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  1. What makes you think you would be the best choice for staff? - Well, to begin, I believe that I'm a good leader. I always listen to peoples' opinions and try not to treat people unfairly. I also love learning new things and have great communication skills.
  3. Of what age are you? - 15
  5. Do you have access to computer microphone? - Yes
  7. What is your previous minecraft experience? - I used to own a few servers and moderate on a few more that have been shut down now though, sadly.
  9. How often are you on every day? (hours) - Around 3-4 hours.
  11. What do you feel sets you apart from the other candidates? - I'm a good builder, I love to learn new things, I've had experience in running servers, I have experience with various plugins, I'm extremely friendly and professional, and I always follow the rules.
  13. Do you have any experience with plugins? - Yes, I used to own a few servers so I know a lot about plugins.
  15. Do you have previous experience with leadership roles? (If so, what position?) - Yes, I used to own a few servers and moderate others. I have been told often that I'm a great leader.
  17. What position are you looking to fill? (General Gameplay Mod, Plugin Dev, ect.) - Gameplay Moderator.
  19. How do you think you would benefit the server if you were chosen? - I can solve issues between people and issues with the server, I am a great builder, I love to have fun, I'm professional, I have a great deal of experience in commands and plugins, and I love to just chill with people and have a great time.
  21. Are you willing and able to become knowledgeable in all the server plugins with haste? - Yes. I checked out your plugin list with '/plugins', and I have a great deal of experience with the majority of them.
  23. What do you do with your freetime? - Well, I run track at my school, I do freelance design (Logos, Business Cards, Websites, etc.), programming (Python, Bash), and network design, I program (Python, Android), I listen to music, I play Minecraft, I listen to music, etc.
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