Jan 5th, 2021
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  1. It was just like any other day I decided to go on an adventure with my beloved dog across the rainforest near the great Michigan river, as we went deep inside the forest everything was moist it was like everything was there to eat every other living thing, It was the first time I myself as a hunter felt like I was being hunted, it was like I was the prey here, so I had no choice left but to fight for my survival; We went further hoping that this lush forest will end soon but no luck we couldn’t find any sign of the river which meant that we have cleared the forest ; It was already an hour past the sunset and I was scared from my heart but I didn’t lose hope and created a bonfire and me and my bud slept there It was a scary night I can literally feel centipedes crawling on my neck, but yeah thank god the night passed, The next day we went more deep into the forest and guess what , we discovered a view never seen by anyone but us of the Great Michigan River , It was the day I discovered how calm yet frightening nature can be.
  2. -Surya
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