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  1. Zap BlazeLast Thursday at 23:38
  2. against what he considered to be his better judgement, he finally decided to step by the curious clinic. he wasn't sure if he should enter or not at first. he knows he has some health issues, but he's never once given them much thought. not in a long time, anyways. honestly, they were more inconveniences than crippling, or at least that was the case as he was now. after a bit, though, he finally pushes his way into the office and simply finds a place to sit, placing his hands in his lap and waiting. perhaps the doctor could shed some light on what he's even trying to fix... he thinks he has the answer already, but he's not even sure if he's looking at the right question... the right line of thought.... so for now, he waits.
  4. Doctor 13/ElianLast Friday at 00:55
  5. The small, green mist-filled glass orb rolls to the door, a nude, female púca emerging from it in a cloud of the same green smoke. She bowed, one arm held at her midsection, the other splayed out behind her, and her left foot tucked itself behind the right. It was a formal bow where she was from, but, though her form was impeccable, few here would ever appreciate the hours upon hours of practice it took to learn. She began speaking at the lowest point of her bow and continued until she stood upright, her high alto voice coming out clear and confident. "Greetings! Welcome to the Curious Clinic! What brings you to see us today?"
  7. Zap BlazeLast Friday at 02:05
  8. he blinks a bit when he sees that. he comes from a fairly rustic civilization himself. on from before the proper industrial era... more on the nomadic end, not quite tribal, but he recognizes at least. he doesn't say anything, though, nodding towards them instead.  and while all the flourish would catch his attention, from the mist to the extremely traditional manners, he simply stands up and nods towards them, bowing back more as a butler would when his services were dismissed. an arm across the stomach and bowing his head and his back slightly with legs together. he doesn't go nearly as far down, though. "i was curious if you could figure something out with me. this place is sort of the exception since i come here with the use of an item provided by the owners.... but i typically can't stay in a place long... we're talking being shunted out of space and time to new places and periods.... i don't know what causes it, but for the last fifty years of my life, i've been dealing with it. it's basically as long as i can remember. i was wondering if you could help me find the root cause?... maybe a checkup beyond that? i dunno, i'm not entirely sure what people do in a clinic besides helping sick people..." he says as he kind of just admits that he has no idea what he's doing, scratching at the back of his head in a way to disguise his embarrassment a little bit.
  10. Doctor 13/ElianLast Friday at 04:45
  11. "I see, I see. I will deliberate with the doctor, Sir. He will be out shortly, so feel free to make yourself at home." She gestures broadly to the shop's interior, stopping her arm at each chair at various reading nooks and the three sat in front of the doctor's desk. "Might I ask your name to tell the doctor who is waiting?"
  12. As soon as she hears the man's response, she smiles and bows once more before dissolving into a green fog and retreating to her glass orb, which had been clear and transparent. The orb, now once again swirling with the green mist, lifts from the ground and floats toward the ceiling where a heavy, oak door opens to allow it entry. With a slam of the door, the shop goes quiet save for the crackle of fire in the fireplace. The shop was dimly lit by candlelight--thick, uncolored wax chunks floating in the air--so the fireplace gave the most light. Various pickled creatures and empty socketed skulls seemed to follow the guest as he moved through the shop.
  14. Zap BlazeLast Friday at 05:14
  15. he holds up a hand to answer, but decides to just let her off after telling her his name. he feels a bit out of place in a medical facility, even despite all the problems he had. only one really ever stuck out in his mind... hopefully this would fix it. for now, though, he was going to wait, and even with the glowing candle light and green fog everywhere, he couldn't help but start to peruse through the shelves, his rather inquisitive mind already starting to get the better of him. he doesn't touch anything but books, but he does observe any curiosities as best as he can until he runs out of time...  honestly, it sort of reminds him of his study where he spends his time when he's not here... it's one of the few things he's learned to do as far as being a proper wizard goes. plenty of reading material, plenty of light from the candles, warm fire place, and not far was a place to grab food... he gets the feeling he could actually stay here longer than he meant to if given the chance.... i wonder what books he'll come across.
  17. Doctor 13/ElianLast Friday at 06:05
  18. "I hear there's a bookstore nearby," The doctor says, having materialized directly behind the man. "My books are much more... Niche. Banned from many planes and feared in others. But fear is merely a disease wrought by ignorance, and education is the inoculation." He smiled a short, polite smile. The kind that showed no joy, but was intended as a means of polite passivity. He wore his usual blue-gray robes and he had to look up at the man to meet his gaze. "Hello, Zap. Please, come have a seat."
  19. He gestures towards his desk before turning and heading towards it himself. He seemed to walk with a bit of a limp, an impediment that he had not had mere hours before. He climbed into his chair and brought it the usual supplies: inkwell, quill, and spell parchment.
