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  1. "That's probably the entrance the ogres mentioned." Erin pointed at a circular opening in the side of the crag, half-concealed by overhanging branches. "What the hell kind of a creature lives in such a stupidly inaccessible location anyway?" she muttered, securing another piton into the rock and continuing her slow, upwards climb.
  2. Li, floating alongside Erin and ascending at a slow pace, was equally unimpressed. "If we don't find the bard here, I'm going back to the village and telling those dirt-farmers they can get someone else to run their errands for them."
  3. "I think we owe them this one, Li. You know, after you materialised your forty-foot planar sphere in the middle of their church."
  4. Li threw up her hands in protest. "I fixed it for them! You'd think a day's worth of me casting 'wall of stone' to hold the damn thing up would be enough, but no, now we have to go and help them some more by finding a stupid bloody bard that was too careless to watch out for himself!" She smouldered quietly as Erin clambered hand-over-hand next to her. "I've still got some fireballs left," she suggested, "Come on, let's go back and burn the village to the ground. Please?"
  5. Erin gave her an unimpressed look. "No, Li. Let's not. Besides," she added, "you never know what loot we might find in this thing's nest."
  7. Eventually they reached the entrance, set halfway up the steep rock-face. Petra joined them, stepping through a portal that flickered in mid-air briefly, propelling herself just inside the entrance and waiting there, her feet hovering a foot off the ground by virtue of her constant levitation.
  8. "Couldn't have just teleported all of us, Petra?"
  9. "I wanted to save my energy," she said, shrugging.
  11. Erin took point a few yards ahead of Li and Petra, treading softly, nervous about the lack of any shadows to offer concealment. The tunnel was circular in cross-section, with smooth walls covered in a very thin layer of grey dust on the lower surface. Shelves had been hewn out of the rock on either side of the tunnel; the recesses were crammed with books and trinkets. Erin took one of the tomes from the shelf and leafed through it: a treatise on the proper care and raising of manticores. The spines of other books made such promises as 'Fifty Ways to Furnish a Subterranean Fortress', or 'Taming the Displacer Beast: Tips From the Masters'.
  13. "Whatever lives here, it's well-read," she commented.
  15. They followed the curvature of the tunnel around and downwards, Erin eventually having to use the shelves as handholds to descend a particularly steep segment, before the passage lead them to a circular internal space, thirty feet across. More shelves filled every available patch of wall. The floor was completely concealed beneath a carpet of scrolls, books, and pieces of junk. She peeked her head through the opening into the room, satisfying herself that it was safe, before gesturing to the others. Paper shuffled around Erin's feet as she waded ankle-deep in manuscripts, Li and Petra both able to float above them through magic and psionics respectively.
  17. "Wait, stop. That wall." Petra pointed at a set of bookshelves. The other girls turned to look at her. "It doesn't look quite right. It doesn't mate with the shelves around it."
  18. The three of them peered across the room, concluding that the shelves did indeed step down by half an inch at two points. Li spun a silvery globe of null magic in her hands, hurling the dispel across the room where burst against the wall. The illusion dissolved, revealing a second, smaller space, partitioned from their room with a grid of metal bars. At the disappearance of the wall, the man the other side of the bars flinched backwards before realisation flashed across his face. He pressed himself up against the bars, gripping them, knuckles white.
  20. "It's out now, but it won't be long before it comes back! You've got to get me out of here!" he babbled. Li drifted across the room to alight in front of the bars, regarding the man coolly.
  21. "Slow down, and tell us exactly what 'it' is."
  22. "I don't know! Some monster, some, some thing! It lives in this burrow. It paralysed me while I was walking in the forest and scooped me up in its jaws, oh god, the teeth...", he lapsed into a vacant gaze, "the eyes! So many eyes!"
  23. "How long have you been here?" Li asked, unperturbed by the man's urgency.
  24. "About a week now. It makes me play songs to it." He gestured to the lute which lay in one corner of his cell. "It's obsessed! It must have had me play the same love songs a dozen times! By Pelor, it wants me to write a sonnet for it!"
  25. "And what's in it for us if we help you escape?" Across the room, Erin sighed at the mercenary attitude of her wizard companion.
  26. "Gold? Fame! I'll write you into a ballad. I'll sing your praises up and down the country, just get me out of here!"
  27. Li shrugged. "We'll discuss the exact details back at the village, then. I guess you don't want to be around for when this thing comes back, judging from your reaction to it."
  28. The man nodded frantically. Li spoke a few choice words devised by wizards years previously, and searing rays of fire erupted from her fingertips towards the bars, neatly shearing through them at both ends. The metal rods clattered to the floor, tips glowing cherry-red.
