KTEST - 14/03/2017

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  1. 14/03/2017 - KTEST Live Maintenance (Kupole Server)
  3. ▣ Updates
  5. Events:
  6.     - 「The Kingdom's Lost Treasure」 event has ended.
  8. Maps:
  9.     - Local Respawn points have been added for the maps Lemprasa Pond & West Siauliai Woods.
  11. ▣ Bug Fixes
  12. Alchemist:
  13.     Briquetting: Select Appearance ;
  14.         - Fixed issue with attribute not working when learned.
  16. Kabbalist:
  17.     Ein Sof:
  18.         - Fixed issue where Owl Statues could be affected by Ein Sof's Magic Tile.
  20. 【Quest】
  21. Double Check (2)
  22. Restoring Energy - Fixed a typo in the displayed message when quest items were used.
  23. Proof of Innocence (1) - Fixed issue with being unable to collect quest items in Mouse Mode.
  24. For the greater good - Fixed issue with some quest mobs not dropping associated quest items.
  26. 【Graphic/UI/Sound】
  28. Fixed issue where you could not see job costume icon registered in adventure Journal's Item Tab.
  29. Fixed issue where Green Stoulet monster wasn't appearing in the adventure journal.
  30. Fixed issue where the token benefits don't include 'Team Warehouse Available'.
  31. Fixed some text clipping on world map.
  32. Fixed visual clipping errors affecting Cryomancer's Male Costume texture piercing through equipped shields.
  33. Fixed issue where the Wizard (Female) costume's skirt would break in places after sitting (Insert)
  35. 【Other Changes】
  36. Fixed problem where If you have more than one quest completed, the select return quest feature doesn't work
  37. Fixed problem where the Sapper Master was not selling Ash Wood Items
  38. Fixed problem where some characters cannot use  Auto-Matching.
  39. If you use certain skills whilst being transported via quest, the quick-slots would sometimes unlock.
  40. Fixed issue with incorrect icons being displayed in Companion Store
  41. Fixed issue where players could not see party-chat when in auto-matched parties after entering without being in a party.
  42. Fixed issue where the location of objects in Maven Abbey wasn't showing properly
  43. The third TBL Ranking statue in Fedimian has been moved as it was blocked by 1st place statue.
  45. Source Post:
  46. Translation by Gwenyth @TOS Forums.
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