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Jan 26th, 2019
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  1. Here are the codes I am always actively using (in case compatibility matters):
  2. [ActionReplay_Enabled]
  3. $Lock On Window: Show Enemy HP Bar [Ralf]
  4. $Improved Tech Auto Targetting (Incl. Bug Fix)
  5. $Androids: Improved Damage Traps
  6. $Reveal Complete Map
  7. $Olga Flow Drop Items [Ralf]
  8. $Dark Falz Drop Items [Ralf]
  9. $Improved Short Cut List Window Size
  10. $Always New Weapons In Arms Shop
  11. $Always New Items In Tools Shop
  12. $Always New Gears In Guards Shop
  13. $BGM Test: Improved Window Height
  14. $TP Bar Color Bug Fix [Aleron Ives & Ralf]
  15. $VR Spaceship Item Drops Bug Fix [Aleron Ives & Ralf]
  16. $Mericarol/Merikle/Mericus Encounter Rate Patch [Ralf]
  17. $Shields DFP/EVP Bug Fix [Aleron Ives & Ralf]
  18. $Keep Weapon Equipped When Die
  19. $Invalid Weapons Base Model Patch
  20. $Item Removal Maxed Stats Bug Fix
  21. $Improved EFR Weapon Specials Power
  22. $Improved ETH Weapon Specials Power
  23. $Devil's & Demon's Special Damage Display Bug Fix
  24. $Mag: Feed Up To Five Items At A Time [Ralf]
  25. $Mag Will Get Hungry Every Two Minutes [Ralf]
  26. $Foie SFX Pitch Bug Fix [Aleron Ives & Ralf]
  27. $Gifoie SFX Pitch Bug Fix [Aleron Ives & Ralf]
  28. $Rafoie SFX Pitch Bug Fix [Aleron Ives & Ralf]
  29. $Barta SFX Pitch Bug Fix [Aleron Ives & Ralf]
  30. $Gibarta SFX Pitch Bug Fix [Aleron Ives & Ralf]
  31. $Rabarta SFX Pitch Bug Fix [Aleron Ives & Ralf]
  32. $Zonde SFX Pitch Bug Fix [Aleron Ives & Ralf]
  33. $Gizonde SFX Pitch Bug Fix [Aleron Ives & Ralf]
  34. $Razonde SFX Pitch Bug Fix [Aleron Ives & Ralf]
  35. $Grants SFX Pitch Bug Fix [Aleron Ives & Ralf]
  36. $Megid SFX Pitch Bug Fix [Aleron Ives & Ralf]
  37. $Anti SFX Pitch Patch [Aleron Ives & Ralf]
  38. $Dark Bringer: Disarm Bug Fix [Ralf]
  39. $Hildebear/Hildeblue: Target Lock Range Bug Fix [Ralf]
  40. $Disable Logo Screens [Ralf]
  42. Patches on my 1.02 ISO:
  43. PSO_GC_Atari_Patch
  44. PSO_GC_Chat_Patch
  45. PSO_GC_Common_Bank_Patch
  46. PSO_GC_Draw_Distance_Patch
  47. PSO_GC_Event_Music_Patch
  48. PSO_GC_Full_Word_Select_Patch
  49. PSO_GC_Ice_Patch
  50. PSO_GC_Item_Loss_Prevention_Patch
  51. PSO_GC_Mag_Alert_Patch
  52. PSO_GC_Offline_Map_Patch
  53. PSO_GC_Quest_Music_Patch
  54. PSO_GC_Radar_Map_Patch
  55. PSO_GC_Rare_Alert_Patch
  56. PSO_GC_Widescreen_Patch
  59. One thing always confused me. This forum has AR codes and WIIRD. Dolphin uses AR and Gecko codes. But the AR codes from the forum don't work in Dolphin. Instead the WIIRD codes work as AR codes in Dolphin, not as Gecko. Is this normal? Or do the codes that don't work for me work as Gecko codes?
  61. My input on several problematic codes:
  63. (m) [Kohle]
  64. //Dolphin nags that master codes are not necessary or not working. Not sure if this code is needed for other codes to work...
  66. Lock On Window: Show Enemy HP Bar [Ralf]
  67. //amazing! Takes away the suspense, but really useful. Never thought some techs almost 1/2-shot! Doesn't work on De Rol Le/Dal Ra Li/Barba Ray though. I saw some PSOGC streamers with a working version.
