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Aug 16th, 2012
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  1. It’s nice to sometimes to see a man cross-dressing as a girl. It’s amusing to find an extremely attractive girl, and later on discovering that she’s actually a ‘he’, or the reverse, of course. The fact that someone can be very feminine or masculine regardless of genders reminds you that the differences between woman and man are insignificant, and all people are equal in general.
  3. [b] But that is NOT the case. [/b]
  5. It’s not like you hate cross-dressing, but... Give your body a girl’s cloth, and you appear as a man with a girl’s cloth. Add a wig, and you’ll look like a man with a girl’s cloth. If add some make-up like lipstick or powder... None of them fit at all...
  7. Bah. Screw that. One muscular K-1 champion cross-dressed when he entered the ring, why don’t you? Anyway, you’ll only wear the clothes for a while; this is an emergency situation, which is understandable. You slowly nod to Suwako.
  9. “Really? Good! I’ll get it right away!” Suwako runs away. Kanako sighs shakes her head.
  11. “I can’t believe you accepted her idea...” She mutters under her breath. “I’ll watch Suwako so she won’t take anything too weird. Stay here, okay?”
  13. Yes, please. Sanae can’t only have skirts and stuff like that. You want to believe that she has something that is more ‘gender-equal’. You nod. Kanako has given you a faint glimmer of hope...
  15. -----
  17. “Hmm...” Suwako looks puzzled. She’s now stands in front of Sanae’s wardrobe.
  19. “Is there something wrong?” Kanako asks as enters Sanae’s room.
  21. “Well... I don’t remember Sanae having so few clothes...” Suwako says while looking at the half-full wardrobe. “And where are the jeans? I remember that Sanae has some...”
  23. “I thought you’d give him a skirt,” Kanako grins.
  25. “I don’t want to, but...” She turns back and lies against the wall. “There isn’t anything suitable for him... We have no other choice...”
  27. -----
  29. Suwako and Kanako are back. And in Suwako’s hands are... A sailor’s uniform?! The hell...
  31. “Nobu... Sorry... I can’t find other clothes that fit you...” Suwako bows a few times. You quickly stop her. You don’t like it, but it looks like that she really couldn’t help it.
  33. “She’s telling the truth; I saw the wardrobe myself.” Kanako takes a deep breath, reinforcing the child’s statement. You take the uniform and look at it; at least it seems neat.
  35. “Oh, and you know how to tie a loincloth, right?” Suwako puts another piece of cloth. At least you won’t wear Sanae’s underpants...
  37. “Where did you get that?” Kanako quickly glares at her.
  39. “You don’t want to know... And no, it’s not what you think,” Suwako place a smug smile on her face. It’s a wonder how a child can be so calm after being glared at by a god. Well, time to wash yourself...
  41. -----
  43. You close the door and put the stick aside. You remove your shirt and pants. The pants part was a bit harder, but doable, since you have your stick to separate the pants and your leg. So are your boxers. Good thing that your underwear isn’t briefs or it would take a few minutes to take them off...
  45. Slowly, you sit on the stool. Good thing that the stool was rather high. If it was a bit lower, you wouldn’t be able to sit on it. You slowly scoop up some water and pour it on your head. The fresh cold water somehow makes you calm, and you forget the pain in your body.
  47. Your feet kick the soap, under the stool and your hand proceed to take it; it does not have any smell at all, like other typical soap nowadays. It's like one created by a student in a high school chemistry class. Looking at this place, you can understand. Whatever to make the dirt away from-
  49. Ouch.
  51. Pain creeps through you the moment you apply soap to your face. You forgot that your face was scarred. You must wash it though, or else it would cause an infection on your face...
  53. -----
  55. "I'm home!" The young shrine maiden says as she flies down to her shrine.
  57. "Welcome back, Sanae!" Suwako greets her. "How was today?"
  59. "Not great... I didn't really have much preparation since Nobu was here..."
  61. "Don't push yourself too hard. We have a steady supply from him now." Kanako says.
  63. "Don't say it like that, Kanako... Anyway, where did you put your clothes, Sanae?"
  65. "They’re in the wardrobe, like normal. Why? And where is Nobu?"
  67. "Uh, let me explain..."
  69. -----
  71. Well, that's enough refreshment for now. You won't take a bath too frequently though; it hurts to wash your face. And tying the loincloth and the splint is really a pain in the ass with only one hand to do the task.
  73. You stare at the clothes. A sailor’s uniform. Of all clothes that Sanae has, why [b]this [/b]?! You really want to see with your own eye what Sanae has in her wardrobe... But you can't bring yourself to reject Suwako's goodwill. It’s your fault too, in a way, for not bring any clothes when you ended up here. Heh. You begin to wonder where Sanae used to study...
  75. Well, whatever. Time to wear this uniform...
  77. -----
  79. “Why!? Can't he wait until tomorrow!? I can buy some clothes for him at that time!”
  81. "He's really dirty, haven't you noticed? Besides, frankly, he's rather smelly... He hasn't had any baths since coming here, right? It's bad for his wounds if they’re left unclean," Kanako puts her hand on Sanae's shoulder, calming her down.
  83. "Well, fine, if you put it that way... What will he be wearing anyway?"
  85. "That's the problem..." Suwako starts to talk. "At first was going to give him your jeans and shirt, but I couldn't find them inside your wardrobe."
  87. "Huh? I'm sure I put them in there..."
  89. -----
  91. After a short struggle, you finally put on the uniform, albeit some parts of it are now wet because of the water in the bathroom. After putting the dirty clothes onto the tray with your foot, you walk outside.
  93. No one is here. Good. You use this opportunity to quickly walk back to your room. You should be safe there from any-
  95. *Click!*
  97. Wait. What was that sound?
  99. -----
  101. "You’re right... Somebody must have taken it!"
  103. The three women are standing in front of Sanae’s wardrobe, still unchanged in volume.
  105. "But who, though? No one can enter this mountain easily. Unless..."
  107. "Well, he has said that Yukari has had her eye on him lately..."
  109. *Click!*
  111. "That... sounds a lot like a camera."
  113. They look at each other, before coming to a single conclusion and running outside.
  115. -----
  117. Oh crap.
  119. “Ayaya! She was right! This will be a headline for sure! I can't wait to publish this!”
  121. The girl lowers her camera, and flies away. Goddamn. Of all the potential people that can pop out here, why did it have to be [b]her [/b]?! You can't even do anything at all to stop this.
  123. "Aya, what have I told you about-"
  125. Upon seeing you, Sanae stops midsentence and stares at you. No sounds, no expression, just staring.
  127. [] Laugh it off
  128. [] Chill
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