Undercover Blues pt 2

Jun 25th, 2018
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  1. Chrysalis shivered in fear and dread as she approached the door to her bedroom. It had been like this every day now for a week…ever since she had ordered her guards and mages to take that blasted hairbrush and disenchant it! Up to that point, it had just been all day, every day…SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! For everything she did. It was as if the hairbrush even found her ordering a changeling to get her breakfast was “Misbehaving”.
  3. Take the day after she got it. She had woken up from a nasty nightmare, gotten out of bed, stretched out, and cared for herself. In a foul mood still, she had barked at one of her changelings to bring her some Love, only to immediately yelp and clutch her bottom as the brush made its displeasure known with a resounding THWACK!
  5. It had been the same story over and over again. Be rude here, THWACK. Give an order there, THWACK! But the last straw had been when, during a mission briefing, she had made a comment about wresting a piece of territory from Pony control and found herself bent over the briefing table, the brush repeatedly spanking her as she yelped and whined, all while her various underlings laughed at her misfortune.
  6. Finally fed up, the queen of all changelingdom had ordered her scientists and magical researchers to take that brush and completely disenchant it, removing any scrap of magic before destroying it.
  8. After a day of work…and multiple breakouts by the brush, it seemed that containing it didn’t work, it just magically reappeared near her rear…her researchers had announced they discovered a way to alter the brush! And they were sure it would work!
  10. After calling her in to review the method, assuring here there was only a one in four chance of failure, they had asked for permission. However, one of them, by the name of Kronk, had pulled the lever before she could say anything. With a flash of magic, the brush had indeed been altered…and not in a good way.
  12. Chrysalis gulped as she pushed open the door, knowing what she was going to find…and she was not disappointed.
  14. The brush floated in the air, waiting for her and pointing at the bed. Gulping, the queen shook her head, only for it to swoop behind her and…and she went running for it, leaping across it and exposing her flanks as she whined.
  16. Bedtime spankings. That was what her idiot researchers had gotten her. Every night now, the stupid brush waited for her to come to bed and spanked her for every single thing she had done wrong that day, without fail! It would even spank her harder if she tried to fight it or fool it. She had learned that the hard way after pretending to submit with a pillow on her butt.
  18. The best thing to do was submit…and silently curse the fact that, as leader of the hivemind, she was the one changeling who could actually feel pain, even through her chitin.
  20. As she laid there, waiting for the brush to begin, the queen shivered with anticipation and nervousness, tensing herself up as she shifted uncomfortably on the bed, her bottom raised and exposed to the upcoming onslaught. When the brush still didn’t begin spanking, instead opting to lightly brush over her rear, gently massaging it, she shivered, then thought back over her day to try and take her mind off things. The duties of a queen were many…
  22. She had overseen court martial and civilian judgments, check. She had handled supplies and logistics, check. She had sent out the new scouting missions, check. All the paperwork for the hive was done, check. The rotations of infiltrators and spies had been accomplished, the new spy for the Empire had been established, and she had even gotten ahead of her work and catalogued all the spy reports, ready to disseminate them tomorrow morning.
  24. Chrysalis still couldn’t help feeling like she had forgo”OWW!” she yelped suddenly as the brush came clapping down onto her bottom, setting the tender chitin to feeling like it was aflame. The reason for the massage was now made abundantly clear, it had sensitized her flesh and woken her nerves up. She was going to take this whole spanking with a warmed-up butt!
  26. Chrysalis screamed again, beginning to cry as the brush began spanking in earnest, hard wood clapping down onto her skin time after time, each one aimed impeccably towards the center of her right cheek. Ten swats in, and it switched to her left, causing her to yelp and thrash a little, throwing the brush’s aim off and causing it to spank her thigh, eliciting a high shriek from the queen’s throat.
  28. The spanking stopped then, and nervously, Chrysalis got back into position, moving her tail. Immediately, the brush continued, swatting the center of her left cheek even harder now, drawing tears from her eyes and sobs from her throat. Now it was moving up and down both of her cheeks, spanking them to a shade of red rarely seen on the black chitin of the bugs.
  30. Unexpectedly, it came down right beneath her tail, causing a loud yelp and fresh tears to stream from Chryssy’s mouth. It hurt so much more there…finally, unable to endure it any more, Chyrsalis threw one of her tarsi back, covering herself as she covered up with her tail, only to have the brush stop after smacking it once, causing her to pull it forward again with a frightened “EEEP”.
  32. Looking back, the queen whimpered, practically able to envision Cadance’s angry face as she slowly shook her head, eyes cloudy with her tears. Of course, the brush couldn’t tell, and the spanking vigorously continued, now occurring at a faster, harder pace than before, each spank bringing more tears and louder sobs from the queen.
  34. In the midst of all this crying, Chrysalis thought she heard a faint sound, but she had no time to think on things as the brush stopped, then tapped the underside of her bottom, gently pushing her up. Knowing what it wanted, Chrysalis shook her head frantically, begging and pleading. “Please…not there. Not there, please!” she begged. She should have realized a productive day of work for the changelings would mean a harder spanking from a brush enchanted by ponies…
  36. “I’m sorry, I’ll be good! Please, don’t spank me there!” she kept pleading, but, to no avail. The brush punished her delay with a quintet of swats to each cheek, causing her to whimper and raise her bottom up, exposing her tender thighs and vulnerable sit spots. Tapping for aim, her tormenting item wasted no time.
  38. “AIIEE!” she screamed as she felt it begin paddling her, each swat clapping down on that sensitive stripe of flesh. This was certainly the worst of all the spankings she had gotten out of this thing so far. Tears had blinded her by this point, her mouth was choked up from her sobbing and snot, and still the brush spanked on, blind to her suffering.
  40. Finally, able to take no more, Chrysalis collapsed, weeping and bawling into her pillow. After a few minutes of such, she felt the enchanted brush tap her up again. Her rest period was over…obediently, and with a whine and whimper, she grabbed the stuffed dragon Cadance had given (kept a secret from every changeling in the hive) and clutched it close, raising her bottom for the brush to begin again.
  42. And begin it did…this was the final stretch, and it seemed it was going to make this set of spankings count. Chrysalis screamed and yelped, holding the dragon tight to her chest as she cried and kicked her back legs out, never moving enough to ruin the target. Up and down the brush spanked again, harder than even Shining Armor had wielded it.
  44. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to the punished queen, it stopped. Too busy crying and hugging her plushie, she didn’t notice at first, until the brush moved about in front of her and began brushing out her mane. This was new…usually it just soared back into its box when it wasn’t spanking her. Then again…it had never spanked her this hard before either.
  46. She had to admit, there was something comforting about it…even though there were tears in her eyes and her bottom stung like she’d sat on a hornet’s nest, this small respite, this bit of being cared for…it was nice. Akin to when Cadance had hugged her or Shining read to her.
  48. A gasp made her turn her head sharply, wiping the tears from her eyes as the brush finished its work. When she saw what was standing in her door, her face turned as red as her bottom was now, going scarlet with embarrassment and shame.
  50. Standing in the doorway was most of the hatchlings of her hive, some crowded on top of one another, all of them staring with wide eyes at the scene before them. And it was at that point that Chrysalis realized what she forgot.
  52. “I forgot to read you your bedtime story…”
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