Chu2koi scan 7 translation

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  1. Summer Girls!
  2. Though it'll soon be winter for us, our story has hit summer! Rikka, Shinka, Kumin, and Dekomori have all appeared in swimsuits! But wherever there is light, there is a shadow. The light is dazzling in its beauty, but are the shadows also deep?!
  4. Kumin Tsuyuri:
  5. As you hear Kumin-senpai go "That looks fun" when Rikka and Dekomori are having a delusional battle, it's evident she lacks any authority. She has taken an interest in Isshiki's bald head.
  6. Kumin is an important Sleeping Beauty
  7. Kumin is so under the impression that the circle is the Nap club that she keeps her own pillows in a locker. Her sleeping state using Chimera as a cat pillow is the second cutest she's been. She shouldn't mumble in her sleep as it's too air-headish. Calling Mori-Summer chubby is off-limits!
  9. Sanae Dekomori:
  10. This third year middle school girl calls herself Rikka's Servant. Not only does she wield her pigtails, she also wield Mjölnir during delusional battles. She seems to really dislike milk.
  11. Dekomori is faithful to her chuuni soul
  12. Dekomori is cute as she spreads the chuuni space together with Rikka. She even wrapped the ribbon that Shinka dropped on the ground around her arm when she battled Mori-Summer. Regardless, she's still an idiot. But will there be a day where she recovers from chuunibyou and we'll be able to see her real self?!
  14. Shinka Nibutani:
  15. Once her chuunibyou past was made public, she now exists in the present day as the Black Mage Mori-Summer. She deluded Yuuta by attempting to get close to him so she could erase her past.
  16. Cat's out of the bag: Shinka's masochistic side is cute!
  17. In order to get rid of the Mabinogion that causes her so much pain, Black Mage Mori-Summer deluded Yuuta. After we removed that cat, Nibutani enters a cute panicky state whenever someone quotes her chuuni past to her. Sometimes she returns to that state. But Yuuta, your crying is good too. It's alright man!!
  19. Rikka Takanashi:
  20. She depends on Yuuta for so much yet she still hasn't fit in with her other classmates. While she's invincible in her delusions, she's poor at human contact and math in the real world.
  21. Cat's out of the bag: Nothing rivals Rikka's pitiful looks
  22. Compared to her cool looks in her delusions, her expression after Yuuta rebukes her is vastly different. Personally, I recommend she use the Chimera hat look. Combined with her Gothic Lolita fashion, her facial expression is so cute. As we go through each episode, she gets cuter and cuter!
  24. A few things have happened. the girl who accelerates Rikka's chuunibyou nature, the "Deathly" Dekomori, has appeared and the girl Yuuta was raising flags with, Shinka, has had her chuunibyou past revealed. And among that has been the re-affirmation of Rikka's cuteness as she mixes her real feelings with her chuunibyou nature when her poor skills at studying were revealed during studying for finals. According to Supervisor Tatsuya Ishihara and Series Composer Junki Hanada, Rikka's little sister nature and her dependance on Yuuta during their studying sessions were the troublesome little sister state. She had a teary and needy expression when she was notified that, if she didn't perform well on her next test, her circle would be disbanded. "What should I do?"
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