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Testimony of Don Phillips from "Disclosure" book

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Sep 11th, 2022
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  1. DP: Mr. Don Phillips SG: Dr. Steven Greer
  3. DP: My name is Don Phillips and, I live in Los Angeles, California. I have worked
  4. with Government sponsored agencies, as well as spent my appropriate time in the
  5. military, as a civilian, but also as a military person. I did have experiences with
  6. what we would refer to as Unidentified Flying Objects.
  8. Lee's go to a time frame, when I was about 19 or 20. I entered college after high
  9. school, but I also went to work for Lockheed Aircraft Corporation. And, after a
  10. year of employment in the regular field of aircraft construction and design, I was
  11. asked if I would like to go to a new department, or, one that was already in gear
  12. for a new project. And, of course, I said yes, not knowing exactly what it was. But,
  13. I figured that it was in my best interest.
  15. Now, my studies had to do with design, engineering, mechanical, electrical
  16. and aeronautics. I was a private pilot, at that time, and still am. And, at the time
  17. -- what would it be 1961, '62 -- I started my new job in what is called the Lockheed
  18. Skunkworks. I was introduced to the various divisions of the Skunkworks- purchasing,
  19. expediting and engineering. I served in all of those during the '60's, and,
  20. this went through 1965. Our projects were, of course, for special aircraft for the
  21. United States Government. And other agencies of the Government supplied
  22. pilots. When I left the employment of the Skunkworks to go into the military, I
  23. felt that this was something I wanted to come back to after serving my country.
  25. I think it was 1965 when I first went into the military and discovered that
  26. some of the assignments that I was put on near Las Vegas, Nevada were very much
  27. in close proximity to our areas where we tested our aircraft-an area commonly known
  28. as Area 51. We call it Dreamland, the Hog Farm, the Lake. The side that
  29. I know it from is that it is high security. I got a lot of feedback from people from
  30. my division at the Skunkworks as to what is happening out there. We are testing
  31. airplanes. And, everybody knows that it tested special aircraft, such as the
  32. Blackbird, which l am very proud of because that's my baby. And, it holds some
  33. of the world's records to this day.
  35. Now, the thing about being in the military in that area is that we had radar
  36. sites attached to Nellis Air Force Base. Now, Nellis is a flight test and pilot training
  37. base for the U.S. military. North of Las Vegas, way up at the end of the northeast
  38. of the Gunnery Range, there is what we know as Area 51. But, across the highway
  39. that goes north from Las Vegas, is a site called Angels Peak, in
  40. itself, covered the Area 51. But, it also covered a lot of other areas, like the Atomic
  41. Energy Commission test grounds to the west and to the north.
  43. So Angels Peak was a classified radar installation. And, it's, a lot of radar installations,
  44. as we know them, are up in the middle of no where. We would monitor
  45. the aircraft coming from Las Vegas into Area 51 or whatever passed by. And, it was
  46. whatever passed by that that became most interesting one night, in 1966, to '67. That
  47. night, I heard a lot of commotion about 1:00 in the morning.
  49. We were at 8,000 feet; the radar domes were at 10,500, approximately. So I
  50. decided to get up and walked up to the main road, and up near my office. I got to
  51. the area where the fellows were standing -- there was a group of about five people
  52. -- and they were looking up in the air. And, I looked up in the air and saw these
  53. objects, lighted objects, moving at tremendous speeds. It was in the area slightly
  54. to the north and northwest of Mount Charleston. Right at that instant I saw these
  55. things making acute angles and traveling, I would estimate 3,000 to 4,000 miles
  56. per hour. And, then immediately making acute turns. I knew that they weren't
  57. ours. And, I had a special background with the Skunkworks, Lockheed Aircraft
  58. Advanced Development and Engineering, that said, these are not ours. And, having
  59. been a pilot, I'm thinking, if there are people in these craft, what kind of forces
  60. are their bodies taking? Then, I said, well, these have to be guided by some type
  61. of intelligent pilots.
  63. It went on for about another 90 seconds. And, then, all of a sudden, they
  64. seemed to group, from what would be hundreds of miles in the sky to the west.
