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  1. Name: Sophita Einzbern
  2. Age: Unknown (Physically 19)
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Date of Birth: Febuary 1st – Central Europe
  5. Element: Electricity
  6. Background: Homunculus – Yggdmillennia Battery
  7. Height: 161cm
  8. Weight: 49kg
  9. Blood Type: O
  10. Hobbies: Ballet, Fencing, Domestic work
  11. Likes: Orchestra performances
  12. Dislikes: Scary domineering women
  13. Talents: Private performances
  15. Background: Love is alien to the world of magi, here one only exists to further the craft of magecraft. One can live their whole life without knowing true affection.
  17. Born to the name Sophita Yggdmillennia, she was a homunculus, fully grown, clothed and speaking before most babies learned to walk. Made in a rush from incomplete techniques stolen from the Einzbern family, Sophita was born defective. Although her magical circuitry was not properly formed meaning she could not effectively use magecraft, despite holding a high amount of reserves.
  19. Although deemed a failure for her original intended purposes, to many resources were used to make scrapping her a viable option. Sophita received new directives as that she was to become a bodyguard. She served effectively, protecting her lords and ladies of the Yggdmillennia clan and became quiet adapt in swordplay. Alongside protection, she also provided a small means of entertainment and became something of a ballet dancer. She proved her effectiveness time and time again over the years, providing companionship, security and even partaking in mana transfer rituals for her lords and ladies when she believed it would be beneficiary to her charges.
  21. She mistook this feeling of success for love and in turn came into the service of a twisted mage. She was told she was beautiful and beaten, she was told she was caring and was treated coldly. Slowly broken down, Sophita's master taught her she was hers alone. Suffering from her master's twisted tastes but taught to obey, Sophita gradually grew to rely upon painkillers. Everything hurt all the time; The ‘love’ she was given only turned what was warm and soft into something cold and hard.
  23. When she was reclaimed by the Einzbern family, under the proclamation of ‘taking back what was rightfully theirs’, Sophita took little notice. She provided a service and she no longer cared who it was for. After a brief encounter with the young mistress of the household, Emilia Auslese von Einzbern, however, her world was turned upside down. The way the little girl talked about her mother seemed alien...was this what ‘love’ was supposed to be like? But love was suffering, love was fear, love was pain and tenderness, carefully contrasted...
  25. When the time came for the Einzbern family to submit a Master for the Holy Grail War, Sophita volunteered. While other factions would put all their resources towards summoning a powerful servant, Sophita had spent her whole life protecting and serving magi. She knew how they acted...and most importantly she knew their weaknesses.
  27. Favored Class: Saber
  29. ---
  31. Name: Lilly Evergreen
  32. Physical Description: 5'1"/155cm, thin, and sickly looking. Olive skin tone with sunken brown eyes. Long dark hair.
  33. Command Spell: Tree shaped on her left leg. One part is the roots, another is the trunk and the last are the branches/foliage.
  34. Talents: Plant knowledge. Healing magic. Whenever she uses magic, she feels a need to bite her fingers. Stronger spells have a stronger effect on this urge, making her more ravenous - a condition known as autocannibalism.
  35. Personal Wish: Revenge.
  37. Background: Lilly lived with her family in the forests of Concordia. One day, while she was out collecting herbs for her medicine for her condition (autocannibalism), her family was attacked. She came back home to find her beloved elder brother, Douglas, hanging on by a thread. Bleeding out, he warned her that the attackers were still close by. Lilly did her best to use her magic on Doug, yet it wasn't enough, and he ended up dying in her arms. Hearing footsteps, she grabbed his silver ring and the bloody dagger she'd found embedded in his body, and disappeared back into the forest.
  39. She found herself in the City a couple days later; she had no idea where to go, who to ask for help, or even what to do. She decided on asking around about the dagger she found. Some people had no information, but gave her food and lodging; others ignored her. Eventually, Lilly discovered it belonged to a rich, powerful mage family called the Barthomeloi, who had attacked the Evergreens under suspicions of connections to the Dead Apostles. At last, she knew who'd taken her beloved big brother away. She would kill them. Kill. Kill. Kill kill killkillkillkillkillkillkill!