  30. "All right then ladies, looks like we got what we came for."
  31. The bard grabbed his belongings from within the cell, dashing over to the room's entrance. Li started to leave as well, looking back at Erin, who was preoccupied with an ornate statue that lay in one corner of the room. It was well-crafted, carved from a single block of obsidian and adorned with inset aquamarines. It menaced with spikes of agate.
  32. "Chop chop, Erin."
  33. "Whatever lives here is out for the meanwhile," she said, studying the sculpture. "And I think there might be some choice bits of loot to be had. You go on ahead, I can handle myself."
  34. Li gave her an enquiring look.
  35. "If it does come back, Petra can 'port us both out of here," she reassured Li.
  36. "It's your funeral," she said, shrugging and grabbing the man by his arm, floating off down the tunnel. "I'll meet you at that grotty little tavern, then."
  38. Petra and Erin sifted through the junk on the floor at random, occasionally setting aside objects of particular note, or scrolls that held useful spells. Upon hearing a faint scraping sound in the entrance tunnel they shifted closer to each other, holding hands so that Petra's teleport would encompass them both if necessary.
  40. Soundlessly, a large, fleshy orb hovered into the room, eight feet in diameter, bedecked with thick, undulating stalks on its upper surface, each one bearing an eyeball. They waved around like seaweed fronds while the creature regarded Erin and Li with a huge central eye, set into its body above a wide maw filled with murderously sharp teeth. As it swept its gaze over them, Petra fell a few inches onto her knees as her levitation effect fizzled out.
  42. "Um, time to go?" Erin said to her.
  43. "I can't! Shit, Erin, I can't teleport! My powers are gone!"
  44. The girls shared panicked expressions as the gigantic sphere floated over to them, all of its eyestalks turned forwards to regard the pair. Its jaw drooped open impossibly wide as it roared, blasting them with warm, wet air. Erin shuffled backwards, drawing her shortsword from across her back. Petra, unaccustomed to finding herself stripped of her psionic abilities, merely backed herself against the opposite wall, eyes wide, muscles tense.
  46. "You trespass upon my lair!" the creature bellowed at them, its voice correspondingly deep for its size, reverberating through the girls' stomachs. "Come to rob me of my belongings, have you? Adventurers!" the creature spat at this point as if to remove the aftertaste of the word, "dishonourable fiends, the lot of you! You..." it paused, blinking its large central eye slowly.
  47. "You took my bard," it said.
  48. "More like rescued him! You abducted the poor guy!" Erin retorted, wondering why the creature wasn't already halfway through devouring her.
  49. "I was going to take him back!" the creature said defensively. It drooped downwards, descending and coming to rest atop a pile of papers with a rustling sound. "Oh, what's the point?" it said, half to itself.
  50. The girls cautiously moved inwards, trying to scope out the best angle to skirmish around the currently-inert creature and flee.
  51. "I thought a bard would know! Would understand my plight!"
  52. "Plight?"
  53. The creature turned to look at Petra, who had asked the question. To her disbelief, its central eye was moist and bloodshot, a single tear welling up at one corner.
  54. "Bards! They sing of mighty heroes and fair maidens," it ranted poetically, "of star-crossed lovers and the unbearable yearning that a wife feels for her distant husband, sent far overseas to fight in unjust wars! My kind aren't all paranoid xenophobes, you know!" it added, its gigantic lower lip wobbling up and down.
  56. "I just want to know what it feels like to be loved," it said. A ripple of movement spread across its upper eye stalks as it blinked tears from all of them.
  58. Both of the girls were rendered speechless. They regarded the huge beast as it rocked itself back and forth, another tear forming in its central eye and splashing onto the floor. Petra stood uneasily, leaning against the wall. Erin plopped down onto the floor, laying her sword down beside her.
  59. "Wow," she said.
  61. The creature continued to sob whilst Erin wrestled with a bizarre feeling of remorse growing inside her. She could see that Petra was also slightly confused. Erin walked over to the creature, and gingerly extended her arm to place her hand on its side, patting it cautiously.
  62. "There, there."
  63. The creature cleared its airways with a snort, and several eyestalks swivelled around to regard Erin. The girl nodded to Petra, who carefully approached from the other side, reaching up and over to lay one arm across the top of its body, pressing herself against it and wincing at the alien feel of its rough skin.