  69. Buy All Gears In Guards Shop [Ralf]
  70. //pretty sure this didn't work. Either it crashed or didn't update the shop
  72. Buy Rare Weapons In Arms Shop [Ralf]
  73. //pretty sure this crashes every time I talk to weapon shop
  75. EXP Gain Multiplier [Ralf]
  76. xx = Multiplier
  77. //don't intend to use, but this is one where I don't know what to enter or what value does what
  79. Androids: Replace Slow Traps With Megid Traps (All Game Modes) [Ralf]
  80. //was fun to test. Don't guarantee a kill, but when spamming them you can cheese even strong Ult enemies^^ Problem is every time they explode there is a warning in Dolphin that needs to be closed. After that everything works.
  82. Improved DB's Saber, Armor & Shield Combo [Ralf]
  83. //and others like this: what and how much is improved? I guess it's the stats/combo boosts
  85. Mag Keeps Synchro When Revived [Ralf]
  86. //pretty sure this didn't work. Synchro still decreased
  88. No Unknown Weapons [Ralf]
  89. //what does this do? unknown weapon = untekked weapon? If so, then do weapons drop already tekked? If so, what about the percentages that can change by tekking. Most likely uses the base value of the drop
  91. God Of Grind [Ralf]
  92. //what does this do?
  94. Super Grinders [Ralf]
  95. Super Materials [Ralf]
  96. //I guess they increase the amount on use or max stuff? In case of materials how much does it increase because of the limit
  98. Olga Flow Drop Items [Ralf]
  99. //haven't killed OF yet on ult, but may not work. See next code
  101. Dark Falz Drop Items [Ralf]
  102. //killed twice on Ult. Once with the "always drop rares" code. No box dropped.
  104. Shields DFP/EVP Bug Fix [Aleron Ives & Ralf]
  105. //can't find any info on this bug. Thought it may be related to variable DFP/EVP, but it's still there
  107. Olga Flow Barta Bug Fix [Ralf]
  108. //I read that Barta can't hit OF, but never had that issue myself? Not sure, but code may have crashed Dolphin.
  110. Morfos Frozen Player Bug Fix [Ralf]
  111. //again no idea
  113. Improved Draw Distance (Almost All Objects) [Aleron Ives & Ralf]
  114. //"Master Code not implemented" warning. Code not necessary anymore because of draw distance patch
  116. Gol Dragon Camera Bug Fix [Ralf]
  117. //IIRC Dolphin crashed when entering Spaceship1; or it just didn't do anything. I think the code is supposed to make the camera normal during Gol Dragon
  119. Tiny Grass Assassins Bug Fix [Aleron Ives & Ralf]
  120. //no crash but don't see a difference. What bug is this?
  122. Basic Rare Reduction Bug Fix [Ralf]
  123. //no idea... drop rate? weapon special power (like stronger fire special)? Reduced specials become unreduced specials?
  125. Invalid Items Bug Fix [Ralf]
  126. //what are these invalid items?
  128. TP Bar Color Bug Fix [Aleron Ives & Ralf]
  129. //no clue what's bugged/fixed
  131. Improved Tech Auto Targetting (Incl. Bug Fix) [Ralf]
  132. //what bug fix is included here?
  134. Item Removal Maxed Stats Bug Fix [Ralf]
  135. //took me some time to figure this one out^^ Glad it works.
  137. Devil's & Demon's Special Damage Display Bug Fix [Ralf]
  138. //IIRC this crashes Dolphin
  140. Tools Shop: Able To Buy Grants & Megid [Ralf]
  141. //not working / no Grants/Megid in tool shop
  143. Improved EFR Weapon Specials Power
  144. Improved ETH Weapon Specials Power
  145. //maybe not all weapons are affected, but the ones I used were still really weak
  147. Very High Rare Monster Encounter Rate [Ralf]
  148. //would be nice to know how to modify this one.
  150. Replace Rag/El/Al/Pal/Event Rappies With King Rappy Counterparts [Ralf]
  151. //IIRC this doesn't work
  153. Savage/Barbarous Wolf & Gulgus/Gulgus-gue Encounter Rate Patch [Ralf]
  154. //pretty sure this always crashed in the center room of Forest1 when that one wolf jumps out of the wall near the southern door.
  156. Unit Present Bug Fix [Ralf]
  157. //again no idea. Either something with the "present" event item or equipped units?
