Vivid Dream

Jul 19th, 2019
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  1. Family and i went to a theatre to watch a comedian, but people were eating or sleeping or being rude so the show got postponed
  3. I went outside got some rest then went back in to find a seat when jt was back up
  5. So everything was really normal, felt real, ive gone to live comedy shows before
  7. But when i went back in, things started to be odd, but really small
  9. Was trying to find seats but people were blocking the way or grabbing me to push, was annoying. Then people just wouldnt let go and were tugging me towards seats, but a pull was enough and i found a seat next to some older guy
  11. He put his hand on my leg. I pushed it off, he put it back on. I pulled it off and told him not to touch me, but he jusy smiled and said domething i cant quite recall but it was like "but you'll get used to it soon enough"
  13. Okay so after the guy said that, he reached between my legs and, uh, tickled it. I was wearing tight pants and - remember how I said this was vivd as fuck? - it felt absolutely real. So I got creeped out and got up to move, but everywhere I sat down someone immediately set a hand on me or started rubbing me up, more and more each time.
  15. I ended up sitting at the very back of the center idle on the right, beside the stairs, next to some younger gothy kid. He immediately leant on me but I just decided to deal with it since the show was starting. Except after a minute or two I heard him moaning and looks to see the guy grinding up against me and jerking off.
  17. Got super shocked and slipped off to sit on the stairs. Around about now I started realizing "Wait, this is weird. This is weird as fuck. I'm in a dream, aren't I?" but see THE THING IS IT DIDNT FEEL AT ALL LIKE A DREAM.
  19. I literally questioned it in my head, saying dreams feel like they're stuck somewhere weird and you'tre pushed along, but everything I did felt natural and free, and I could leave at any minute, so it couldn't have been a dream.
  21. Then things got to the big lewds. The show required people to take out phones and sort of make up these avatar things
  23. I take it out first and it had some super suggestive name like "something something beta funtime show" or something. Big magic show style title. At this point I'd accepted it was real, so I guess the dream decided to start getting even weirder so the host sat down next to me on the isle stairs and said "There's one in every crowd, a beta male like you, not like the others and made to go under" or something to that effect. It was real emasculation style stuff
  25. I was kinda sweating nervous at this point but started up the app to make an avatar. I also remember there being someone sitting next to me on the other side at that point so I was squished between two people pushing up on me. Inside the app was sort of like a cutesy anime profile maker.
  27. It asked for a real name, avatar name, some cosmetic stuff, and had a roulette for the sort of appearance. I spun it and it landed on some tiny lithe boy with glasses and was like "Yeah okay, thats accurate" and
  29. okay, so at this point memory gets a little fuzzy but I think the host asked if I didn't like it and I said its all weird and I didn't. So then some guy WAY BIGGER THAN ME pressed down his chest on my back, to the point where like I was a < shape and said like "how could you not like when I'm your preference"
  33. Tried to fill out more of the app since the show wouldn't go on without it but every time I clicked or inputted something the guy would push down more, and even start slipping a REALLY BIG COCK underneath me, between my butt
  35. and yeah, as I got towards the end of it, was practically a mating press and bouncing on a cock. When I hit the final confirm thats... uh, when it went inside. I dont... remember a whole lot after that but I definitely got pounded hard, and probably lewded from all sides, since pretty much everyone in the theatre was watching us by that point.
  37. Think I had become the show by then...
  39. THEN WE GET BACK TO SILLY, because after the sex we got little magic rods and had to cast spells by rubbing them. I figured out I could do it easy by straddling it like a magic broom and flew around the theatre. Then the theatre became an indoor rock pool, like the top of a waterfall, and spiderman was swimming around between the rocks, popping up every so often to tell a story about his uncle. Not uncle ben, just some random uncle.
  41. Then I woke up
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