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  1. -Server issues (Ping spiking, Kicking you out after matches, sometimes just flipping out and making everyone play as if with 1000 ping)
  2. -Main Menu bug where it shows you the wrong icons
  3. -Thrustpack bug
  4. -Impulse not registering
  5. -Menu/hud bugs.
  6. -Weapon bug (Melee to resolve sometimes but still can cause you to loose)
  7. -Mortars instantly explode on inventory stations when you stand on them.
  8. -Main menu scoreboard is always messed up (doesn't show the right people on right team. As well as showing CTF scoring for other game modes.)
  9. -Sometimes when using call ins like the inventory station nothing happens and you can't use the call-ins again untill map end.
  10. -Log in bugs out and tells you it failed.
  11. -Flags are still bouncin'
  12. -Not a bug but there's been an increase of hacks lately (possibly because you were at the convention thing)
  13. -Flag can dissapear from the map sometimes or unable to be pickedup/returned.
  14. -High ranked players can join novice servers and dominate
  15. -certain weapons rate of fire are affected by ping
  16. -Sometimes all the player models of the teams bug out and look all elastic
  17. -Throwing knives remove footstep audio, also remove footstep puffs on katabatic.
  18. -Freaky physics when vehicles collide
  19. -Servers crash when changing maps
  20. -Sometimes you can't deploy your deployables for the rest of the match after trying to use them as per the call-ins.
  21. -Skins freak out when switching on an inventory station
  22. -DX turret is permantly broken after being blackouted.
  23. -Dry fires still are around
  24. -Chaingun sometimes stops firing and needs to be re-spun.
  25. -Spectator mode hud.
  26. -Shrike hitbox is buggy as hell, sometimes getting hit by 2 bolts and not taking any damage
  27. -Rage effect not being applied sometimes when the flag is grabbed (gg chasing)
  28. -Creativity wall is buggy as well, sometimes you lose all your speed, sometimes you get thrown down into the ground and lose health speed and the route is done for.
  29. -Trying to shoot and then jet, or some combination of this, makes your jets stop working sometimes which makes for some hilarious times when you dont even make it to the flag during a route when self clearing.
  30. -10 second respawn timer for Sentinel was supposed to be a temporary fix. It's now reaching the 1 year mark almost.
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