kunori - Episode 2 Commentary (SAO II)

Jul 13th, 2014
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  1. https://twitter.com/kunori_comm_en
  3. Woah, it's 11! I'm late, but I'll be starting my live tweeting for SAO II's episode 2 according to Niconico Broadcast now!
  5. September 2025, in other words, this scene's 3 months before episode 1. Sinon's using a French GIAT FR F2 and Sigsawa Keiichi's handling the arms supervision!
  7. GGO's still a MMORPG, so you can fight monsters. Or rather, Sinon doesn't PvE actively, but that's actually the main.
  9. Of course, she does dive into dungeons for items and EXP when she has time.
  11. Sinon's shooting one-sidedly at the big boss monster here, but that's because Sinon's rifle range is a bit higher than the monster's range.
  13. That said, even accurately hitting the weakpoint on its forehead is barely doing any damage here.
  15. The green circle shown in Sinon's view is the 《bullet circle》.
  17. Shown when the aiming starts upon touching the trigger, the bullet shot out will hit somewhere in this circle.
  19. The no. of magazines sure show Sinon's focus and tenacity.
  21. The boss drop is the French PGM Précision's Ultima Ratio Hécate II anti-materiel rifle and Sinon stood out as a sniper by getting it.
  23. And the present. Sinon's been in the PK squadron (SAO term, guild) led by the player Dyne since invited two weeks ago.
  25. Her main goal's to gather data on Dyne, a rival in the upcoming tournament.
  27. Dyne's moustache and cowboy hat are great! I went "So he's like this!" when I got abec's design and was a bit shocked, but I love him now!
  29. Ginrou's a great character too! Like how he stretches out the "Sinocchii~"... lol. And that four-legged movement.
  31. That "pokoo" sound whenever Sinon opens the scope's cap is cute. I'm guessing it's recorded from a real scope (Sigsawa's own...!).
  33. Minimi's a LMG from Belgium's FN and formally used by the world's armies.
  35. The JSDF has a production license too, but there was news about the company faking the inspection data for over 10 years...
  37. Aiming started, so the bullet circle's shown. The recticle's heart isn't on the circle due to the wind and gravity altering the trajectory.
  39. A headshot from Hecate's 12.7mm round (super big) will kill off any player.
  41. There's a chance of dropping equips upon death and bad luck made the Minimi drop. Of course, alive allies can collect them.
  43. Sinon aims at the mantle guy for her second shot, but the red 《bullet line》 shows in his view and he dodged using that.
  45. You can see how bad the trajectory curves.
  47. Only the first shot's shown without a bullet line with the enemy unaware.
  49. If Sinon changes position and hides for 60s, she can fire like that again, but she gave up since there aren't any good spots.
  51. A huge gun came out from his mantle and coat! It's the American General Electric M134 《Minigun》.
  53. It may sound cute, but it's just "mini" because its barrel's downsized from the GE M61 and it's the strongest class of machine guns in GGO.
  55. Naturally, it's absurdly heavy and even those spamming STR can't run with it. No one can carry and shoot it in the real world.
  57. (except Schwarz-chan)
  59. The scene focusing on Ginrou is cool! And those iron sights are so manly... but he ended up being victim no. 1 to the minigun...
  61. The "He's some macho guy named Behemoth" line was "muscled" and read as "macho" in the books,
  63. but after a meeting to change it to "all muscle" or not, it ended up as "macho".
  65. Dyne, turned into a wimp after getting scared by the minigun. But I understand how he feels...!
  67. I understand, so Sinon, grab my collar and scold me too!
  69. The gun Dyne uses is the SIG SG550, one of the rarest assault rifles even in GGO. Good thing your guts stopped it from dropping, huh, Dyne!
  71. I love the BGM here so much, I end up looping it over and oer. I want to listen to the soundtrack ASAP...!
  73. As Behemoth mounted the minigun onto the rail on his back, he can't shoot straight up. A weakpoint in full-dive games.
  75. And now to ALO! After looking at the wastelands of GGO, the vivid colors are a real shock.
  77. There are rumours that there are cuts similiar to where Silica, Leafa and Liz attacks the monster in seson 1! Please, try looking for them!
  79. The first ED! The song and visuals are both impressive, aren't they... Song's Haruna Luna's "Startear", the CD should be out on 20th Aug.
  81. And so, that's the end of episode 2. Thank you very much for all of those who accompanied me for the viewing and commentary!
  83. And I didn't know, but Niconico Video's faster than Niconico Broadcast for season 2.
  85. I thought of doing episode 1 right before 2, but 1's not available free anymore... Hmm, what to do.
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