  65. Erin stroked her hands over the creature's hide, her fingers following the whorls of scaly skin that was striped like a tiger's fur, blues and purples mingling across its surface. Its breathing had steadied now, and it was blinking its central eye more slowly. She rubbed at the base of one of the many eyestalks above her, and the corresponding eye at its tip closed. The whole appendage tensed and wilted down, curling around to bring the eyeball close to Erin's hand, peering at it intensely before nuzzling against it. The moist surface of the creature's eye felt like a hardboiled egg.
  67. "Don't be so sad," Erin reassured it. "You might find some adventurous girl who is willing to show you about physical affection." She continued to rub at the eye-stalk, having come to enjoy the feeling of the more flexible skin beneath her hands. "Or maybe more than one," she added. Petra glowered at her. "In fact, I've never been with an, um, whatever it is, exactly that-"
  68. "I'm a beholder," the creature said.
  69. "Well then, my dear little beholder, I think Petra and I can cheer you up a little."
  70. Erin wracked her brains for a way to make the situation work. Did beholders even have sex organs? Surely one of the books in here must be about beholder anatomy, she thought.
  72. She shrugged out of her jacket, removing her blouse after that, and finally allowing her bra to fall to the floor. "Do you like what you see?" she asked, cupping her breasts either side and squeezing them together.
  73. "I do not know. It feel it is better than the pictures I have seen in books. It makes me feel strange," the creature replied.
  74. Perhaps Petra's would be more to your liking?
  75. "Erin, I really don't-" the girl started to protest before Erin regarded her beneath raised eyebrows.
  76. "Do it, Petra."
  77. She rolled her eyes as she reached behind to unlace her corset, discarding it and revealing the smooth, deeply-tanned expanse of her chest and abdomen. She tousled strands of hair around her finger self-consciously.
  78. "Come over here. Show him," Erin instructed. She realised her lapse into the gender-specific pronoun and turned to the creature. "You are, uh, a 'him', right?"
  79. "For the purposes of this exercise you may consider me to be as such, if it helps," the beholder replied.
  80. Petra shuffled over, kicking a vase out of the way as she did so.
  82. "We humans tend to warm-up a bit first, to get in the mood," she explained. "As Petra and I will demonstrate." Erin placed a hand on Petra's shoulder, sliding it down across her back and bringing her close before kissing her. Petra reciprocated, lacing her fingers together at the small of Erin's back as they kissed again, closing their eyes and enjoying the feel of each others' lips. As they parted, Petra opened her mouth to speak, brows furrowed. Erin placed a finger across her lips, stroking her cheek with the other hand. She wandered downwards until she reached Petra's leggings and unfastened them, wrestling the close-fitting fabric down over her full hips before stepping in close, one hand resting on the girl's pubic mound.
  84. They kissed again before Erin finished disrobing the girl. Then it was Petra's turn, and she tugged Erin's skirt down over her knees and off onto the floor, with her panties soon following. Finally, Erin removed her boots, and the pair stood completely nude in front of the spherical creature.
  86. "And now," said Erin, kneeling in front of the creature's huge mouth, "It's your turn." She placed a kiss on the beholder's upper lip, its mouth far too large to accomplish the action conventionally. She gently worked her lips along the rim of the huge maw, arms spread to encompass as much of the creature in front of her as she could. As she started to return the way she came, she moved her lips down and under, softly sliding against the pink gums from which dagger-sized teeth emerged. The creature's taste was strange, like raw meat and sour milk. After some hesitation, Petra also brought her mouth against the creature's own. It lapped its huge tongue against her chin, the muscle stroking wetly at her neck, and then her chest. Thick saliva glistened on her breasts.
  88. "Does it feel good?" Erin asked, raising her face from the creature's mouth and bringing her face level with its huge eye. The creature was breathing deeply, emitting a strange frothing noise from the back of its throat, the lid of its central eye half-shut.
  89. "It feels like nothing I have felt before," it rumbled. "Oh, actually, there was one time when I ate a gibbering mouther, but that barely compares to this."
  90. Petra laughed nervously at the last comment before surreptitiously moving away from its mouth, caressing the skin past the side of its central eye with her lips.
  91. "You can kiss my eye itself, if-if you like," it said shyly. "It doesn't hurt us. In fact, it feels-" he cut his sentence short with a shiver of pleasure; Erin had already enthusiastically started licking up and down the white sclera of the huge eyeball. The creature started to make purring noises. The corners of its mouth curved upwards.
  93. Erin continued to work her tongue carefully around the smooth white surface, here and there shot through with thin, red veins. As she leaned over to reach the centre, she crossed the border between the white and the iris, a fractal pattern spread out beneath her, criss-crossing the surface of a sight organ many times more complex than a human's. She thought for a moment she glimpsed little motes of sparkling light the other side of the pupil, inside that cavernous eyeball, and then lowered her head to run her tongue along the interface between the eye and the eyelid. The flesh parted as she swept sideways, salty, tear-like fluid accumulating around her lips along with some other, thicker, ocular secretion. The white sphere moved beneath her mouth, swivelling upwards, the beholder exposing more of the white for her to taste.