  41. There was a problem, however. Aside from the dagger, Lilly had no way to actually hurt such an invincible clan. But she remembered hearing about a ritual that could grant massive amounts of power to those who completed it. This ritual was called the Holy Grail War...
  43. Favored Class: Archer
  44. ---
  46. Name: David Norbert
  48. Physical Description: David isn't the protagonist of his story, and this can be easily discerned by his simple appearance. While solidly built thanks to a combination of good genetics and an active childhood, he has the rounded figure of someone who hasn't quite been getting as much exercise or as good a diet as someone might prefer. He has dark brown hair that he fights an eternal war to keep comfortably short, and a preference to prefer comfortable clothing over looking sharp--often alternating between loose fit jeans, slacks, and long-sleeved shirts, with darker shades of blue, beige, or brown depending on what's clean and easy to get access to. Bespectacled and a bit clumsy on the go, he's your archetypical failed Millennial, and has made his peace with this fact.
  50. Talents: While a natural talent who could probably qualify as a solid First Generation Magus given proper instruction, David is presently unaware of the existence of Magecraft and the occult beyond what can be dredged out of the rumor mills of the internet. His greatest strength as an individual is an uncanny ability to process incoming information at lightning speeds--absorbing the majority of relevant data and discarding what is unnecessary, and producing the necessary output while other people would still be reading up on the matter. As a direct result of this, David has a vast--if shallow--wealth of knowledge he can draw upon when questioned, ranging from politics, simple chemistry, and tactics. While of limited value when backed against a wall, given time and materials to study, he can rapidly gather valuable research data and devise a means of advancing with the information on hand. A professional or a specialist might be able to do it better--but a mediocre plan executed quickly will often beat out a great plan executed too late.
  52. Personal Wish: Ultimately, at the core of it, David is just sick and tired of being alone and miserable all the time, his wish would be something that would help solve that problem--though the specific method and wording would depend on his character development up until that point. He has nothing to really live for in his own view, so even the prospect of feeling like his life isn't a waste would be enough to get him to bring his A-Game along.
  54. Background: An ordinary man with an ordinary life--that's David's history in a nutshell. Born and raised in a household that often found itself moving across the world for business reasons, he was comfortably in the upper-middle classes of society--and yet could never quite pin down exactly why he was so miserable all the time. Suffering from a general malaise that only intensified as he matured, he ultimately found himself going through the motions despite a promising early approach to the school system, and ultimately graduated with modest grades, a degree that could barely pay his bills, and a sensation that he had been wasting his life but never really able to pin down a specific critical mistake that he had truly made. Few more frustrating fates exist in this modern day, but where some might take this as an excuse to become bitter introverts, David simply sighed, and accepted that some people didn't have the fortune to succeed in life, and find what satisfaction he could in the world at large--staying out of trouble and keeping to himself, and finding only a modest amount of joy in reading the better varieties of fiction out in the world.
  56. There are few people less suited to participate in a contest for a miracle, not when terrible magi lurk in the shadows--not when hidden talents rise and reveal their fangs to the world in times of exigency. But for all that this is a battle between heroes--it is also a battle taking place in the modern day--where those like David exist only as victims and collateral damage for the real actors of the day. Is it not fitting that a representative of their number--blessed only by an abnormal number of innate Magic Circuits for an ordinary human--be granted a spot at the table of this greatest of games?
  58. Favored Class: Lancer
  60. ---
  62. Name: Ariel Labelle
  63. Gender: Female
  64. Age: 18
  65. Elemental Affinities: Wind (Lightning)
  67. Height: 161 cm
  68. Weight: 45 kg
  69. Hair color: Bright Gold
  70. Eye color: Dark Purple
  71. Three Sizes: 83-54-83cm
  73. Circuit Quantity: D (Average)
  74. Circuit Quality: B (Worthy of note)
  76. Background Information
  78. Ariel is the heir of the Labelle, the most famous and prominent ‘Fashion Designer’ Magus family in France and perhaps the whole Europe. Despite being only a few generations old and using a type of magecraft that’s similar to Formalcraft in the sense that it favors preparation and knowledge over circuit composition, they have acquired a position of nobility by extending the services not just to the Clock Tower but other factions as well. For instance, they are responsible for the creation of the newest Holy Church Executor’s enhanced kevlar vest, designed to better combat both supernatural and mundane threats of the modern world.
