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  1. The 5th Shard, "Grail": A Shard that originally was based off Earth, specifically during the time of the Crusades, when the great abrahamic religions were each in strife as the Church and various Muslim nations warred over the holy land. Because the focus of the Shard was on the Crusades itself, the Collapse was built around religion, strife, and faith - and specifically took the form of a species of Horror, now known as Grailborn, which appeared as various creepy, angelic beings, ranging from pale, unnerving female humanoids to wheels covered in eyes. These Horrors were similar to the Ghiranod and Disharmony in that they specifically hunted after something and attempted to destroy it, and this "something" was people they deemed sinful and impure, which they destroyed without hesitation. The trouble was that according to the Horrors' extremely warped perceptions of what was sinful and impure, they attacked basically everyone, with only the most excessively virtuous people being ignored, and the world soon began to collapse into an apocalyptic anarchy as nation after nation was swarmed after and attacked by the Horrors. It seemed humanity was doomed to live in fear, hiding from the Horrors for the rest of their existence, but a group of people, each from one of the main abrahamic faiths, joined together on a mission - they had learned of the existence of Catalysts and World Hearts from Synsai visitors, and began their mission to find the Catalyst and thus access the World Heart in hopes they could save their world from what seemed like inevitable destruction and the risk of turning into the first ever Death Shard. It took many years, to the point that when they finally succeeded, they were all old men and women, but they eventually found the Catalyst, buried deep under the valley of Gehenna in what would eventually become Israel. They accessed the Catalyst and via a mighty prayer, opened the portal to the Heart of the World, and set upon their work to create a way to protect their Shard and prevent it from destruction at the hands of the Horrors that had come to overtake it. They believed they needed to not only rein in the Horrors, but protect their Shard and allow it to grow stronger, so that it wouldn't fall to possible future threats and invaders that the 108 would no doubt send at them. And so the leader of the group, a former smith for the Knights Templar, took it upon himself to prepare to make a golden grail to contain the rules they sought to impose on their Shard, the axiom they wished to rule the new world. They could not destroy the Horrors, and instead had to change what they considered sinful and what they considered virtuous, and so began to make a rule set - and a new religion, intended to create a new, firm path that would unify the world and allow them to use the Horrors to defend themselves. However, once the grail was finished, the rest of the order back-stabbed the smith, and instead took to modifying the Grail to enable them to have more power and influence using it, and create a stronger Shard - ostensibly for the Shard's sake, but it's undeniable there seemed to be an element of greed as well. It would make it so that upon death, the faithful would join inside the Grail, adding to its power, and that even not following the religion of the Grail would turn the Horrors against you. Finally, they began to use what they had learned of Prayers from the Synsai - the meta-energy of faith, both of gods but of other people or concepts as well (even staunch atheism would create Prayers), to make it so that the Grail would absorb Prayers to make into miracles and supply power. What remained was for them to create a god to hold the Grail and be the center of the religion, rather than being an atheistic religion, and they knew that choosing one of themselves could pollute their vision, and so they instead took a beggar girl from Jerusalem that the current horrors were ignoring, and sacrificed her to the Grail, slitting her throat and letting her blood pool in the chalice, to become the Living God that would hold the grail. The Grail was complete, and so it was given to the Heart of the World, transforming it and reshaping the nature of the Collapse and the Shard - all in favor of the religion that had just been created.
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