  21. Zap BlazeLast Friday at 06:22
  22. he does look back over at them, though he doesn't seem to jolt or jump at all. if anything, he was expecting a sudden entrance like that. "we need to put a bell on you... don't worry, people say the same thing of me." he says simply as he turns to face them. "the way i've always heard that saying was "knowledge is the cure to fear"... but i think i like yours more." he says simply, walking behind them slowly... he towers over the fuzzball, so he simply takes his time walking with them before sitting down, taking note of the limp. he hasn't met them yet, so he's not sure if it's something that's always present, but he decides to keep an eye on them anyways. "i know i'm the one asking for assistance.... but do you need some?" he asks, innocently enough. for a demon, he really just... doesn't act like one.
  24. Doctor 13/ElianLast Friday at 06:42
  25. "Feh, knowledge is the final outcome. Education and knowing how to obtain information is just as important as the knowledge ascertained." The doctor dips his quill once he retrieves his supplies. He looks up with mild confusion at the man before remembering his limp. "Don't worry yourself. I simply needed to extract bone marrow from a living creature for a spell. As I can quickly regrow the marrow in a few hours, who better a donor than myself?" He traced the quill across the parchment, beginning the initial rune for his contract. "Now tell me. What brings you here today?"
  27. Zap BlazeLast Friday at 06:49
  28. he shakes his head... "do no harm, doc.... just make sure you don't incapacitate yourself in the process." he mumbles out  before he places himself down in a seat finally. "well... i warp through time and space. i don't know why or how. i can't control it, and i'm not entierly sure when it started, but it's been through almost all of my memories." he says as he stares at the doctor now. seemingly all business the moment they ask him to explain himself.
  30. Doctor 13/ElianLast Friday at 06:53
  31. "I am well aware of my limitations and how to care for myself. Besides. The witch side doesn't believe in do no harm." He set his quill in the inkwell after setting up the base runes for his spell. He claps his hands together at he listens to the man, but he stayed quiet for a short time after, thinking. "Now what would you like from me? Would you like to know the why and how? Perhaps you can't control it and would like to? Or do you want me to take it away?"
  33. Zap BlazeLast Friday at 06:59
  34. he just kind of stares at that... looking over a the door as he contemplates getting up and leaving right then and there. ".... guess i shouldn't call you doc, then... i want to know the why and the how.... i don't think this is something you can fix, but if i'm at least on the right track, i should be able to fix it myself... at least, i hope so... and i don't want to control it, no... i can get around just fine.... sorta.... also, perhaps a stock clinical assessment later?... i guess i just want help... i want to fix it on my own, but help would be far more invaluable....
  36. Doctor 13/ElianLast Friday at 07:08
  37. "I am a doctor whether anyone thinks me one or not." He took his nail and began scratching a sigil into his skin under the sleeve of his robe. "What it is, I can easily find out. Clinical assessments are also an easy task. But before we begin, perhaps I should explain my payment. Every individual service I give is worth a favor or favors of equal value in return. Did you have a payment in mind, or would you prefer a written IOU?" He tapped the parchment at the mention of the contract.
  39. Zap BlazeLast Friday at 17:28
  40. he has to really think about it... before he looks over at the doctor. "you just said you would cause harm. one would think a doctor would abide by the hypocratic oath. as far as payment... i do not know what it is you want, exactly. i think we should probably discuss that first and foremost... because i simply won't go into debt for any reason." he says as he squints at the little ball of fuzz... he didn't expect it to be free, but favors? this is already starting to sound extremely sketchy to him...
  42. Doctor 13/ElianLast Friday at 18:47
  43. The doctor stated at the man for a moment before a sinister smile broke out across his face and he let out a throaty cackle. "If I had a coin for every time someone lectured me on the hypocratic oath, I would not be indebted to Master Alysis for this venue." His smile faded after a moment. Back to business. "In this realm, money seems worthless. Yet I would not offer my services for free. For what you need, a simple spell and a medical examination, I would ask for similarly simple favors. Supplies that I cannot obtain myself, doing favors for those I am indebted to in my stead, or perhaps simple labor. I don't know what it is that you can offer me, for I cannot make the offer for you."
  45. Zap BlazeLast Friday at 18:55
  46. he just kind of takes a deep breath and sighs, seemingly unphased by the grin of probably very sharp teeth that they just bore in his direction. "jokes aside, i'm a wanderer... finding stuff is kind of what i do. i'm not even sure if a simple spell is sufficient, but it's a start, i suppose... what kinds of supplies would you need? and as far as manual labor goes, that's no problem either... but what kinds of favors do you do for those /you/ are indebted to? you're right that in this realm, money is worthless... but what happens when you /leave/ this realm?... raw materials will always retain their value relative to the age of the civilization you find yourself in... something like platinum will always be valuable in a technological society, while the promise of something like an easier way to hunt with new tools would be good for a more primitive hunter/gatherer one... nobody is forcing you to stay here all the time, but in a vacuum, i can see why you'd not want to bother with normal payments.... fine. i'll let you collect a favor from me when you think you need it... against every fiber of my better judgement... just know that the affliction i'm asking you to diagnose and possibly help with has been one i've been dealing with my whole life just about." he says as he simply nods. he's just hoping he doesn't regret this...