  65. And they came into a circle, rotated into a circle, and then disappeared. And, I
  66. thought, wow, what a show.
  68. So, the security Sergeant happened to be on duty. And, we all looked at each
  69. other and said, gee, this is really something. And, he said, well, we shouldn't really
  70. say anything about this.
  72. Well, I had a buddy that was chief radar operator named Anthony Kasar. And,
  73. Anthony was the first one to get off of the bus after the door opened- I was standing
  74. right up close to the doors when they opened up. I looked at him and- Anthony
  75. is a very large fellow with this blonde flowing hair, and a jovial spirit -- and, he was
  76. as serious as anybody could possibly be. He was almost as white as a sheet. He took
  77. one step down the steps and he looked at me and he said, did you see those? And,
  78. I said, yeah, we've been watching them- some of the fellows have been watching
  79. them for the last four to five minutes. And, I've seen them for a little more than 90
  80. seconds. He says, we saw them on the radar screen and we documented them. He
  81. says, they are not bogeys. They are not apparitions. They are real solid objects.
  82. And, of course, they would have to be in order to get a fix with radar, the kind of
  83. radar we used there, it would have to be a solid object. And, it's not that we tracked
  84. them with the radar- they would go in and out of the signal and register that way.
  85. He finally documented that there were six to seven. The speeds that we estimated
  86. were also estimated by the radar operators and their scopes.
  88. SG: What did they estimate?
  90. DP: They estimated, around, 3,800 to 4,200 miles per hour equivalent, ground
  91. speed. These things are darting across the sky. First they look like a star. And then
  92. they move, in any direction or make any kind of a straight line, or just hover.
  94. Most of us had Top Secret and then there's a few that had Above Top Secret clearances.
  95. Myself, I dealt with documents of all types. And for my time period in the
  96. service, it was Top Secret. The people that would record the information, all this is
  97. recorded, and, it is documented. And then it is signed off. And then it is put in
  98. the archives. And, our division, our radar squadron, was part of the 26th Air
  99. Division, which was near Phoenix, Arizona. So, where the reports go from there,
  100. it could be the Pentagon. It could be the United States Air Force headquarters.
  102. These UFOs were huge. And they would just come to a stop and do a 60
  103. degree, 45 degree, 1O degree turn, after stopping. And, then immediately reverse
  104. this action.
  106. When I was working with the Skunkworks, we signed an agreement with the
  107. National Security Agency, and the National Security Council, as well as the CIA.
  108. And, we kept very quiet about things because they always knew where we were and
  109. what we were doing. I automatically had that team spirit- we were a big family
  110. there. And, I was very proud of that, having worked directly for Kelly Johnson.
  112. I was asked a question by a fellow businessman several years ago, in 1997: 'Do
  113. you think that some of the technology that you incorporated into that aircraft,
  114. came from outside the planet Earth?' And, I said, it's very possible. But, I said, you
  115. have to remember, we'd still have to make it work here on planet Earth.
  117. SG: Had you heard of antigravity propulsion systems being worked on while you
  118. were at Lockheed Skunkworks?
  120. DP: The propulsion system that you are asking about, I heard that it existed. But,
  121. the left hand never knew what the right hand was doing, and, for good reason.
  122. Again, they didn't want us asking questions. We wanted to stay focused on the
  123. projects that we were working on. I came in at the tail end of the U-2 project.
  124. That still continues, the use of that type of aircraft. The first four models that I had
  125. to do with design and the construction and the eventual flight test were not the
  126. first military models. We have another air force in this United States that works
  127. on contract. And, I won't identify that name. They worked it with contract pilots,
  128. very good pilots. So, our first four models were for them. They were very special
  129. models. And then came the SR-71, otherwise known properly as the Blackbird.
  131. From what I learned over a period of years, anti-gravitational research was
  132. going. Maybe by consultants to the Skunkworks.
  134. We know that there were some captured craft from 1947 in Roswell, New
  135. Mexico. And, yeah, they were real. And, yes, we really did get some technology
  136. from them. And, yes, we really did put it to work. And, we can thank people in
  137. the United States Army to have the foresight to put these technologies into industry
  138. for the benefit of the people of the world.
