How I Learned To Love Being The Mare In Heat

Nov 15th, 2018
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  1. >You barged into the shed, searching for whatever was making that awful ruckus in the middle of the night.
  2. >It wasn't a burglar... That's for certain, in fact... It's too dark to see damn near anything in here!
  3. >Blindly, you slapped your hand against the wall, searching for that little nub of a lightswitch.
  4. >Instead your hand met something... Soft, furry, and very warm to the touch.
  5. >Whatever you touched, giggled.
  6. >Immediately your hand was drawn back, pure shock coursing through your veins.
  7. >You couldn't find the lightswitch, and that thing was still giggling.
  8. >You didn't even know animals could giggle!
  9. >Was it a fucking raccoon?
  10. >"Oh you poor, poor, pooooor human."
  11. >At the sound of the voice, you made to back out of the shed, but the door had already slammed shut.
  12. >You were trapped in all encompassing darkness.
  13. "S-Stay back, I know karate!"
  14. >You swung blindly towards the voice; hitting nothing but solid wood.
  15. "Agh, shit!"
  16. >You clutched at your hand in pain, your funny bone rattled by the self-inflicted blow.
  17. >"Or... Maybe you're a very lucky human, hehehe..."
  18. >The voice was female, and sounded very... Sultry.
  19. >Oh god.
  20. >You felt two appendages grasp your midsection, lifting you up into the air; struggling in vain as her grip grew tighter.
  21. "No please! Don't eat me! I don't wanna die!"
  22. >A giggle snort sounded from above, if you weren't in this situation you'd find it cute.
  24. >"Eat you...?"
  25. >The creature giggled once more.
  26. >"I won't kill ya, jeez, I just want a... a taste!"
  27. >You felt hot breath on the side of your neck; flailing your arms towards the intruder of your personal space and would be cannibal.
  28. >Alas, it was for nought; You felt two sharp... teeth... penetrate your neck.
  29. "No! A vampire! Oh god no!"
  30. >The thing's saliva ran down your neck, mixed with a little blood; Although it was dark, you couldn't tell.
  31. >Oddly enough, the creature's suckling made you feel... Good...
  32. >You swear you just heard her giggle again, if only a little.
  33. "W-what are you doing to m-me..."
  34. >Your flailing got weaker as tingling spread out from the area of the bite, spreading throughout your body incrementally; Not stopping to let your mind catch up to the events occuring.
  35. >"Mmmm..."
  36. >The vampire hummed to herself, continuing to suck portions of blood from your neck.
  37. >And then, she stopped.
  38. >The thing pulled herself away from your neck with an audible pop and quickly pressed her tongue against the wound; Giving your neck a long sensual lick.
  39. >"You humans sure do taste good... But I'm more excited for how the new you will taste."
  40. >Your body felt hard to move, not quite paralyzed, but you just didn't have it in you to fight her.
  41. >The tingling feeling eventually spread to your groin, and you groaned as little anon quickly sprung to life.
  43. "Y-you gonna rape me too?"
  44. >She laughs, "Oh... It won't be like that soon... You're going to be such a needy little mare."
  45. >What
  46. "Excuse me?"
  47. >You hear what sounds like wings flapping, and you are finally set down on the ground; Albeit in a limp state, all you can manage to do is lie down on your back.
  48. >Your eyes had adjusted to the darkness by now, and so you saw the face that now smiled down at you from above.
  49. >The face... Of a pony.
  50. >With fangs, of course, as well as two shining golden eyes and grey fluffy ears sticking out from under her mane at the top of her head.
  51. >"You're going to be mine!"
  52. >Your mind was telling you no.
  53. >But your body, and your rock hard pecker said otherwise.
  54. >This... mare before you seemed oddly attractive.
  55. >You shook your head.
  56. "No! I won't let your aphrodisiac poison crap make me fall for you!"
  57. >The batlike mare above you simply put a hoof on your mouth.
  58. >"I'm afraid it does quite a bit more than that- Oh! You're already growing fur!"
  59. >She squeed with excitement, while your eyes widened in horror; With all your effort you managed to bring a hand to feel your neck, finding fur had indeed sprouted there.