  47. he is, uh... rather chatty when he's properly engaged. sorry.
  49. Doctor 13/ElianLast Friday at 19:25
  50. "That may be the case, but every plane differs even then. What if the realm knew nothing of the worth or use of platinum? Or gold is so abundant it could not possibly be worth anything to society?" He continued tracing on the spell parchment as the man rambled on. Great. Another traveler with claims to power doubting his honor and his skill. Perhaps when he has made a name for himself here this would happen less often. Time would tell. "I am in the business of learning. I am the expert in finding answers. Divination was the first school of magic I learned, and I mastered it at the age of ten, twelve years earlier than my master. Whatever affliction you have, I can find it, and I can learn everything about it. Now," He slides the paper to his guest with a quill and a pin. "Sign your name. Then to cast the spell, I will need bodily fluid. Blood works best, but saliva works as well."
  52. Zap BlazeLast Friday at 19:33
  53. he just kind of stares blankly. clearly, he doesn't trust them in the slightest. why would he? doctors have always been a source of contention for him, after all... he does listen, though. even if he feels like the point he made was ignored... no big deal... what /is/ a big deal is that they're sliding him a contract without telling him to read it... which he does, picking up the parchment and looking it over just in case. perhaps it's because of what little heritage he does have, perhaps it's because he's not unfamiliar with dealing with other demons, devils and angels... but one must always be aware of the exact terms of a contract.  "i don't respect the school of Divination, if we're being honest. it has its uses, but it falls into many of the same traps as Necromancy. a fear of death is what motivates both at their core. each backing you into a different corner to let hubris deal with you its own way... but i digress. not that i could use it anyways. my magic isn't like that. where did you learn?" he asks, trying to make some small talk while he peruses the contract.
  55. Doctor 13/ElianLast Friday at 22:12
  56. The contract was written in a circular patterning in a language unknown to the reader. The script was punctuated by occult runes and pagan symbols, illegible to the uninitiated. The doctor remained calm despite the slight to his personal favorite type of magic. "Divination is not just future sight, Mister Zap. It is the means of obtaining knowledge not otherwise obtainable. The future changes so consistently that it is impossible to get a true reading. Besides. I have no reason to fear death, as I have died multiple times already. I am unable to stay dead, much to the chagrin of many, so you may take back your opinion and reassess it when your knowledge on the matter is sufficient enough to make such a bold claim. Though I must agree with necromancy. At its core is a fear of death and a lust for power. It was my master's favorite school. He took me from my home when I was a child to quicken my learning of the occult beyond self-study. However, he also cursed me with undeath." He leaned back in his chair and watched him attempt to read the contract, "The language is Phooka, by the way. A language that can only be read by Puca. Even Elian, the great thief of languages, has trouble speaking it."
  58. Zap BlazeLast Friday at 22:20
  59. he doesn't even hesitate when he gets a chance. "all knowledge is attainable. it's just a matter of taking the right steps... sorry i'm not a fan of shortcuts. the experience is just as important as the end result. and anything  can die. you just have to figure out how most of the time. i know that once i'm dead, i'll be dust in the wind. it'll happen to you too some day. you just haven't found out what unmakes you yet... if gods can die, so can we. it's only a matter of taking the right steps." he states simply before he places the contract back down on the table. "i'm not signing this. i can't read it. granted, i can understand and speak anything.... but it takes me time to actually learn the runes and how they all fit together... so, sorry, i don't think i can sign this in good faith." he says, staring at them now with those glowing eyes of his. they were slightly brighter than when he entered the room, but only marginally. "i'm sorry that you had to go through that... but Divination and Necromancy are the only two schools i do not really approve of. they cheat the users out of valuable life experience needed to let people be whole beings. and it all comes down to fear, no matter how you look at it. fear of the unknown and fear of death might as well be  synonymous. i have... personal reasons for disapproving of them, though, and a lot of it comes down to being the species i am."
  61. Doctor 13/ElianLast Friday at 22:47
  62. The doctor picks up the spell page gingerly and began rolling it up. "The spells must be written in Phooka. It's what gives them power. Now, of course, this means I cannot help you. You are, by far, the most argumentative and confrontational client I have ever had the displeasure to speak with. You came to a witch doctor and ask for assistance, but you insult his methods and means yet are looking for answers in much the same way, with much more mundane ways of achieving them. You wish to call me a fearful man. Then that is what you may believe."
