May 31st, 2014
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  1. rap name sullen k/coolin on a sullen day/got a zip of ak, dazed and confused/Feelin like im tryna lose/old shoelace crafted like a noose/oops I went there again/im tryin not to worry friends/but my only therapys putting pen to a pad/writing dumb raps to spite my dad/sad is how I felt when u dipped out/could have stuck around but u took the pussy route/never even said "im out"/im over pouting now im shouting, outing your facade/yr a fraud like Santa clause/let me pause just for a second/u never put me 1st not even 2nd/u should think a second b4 fouling flagrant/verbal abuse had me feeling like a vagrant/can't take it/so I roll a blunt and face it/dad yr basic/ran away like some aasics
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