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  1. Sagittarius("I see," Fire, Jupiter, Mutable)/Dragon("I preside," Positive Wood, Yang)
  3. Overview
  4.         An admirable but not always gentle character, the Sagittarius/Dragon is a warrior on the grand scale.  These people are attractive and ambitious. They believe in success and forge ahead with bravura towards that aim. Never bullish or hotheaded, this character's style is gentlemanly and dignified. Sagittarius/Dragons are not afraid of danger.  They take great risks and and even court peril. They dance around the flame of adventure and derring-do but they rarely get seriously burned. Dragons born in Sagittarius outwit their enemies, hoist them on their own petards and invite them to lunch the the next day
  5.         There is no arrogance in this method. The Sagittarius/Dragon sees no reason to snub people or lord his superiority over them.  On the contrary, this character will be the jolly sort of idealist who beckons one and all to follow his dreams, brandish his flags and fly his colors.  Sagittarius/Dragons are not selfish or stingy.  They want the best for everybody involved---yet they definitely feel that everybody should be involved in the Sagittarian/Dragon's project.
  6.         This person is a visionary and can initiate enterprises single-handedly.  He or she can carry off deals and draw conclusion and make decisions without raising an eyebrow. But they don't like complication.  They deplore deceit.  Woe unto him who cheats a Sagittarian/Dragon. The Dragon won't harm the offender.  Not on your life.  He or she will simply never trust them again which, coming from this honorable character, is a low blow.
  7.         You see, the Sagittarius/Dragon is an optimist.  He or she wants to believe in the basic goodness of mankind.  These people are not naive, nor are they innocents who need protection.  Rather Sagittarius/Dragons are natural leaders who need good lieutenants, whips, exchequers, advisers, cabinet ministers, wives husbands and careful, deliberate and faithful helpers who protect this hasty idealist from himself.
  8.         Sagittarius is outspoken and openhanded.  Dragons are also gererous and giving.  They both love parties and want to make life more festive. The Sagittarian and the Dragon both want to increase the scope of their operations, to encompass larger and larger groups and spheres of influence where they can impose their theories and try their methods.  If left completely to their own devices, these benevolent despots might glad-hand themselves out of the race. So they must seek wise counsel and follow the advice of more conservative souls.
  9.         The combination of Sagittarius and Dragon must struggle against a little voice inside them which urges them onward no matter what.  This person want more than anything to prove that he or she can. Usually, there is no doubt in anybody's mind except that of the Sagittarian Dragon.  Nonetheless, this person can be overly optimistic and enterprising because he wants to show the world how right he is. And very often he is right.  But once in a while the Sagittarian Dragon has to pick himself up and straighten out his disjointed nose because of hasty decision-making or acting on false hunches.
  10.         The Dragon born in Sagittarius can be snappish and sometimes caustic but is most often merciful and kind towards others.  He is not a cozy fire, but rather a crackling, vigorous conflagration that burns as a beacon for people he likes and wants to help.  There is something of the Dragon Prince here, something noble and mythical that bespeaks munificence amd power. A mighter combination one can hardly hope to find.
  13. Love
  14.         The Dragon born in Sagittarius will marry when the time is right.  Of course these people, with their hearty enthusiasms and eager aspirations, are appealing.  Yet, the Sagittarius/Dragon himself is not intersted solely in attraction.  He will go looking for a true helpmate when he sets out in adult life. No Dragon---especially a Sagittarian Dragon---ever thinks small.  This one imagines a giant future with scads of children and horses and buisnesses and expanded families.  This Dragon is not about to marry Mickey Mouse.  This Dragon wants quality.  And don't you know, he or she usually gets just that.
  15.         If one of these swashbucklers has caught your eye, I daresay you are in for quite a ride. The Sagittarius/Dragon mate will keep you on your toes, busy, busy, busy.  If you are in the least phlegmatic stay away from this vivacious dynamo.  But if you want to work side by side with someone whose ideals appeal to you and whose cause you are not afraid to champion, then go after you Sagittarius/Dragon love. But don't ever disappoint this character or fail to keep your part of the bargain. Sagittarius/Dragon is a grand sentimentalist.  There is nothing more cutting the indifference of such a valorous soul.
  18. Compatibilities
  19.         You are a very popular partner indeed.  Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius are your compatible western astrological signs. From within their ranks you can be best loved by Aries/Ox, Tiger, Monkey and Pig;  Leo/Rat, Monkey or Rooster Libra/Tiger and Monkey, or Aquarius/Rat and Monkey.  These are your allies. Now for your detractors: All of them Dogs of the Gemini, Virgo and Pisces perpersuasions.  Now that wasn't so hard, was it?
  22. Home and Family
  23.         Luxury doesn't come first for the Sagittarius/Dragon. But status does. The Sagittarius born under the sign of Dragon will not be likely to hang his coat of arms over a door in just any old part of town. This subject wants to live in the "best" neighborhood, send his or her kids to the "right" schools, and will be sure to shop in all the "finest" emporia. Pared-down opulence and originality will characterize the abode of Sagittarius/Dragon. "Lets turn the attic into an office and tear up the bathroom tile and put in an aquarium." Sagittarius/Dragon likes to do things with imagination and style.
  24.         The Sagittarius/Dragon is a born parent. This person leads well and takes responsibility seriously. Moreover, parenting and protecting, nuturing and looking after others gives the Dragon born Sagittarius real personal gratification. He or she will be firm and insist kids stay close to the family circle while growing up. No child wil lbe made to feel insecure so long as he has a Sagittarius/Dragon for a Mom or Dad. These folks are notorious for taking care of their own. They pile everybody in the car and leave on vacation as a gang, pack picnic lunches, and hike up the mountainside along with the best of them.
  26. Childhood
  28.         As a child this person will probably be bubbly and enthusiastic. He or She will invariably get involved in group projects of which he or she is chief. These kids are usually popular with school friends and playmates. Teachers appreciate their willingness to lead, but may somtimes feel a shade threatened by the Sagittarius/Dragon's sense of superiority. There is nothing this child feels he or shee cannot accomplish, so sometimes they are sorely dissapointed in themselves. You can talk to them directly and not fear breaking their spirit; these little people are tough and capable. They should be taught patience.
  30. Profession
  32.         What a Dragon born in Sagittarius sets out to do, he means to see complished. This person manifestly wants what he wants when he wants it. Now, obviously this self-belief has its drawbacks. Nobody is invincible, least of all the most sentimental Dragon of them all, Sagittarius. But that deeply emotional foible is precisely waht makes him or her so charming. Many of the Sagittarian Dragon's  battles are inadvertently won by virtue of this happy personality quirk. What looks like a rock is actually a marshmallow. But as it talks and acts like a rock, nobody can tell the difference. Tricky, no?
  33.         The Sagittarius/Dragon will probably not want to play any game where he or she is not the leader. This is a beloved boss, a person who commands great respect from employees and associates. Another cleverness of this combined sign is that he or she knows when to stand back and lets events take over. This character can be hasty but is sometimes surprisingly wise as well.
  34.         Careers that suit this person are: nursery school director, bookstore owner, TV producer, insurance magnate, banker, entrepreneur, builder, politician, senator, lawyer, theologian, business consultant, writer, editor, publisher.
  36.         Some famous Sagittarius/Dragons: Louisa May Alcott, Betty Grable, Richard Pryor.
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