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  1. 324 Chittagong Chittagong Stand Road Booking Booth Majhir Ghat, Ctg 95, Babul Store, Nahar Building, Stand Road, Ctg. 01811709496 01819965208 Agency
  2. 325 Chittagong Chittagong Atuar Depot Booking Booth J & J Enterprise, Hazi Market, (Ground Floor), Atuar Depot Ctg. 01916811926 01716432580 Agency
  3. 326 Chittagong Chittagong Muradpur Booking Booth Boshor Market (1st Floor), Muradpur, Ctg. 031-656037 ‘01819358044 Agency
  4. 327 Chittagong Chittagong Chokbazar Agency Ctg. 415/11 Chok New market, Chokbazar, Ctg College Road, Ctg 01711371518 01711122425 04439036595 Agency
  5. 328 Chittagong Chittagong Nasirabad Agency Ctg. 1005/4 C.D.A Avenue R/A, (Near Asian Highway), Ground Floor. Purbo Nasirabad, Ctg. 01713462079 01712063002 Agency
  6. 329 Chittagong Chittagong Agrabad CDA Booking Booth Arif Book House, 139, C.D.A R/A, Agrabad, Ctg. 1818707675 Agency
  7. 330 Chittagong Chittagong Zubli Road Booking Booth Enayet Bazar, Ctg. 369, Jublee Road, Chowdhury Machinary Market, 2nd Floor, Ctg. 01711309943 01817210522 Agency
  8. 331 Chittagong Chittagong Naya Bazar Bishwa Road B. Booth, Ctg. M/S Safat Enterprise, 27/53 Port Connecting Road, Naya Bazar More, Halishahar, Ctg. 1819332135 Agency
  9. 332 Chittagong Chittagong Sitakunda Thana Agency Ctg. M/S Nizam Enterprise, D.T. Road, Sitakunda Bazar, Sitakunda, Ctg. 1715639140 Agency
  10. 333 Chittagong Chittagong Vatiyari Agency Ctg. Halima Telecom, Vatiyari Uttar Bazar, Vatiyari, Sitakunda, Ctg. 1817767524 Agency
  11. 334 Chittagong Chittagong Fouzder Hat Agency Sitakundo Taki International, Beside Highway, Fouzderhat, Sitakunda, Ctg. 1814329822 Agency
  12. 335 Chittagong Chittagong Satkania Agency Ctg. S.M. Enterprise, Station Road, Satkania Pourosova, Ctg. 01199253214 01191778272 01816707035 Agency
  13. 336 Chittagong Chittagong Baroiar Hat Agency Mir Sorai Ctg M/S Bonoful Confectionary, Bishwa Road, Baroiarhat Pourosova, Mirsorai, Ctg. 1819662672 Agency
  14. 337 Chittagong Chittagong Mir Sorai Thana Agency Azmir Building & Fahim House (Madrasa Market, Ground Floor, Shop No. 05), Mir Sorai, Ctg. 1817737997 Agency
  15. 338 Chittagong Chittagong Pach Laish VACANT Agency
  16. 339 Chittagong Chittagong Ctg. University Booking Booth M/S Koxi Photostate, (Shahjalal Hall-er Purbo Parshe) Ctg. University, Fotehpur, Hathazari, Ctg. 01816344229 ‘01733125127 01777197337 Agency
  17. 340 Chittagong Chittagong Hath Hazari Agency J.B.L Enterprise, Jebol Hossen Market, Bus Stand, Hathazari, Ctg. 1915704142 Agency
  18. 341 Chittagong Chittagong Ranir Hat Thana Agency Ctg. Anowar Store, Ferdous Shoping Center, Ranirhat, Upazilla: Rangunia, Dist: Ctg. 1817267650 Agency
  19. 342 Chittagong Chittagong Baskhali Thana Agency Ctg Shahi Enterprise, Bash Khali Pourosova, Ctg. 01717098059 01814212342 Agency
  20. 343 Chittagong Chittagong Rawzan Agency Ctg Lucky Computer & Training Center, Jalilnagar, Bus Stand, Rawzan, Ctg. 1817255200 Agency
  21. 344 Chittagong Chittagong Halishohor VACANT Agency
  22. 345 Chittagong Chittagong Sawndip VACANT Agency
  23. 346 Chittagong Chittagong Bahaddar Hat Agency Ctg. Sundarban Courier Service Pvt. Ltd, 4110, Manik Plaza, Bahaddar Hat, Chandgaon, Ctg. 01819309559 01819332528 Agency
  24. 347 Chittagong Chittagong Boal Khali Thana Agency Ctg. In front of Pilot School, Sarowartoli, Boalkhali, Ctg. 1820653367 Agency
  25. 348 Chittagong Chittagong Katalgonj Agency Ctg. Titanic Computer Club, 29, Katalgonj, Pachlaish Thana, Ctg. 1819358044 Agency
  26. 349 Chittagong Chittagong Pahartoli Agency A.K Khan More, Ctg. Pahartoli (Alongkar More), Ctg. 01817206025 01815120730 Agency
  27. 350 Chittagong Chittagong Kadamtoli Agency Ctg. 31, D.T. Road, Kadamtoli, P.S: Double Muring, Dist: Ctg. 01911797641 724865 Agency
  28. 351 Chittagong Chittagong Chadgaon Vacant Agency
  29. 352 Chittagong Chittagong Fakir Hat Agency 3, Stand Road, Fakirhat, Bandar, Ctg. 1712882459 Agency
  30. 353 Chittagong Chittagong Dohazari Agency Apnan Tredres, City Centre Market, Shop No: 33, Dohazari Bazar, Chondonais, Chittagong 01622462096 ‘01814395609 Agency
  31. 354 Chittagong Chittagong Lohagora Ctg.Agency Under Krishi Bank, Amirabad, Lohagara, Ctg. 1814308082 Agency
  32. 355 Chittagong Chittagong Fotikchori Upozila Agency Ctg. J.A Telephone Center, Karim Center (Ground Floor), 1 No. Road, Khagrachori Mohasarak, Bibirhat, Fat 1819094192 Agency
  33. 356 Chittagong Chittagong Anowara Thana Agency Ctg. Nazem Enterprise, Chatori Chowmohoni Bazar, Haque Building, Ground Floor, C.U.F.L, Upazilla: Anowar 1823930910 Agency
  34. 357 Chittagong Chittagong Bakolia VACANT Agency
  35. 358 Chittagong Chittagong Potia Upazila Agency Ctg. In front of Hospital, Haidgaon, Haidgaon, Potia, Ctg. 1713626792 Agency
  36. 359 Chittagong Chittagong Bandar VACANT Agency
  37. 360 Chittagong Chittagong Fatikchari Vacant Agency
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