  159. Androids: Improved Damage Traps [Ralf]
  160. //works fine, but pretty overpowered. You can kill groups with just 1-2 traps on Ult. Also this disables the immunity/resistance of enemies to damage traps, not sure if intended. I'd like to know how to modify this for different values.
  162. Enable More Rare Armor Particle Effects [Ralf]
  163. //not sure. Any specific armors that change?
  165. Bank Item Stacking Bug Fix [Ralf]
  166. //my note says "not starting", so I guess Dolphin crashed on start. Btw what's this supposed to do? Maybe material/grinder stacking? Or increasing stack numbers?
  168. Filter Download Quests By Episode [Ralf]
  169. //note says "purple flickering". IIRC that was all that happened on boot = unusable
  171. Invalid Weapons Base Model Patch [Ralf]
  172. //what are these?
  174. Enable Dark Specials Success Rate Bonus (Androids) [Ralf]
  175. //may not have worked/crashed. I remember some code with dark specials to always crash
  177. Quick Mag Evolving [Ralf]
  178. Quick Mag Level Gain [Ralf]
  179. Ultra Quick Mag Level Gain [Ralf]
  180. //never used this because not sure how it works. Could mess up Mag stats
  182. Hungry Mag: Play SFX [Ralf]
  183. //not working. Patch solved this
  185. Mag: Feed Up To Five Items At A Time [Ralf]
  186. //amazing! Combined with the feeding every 2 minutes code, perfect for mag raising. But I'm sure some people would like to feed even more, so maybe explain how to do that?
  188. Meseta Drop System Bug Fix [Ralf]
  189. //what does this do?
  191. Units: Disable Boost Cap [Ralf]
  192. //explanation please
  194. Weapons: Improved Attack Speed [Ralf]
  195. //don't remember if I tried this, but if I did it didn't change attack speed (with and without God/Battle equipped)
  197. Minibosses, Rangers & Olga Flow: Weapon Attributes Patch [Aleron Ives & Ralf]
  198. //what's this?
  200. Improved Rare Items Drop Rate [Ralf]
  201. //how is this one different from "Rare Items Drop Rate Modifier [Ralf]"? The latter seems to be a multiplier. Does the former change all rates? Maybe to the ones from a PSOBB server?
  203. Foie SFX Pitch Bug Fix [Aleron Ives & Ralf]
  204. //these fixes don't crash but I don't notice a difference. Not that I know of a pitch bug
  206. Shifta: Enable Tech Boosts [Aleron Ives & Ralf]
  207. //not working. Same tech damage with or without Shifta
  209. Dark Bringer: Disarm Bug Fix [Ralf]
  210. Hildebear/Hildeblue: Target Lock Range Bug Fix [Ralf]
  211. Nano Dragon: Grow/Attack Bug Fix [Ralf]
  212. Pofuilly/Pouilly Slime: Split Combo Bug Fix [Ralf]
  213. //not sure what's bugged...
  215. Newmans: Improved TP Regeneration [Ralf]
  216. Androids: Improved HP Regeneration [Ralf]
  217. Androids: Improved Leilla Healing [Ralf]
  218. //how can I modify these values?
  220. Quest NPCs Unlimited Weapon Range Bug Fix [Ralf]
  221. //not sure about this one. Possibly NPCs glitched out on use. I remember Donoph behaving even more strange than usual. Like a cast loop? Or he stopped casting Resta and died? Not sure.