  63. He snaps his finger and a candle floats his way. Holding the rolled up paper over the flame, it burned a bright blue and green, the sizzling of the flame sounding like tiny screams, as if each fiber of the paper were a soul burning alive and fizzling out as smoke and ash. "Witchcraft and occultism requires you to trust and respect the spellcaster. I can see that will not be an easy feat for you. Feel free to return when you can accept that. Good day."
  65. Zap BlazeLast Friday at 23:02
  66. ((Got one more for you, but itll have to wait until I get home.))
  68. Zap BlazeLast Saturday at 05:49
  69. he watches them roll up the piece of paper before they begin talking. as they continue to tell him just how awful of a person he is, the area beside his nose on his cheek starts to twitch just a little. he takes a nice deep breath.... and exhales slowly. once again, basically unphased by the different coloured fire and the itty bitty terror committee.  "okay, listen... i want you to hear what you just said. you just told me that i'm confrontational and argumentative because i didn't want to sign a contract i can't read. imagine if you said that about someone else doing the same thing for a devil. or worse, a lawyer... instead you'd probably call them totally nuts for not understanding the agreement. which i don't here because i can't /read it/. second, if i was going to call you fearful, i would have. don't put words in my mouth. just because it's a big problem with the school doesn't have anything to do with you personally. third, i'm a fucking demon. i /literally/ am the occult. i'll trust people when they act trustworthy and not shady as shit.... if it's that big of a deal that you can't even do your job without your special cursed language, then i'll just find someone else who can do it without asking me to sign into a binding agreement that i don't even know what i'm signing..." he says plain as day.... tapping his foot a bit. clearly starting to lose his own patience now. "seriously. listen to yourself. don't get me wrong, i know i have my problems... but mine pale in comparison to what you just showed me, little fuzzball..."
  71. Doctor 13/ElianLast Saturday at 06:20
  72. The doctor stays silent as the man rants, allowing the scroll to finish burning. He had said his peace, and the presence of Anja allowed him the strength to not bite back. He would not fall back into old habits, not again. The scroll shriveled away into dust, and he nabbed the flame from its wick, held atop his thumb millimeters from the fur. "I rescind my offer of allowing you to return. If you truly feel the way you claim, then you may see this as a favor. We are done here. Díothú." The doctor's sleeve rolled ever so slightly revealing a large rune carved into the skin of his wrist as he spoke, the rune he had started just before getting the details of the request. A drop of blood fell to the flame and the flame went black. He pressed the flame into the rune, twisting the flesh free in a ninety degree turn, and the room would fall silent, even the incantation coming from the doctor's mouth died before they could reach the man's ears. Suddenly, a violent burst of energy pushes the man, sliding him out the door, which slammed shut, though that sound, too, was drowned into nothingness. Above the door on the inside, the two púca watch as the man's name etches itself into the frame. No occult shop was truly christened without its first banishment.
  74. Zap BlazeLast Saturday at 06:25
  75. wasn't really ranting, but yes. he simply continues to watch and he crosses his arms at first, silent... "guess i'm stupid for wanting to know what i'm signing, then...  maybe you'll change your mind later, but for now, you can go fuck yourself... you're as brittle as you are inflexible." he says simply as he watches the fire. he takes his time heading out since he wants to see what's happening... when the energy rushes against him, his own aura flares up as he sneers a bit, eyes widening quite a lot in what can only be called horror... he KNOWS this feeling... and yet, he's gone.
  77. #adventure avenue
  78. Zap BlazeLast Saturday at 06:39
  79. finds himself in the adventure avenue instead. he was /just/ in the doc's office... and now he's here. it felt like he was put into a bubble and sent elsewhere, and no matter how hard he pushed against it, the wafer thin seal around him wouldn't pop.... and now he's here.... he just clenches his fists and processes... it felt like he was pushed out, but not in a typical way... like... he was scooped out almost... space bent around him and he was gone... and now he's here. he grits his teeth as his aura begins to seriously flare, the stress already starting to get to him... that pounding in his chest and the ringing in his ears as he sees red for the first time in longer than he can remember.... everything muffling and going quiet as a result.... if he /ever/ sees that fuzzball again, he's going to get answers as to what he just did.... "i'm going to get to the bottom of this..... i fucking swear it..." is all he mumbles to himself as his aether seems to be leaking out all over the place... any magically sensitive people could sense this. period. the malice, the bloodlust, the fury.... he simply couldn't hold onto it all. and as a result, he lets out a howl of pure and unadulterated rage. he hasn't felt like this since... that time. it does flash before his eyes for a bit before he stumbles backwards and bumps against a tree. he clutches at his temples as the pounding in his head only gets worse... he's so fucking close.... what is he trying to remember?...he just.... slides down to the's just out of reach and frustrating enough that he curls up for now... the pain in his whole body starting to well up from the emotions surging through him.
  80. because now... he's here.
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