  140. SG: We have retrieved extraterrestrial vehicles that have been studied?
  142. DP: I know this to be a fact. We put it to use. But, it took us a long time to figure
  143. out what it was. And, then, figure out how we can use it and then, what to use
  144. it for. And, are those products useful for humanity. It wasn't until later on, in the
  145. '80's and '90's, when I founded a company called Light City Technologies, that I
  146. confirmed this.
  148. It was a technology development corporation of a secret nature. And, we
  149. worked with data signals, avionics, computers. And, as I had talked with you
  150. before, we knew each other from certain agencies of the military in contract with
  151. the CIA, or other branches of what we call unseen industry. I would say that's a
  152. good term. We can term it black, deep black, or hidden.
  154. Well, the knowledge that I have of these technologies, came from the craft that
  155. were captured here-I didn't see the craft, nor did I see the bodies. But, I certainly
  156. know some of the people that did. And, of course, they are passed on now, from
  157. their earthly bodies. But, there was no question that there are peoples, or beings
  158. from outside the planet, that have lived here for a long time. And, it isn't just something
  159. new that's been happening in the last couple of years. There's been NATO
  160. research conducted, joint research into this.
  162. And, it's been documented as to who those races were at that time. This was
  163. back in the early '60's. What precipitated the need for our aircraft [the Lockheed
  164. Skunkworks U2, Blackbird aircraft], was the result of these reports [about UFOs]
  165. coming out from NATO. These reports were started in the late '50's. They were
  166. finished in the early '60's and disseminated to the appropriate leaders of various
  167. countries. They were kept under a lock and key, if you will. And, the prominence
  168. or greater exposure of Unidentified Flying Objects led to these reports.
  170. We have records from 1954 that were meetings between our own leaders of this
  171. country and ET's here in California. And, as I understand it from the written documentation,
  172. we were asked if we would allow them to be here and do research. I
  173. have read that our reply was, well, how can we stop you? You are so advanced. And
  174. I will say by this camera and this sound, that it was President Eisenhower that had
  175. this meeting. And it was on film, sort of like what we are doing now. Bringing it
  176. up to date, the NATO report gave that there were 12 races. To make a final summary,
  177. they had to have contacts to go to these races in order to understand who they
  178. are, what they are doing, and what they could do. And the report didn't get into the
  179. context, bur it certainly did verify that they haven't been here for just a few years,
  180. but rather hundreds maybe thousands of years. And, this is written in the text.
  182. Now, getting back to the ET technology that we might have used- the chips,
  183. lasers, the night vision, the bulletproof vests, and a few others- these were all developed.
  184. Well, the chips, what they call the Central Processing Units, were developed
  185. in great strides. Now, why did that happen? Why, you put a few things together
  186. and do a bit of research, you think, wow- we did benefit.
  188. Are these ET people hostile? Well, if they were hostile, with their weaponry
  189. they could have destroyed us a long time ago or could have done some damage.
  191. I know that some of the technologies came from the extraterrestrial craft. And,
  192. the reason they crashed is that their guidance mechanism was interrupted by our
  193. radar and by some equipment that we have.
  195. Even more validating for me was that one of our contract scientists for our private
  196. concern, Light City Technologies, Incorporated, worked with these technologies
  197. He worked with a couple of those technologies while he was with a very
  198. prominent intelligence agency of the United Scares Government.
  200. The one person that I've talked to outside of the military or the government
  201. level is Dr. Greer. And, the reason for that is because he makes it the professional
  202. approach, which is more in line with the way we were in the military.
  204. About the ET lenses: there were some eyeball coverings that allowed the people
  205. inside the craft that made the journey across space to see in the minimal light
  206. that we know is now present during space travel. These lenses magnified light but
  207. also brought in a certain type of clarity. And my reason for mentioning this was
  208. that it was Earth doctors and specialises that got them into the removal and study
  209. of these lenses.
