Evil Woman - 32 (Final)

Apr 25th, 2020
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Evil Woman

악녀 --- Publisher Link

By Smoke Joker --- Grid17 / 격자17

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Situation Relationship
Gong Seohyuk (MC) Delivery Boy Single and Heartbroken
Kim Yunmi (FMC) Expensive Bitch Regretful Bitch
Hwang Boeun (GF) Florist / Hostess Evil Bitch
Kang Sangmook (Douche) Manager of the 'Club' Set Up Bitch
Park (Manager) MC's Team Leader Married

Chapter - 32 (Final)

Convenience Store

FMC looks at MC's handsome face a last time before walking away while wondering if everything will be okay for him now and how she'll grant him his last wish and will disappear from his life.

1 Year later

MC's Previous Workplace

MC is working when his female coworker suddenly greets him.. She asks him if he's busy and if he can help her with her work, saying how she must meet a friend of her tonight and needs to leave earlier.. He refuses telling her she should start working now and tells her friend how she'll be late. She glares at him asking him if he really doesn't want to help her. He tells her how he's busy and has a meeting with a friend too, he wishes her good luck before leaving..

Clothing Store

MC meet one of his friend and previous Boss.. They talk about the past and she asks him if he wants to work for her since she heard about MC's being fired from the previous company. He explains her how he took his job back after the misunderstanding was resolved.
He thanks her for worrying so much for him, she says how she was worried but.. It's her new employee, MC wonders which person she's talking about.. She tells him how she's always taking MC's defense every time someone starts to badmouth him.. How she's usually kind but once MC's topic is brought up she becomes angry and fight against the people targeting MC.

MC wonders since when he has a friend like this and the woman tells him she's helping a customer over here.. FMC is shown giving advice to a female customer.. She welcomes MC thinking he's a new client but on she notices it's him.. They just stare at each other silently..


MC and FMC are sitting on a bench.. MC asks her how she's doing recently and how it's been awhile since they saw each other.. FMC complains about her new lifestyle how she's earning in a month what she was usually spending on a day when she was still fooling around. She explains him how it was difficult to adapt to such a change and everything is alright now, she tells him she didn't finish her work and needs to go back. MC stops her asking if she's something to do after work tonight.. She looks at him saying she didn't plan anything and asks why.

MC asks her if she's okay to have a drink with him later...

Convenience Store

FMC opens a beer and complains about spending unnecessary money on alcohol.. How she would be forced to work tomorrow morning because of this.. MC looks at her and asks why did she end working in a clothing store.. FMC narrates how she tried to find a normal work but was rejected every time.. Because she didn't have any experiences or diploma.. She says how because of MC's letter of recommendation (MC asked her to work in this store few chapter ago, wanting to give her a solution.. She loathed his proposition back then saying she'll find a better way to earn money etc..) she got the job.

MC laughs and thanks her, she doesn't understand why but MC explains her how he saw everything during their last encounter.. How it's because of FMC's help he could take back his previous job (Well you lost it because of her too).


It's raining.. MC complains about the sudden rain and how it should've bought an umbrella back to the convenience store. FMC tells him how it's okay since her house is near, MC tells her his goodbye and intends to take a cab back home.
FMC tells him to wait and asks him with a red face if it's okay for him to come to her house.. He asks her why, she tells him to have a break in her house first before calling a taxi later.*

FMC's Place

FMC tells him to not pay attention to her place and apologizes about how small her apartment is.. He tells her how the place is small but nice. She asks him if he wants to drink something and tells how their is nothing aside water..
He thanks her while wiping his hair clothes with a towel.. MC looks around while drinking a glass of water.. He asks her if she's happy now or if she regrets her past life, FMC sighs saying she still doesn't know what happiness fells like. How she was rich but unhappy in the past and now it's the same but she's poor.. She says the notable change between these 2 lifestyle will be when she wakes up every morning.. How now, she isn't feeling ashamed when she leaves to work.

She makes fun of her current condition and scold herself for being such a selfish bitch in the past.. He walks towards her and asks if there is something else.. She looks at him saying she wishes she could have met him earlier.. How this possibility is always running through her head.. Maybe if she met MC earlier she could have hurt way less people, herself included..

She then says if maybe she had meet him longer.. She could have understood what true love and happiness was.. MC can't resist and give her a kiss.. They embrace each other..

FMC is riding MC.. Moving her hips up and down while moaning.. MC is fondling her big breast and pinches her nipple. They keep having sex, MC is now sucking on her breasts while FMC keeps screaming his name and how good she's feeling.

Spoon position.. He keeps thrusting it inside her making her go crazy..

Next morning.. FMC is thanking MC, how he made her positively change.. Even if it was only a bit.. MC's turn to thank her. He explains how he changed too.. Because of her he learned to put his own happiness / interest before other and stopped lying to himself.
They kiss once again while confessing to each other..

(No hint at all about ex-GF I guess she really ended pregnant from one of the random rich boys she fucked with.. or she's dead due to an overdose..)

Authors: Thanks to my readers for following "Evil Woman" so far.

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