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  1. // Networking contains cluster wide network settings
  2. type Networking struct {
  3.     // APIServerPort is the listen port on the host for the Kubernetes API Server
  4.     // Defaults to a random port on the host
  5.     APIServerPort int32 `json:"apiServerPort,omitempty"`
  6.     // APIServerAddress is the listen address on the host for the Kubernetes
  7.     // API Server. This should be an IP address.
  8.     //
  9.     // Defaults to
  10.     APIServerAddress string `json:"apiServerAddress,omitempty"`
  11.     // CNI plugin
  12.     CNI string `json:"cni,omitempty"`
  13.     // Range of IP addresses for the pod network
  14.     PodSubnet string `json:"podSubnet,omitempty"`
  15.     // Range of IP address for service VIPs
  16.     ServiceSubnet string `json:"serviceSubnet,omitempty"`
  17. }
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