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  1. Receptacles for residential occupancies
  2. 26-710  General (see Appendices B and G)
  3. This Rule applies to receptacles for all residential occupancies (including dwelling units and single dwellings) as
  4. follows:
  5. (a)
  6. for the purposes of this Rule, “finished wall” means any wall finished to within 450 mm of the floor with
  7. drywall, wood panelling, or like material;
  8. (b)
  9. for the purposes of this Rule, all receptacles shall be CSA Configuration 5-15R or 5-20R (see Diagram 1);
  10. (c)
  11. receptacles shall not be mounted facing up in the work surfaces or counters in the kitchen or dining area;
  12. (d)
  13. where receptacles (5-15R split or 5-20R) are installed on a side of a counter work surface in a kitchen
  14. designed for use by persons with disabilities, such receptacles shall not be considered as substituting for
  15. the receptacles required by Rule 26-712(d);
  16. (e)
  17. at least one duplex receptacle shall be provided
  18. (i)
  19. in each space where the complete plumbing is installed to accommodate a washing machine;
  20. (ii)
  21. in each laundry room in addition to any receptacle specified in Item (i) above;
  22. (iii)
  23. in each utility room; and
  24. (iv)
  25. in any unfinished basement area;
  26. (f)
  27. at least one receptacle shall be installed in each bathroom and washroom with a wash basin(s) and shall be
  28. located within 1 m of any one wash basin;
  29. (g)
  30. receptacles installed in bathrooms shall, where practicable, be located at least 1 m but in no case less
  31. than 500 mm from the bathtub or shower stall, this distance being measured horizontally between the
  32. receptacle and the bathtub or shower stall, without piercing a wall, partition, or similar obstacle;
  33. (h)
  34. a receptacle shall not be placed in a cupboard, cabinet, or similar enclosure, except where the receptacle is
  35. (i)
  36. an integral part of a factory-built enclosure;
  37. (ii)
  38. provided for use with a specific type of appliance that is suitable for installation within the enclosure;
  39. (iii)
  40. intended only for a microwave oven;
  41. (iv)
  42. intended only for a cord-connected range hood; or
  43. (v)
  44. intended only for a cord-connected combination microwave oven/range hood fan;
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