  60. >She was turning you into one of her kind.
  61. >Oh god.
  62. >That's so cliche!
  64. >"Do you feel it yet?"
  65. >The mare circled around you, eyeing your clothed body like a piece of fresh meat.
  66. >You felt something, that's for sure.
  67. >Your dick just wouldn't go down, you even felt yourself leaking a little bit of precum, judging by the wetness in your boxer shorts.
  68. >In fact, it seemed to be getting worse, like you were constantly leaking and getting closer to the edge.
  69. "I-I don't know what you're talking about."
  70. >She gave you a toothy grin and turned her head to look at your crotch.
  71. >"Are you suuuuure~?"
  72. >You gulped.
  73. "Y-yeah, don't feel nothin, no swea- ah!"
  74. >The mare gently pressed a hoof on your crotch, chortling to herself.
  75. >"So cute... Thinking you could hide it from me, now I know it's really working!"
  76. >Your neck was feeling itchy, like you hadn't shaved in days.
  77. >"Just look at all that beautiful silver you have..."
  78. >She eyed your neck, then made a tsk sound and turned away.
  79. >"Well, you'll have quite a bit more shortly."
  80. >You wished she would just go away and leave you alone; There was a Team Fortress 2 game inside your house that you were playing, that's what you wanted, not this!
  81. >You involuntarily grinded your thighs together as the lust continued to build.
  82. "J-Just go, please, this isn't okay!"
  83. >The mare didn't respond, simply opting to go to the other end of your body.
  84. "W-what are you doing?"
  85. >She flashed you a sultry look as she tugged on your pants, finding they had somehow gotten much more loose than they had been, they easily slipped off; Exposing your tented boxer shorts for both her and you to see.
  86. >The mare grinned like a madman.
  88. >"Look at your feet!"
  89. >Look at your feet, you did.
  90. >"Doesn't it feel good? Aren't you just positively longing for this?"
  91. >Truth is, you kind of were.
  92. >A part of you was enjoying this, feeling so gleeful at being so easily turned on by this mare, but the sane part of you was still in charge.
  93. >The sane side of you saw your toes merging, you felt them squish and meld together; Five toes quickly becoming three, then two, finally becoming a silvery back hoof as your feet elongated and became covered in a hard substance.
  94. >You had back hooves now
  95. >You tried to roll over onto your side, but the mare wouldn't let you.
  96. >She easily pushed you right back to where you started, and finally set her eyes on your prized possession.
  97. >"You've got to be aching for it by now. I can see it in your face, but don't worry."
  98. >She licked her lips.
  99. >"You won't be getting any release anytime soon."
  100. >You couldn't move as she positioned herself over you, and you couldn't even imagine what she was doing, that is... Until she literally ripped your boxers off, exposing your ponified back legs and human upper body.
  101. >"Such beautiful legs for a soon to be beautiful mare... Too bad this thing is in the way."
  102. >She gave your cock a nudge with a hoof, it spurted a little bit of pre in response.
  103. >"How adorable... Why don't we make use of it while it's still there, hm?"
  104. >She moved forward a bit, pressing her muzzle against your... Nose... No wait.
  105. >What happened to your nose?
  107. >It was like your nose was there one second, and the next a larger protrusion in front of your face, silvery gray in color and much like your nose.
  108. >"And look who just got a facelift!"
  109. >You blinked, finding your field of view much larger than before, enough to see that the mare had positioned herself right over your sore member.
  110. >You gasped as she gently brought herself down, your dick was so sensitive it felt like the slightest touch could send you blowing everything you got inside of her.
  111. >But you couldn't; It just kept building up, the pressure felt like a firehose waiting for the valve to be opened, you didn't understand, you should've been cumming by now!
  112. >Panic evidently spread across your face, mixed with lust, shame, and probably a plethora of other emotions to boot.
  113. >The bat pony noticed this, and actually seemed concerned.
  114. >"Oh, don't worry sweetie... That's just a side affect of the bite."
  115. >She continued to slide down your erect pole, biting her bottom lip.
