Elf Prince and Orc Chieftain

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  1. Goldfinger was an elf lord who was born 200 years before the fall of the former Demonlord. Although the elves are diminishing because of the succubi, they are also diminishing because of marriage to other races such as humans. Many of the elves that lived near the borders of the humans were descendant of humans, though they do not admit it easily. Goldfinger’s family was part of the group of elven enclaves that decided to mate within the family; his parents were said to be close enough to be brothers and sisters. Though it was a very hush-hush situation, as the commander of the fort that he was posted at, anybody who tried to question him was to be punished, anybody who was found to be gossiping about the commander's heritage would placed in a pit that he deemed "the well of despair". And so it came to be, that Goldfinger was betrayed by his elven associate, who was rumored to be of human descent and hated Goldfinger for his highborn arrogance and his cruel punishments.
  2.         He was tossed into the Orcish war camps and escorted into the Orc chieftain’s hut, despite the many tussles and lustful gazes of the orc females who accompanied him along the way, he somehow arrived unharmed and retaining his chastity. Though that would soon change when he meets the orc leader.
  3.         The Orcish chieftain was a large woman with pig ears, pinkish tint skin and pink hair. Her eyes of a sultry nature, as if the pinkness of her body wasn't enough, her eyes also seemed to gleam with pink at times. She was constantly blushing, and her tongue was certainly long, fat and seemingly unable to be kept in its mouth as she licked her lips as if she was about devour a piece a candy. As chieftain, she had possessed larger assets than most of the other orcs. She had a large bust and ass with baby fat in the right portions of her body, she was also more lustful and stronger than many of the other orcs. As such, Goldfinger was given to her instead.
  4.         “What? Where am I? This is not the elven fort” said Goldfinger as he woke from his unconsciousness.
  5.         “You have been captured by the orcs” said the Orcish chieftain with a hunger in her eyes, “soon you will be our slave and my husband”. Goldfinger looked at the Orc with great disgust, and spat at her face, which the orc licked up as if it was the greatest thing she had ever tasted. “mmmm, elf saliva, give me more please” she said with delight. Goldfinger refused to open his mouth, unfortunately the orc had an oral device that propped his mouth open and stopped the elf from biting. She kissed the elf with great savagery and tongued him, despite his best, his tongue could not go anywhere and was violated by her large pink tongue. He could not stop himself from drooling, and truth be told he enjoyed it but he could not admit it.
  6.         The Orcish Chieftain tore open his pants and started to fondle his member with her soft and supple hands. Goldfinger accidently moaned when she did that, hearing his pleasure, the Orcish chieftain smiled and started kissing his penis. It started out with just the head, afterwards the Orcish chieftain started to suck on it till Goldfinger’s penis reached her throat. There was a loud suctioning sound, and everybody outside the hut could hear it. By now Goldfinger was nearing ejaculation, the Orcish chieftain perceiving that he was almost done, took out the penis which left a large drool connecting her mouth and his member.
  7.         She took off her pants which thinly veiled her lower body, and began riding Goldfinger. There was a hymen, but it did not hurt at all when it broke. Instead she felt incredible pleasure. Each time she bounced up and down, she moaned with great enthusiasm, and pleasure that she had finally found a man. Goldfinger, who was nearing the end, tried one last attempt of resistance by concentrating on a particular bad memory in which he was molested by his older sister. With that, he was able to resist ejaculating into the Orcish chieftain and attempt to break the bonds of his chains. The orc feeling intense pleasure from the elf prince continued to ride him until she came and large amounts of vaginal juice spilled on to Goldfinger. Because orcs were like pigs, they tended to orgasm for many minutes so she did not realize that Goldfinger had broken his bonds until he clamped his hands over her mouth.
