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  1. CPU
  2.     Intel Core i7-9700KF
  3.     Corsair H150i Pro RGB
  4. RAM
  5.     Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3200MHz
  6. Motherboard
  7.     Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero
  8. Graphics
  9.     ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 2070 AMP Extreme Core(NVIDIA RTX 2070, 8GB GDDDR6, 256bit, Boost-Takt 1815 MHz, 14.4 Gbps)
  10. Storage
  11.     465GB Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB ATA Device (SATA (SSD))
  12.     1TB Samsung SSD 860 EVO
  13.     4TB Seagate Barracuda
  14. Case
  15.     Corsair Crystal 570X RGB Mirror Black
  16. Power Supply
  17.     Corsair TX650M
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