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  1. (gdb) bt
  2. #0  0x0000000000914da7 in is_gun (this=0x30c5650) at item.cpp:869
  3. #1  item::damage_cut (this=0x30c5650) at item.cpp:690
  4. #2  0x00000000006b6802 in player::roll_stuck_penalty (this=0x30c50e0, z=<optimized out>, stabbing=false) at melee.cpp:686
  5. #3  0x00000000006b8b32 in player::melee_special_effects (this=0x30c50e0, g=0x7ffff7f80010, z=0x7ffff7f552d0, p=0x0,
  6.     crit=false, bash_dam=@0x7fffffffd8d0, cut_dam=@0x7fffffffd8e0, stab_dam=@0x7fffffffd8f0) at melee.cpp:1222
  7. #4  0x00000000006bf7da in player::hit_mon (this=0x30c50e0, g=0x7ffff7f80010, z=0x7ffff7f552d0, allow_grab=true)
  8.     at melee.cpp:194
  9. #5  0x0000000000718b81 in melee_monster (target=4, g=0x7ffff7f80010, this=0x30c50e0) at npcmove.cpp:1352
  10. #6  npc::execute_action (this=0x30c50e0, g=0x7ffff7f80010, action=npc_melee, target=4) at npcmove.cpp:242
  11. #7  0x000000000071cb80 in npc::move (this=0x30c50e0, g=0x7ffff7f80010) at npcmove.cpp:109
  12. #8  0x00000000008565b5 in game::monmove (this=0x7ffff7f80010) at game.cpp:3221
  13. #9  0x0000000000865b4d in game::do_turn (this=0x7ffff7f80010) at game.cpp:648
  14. #10 0x0000000000403e00 in main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=<optimized out>) at main.cpp:40
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