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Apr 28th, 2017
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  1. Server side
  2. This time server saves are persistents!
  3. The first player to register on a server will be its admin (make sure to be the first to register when you make a server).
  4. As the admin, don't forget to do "/save" from times to times!
  5. There's still no proper dedicated server sadly, so you'll have to bear with a spectator window for the server.
  6. The port is still 7777.
  8. Client side
  9. When arriving on a server, you'll be in spectator mode. To create/load your character, left click.
  10. In-game, use T to open the chat and "/help" to see what commands you can use.
  11. List of emotes (command /e):
  12. -Macarena
  13. -Joy
  14. -Ninja
  15. -HipHop
  16. -Moonwalk
  17. -Dance
  19. NOTE: Password hashing is not implemented yet, please use unique passwords!
  20. The server host can potentially access their players passwords from the server save file
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