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  1. Mega-Lucario is one of the Collest and most Hyped mega since XY, and did they have reason to be so hyped for this mega? (spoiler: yes, they were right)
  2.     At the beginning if XY, Mega-Lucario is authorized in OU , a little like Aegislash . And, considering his stats ... We wondered why? He still has one of the best offensive types in the game, with ways to crash a lot of tier staples, like Heatran, Clefable, Mega-Diancie, Bisharp and many other pokemons! And his stats are abolutely Monstrous, 145 in attack, 140 in special attack and 112 in speed, so it is the most offensive pokemon back in early 2014 at its speed EXTREME for tier. It outspeed Thundurus , Chomp , Gengar, Keldeo or the Duo de latios / latias, and of course, these pokemons are some of the most important of the OU. And the few faster pokemons without scarf are other mega, like Lopunny or Alakazam! and the damage he's doing ...
  3. But I did not even mention its absolutely monstrous versatility, yes because it can hit you in lots of ways: SD, NP, Physical Coverage focused, Special Coverage Focus ... So obviously at the end of XY, some month before the release of ORAS, our Best dog ever is banned from OU , leadin towards Uber.
  4. In uber, Mega Lucario has lost the majority of its options because it has a very special niche in this tier, murdering Xerneas, because its Adaptability-boosted Steel Stab hurts the new fairy types of the metagame. But, this is not the only pokemon that this Mega-Hype with legs can stop, OF COURSE! It is also very useful against Extreme Killer, Yveltal, Kyogre and Mega-Kang! We can FINALLY start talking about the counters to this thing from the underworld:
  5. We did not specify these counters in XY OR for obvious reasons, Only scarf make the taf, so it would be more interesting to specify in Uber his counters because there are plenty of them , and for a lot of reasons.
  6. The main counter in the majority of the teams is Ho-oH who holds all the unboosted Mega-Lucario attacks, even after the rocks and can melt it with a sacred Fire, The bulky flying types like Lugia are also relatively problematic if there are no SR, even at +2, you will never kill Lugia with a Stone Edge. But the true counter in XY is Aegislash! that duriant has everything to counter it and even switch in: An Immunity to the move combat the most dangerous of the tier, a resistance to the type steel, it takes only 6% on the rocks and it has an absolutely monstrous defense which makes that, even at + 2, you will never pass this haunted sword, which will kindly go you OHKO with an sacred sword. There are also Scarf who are not afraid of Bullet Punch, Genesect is really good in this idea as well as kyogre.
  7. In ORAS, Tier Uber has received many changes, the first is the appearance of Primal-Groudon, which is another Excellent check against our mega! The existence of even more Pokemons and the importance of arceus-Ground since the arrival of P-Groudon does not favor Mega-Lucario because this Fighting-type Machine is so dangerous that the non Extreme arceus Killer often put enough to outrun Mega-Lucario. but these are not the only new counters to Mega-Lucario, Mega-Salamence (which is also very popular) is also a huge problem because, not only Pre Mega-Mence will intimidate Mega-Lucario, but it also leaves the opportunity to Drattak to set up on Lucario! The new usage of Giratina-Origin which is the check to primal-Groudon in some teams does not help, as well as, later in ORAS, a boost of the popularity of Brave Bird Spamming Band Ho-oH in Flying Spam with Mega-mence does , no favor to Mega lucario aswell! But it's not only the negative that has happened, Xerneas and Fairy-arceus are still insanely popular, and Scarf Kyogre has become less and less common since the release of ORAS.
  8. To conclude . Yes, Mega-Lucario has definitely dropped in use in ORAS, but it's far from the end.
  9.     In the seven generation, Mega-Lucario received a huge buff, buff that is done in the change of Mechanics of the Mega-Evolution. Changes that make Mega-Lucario IMMEDIATELY receive its 112 speed base, it's HUGE !! The possibilities that it opens, that you can Revenge Kill, for example Solgaleo Band and put a big Close Combat around the Mega-Evolution instead of dying because base 90 becomes too slow for the Uber metagame that keeps being faster and faster.
  10. But who says new generation, also says new problems. Lunala, A newcomer whose signature object was the choice scarf , Come Revenge Kill Lucario for free. Groudon and MegaMence are still the 2 best tier, Ho-oH still has its multitude of Niches! But what has killed the use of Mega-Lucario is the fact that it is no longer the only big steel type that teams need to counter Xerneas. Solgaleo does it very well because, although he is much slower than our Mega-Lucario, he is guaranteed to hold a +2 Moonblast AND he has immunity to intimidate with his talent "Full Metal Body"
  11. But with the release of Ultra Sun and Moon, Mega Lucario has been improved again. This improvement is due to the new stab of steel type, Meteor Mash, which is much more consistent in terms of stab than Iron Tail! But, unfortunately. Despite the buffs he received , there are still more problems. The arrival of Necrozma-Dusk-Mane (which is one of the 3 Best pokemon in the tier) provides a huge competition to mega-Lucario, Because it has a much better Bulk and its versatility is much higher , with, most notably , the ability to be Ultra-Necrozma, a pokemon that still boosts the use of ScarfVeltal, one of the best counters to Mega-Lucario! Marshadow is also a newcomer in the tier, who is proving to be a much better choice against Extreme Killer and also a great counter to Mega-Lucario! To conclude this Generation , Mega-Lucario is really good , maybe not as insane as Mega-Salamence nor Mega-Gengar (which I didn't mention is an awesome counter) , but it stays a permanent Threat that the few teams who forget can be Close Combat'd.
  12. In conclusion of those two generations , yeah. Mega-Lucario is amazing , we all know this. It's one of the biggest single threats in the Uber tier. And , even if Marshadow outclasses it , Lunala blanked it and Zygarde-Complete can be considered as a viable wall nowadays , it remains tremendous , no matter the generation
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