Sekiro Any% Speedrun (Shura Ending)

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  1. Sekiro Any% Speedrun Notes (No Airswim):
  3. Ashina Reservoir:
  4. -Talk to Kuro in the Moonlight Tower
  5. -Drop back out of the hole in the tower
  6. -Grab x2 Fistful of Ash
  7. -Get killed by Genichiro
  9. Dilapidated Temple:
  10. -Make your way to the Ashina Outskirts
  12. Ashina Outskirts:
  13. -Grab and equip x3 Gachi Sugar
  14. -Use x1 Gachi Sugar for stealth backstab on the Chained Ogre
  15. -Kill the Chained Ogre
  16. -Run past the giant snake
  17. -Grab x1 Gachi Sugar near the idol after the giant snake
  18. -Grab x2 Fistful of Ash
  19. -Kill Gyoubu
  20. -Do Bull Skip
  23. Ashina Castle:
  24. -Activate the Ashina Castle idol
  25. -Make your way to Abandoned Dungeon
  26. -Grab x1 Heavy Coin Purse outside of the Abandoned Dungeon
  27. -Sell x1 Heavy Coin Purse to the merchant at the entrance to the Abandoned Dungeon
  28. -Buy x1 Contact Medicine
  30. Abandoned Dungeon:
  31. -Grab x2 Ako Sugar on the boat
  32. -Use x1 Gachi Sugar
  33. -Swim to the elevator
  34. -Quit out after activating the elevator
  36. Senpou Temple:
  37. -Walk up to the wall with the banner to cancel the dialogue
  38. -Activate the Senpou Temple Entrance idol
  39. -Make your way through Senpou
  40. -Grab x1 Ako Sugar
  41. -Grapple into the cave from the broken bridge
  42. -Activate the Shugendo idol
  43. -Enter the Folding Screen Monkey's boss "fight" from out of bounds
  44. -Kill the Folding Screen Monkey's (x1 Gachi Sugar)
  47. Inner Sanctum:
  48. -Get the Mortal Blade
  49. -Equip Mortal Draw and Puppeteer Ninjutsu
  50. -Use the Folding Screen Monkeys Memory and Gyoubu Memory
  51. -Dump the rest of your Sen into Spirit Emblems
  52. -Warp to Senpou Temple Entrance
  54. Senpou Temple:
  55. -Backstab the rat near the broken bridge at the start of Senpou and use Puppeteer on him
  56. -Warp to last communed idol
  57. -Warp to Shugendo
  58. -Backtrack to the broken bridge outside of the cave and grapple onto the kite above the giant tree
  59. -Use x1 Contact Medicine
  60. -Activate the Sunken Valley Cavern idol
  61. -Do snake skip
  64. Sunken Valley:
  65. -Make your way to the Guardian Ape boss arena
  66. -Aggro the white sword monkey near the merchant
  67. -Aggro the group of monkeys
  68. -Grab x1 Purifying Agent
  69. -Activate the Bodhisattava Valley idol
  70. -Quit out
  71. -Make your way back to the snake cave
  72. -Grab x2 Fistful of Ash
  73. -Run through the end of the snake cave as fast as possible, jump off the left side of the bridge and grapple around the snake into the hut
  74. -Grab x3 Divine Confetti
  76. Ashina Depths:
  77. -Use x1 Gachi Sugar for the stealth deathblow on Snake Eyes
  78. -Kill Snake Eyes Shirahagi (x1 Gachi Sugar)
  80. -Enter the foggy woods
  81. -Grab x3 Yash Sugar
  82. -Grab x3 Snap Seeds
  83. -Use the tree in front of the house to skip to the top of the roof
  84. -Kill the Mist Noble (Charged R1, R1 x5)
  85. -Grab x1 Yash Sugar
  86. -Enter Mibu Village
  88. Mibu Village:
  89. -Make your way to Corrupted Monk through the water channel
  90. -Equip Divine Confetti, Fistful of Ash and Snap Seeds
  91. -Kill Corrupted Monk with a stealth deathblow (x3 snap seeds, x6 ash)
  93. -Grab the Shelter Stone
  94. -Warp to last communed idol
  95. -Use the Corrupted Monk Memory
  96. -Warp to Ashina Castle
  98. Ashina Castle:
  99. -Make your way to the Genichiro boss fight
  100. -Do Dojo Skip
  102. -Kill Genichiro (x1 Yash Sugar, x1 Ako Sugar for phase 3)
  103. -Use the Genichiro Memory
  104. -Warp to Bodhisattava Valley
  106. Sunken Valley:
  107. -Kill Guardian Ape Phase 1 (x1 Yash Sugar)
  108. -Kill Guradian Ape Phase 2 (x1 Divine Confetti, x1 Pacifying Agent, x2 Ako Sugar)
  109. -Use Ako Sugar after tanking the scream
  111. *NOTE* to do the Mortal Draw strat without firecrackers, you must stun the Ape with Mortal Draw and then continue the stagger loop
  112. -Grab the Lotus of the Palace
  113. -Warp to last communed idol
  115. Ashina Castle:
  116. -Use the Guardian Ape Memory at the Abandoned Dungeon Entrance idol
  117. -Make your way to the Isshin/Emma boss fight
  118. -Grab x1 Yash Sugar in the water
  119. -Kill Emma (x1 Yash Sugar)
  120. easy kill (6s slower):
  121. -Kill Isshin Ashina (x2 Yash Sugar, x1 Divine Confetti before phase 1)
  122. *NOTE* Use Mortal Draw to cancel his hyper poise fire attack in phase 2
  123. -Split on the credits
  125. GG
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