  8.         The Orcish Chieftain could not scream for help, Goldfinger who hated being dominated due to overwhelming female authorities in his life decided to rape the Orc instead. “Get on your knees, and put your face to the ground” commanded Goldfinger with his authoritative elven voice. She complied, still feeling the effects of the orgasm, she whimpered and anticipated for more. This time however, the sex would be rough as Goldfinger plunged his member deep into the Orcish chieftain which caused her to squeal like a pig and started insulting her. Smiling sadistically while he pulled on her pig ears and spanking her butt until it turned even pinker. The tent became filled with the sound of smacking, slapping, and the occasional yelp of pain and pleasure from the orc.
  9.         “Look at you, already submitting to an elf. This is why your race is constantly being pushed away into the dark territories and forced into destitution. All your friends and family rely on you to lead them, and here you are, getting fucked like a pig in your own camp. You are a whore and your clan will die because you chose to obey your womanly instincts”. With each insult, the sadistic Elf Prince began to feel an emotion that had never felt before. Like many of the Elven predecessors, he too felt enormous pleasure from bullying the lesser races, though at the same time he felt sorry for the poor orc. This was the duality of Goldfinger, he hated and loved bullying lesser races, but he knew it was wrong at the same time and only felt guilt afterwards. If he had exercised on this feelings in the beginning, then he might not have been assigned to a fort in the middle of nowhere and later betrayed by his associate.
  10.         As Goldfinger hurled more insults on the poor Orc Chieftain that tears welled up in her eyes and her dignity as orc chieftain whirled away. “I have to give up being chief” thought the orc, “I have to go somewhere so I will not shame the orcs any more”. She would have done this and more if Goldfinger had not said the following words.
  11.         “So let me take care of you, I will stay and help you to protect the orcs”, said Goldfinger blushing a bit and feeling a little bit bad for almost making the poor orc cry.
  12.         The Orc Chieftain suddenly bursted into great cheerfulness at the elf prince’s sweet words and her hips started to move by themselves despite her awkward position on the ground.
  13.         “Lulu will bear you many children, far more than the elfy girls would ever bear! Please let me bear your children elf man!” begged Lulu, the Orc Chieftain, “please, please please PLEASE! I will give you a hundred children and do anything that you want me to do”. The Orc Chieftain became mad for Goldfinger’s affections, she twisted her body so that Goldfinger’s members were in the deepest portions of her vagina and touching her womb. She grabbed his clothes and tore it off, feverishly smelling it.
  14.         At the same time Goldfinger was smelling Lulu’s musk, which radiated heavily from her body. “I will only marry you if you give me a thousand children” said Goldfinger, enjoying Lulu’s begging.
  15.         “A thousand children?” questioned Lulu, “impregnate me until me body breaks, Lulu always want to be pregnant with husband-master’s baby”. With that, Goldfinger was nearing his end, though Lully had came before he did again. Scolding Lulu, Lulu begged him to continue to use her as she was his wife now and that if she was unable to continue on with mating, he should continue to have sex with her body. So it came that he ejaculated with enormous ferocity (Though she came one more), that his semen flowed from her vagina like a stream. “Lulu is sorry, my vagina couldn’t hold it in “said Lulu. She started licking their love juice up with a lewd expression on her face,  and began suckling on Goldfinger’s member like a baby being nursed by her mother. There was a deep love in her eyes that would never forgive any woman that tried to take him from her, but would always do what Goldfinger would say, even if it meant killing herself.
  16.         Goldfinger was satisfied, he head patted Lulu and her ears wiggled in response. "I may as well stay for a while" said Goldfinger, though he did not realize his predicament at the time.
  17.         About 2 months later, Goldfinger tried to escape from Lulu after finding out that she was pregnant with octuplets but she was always behind him begging and crying for him not to leave her alone. Though he was faster and stronger than Lulu due to his pure elven blood, he could not leave Lulu alone without her fellow orcs and always went back for a short while only to escape again. Eventually, he resigned to his fate and accepted fatherhood but was kicked out of his family and lost his position as commander of the fort.
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