  211. I think a lot of this has been well documented by Colonel Corso. You know,
  212. who was there with him? Well, there were a lot of people there with him. But a
  213. lot of the things that are said in the book by Colonel Corso, I can verify, corroborated
  214. by people that I have worked with and do work with now. So, I can say what
  215. I know about it is very true. The pathway that it took, that's another story. We
  216. talk about hidden technologies and why don't they let people know about it? Well,
  217. they hide it from the public. Well, hey, there is probably a good reason for some
  218. of it.
  220. The Government didn't understand it themselves. Being in the Air Force,
  221. maybe we didn't fully know what it was. Take those technologies from Roswell, it
  222. took a while to figure out how they worked before we knew what to make from it
  223. and then how to get it into industry, how can it benefit the people.
  225. The sensationalism that reporters and newspapers and writers put forth doesn't
  226. do the public any good. It feeds the desire for sensationalism in people. We
  227. naturally have a curiosity. But it can be fed with fact and truth, or it can be fed
  228. with sensationalism and half-truth- or no truth at all.
  230. How I came to learn of that NATO report: the impetus for doing the report
  231. in the first place was because during that time period, late '50's- '60's, the Cold War
  232. was beginning. There were flying craft, UFOs, intruding upon the Russian airspace.
  234. And, then there were flying craft intruding upon our a airspace and we were
  235. each blaming the other. In doing so, we were ready to push buttons. We came very
  236. close to pushing the buttons and would annihilate, perhaps, both sides. But, before
  237. the buttons were pushed, there was a secondary type of control -- we call it human
  238. reason, it is something that machines can't do. They assessed the situation and said:
  239. wait a minute; it is happening to both sides, something is unusual here. Maybe we
  240. should do some research and then do a report, before we push the buttons.
  242. And, thus, the report
  244. I learned of the report through working for the CIA, while I was following the
  245. pathway on some information that had to do with NASA, that had to do with
  246. extraterrestrial visitation, and how real it was. That's how I came to know of the
  247. NATO report. But, it was also through the military channels. I had to make some
  248. phone calls. And, I did. Well, we worked with the Central Intelligence Agency as
  249. contractors. That was during the time of the Skunkworks. You see the CIA was
  250. one of our best customers. And, it is the CIA that has one of the world's best air
  251. forces. We have Francis Garry Powers -- yes we knew him, and Schumacker - a
  252. lot of these people, they are very real people. And, they were often moved around
  253. by politics.
  255. I do know that there were what we call these little beings. An engineer that
  256. did some work for us in the military was asked if he would like to do a special project.
  257. It was to build a flight trainer. He is a mechanical engineer and electrical engineer.
  258. And, through the process of building the trainer, he discovered that he was
  259. to work with some other people after it got to a certain point. The other people
  260. came out and they were these little humanoids- kind of startling, because they are
  261. all, you know, short, short people. But, very, very intelligent- like very intelligent
  262. children, super intelligent children. And, pretty soon it became like us sitting here.
  264. And, what they were building was a trainer for us to learn how to fly their craft.
  265. It's a very interesting approach.
  267. [See the testimony of Bill Uhouse. SG]
  269. Other technologies from the retrieved ET craft were fiber optics that went into
  270. these computer chips. And, mind you, the signal didn't travel on hard wire as we
  271. know it. It traveled through a hollow core and in the form of colored light. And,
  272. each color had a spectrum, an assignment to do a certain thing. So, we had fiber
  273. optics that we put to use. They did a lot of research and reverse engineering.
  275. We also got these things that are handheld scanners, that we scan the body, and
  276. determine what the condition is. We can also treat from the same scanner. Are
  277. these things real? Well, I can tell you, personally, that we've been working on them.
  278. And, we have ones that can cure cancer. Yes, diagnose and cure.
  280. Again, politics, and God bless them, the FDA, and ocher people whose financial
  281. interests could be damaged by the release of certain technologies keep these out
  282. of view. But it can be a win-win situation for everybody. This is the way our technology
  283. development group views the use of technologies.
  285. SG: Have you bee associated with that group?
  287. DP: I founded the organization that became a corporation in California. I was
  288. associated with it six, seven years before, so that would be, back in the '80's.
