likely want to be using Meditation in between Sylph renewals, because they're still going to be whacking off a lot of your health. Gnome has a LOT of HP herself, even if you don't need to bring it all down to zero, there's very little chance of being able to finish this fight quickly enough to make a reckless assault worth it.
  478. The element of chance here is mostly hoping that Sylph will block a couple of the capture attacks, as if you're hit with too many of those you won't be able to get the necessary SP to keep Sylph active, and your HP high enough to live through Gnome's attacks while wearing away at her health. Sadly, I don't have any advice beyond that. You may need to reload a couple times depending on whether or not you get hit with some bad luck. The only other thing to note is that the battle will grow easier as time goes on, because the damage you deal will start to destroy Gnome's mud dolls and lessen the amount of attacks you're getting hit with.
  480. Once Gnome is at about 1/3rds of her health, you'll win. So despite having a large amount of health, you don't need to bring it all the way down.
  482. And that's it, it's not much of an ending, but hopefully you'll be looking forward to the next installment of Monster Girl Quest. If you still want to enjoy the game, then replay some of the many fights to unlock all the encyclopedia and record data.
  485. ---
  486. Adventure Record
  488. I won't be going into the encyclopedia data, but I'll be making note of all of the unlockables on page 6 of the Adventure Record. Do take warning that some of these might count as spoilers since the data is censored until you unlock it.
  490. ---
  491. First Chapter Cleared
  493. Simply beat the game and this will be highlighted.
  495. ---
  496. First Chapter Encyclopedia Complete
  498. Unlock every enemy entry. I'm not entirely certain if this means every single technique as well as all the monster girl entries, as I completed all the techniques before unlocking Ilias' entry. Yes, Ilias has an entry, it's the very last one. You need to ask for 50 Evaluations to unlock it.
  500. If you're missing any other entries, check this walkthrough and make sure you didn't skip any fights.
  502. ---
  503. First Chapter All Techniques Found
  505. Have every single enemy move used on you. You can check which ones you haven't gotten by checking the Data option available in each monster girl entry of the encyclopedia. Do note that some of them won't be used on Normal, so you may need to do the fight on Hard if you've been playing it on the lowest difficulty, but still want to get this unlocked.
  507. ---
  508. Won Fight Without Taking Damage
  510. Exactly what it says.
  512. I honestly don't remember where I got this. Assuming you don't automatically get it from winning the Sylph battle, I'd suggest you try replay a couple of the shorter battles on normal in hopes of ending the fight before you even get hit. Another possibility is the Iron Maiden, as she doesn't actually have any attacks. All you need to do is avoid getting confused and damaging yourself and you should be set.
  514. ---
  515. Forced To Come In One Turn
  517. Losing in a single turn, basically. This is easiest with one of the impossible battles. I believe I got it from the second Alice battle when you choose to fight her after getting Poseidon's Bell. Attacking the Mimic on the first turn is also an easy way to get it.
  519. ---
  520. Won Fight While Confused
  522. This is gotten when fighting the Iron Maiden. Simply lower her health down as much as you can, keep your HP high, and then let her hit you with confusion. This may take a few tries, as you're just as likely to hit yourself until you're down to 0 HP or babble incoherently as you are to hit her. Just keep trying and you should unlock it soon enough though.
  524. ---
  525. Won a Fight on HELL mode
  527. This one can either be very tricky, or rather easy. A lot of battles will almost seem unwinnable in Hell difficulty, and a fair few actually are. Other battles that you can basically win automatically, such as the first Granberia fight, or the battle against Sylph, can only be replay on Normal, and thus can't even be fought on Hell difficulty. I'd recommend playing through a bunch of different battles just for the hell of it, but if you can't seem to win any, then skip over to the Antlion Girl's battle. Victory against her is quite straightforward.
  529. I believe I pulled off a victory with the Bee Girl myself, but that was mostly due to an incredibly improbable amount of dodging.
  531. ---
  532. Took the Flames of Granberia's Demon Skull Beheading * Blaze
  534. I'd recommend doing this on Normal difficulty. I'm not even sure it's possible to do on Hard or above. You need to make the second fight against Granberia last long enough that she gets disappointed and finishes you off. Basically, just keep attacking and healing instead of using any of your special attacks. You should be able to last long enough in Normal to piss her off, but she does a LOT of damage on Hard, so it's next to impossible to prolong the fight long enough to get her to use it on higher difficulties.
  536. ---
  537. Took Arumaeruma's Tail Drain Attack
  539. Just like Granberia, you just need to make the fight against Arumaeruma last long enough that she gets bored. Also like Granberia's fight, I'm not sure this is possible on Hard, so switch to Normal. Keep attacking and using Meditation, and hope that she doesn't use her capture attack too often. I had to retry a couple times to pull it off.
  541. ---
  542. Took Sphinx's Ancient Law of Ecstasy.
  544. Unlike Granberia and Arumaeruma, I don't believe this is impossible on Hard, but it's a lot easier on Normal. You need to fight the Sphinx, and 'beat' her to achieve this. Unlike most impossible fights, Sphinx's HP can actually be brought down to 0, but she just regenerates and uses this move which makes you automatically lose.
  546. ---
  547. Sara defeated a monster.
  549. Self explanatory. Easier on Normal, but not particularly difficult on Hard either. Just fight either the Mummy Girl or Cobra Girl and bring their HP close to 0 and then guard/heal while Sara chips away at it.
  551. ---
  552. Sylph was summoned tired out.
  554. Use Sylph a lot. I'm almost certain this is just totally random chance.
  556. You need to summon her and see her tired sprite instead of her usual energetic self to get it. It took me 174 Sylph uses to see her tired sprite, and I got up to about 10 uses in a single battle without any real change, so it's not based on number of uses. (Point of fact, I got this at the start of a battle.)
  558. The best monster to use Sylph a lot on is the Iron Maiden on Hard. Barring accidentally getting confused and dying, you can get around 10 uses in each battle so long as you don't hit her critically too much. Just use Sylph and nothing else, and keep your SP up in the meantime so you can immediately bring her back up.
  560. ---
  561. End
  563. And that's it. I hope you enjoyed the first part of Monster Girl Quest, and that this little guide was useful in even a small way.
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