The Prince,The monster and the Princess

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  2. Once upon a time in a universe parallel to our own,there lived a prince. The prince had been travelling the world
  3. in search of two things. One of them was a princess and the other was magical orbs. The reason he was collecting
  4. orbs is because in their world there used to be a monster that terrorized people.
  6. The gems were the only way with which one can destroy the monster. The prince himself had collected about a handful of gems,
  7. they represented the knowledge. With enough of them the monster was sometimes seen to be afraid of whoever was holding them.
  9. As the prince went by he met a young princess from another country, he thought of conquering the monster together with the
  10. princess of this country, but he remembered his true objective.
  11. He was aiming to get a princess from another country, a country that's been known as one of the best places in the world.
  12. In that place the prince new that it would be possible to take down the monster swiftly if it ever comes for them.
  14. But if he took the current princess his chances of winning would be stronger but not as strong if he had taken a princess from the best country.
  15. He still decided to offer his hand to her, he realized that the princess also had a better chance considering the fact that she also had an encounter with the monster which had been terrorizing people in some of their countries.
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