  95. "I guess we've found out what you like, haven't we? But this is only one eye, after all." Erin looked up to meet the gaze of a pair of eyestalks that had curled around to regard her from above. "You all right carrying on here, Petra?" The dark-skinned girl nodded. Erin spread her limbs against the side of the creature's body to gain as much purchase on the rough skin as possible as she clambered up, gripping against the wide circumference. She had spent plenty of her career up to now climbing on things, and the beholder was not a particularly difficult edifice to scale. Eventually she heaved herself on top of it, lying face-down on the wide circle of flesh delineated by the ring of eye-stalks, arms and legs draped down over the creature.
  97. "Let's see about these other eyes," she said, gripping one of the stalks and encouraging it towards her face. It curved around compliantly, and she took the eyeball-tipped appendage into her mouth and closed her lips around it, sucking on it lightly, rubbing her tongue against its surface. Apparently the beholder was enjoying that particular sensation: she felt the next stalk bump against her lips, and opened wide, straining her jaw to accommodate both of the stalks as they twisted together in her mouth, their eyelids blinking rapidly and tickling her tongue.
  99. Beneath her, Petra was discovering the sensitivity of the creature's own tongue. The creature had continued to lap at her as she pressed her body against it, and, as she was standing up, this put its mouth roughly level with her crotch. Over the last few minutes the huge, pink mass had dragged its rough tip back and forth over her belly and thighs, which were now slick with the creature's drool. She stood on one leg, lifting the other up and encouraging the creature to pass its tongue beneath her, giggling as it brushed against her intimate parts. Perhaps realising her enjoyment, the beholder kept its tongue between her legs, rasping back and forth with squelching noises as it rubbed against her labia.
  101. "Perhapth I can pleathure you girlth ath well," it said with some difficulty.
  103. Petra stooped back down to kiss the creature around the mouth, and it hinged its jaw open even wider, displaying its fleshy maw to her. She had established a fairly steady rhythm with its tongue now, squeezing her thighs together as it delved upwards, enjoying the moist pressure against her vulva. Its tongue was even flexible enough to form a slight ruffle in the middle as it worked from side to side, which slid with great ease between the lips of her genitals. The tongue seemed to be pulling back with each stroke, encouraging her forwards. She lowered herself against the sticky surface of the muscle, her breasts flattening against it, feeling the hot breath of the creature as she rested her head almost within its mouth. It was taking an immense effort of trust to remain lying there between the creature's teeth, and yet its intentions seemed solely amorous as it continued to lick against her, the tip of its tongue finding her ass hole and working its way inside, which made Petra squeal at the unexpectedly pleasurable sensation.
  105. Erin had manoeuvred her legs either side of one of the eye-stalks, and was now grinding her cunt against it whilst she sucked on the end of the opposite stalk. The more supple skin around the base of the eyestalks was smoother, and lacked the scaly quality of the rest of the hide. She slid her pelvis up and down, leaving moist streaks as physical evidence of her arousal. The creature seemed to be very eager to touch her with the tips of its stalks, rubbing its eyes against her face and her back as she continued to suck on the little orb. A few of the eyes started to glow, random magical discharges filling the air as a warm tickling sensation played across Erin's skin. Other eyestalks periodically tensed, becoming arrow-straight for seconds at a time before continuing to writhe. The creature's breaths became heavier.
  107. Between the creature's jaws, Petra had been having varying degrees of success with the fleshy contours that surrounded her. Presently she had settled on rubbing her fingertips against the roof of its mouth, which seemed to elicit what she assumed was a groan of pleasure every time she did it. All of her progress so far seemed to be leading her back to a pulsating, dark brown growth at the very back of the creature's maw.
  109. The sight of the strange organ stirred a memory from Petra's mind, some dusty old tome she had flicked through in a library once about the anatomy of creatures found in the Underdark. There had been mention of floating 'eye-tyrants' - she thought there might be a reasonable chance that the name referred to creatures like this one, given its ocular abundance. The book had detailed the process by which they birthed their young, spitting a womb-sac from the back of their throats. If that was the organ that she could see, it was only a slight leap of logic that it might well be the creature's most sexually sensitive part. She squirmed a little further into its mouth. Now only her legs protruded from between the creature's teeth, its tongue still diligently stropping against her perineum. She found the mass, struggled to adjust her position in her saliva-covered surroundings, and started to knead against its surface.