  289. We were contractors to the CIA while working for the Skunkworks. Working
  290. for the Skunkworks was five years. And, the military, I was in for a standard four.
  292. In 1997, I met some of our expert recon people in the military. Highly trained
  293. and they could blow up cities and terminate a great number of people. But, they
  294. did an exercise -this is a confirmation . Security in the United Stares is constantly
  295. tested. That's the only way you are going to find out if it is bullet proof or where
  296. you need to improve. So this recon group was asked to breach the security ar Area
  297. 51. And, they did a wonderful job and did it. They went through and they disassembled,
  298. piece by piece, the security at Area 51. And, you know, they would take
  299. our the pieces, piece by piece, and it would send a signal, an alert, and then they
  300. would hide. These guys were experts. They were expert recon people for the military.
  302. [NOTE: Filtering out portions related purely to security which Greer should never have released]
  304. I know there are two prominent people that founded what we call Area 51.
  305. They are two friends. I had no idea. It wasn't until 1995 and '96 that we were talking
  306. about all this, swapping stories, if you will, that they told me that. They looked
  307. at me, and said, do you know who it was who actually went out there for Kelly
  308. Johnson? And, they named the names. But I'd like to keep those quiet for now.
  310. SG: Okay. Okay, that's fine.
  312. DP: Because they are still related to us. I mean, they are,
  314. SG: They are still involved.
  316. DP: For the benefit of their families, yeah. Well, they a retired, but they are still
  317. involved in this by contract.
  319. SG: What corporations have been connected to these UFO projects?
  321. DP: DuPont. IBM, what is now, I think, Western Digital, EG&G. I've had business
  322. dealings with EG&G. They make products for us. They have made products
  323. for our private sector corporation. They are a contractor- very good. They were
  324. responsible for the safe delivery and return of personnel to various work locations.
  325. But, that isn't all of it. That's just a small a mount of their work.
  327. During the Apollo landing, Neil Armstrong says , "They're here . They are right
  328. over there and look at the size of those ships. And, it is obvious, they don't like us
  329. being here." And, what he went on to describe was like a lineup of military planes,
  330. only here are these craft, and their people, observing them. Neil Armstrong, he
  331. said, they don't want us to be here.
  333. SG: Do you have an audiotape of that?
  335. DP: No, I have the written communication.
  337. SG: Do you know if Kelly Johnson knew of the UFO and ET issue at all?
  339. DP: Oh yeah. I would say he did. But, he was focused on developing a job. There
  340. were five people in the world of his caliber. And there were three of that caliber in
  341. the United States ...
  343. I learned one thing from an associate scientist- somebody for whom I have the
  344. greatest, the highest respect- who was with the CIA. He says the first thing we
  345. want to determine is who is turning the wheels on any project-this is what I did
  346. when I was with the CIA.
  348. You see, who is turning the wheels? What is the motivation? Why is it being
  349. done? I asked, right after we first talked, why is Dr. Steven Greer doing this? I've
  350. done my research -- maybe a lot of it. And, I've watched what's happening. And,
  351. you've been very dedicated to what you are doing, and professional. That's why I
  352. am here tonight. That is why I am speaking with you.
  354. And, we still have those contacts around the world that can verify a lot of
  355. things.
  357. SG: Do you know of anyone else that you feel may be willing to come forward
  358. now?
  360. DP: We all have our agreements that we signed and they are still, you know, to be
  361. honored. However, there isn't any reason why certain information can't be shared
  362. when it is for the benefit of humanity ...
  364. Well, Dr. Greer, one of the purposes for founding this technology corporation
  365. chat I did in 1998 was to bring forth these technologies that can help get rid of the
  366. toxins - that can clean the air, that help get rid of the need for so much fossil fuel
  367. or help it become more efficient. Yes, it is time. I can tell you, personally, that it
  368. has already started.
  370. And I can prove what we have come up with. We can prove it.
  372. SG: Are these energy generation systems, or, can you speak about them?
  374. DP: The energy generation systems that the associates have brought forth deal
  375. with using natural energies from planet Earth. And, there is a natural harmonics
  376. of the planet. That's already been proven.
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