  116. >"You experience the worst heat of your life..."
  117. >You breathed in and out quickly as the pleasure threatened to overtake you, pulsing waves rushing through your nerves, you weakly pawed at the floor beneath you for something to grab; You couldn't handle this!
  118. >"It will only get worse... But it's more fun that way!"
  119. >You weakly humped inside her, but she was doing most of the work, not like any of your movements made it better.
  120. >It seemed like everything you did just made your situation worse, you briefly went deaf after you let out a girlish squeak, feeling your ears migrate to the top of your head to become the fluffiest pair of ears you'd ever owned.
  121. >It still just kept on building, it was like the ultimate edge, like a wine cork being used to plug a leaky dam; The worst part is that the wine cork did plug the leaky dam.
  122. "Ah! Please! Let me cum! I-It's too much!"
  124. >The mare caressed your furry cheek with a hoof; To your surprise you blushed at the touch, lust clouding any common sense you had as you utterly fell for the pony who built you up this far.
  125. "P-please..."
  126. >She just continued to slowly slide up... and down your shaft.
  127. >Your unknown sexual partner tortured you with slow movements, her warm inviting walls wanting to milk you for every last drop, but nothing came; That was the absolute worst part, it was a literal nightmare and heaven for you.
  128. >"Not yet, my little pony."
  129. >She whispered with a moan.
  130. >Very quickly you felt her tense up with you still inside her, and she let out a squeak that echoed into a moan of pure orgasmic pleasure
  131. >Warm, sticky fluids ran down your pelvis, but they were not your fluids.
  132. >"It should be going away any minute now~"
  133. >She gently pulled herself off of my little Anon, and I could already tell that he was shrinking.
  134. "N-no... W-wait!"
  135. >You reached out with hands that were very quickly becoming another pair of hooves, your spine crunching as you felt the drop in height hit you out of nowhere.
  136. >Your butt began to swell to much larger proportions than it had been before, your thighs swelling all the same to match the new equipment coming your way.
  137. >Another few crunching sounds later, and some squeaking, you suddenly were a quadruped, and found lying on your back to be extremely awkward.
  138. >"Here comes my pretty mare~!"
  139. >The pony who had started all this was playfully teasing your not so fully formed clitoris, the slit just now appearing and your testes sucking up inside of your body.
  141. >You could feel them being sucked up into you; You could feel them move inside and rearrange themselves into newly made reproductive organs;
  142. >You gasped as your sense of pleasure changed from being concentrated to one area, to spreading over every inch of your body as the other mare tested your new love button, cooing when she hears you gasp.
  143. >"You're such a beautiful mare now, and so..."
  144. >She lifts up a hoof, already covered in your bodily fluids
  145. >"Needy... I love it!"
  146. >The other mare cuddled up to your twitching, barely thinking form, too entranced by all the new sensations hitting the right nerves; Your hips involuntarily grinded against her hoof, the new little snout you had making squeaking noises as you grinded against the other bat pony.
  147. >"You make a lovely mare..."
  148. >She whispers into your enhanced ear, her warm breath only stirring your lust more.
  149. >"It's just a shame that this will last two weeks for you, but we can manage that..."
  150. >The grey creature of the night nibbled at your neck, not quite piercing it with her fangs, but nipping at it ever so slightly, sending lightning bolts of pleasure from your neck to your hooves.
  151. >Two weeks is a long time.
  152. "P-please help me cum..." Your soft voice combined with squeaks of pleasure whispered into the other pony's ear.
  153. >And she actually obliged you for once.
  154. >"For turning into such a pretty little mare, you've earned it."
  155. >She got up from her spot and positioned herself in front of you, seperating both of your back hooves so that she could view your new, absolutely drenched marehood much more clearly.
  156. >"Now this is much more tasty..."
  157. >The bat pony practically dove in, and for all that you had been through, not being able to cum or orgasm for what felt like hours as this mare tortured you; The gates of perception opened as you experienced a brief second of pure orgasmic bliss; Right before you blacked out from the intensity of it all.
  158. >Such is becoming a mare in heat.
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