  80. However, when an ‘unfortunate’ incident caused an irreplaceable piece to be lost before properly delivered, the Labelles became indebted to the Barthomeloi family, which demanded their participation in the Holy Grail War in exchange for keeping the reputation they worked for decades to build intact. Backed into a corner and without any other real option, the Labelles agreed and Ariel volunteered, convincing herself that if this ‘wish’ promised to the victor was real, then the Labelles could and should use it for themselves. Sadly, things became a little more complicated when the Barthomelois revealed that Ariel would not be a proper Master but rather a ‘false’ one. Using a special kind of Mystic Code, she would be granted the ability to control a Servant, but would not act as its true anchor to this world. This gave the right to the Barthomelois to immediately revoke Ariel's position as a Master once she either emerged victorious, died or tried to betray them. In short, it was a scheme that allowed them to participate in the war without having to immediately put their own heir at risk.
  82. ---And so, Ariel was thrust into the Holy Grail War, in a less than favorable position.
  84. Favored Class: Rider
  86. ---
  88. Name: Luna Schwarz
  90. Physical Description
  91. Height: 166cm, Weight: 41 kg, Blood Type: AB- Measurements: 79-56-81
  93. A frail woman in her late 20s. Black, short hair without much shine. Has strands of grey hair due to stress, heavily contrasting her natural color. Her eyes are brown, with a hue nearing dark red. Usually seen with eye bags. Well-defined chin.
  95. Due to an unbalanced diet bordering on malnutrition, she's quite thin, possible to see certain bones under her skin. Coupled with a worrysome lack of exercise and general physical activity, she gets tired rather quickly. A 100m run, or a 90 minute walk, are capable of wearing her out. Although is possible for her to get back in shape, she's unwilling to do so.
  97. Talents
  98. Her magical specialization is that of Temperature Manipulation. By introducing or removing energy from a system, the rate at which its atoms vibrate can be altered. In theory, this manipulation doesn't have a limit beyond what the laws of physics themselves allow, but in practice, her knowledge greatly limits the effectivity of its applications.
  99. The maximum ranges of temperature she has achieved go from 100 °K to 400 °K, and her maximum applicable range is of 34 meters. The energy required for such changes is drawn from, or deposited into her own magic circuits. Because of this interaction with her body, nongradual changes might prove dangerous, and longer-range application (be it distance from herself or volume of the area to manipulate) require additional concentration and physical effort.
  101. Practical applications of her magic allow her to create small explosions, create fires, or freezing or melting objects. In theory, due to the nature of her magic, she could do much more if she were to master her magic, such as altering the weather, but her own skill limits her usage to basic fire, ice or wind spells.
  103. Personal Wish
  104. Her wish is to be able to get over the death of her sister, and overcome the depression that has plagued her for years. As she doesn't know how to do it by her own means, or how to muster the strength to make a change, she strongly believes she requires the help of a miracle.
  106. Background
  107. Born in Belfast to upper-mid class german parents, Luna was raised in a loving environment. At three years old, her parents conceived another child, who would receive the name of Christina, and later on the nickname of "Prinzessin" as the youngest in the house. Although mostly sheltered, she grew up happy with her family, making good friends of her sister, and they carried themselves with glee through their day-to-day. Their parents sent them to a private school, focusing most of their budget on the girls' education and teaching them magic at home, with a rather relaxed, casual and humanitarian approach for a family of mages.
  109. Weeks before turning into an adult, they went for a walk on the beach to watch the sunset. However, the sky turned dark, and, not wanting to worry their parents, they tried to return home quickly through a faster route. This, however, proved to be a poor decision, as they ended up being attacked by a gang. The sisters attempted to run, but Christina sprained her ankle and got caught, screaming for Luna to get help. Trusting her sister's judgment and acting out of cowardice, she kept running in an attempt to find a policeman. However, when she returned to the scene with reinforcements, no traces of Christina were found beyond a small trail of blood.