  224. Previous codes were crashing/not working on older Dolphin versions. Following codes crash on newest Dolphin (5.0-9458). May be emulator related? The no-logo code does work though and playing only with older codes didn't crash:
  225. Show Rare Monsters On Area & Radar Map [Ralf]
  226. //crash on monster spawn; there was a previous code about showing rares on the map and making a sound, that one also crashed! Got fixed in the ISO-patch
  228. Rare Monster Alert [Ralf]
  229. //crash
  231. Character Playtime Modifier [Ralf]
  232. //how does this work? Does it change the value on character load or for all characters at once or on character creation? Could be useful when recreating characters and keeping playtime
  234. Remap Chat & Short Cut List Window Buttons [Ralf]
  235. Remap Chat & Shortcut List Window Buttons v2 [Ralf]
  236. //v2: Z-button not working; function unchanged and chat not closing on Y-press; R+Y permanently switches chat to menu; choosing something in menu will activate action palette (attack) as well. Plus there's a delay on the use of the menu item. Ex: Open menu, change weapon->attack/use item->switch weapon
  238. Bank Selector (Hold DPad Up/Down/Left/Right And Open Bank) [Ralf]
  239. //crashed when I got close to the bank lady^^, not sure I even talked to her, was standing in front of her though
  241. Item Type Icon Color Patch [Ralf]
  242. //not sure this is working. Also get crashes when character loads into Pioneer2. Didn't happen at first :/
  244. S-Rank Weapon Generator v2 (Talk To Woman In Shop Area) [Ralf]
  245. //crash when talking to that woman
  247. S-Rank Weapon Generator v1 (Talk To Woman In Shop Area) [Ralf]
  248. //crashes when character loads into Pioneer2
  252. Here's some codes I figured out based on existing codes:
  254. Event Enemy: Egg Rappy
  255. 200C17EC 2C03000F
  256. 040C17F4 38000004
  257. E2000001 80008000
  259. Event Enemy: Hallo Rappy
  260. 200C17EC 2C03000F
  261. 040C17F4 38000005
  262. E2000001 80008000
  264. Event Enemy: Saint Rappy
  265. 200C17EC 2C03000F
  266. 040C17F4 38000001
  267. E2000001 80008000
  269. //These change the Episode2 rappies to the event ones WITHOUT changing the Episode1 rappies. I use these together with the Pioneer2 event themes.
  272. Personal requests (codes/patches):
  274. 1. Dark Falz/Olga Flow drop fix (Red Ring, Rico items, Parasite Gene Flow)
  275. 2. Tekker always gives the maximum +10% on tekking (untekked item shows 10% native, tekker always gives 20% native tekked)
  276. 3. Official online quests available without download, maybe integrated in a patch? Would love a way to get these quests without private server. And yes, I know about the account-binding with quests, so sharing is not really possible
  277. 4. Drop list, showing what items dropped on screen. Pretty sure this exists for some versions.
  278. 5. TP Materials lol. Roulette and that Rappy minigame are the only options, and both require download quests. The good thing, if you have 1 TP mat you can dupe it. But it feels wrong. No idea if TP mats could be added to the general drop table like other mats?
  279. 6. There are several codes to replace enemies of the same species (Booma->Gigobooma etc.). Would be nice to have a few more options. Based on existing ones I made codes to replace all sharks with Gil Sharks, but haven't tested yet. IIRC it's not possible to replace enemies completely (no Hildebear->Chaos Bringer). Pathing issues for one I think. But how about replacing enemies in the same level (Del-D -> DarkBringer)?
  280. Just a list of all enemy codes would already be nice^^
  281. 7. Maybe some explanation on how codes work/are made/modified? Sometimes I'd like to change values, combine codes, only use some part of a code, or modify things. When there are similar codes it's somewhat doable with trial&error, but yeah... could be easier.
  284. Questions:
  285. 1. It's not clear if "common bank in slot7", "saving palette to slot7" and "1-3 additional characters in slots 5-7" are exclusive to each other or can be used together. I think the palette one said the slot needs to be free.
  286. 2. Regarding download quests: last year I setup Dolphin to connect to Gal Da Val, downloaded all the good quests to my MC1. They work, except for TTF not having the Ruins part. The other version of TTF couldn't be downloaded. Then I tried downloading the same quests to my MC2, but got corrupted data/quests not working. Also tried copying the files from MC1, but nope. Bound to the MC License. Sadly I couldn't get the quests for my third MC at all as Gal Da Val died/disappeared some time after.
  287. I know there is Sylvarant or some other PSO+ server, but I'm hesitant to try. Also confused about the whole license thing and different servers. Already wasted a lot of nerves and energy with the failed downloads and corrupted data/MC2... I also had the idea to make a copy of my MC1 with the downloaded quests and recreate my other 8 characters on those copies. But that would be an undertaking...
  288. 3. Does anyone know how servers react to codes & patches? I don't know what is allowed to use (or if), or what's done server-side. I also accidentally fast-forwarded during one GDV session (never setup the keyboard to type while having hotkeys on!)
  289. 4. Even more off-topic, but I also have this PSOBB offline-version. Making my own server and playing there. (How) can this be used to make a GC server? If so, I still wouldn't have those quests I suppose. As for PSOBB, is there a way to have my master account have more than 4 characters (like on Ephinea with the slot changing)? If I make several accounts I won't be able to trade without multi-clienting. I just don't know enough about setting up this Tethealla server, no matter PSOBB or PSOGC
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