  111. Erin immediately noticed a change in the creature beneath her. Its eyestalks started to whip around vigorously, the one between her legs flailing around and bringing the soft eyeball to bear against her vulva. She felt a chill sensation as it bumped up against her lips, magic energy crackling against her skin like a static discharge. The tingling sensation felt utterly alien, and remarkably pleasant. She wriggled backwards, clenching the eye stalk between her thighs, letting out a shuddering sigh as the energy surged across her intimate parts. To her sides, the other eye stalks were spitting out random stabs of light, beams of energy searing the stone ceiling. Some of the others spewed glowing clouds or clusters of sparks. With her whole body, she could feel the low-pitched rumbling noise emanating from the creature's core.
  113. The beholder made enthusiastic, unintelligible sounds, unable to speak around its mouthful of girl. As its body floated up from the ground it listed sideways, thrown off balance by Erin. Atop the suddenly-moving creature, she slipped backwards against the eye stalk she had been using to pleasure herself, causing it to flick away suddenly as it bent at a sharper angle.
  115. The electrical buzz the eyeball emitted as it twitched away was too much for Erin to handle, finally pushing her into orgasm. She gripped the bases of two eye stalks tightly as her body tensed, thighs coming in to crush against each other as the climax suffused her. She let out a high-pitched moan as she finished, her muscles relaxing, leaving her draped across the top of the creature, suddenly exhausted. Below, Petra tried not to be too distracted by the increasing urgency of the tongue lashing between her legs as she felt around the surface of the strange organ with her fingers, tweaking fleshy nodules beneath her fingertips, caressing thin membranes stretched over cartilaginous ribs. She felt the creature's entire mouth vibrate around her as her finger brushed against a sphincter-like opening on the organ's underside. Squirming almost completely to the back of the creature's mouth, she flipped over on to her back to slip her tongue into the opening.
  117. The creature roared.
  119. Erin was jolted out of her post-climax drowsiness, grabbing a handhold around one eye stalk as the creature tilted backwards, a corona of light dancing between all of its eyestalks. It lurched in the air, making strangled noises in the back of its throat. Its tongue clenched hard around Petra's nethers, the all-encompassing pressure too much for her to withstand as it squeezed her into her own release. Preoccupied with her orgasm, she found herself surging out of the creature's mouth, riding on its tongue which seemed suddenly to be able to extend twice as long as previously. With her entire body slick with the creature's spittle she slithered outwards, thumping onto the floor as the creature retched before dousing her with globs of viscous, clear fluid. It bellowed once more, transparent strands hanging from its mouth like melting icicles, and sank to the floor, suddenly silent. The skin either side of its central eye showed the tiniest hints of a blush.
  121. Petra sat up, feeling the creature's breath engulf her in warm gouts as it sighed. She started to try and wring the fluid from her hair, finding it rather too thick to have much success. She swept her hands down her chest, removing some of the slime and flicking it off her fingers to splatter against the papers on the floor. The sludge that had issued from the creature's mouth was starting to soak into the paper, forming a soft mire of papier-m稍h・
  123. From atop the creature, Erin slithered down its side, arms spread against its bulk. She flopped down onto the floor, face red and sweaty, a drowsy grin on her face. Still enjoying the warmth of the afterglow, the girls curled around the creature's rounded body as it gently stroked Erin with its tongue.
  125. After a time, the various secretions they were covered with came to feel cold and clammy, and they started to make attempts clean themselves as best they could with stray pieces of paper.
  127. "How was it?" Erin asked the creature, which had up to now been breathing deeply and evenly, all of its eyelids shut. It rumbled contentedly.
  128. "It was perfect," it said.
  129. "I'm happy for you," she replied, extending her arms around its body to encompass as much of it as she could as she hugged it.
  130. "Now it's nothing personal," she said, "but we kind of need to get cleaned up. Is there a brook or anything nearby?"
  131. "I know just the place."
  133. Atop a nearby peak in the rocky hills, Li and Hel finished clambering to high ground, scoping out the surrounding terrain and looking for signs of their companions, who had been due to return some time ago. Li's eyes were glazed over with a shimmering golden haze as she used her magic to augment her vision. At her back, Hel squinted against the sunlight, her chin rested on an armoured fist as she surveyed the valleys and peaks. Then she tugged sharply on Li's arm.
  134. "Li. Look, down there. You're not going to believe this."
  136. They looked into the depression below them, where the figure of a girl was visible, riding on the back of a monstrous, floating orb. The sound of her gleeful laughter echoed throughout the valley.
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