  111. Luna was traumatized, and after being escorted home that day, her demeanor at home changed for the worse dramatically. While the fate of Christina was unknown, Luna assumed she was dead and blamed herself for it, for abandoning her instead of staying to help. Her parents died in her early twenties, with a couple months between each other, and left her to fend for herself.
  113. She moved to The City, in a vain attempt to forget her past and escape the pain of loss that always accompanied her. She carried a barely functional existence, wasting her time and eating only when hunger begun getting the best of her. Still incapable of interacting with people, she withdrew from society, still yearning for her lost family's love, wishing to experience being adored unconditionally once again...
  115. Favored Class: Caster
  117. ---
  119. Name: Emilio "Killer" Montagne
  120. Physical Description:
  121. Personality: Very confident, somewhat introverted but not a loner, looking for a second chance, badly wants to fly again.
  122. Talents: Ace pilot, Magical Sense for Vehicles (instinctively can pilot or commandeer any vehicle), military trained.
  123. Personal Wish: To return to the sky
  125. Background: Emilio was a military pilot who flew for Concordia. He was an ace in every respect; flying to him felt as as natural as breathing, and he never felt more peaceful than when he was in the air, even during a dogfight. During a skirmish, ssomething happened to his on board computer and an ally was marked as an enemy. That ally, a close friend of Emilio's, was shot down by him, and he was then charged with the murder of a fellow pilot and imprisoned awaiting court martial. Because of his crime, his callsign was changed to "Killer" to reflect that heinous act. While in prison, he was visited by a mysterious man claiming to know of a method by which his wishes could become true, and offered him a hint as to a way out of the compound he'd been locked up in. Lured in by his promise, Emilio used the information given to him by the unknown visitor to join the Grail War.
  127. Favored Class: Assassin
  129. ---
  131. Name: Lucas K. Graves
  132. Age: 32
  133. Physical Description: A 6 ft, tall tan skinned man with both Western European and Asian features. Sharp grey eyes, very short jet black hair, clean shaven, large white scar stretching down from his left shoulder to his elbow. Lean and strong, but not overly muscular. Prefers a business suit when conducting important affairs.
  135. Talents:
  136. -Master level hacking through use of both magic and physical hacking skills,
  137. -Master at intelligence gathering, surveillance and reconnaissance of target with advanced persistent viruses and backdoors embedded in most major government networks in the world, ready to shutdown national power grids or extract confidential information on command.
  138. -Possesses a personal laptop aligned to his magical circuits that he can use without typing and can input data at the speed of thought.
  139. -Expert Muay Thai practioner.
  140. -User of defensive western spells and eastern talismans, can use meditation (Samadhi) to quickly recover mana / chi, unskilled in direct offensive spells, intermediate use of firearms.
  142. Personal Wish: To find the meaning behind the suffering of man.
  144. Background:
  146. Lucas was raised in a Buddhist family who detested violence and rejected the typical magus practice of reaching the root through whatever means necessary. Because of this they were marked as heretics by other groups of magi. He was keen to learn his family’s craft, as well as deadly martial arts from his mother, but eventually developed a mundane passion for IT and cyber security, as he found ways to use cyber intelligence to monitor threats to his family, dramatically improving his skills via the use of applied magecraft. When he was old enough, he decided to join the UN, where he dedicated his talents in exchange for his family's protection.
  148. Lucas was the sole survivor of a secret cyber operative unit under the United Nations, tasked with tracking and locating magical persons of interest. During a certain operation, he mistakenly pinpointed a decoy left behind by a highly skilled magus, for the first and only time in his career. The decoy turned out to be a magical bomb, with the explosive killing everyone in his unit. With the shrapnel still embedded in his shoulder as a reminder of his mistake, he requested an early retirement and was granted benefits due to his services to the United Nations, which he used to continue his search into the one criminal who had gotten away.
  150. As much as he tried, however, he couldn’t locate the magus that eluded him. Dispirited, Lucas gave up the search and instead returned to his family's Buddhist teachings, going on temporary vacation to find a new purpose in his life. All the while, he couldn't help but ask himself a question: what was the purpose of suffering? Why did his team need to die that way?
