dead dog blues

Jul 24th, 2012
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  1. theres a dead dog in the alleyway speaking in tongues.
  2. "rabble dabble ex ex ex zeit more oh oh rogadogadog" it woofs.
  3. "comrade", I say "comrade" in soft tones that I mean to be friendly and disarming.
  4. the dead dog snarls while looking at me, miserable fear in its eyes.
  5. "easy! friend..." I say and reach for its hide.
  6. it snaps its head towards my extended hand but cannot move it close enough to bite.
  7. it lies on its side, lungs moving its torso up and down heavily.
  8. I pet its mangey and gross fur as it stares hatred at me and foams at the mouth.
  9. I grab the dogs hind legs and drag it away from its death spot and it howls.
  10. "shhh buddy! friend, friend" I whisper at it and make a face that expects no possibilty but cooperation.
  11. Im dragging it and its body scrapes against the dirty alleyway surfaces.
  12. "RORE ME LOW GRUT GRUT ZOLMAN bulay ick ick" it woofs.
  13. this feels embarassing and I let the hind legs slack and look around to see if anyone is watching.
  14. an old brick building with mattresses piled around the back door and a broken fire escape,
  15. above which is an open window where an old man in a wife beater smokes a cigarette,
  16. and stares into a tangle of wire that hangs across his view of the sky.
  17. I pull the legs again and take the miserable dead dog away with me.
  19. I took the unpopular pathes back home.
  20. and wait until the coast is clear.
  21. I drag the dead dog up 3 flights of stairs.
  22. and bring it to the bedroom.
  23. I dress it in one of my tshirts and a pair of jeans.
  24. all the time its jaws snap at my quick hands.
  25. I put socks on its raw foot pads.
  26. "you're me now" I say to it.
  27. "you're me now"
  28. bewildered it stares at me
  29. as I pass it my loan documents
  30. "this is your responsibility now buddy"
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