  152. Favored Class: Berserker
  154. ---
  156. Name: Elliot White (Johannes L. Woodward)
  158. Physical Description: An old man, about 67 years old, completely white hair and with with an average height. Although at first look he seems like a family man with an always warm smile, both his body covered with scars that he hides underneath his uniform and his always alert posture and sharp eyes say the opposite to people that know how to notice little details.
  160. Talents: While Elliot in his youth was extremely lethal, capable of eliminating his targets using Magecraft or mundane weapons at short or long range, the truth is that his age and years of inactivity have caused his physical abilities to diminish considerably. Because of this, Elliot tires quickly and is not able to fight hand-to-hand against well-trained individuals. Fortunately, he is able to cover that disadvantage with years of experience, specialization in various firearms, his Magecraft (Familiars and Curses) and most importantly, the advantage that all the other participants are in a city where he has worked as police for more than 20 years.
  162. Background: At the end of the 20th century, Magi mercenaries were in great demand due to their effectiveness and the unorthodox, but reliable  means they employed. Johannes L Woodward, the third son of a respected family of Magi in England, was one of those few individuals who decided to abandon the lifestyle of his family and became a soldier at the service of the highest bidder. As expected, this decision was not well received by his parents, who immediately unraveled and completely ignored him, but the young Johannes, who knew perfectly well that he could never achieve the expectations of his family and that he would not inherit anything of value unless he killed to his brothers, cared little about such a change. Throughout his adolescence and part of his adulthood, the magus mercenary who was known as "King's Bull" became synonymous with fear among enemy soldiers, and quality among those who had the money to pay for his services.
  164. All that changed when a woman he met in one of his raids in Iran informed him that she was pregnant with his son. Johannes tried to ignore her, not because he did not trust her, but because in his line of work, having a family would only be a distraction. Even so, he sent her money, and hired an old contact to take her to the United States. He tried to convince himself that he could not be a father, that the child deserved better than a mercenary. And it worked, until he received the picture of his newborn son, with his big blue eyes looking at the camera.
  166. Just like that, the feared King's Bull withdrew silently from the battlefields. The boy deserved a good father, and Johannes L. Woodward, now Elliot White, did the best he could to be that man, a loving father and a respectable police officer that his family could be proud of.
  168. Favored Class: Ruler
  170. Personal Wish: Elliot has no desire for the Holy Grail, the only reason he fights in the war is to prevent innocent civilians from getting hurt and to end this war as soon as possible. Although using it to pay the college for his grandchildren may not be a bad idea...
  172. ---
  174. Harold Pennington
  176. Physical description: 37 year old male, messy brown hair, reading glasses, 5'8", dresses nicely but not ostentatiously, takes care of himself well.
  178. Talents
  179. Has aptitude for magic but no knowledge. Methodical, deliberate strategic planner. Understands how people think. Knowing stories about his opponents is his career. Has working relationships with several detectives after they investigated his fiancée’s death.
  181. Background
  183. "You ask if I art your WHAT?"
  185. Harold Pennington was a Professor of History and Anthropology at the nearby university. While he came from a lineage of mages, his magic circuits were only average and his family chose not to teach him about their art. As such, his first experience with magecraft will be when the historical item he is examining decides it "wants to be a summoning catalyst now."
  187. Of course, this didn't stop his family from meddling in his life, but not to the point where it became oppressive and drove him away. Instead, he merely thought his relatives were eccentric.
  189. Harold had always been fascinated by people and how they went about their lives. Growing up, he was always watching the people around him. Eventually, that expanded to wanting to understand people that came before him as well, which was how he found his career. He was on the high school debate team, and in college he was regional chess champion. His ability to read others was such, he was eventually banned from the faculty poker night. He was respected and liked by his students, but being nosy and trying to analyze them too much kept him from being loved by them.
  191. Harold fell in love with his eventual fiancée, Margaret, during graduate school. She died on the eve of their wedding, and the police found it to be a suicide. There were too many strange things about her death, however, and so he began suspecting the police actively covered it up. He has chased that cold case for nearly ten years now. Though he doesn't know it, Harold is right. It was a murder, and mages were involved.
  193. Personal Wish: To go back in time and save Margaret's life.
  195. Favored Class: Avenger
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