Tallus Tour Guide - In Progress

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  2. Welcome visitors of Equestria and Tallus as a whole! I'm sure you've had a wild ride finding your way here, but there's plenty of interesting locales to explore! This comprehensive guide will give you all the information you'll hopefully need to enjoy your stay in all of Equestria's bustling regions and cities, including it's neighbors, outlying territories, and countries outside the Equestrian continent!
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  5. Anfang, population 1,200/1,200. Anfang is a low lying, log walled gryphon outpost and training camp on the southwestern slopes of the Gryphon Kingdoms. Anfang itself borders the far east most Central Everfree Forest, which also serves as a primary defensive zone for the Vale, and is roughly a full week's flight from Razorback Fortress.
  9. Anfang Translocation Stone: located 50M south of Anfang's heavily reinforced gates in direct view of several covered leanto's, always in use by former Kingdom military veterans, and sometimes militia members.
  11. The Eternal Flame: located in the center of Anfang. After recovering from the Anti-shard embedded in it's core, a revered, colossal Otherworldly magma elemental placed a chunk of it's essence in Anfang's formerly large bonfire, eliminating the need for wood entirely. Provides a great deal of illumination, as well as making it (somehow) simpler to cook.
  13. Tuarom the Shaman's Stall: a small, brightly colored and decorated stall located on the west side of Anfang, hidden behind most of the houses. Tuarom rarely, if ever, leaves his (her?) stall. Gets confused with Tuarom the Trader quite often, much to his (her?) confusion.
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  16. The Vale, population 5,000/7,000. The Vale is a small, walled gryphon city, dating to shortly after the Fall of the Dynasty. Partially sheltered by it's proximity to the castle on the north mountain slope that houses Warlord Ri`Vahz, her Enforcers, retinue & personal retainers, possessions, and all other functional necessities of Gryphon Kingdom sub-rulership.
  20. Vale Translocation Stone: south of the Vale in a nook that lies hidden if traveling north, glowstone archways lighting the way to the city, then to the the Militia Aviaries.
  22. Corvren's Inn: the central building of the Vale's city square, much larger than bars in Equestria proper.
  24. Swe's Tower: located between the Vale and it's castle in an open snow covered plain. A private, solidly built, three-story granite and runic iron reinforced tower, built in appreciation of Swe's work for the Vale.
  26. The Forgeworks: established southeast of the city walls, these are numerous forger's huts connected by a cobblestone path with glowstone arches. The blacksmith twins can be found here.
  28. Taurom's Trades: a large storehouse in the western side of the Vale, closer to the city square than the mountain's shadow. Tuarom can be found here, and is technically Erov's second home.
  30. Librarian's Chambers: built into the mountain that overlooks the western side of the city, hidden behind the newly built aviary towers. Master Librarian Eolas-Toir and Underlibrarian Grimm can usually be found here.
  32. City Square: the center of the Vale, it's free market bustling night and day.
  34. Yuntri's Soapery: faces opposite of Corvren's Inn in the city square. This is the place where Runic Soap Cubes are produced and sold.
  36. Gryphon Aviaries: a line of towers that house newly moved Gryphon families in the shadow of the western mountain, accomodating the growing population.
  38. Hunter's Lodge: close to the northern exit of the city, and closest to the Vale's Black Mirrored Lake.
  40. Great Runer's Retreat: dug into the western mountain, the entrance a higher altitude then the castle, overlooking the Vale and Anfang below.
  42. Militia Aviaries: directly south of the Forge and visible from Anfang, they serve as the second line of defense should the border village ever fall.
  44. Vale Castle: a fortified keep at the top of the mountain north of the Vale, designed for ease of use and access with an unkempt dirt road leading up to a backdoor for non-fliers, formerly heavily damaged by Spiral, and overlooks the Vale with a large landing pad for access by fliers.
  49. Border Village Docks: far west beyond Anfang between two moutains, can only be accessed by a foot path.
  51. Reinforced Encampment: the first outpost for the expedition and it's main headquarters.
  53. Open Grassland Dig Sites, Unknown Lands: a large, recently established gryphon camp on the other side of the world. Built in an open plain where the time zone is opposite the Vale's, it's primary purpose is to uncover the lost ruins that lie beneath the soft soils of the grass plains.
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  56. Canterlot: population 230,000/450,000. The capital of Equestria, Canterlot is a major city spread out across nearly 30 square miles, home to a major translocation hub, a massive market trading square, the Canterlot College of Magic and it's training environs, as well as the newly built Solar Guardian Armory, home to the Honor Guard. While the majority of Canterlot's Lunar faction members have shifted to the Moors, Las Pegasus, and other friendlier locations, it still retains most of it's economic power, trading foodstuffs and goods to Las Pegasus, Manehattan, Detrot, and numerous smaller locations, but has recently found heavy competition against the might of the Empire's farmlands.
  60. Canterlot College of Magic: several large connected white marble buildings only a couple minute's walk south of the Solar Guardian Armory, on the north end of Canterlot Square. Requiring either military admittance, and either sponsorship of a noble or a large marketeer, the college itself has nearly 500 staff, with 40 large rooms for speakers and teachers, capable of accomodating 3,000 per day. The Pegasi Tower, the Training Arena, the Indoor Garden, the Nocturnal Immersion Arena, and the Experiment Laboratory are all set up for training specific species, and are sometimes used for public events.
  62. Canterlot Palace: formerly a giant, sprawling complex north of Canterlot itself, along with the vast Noble, Royal, and Judicial Courts. Although the palace itself was nearly destroyed during the Solar Tyrant's resurgence, Princess Luna commissioned several teams to remove the remains, though the Royal Court prevented her from ordering it to be rebuilt. The Towers of Night and Day were located on the mountain itself, east and west respectively, and were fully disassembled, piece by intricate piece, still waiting to be placed once more. The Garden of Stars on the east, and the Garden of Morning on the west, are all that remain as the Royal Guard's headquarters were demolished along with the Solar Guard Armory, once in use by the Solar Enforcers.
  64. Canterlot Square: a 2 mile long, 2 mile wide strip filled with market stalls and trade convoys from all over Tallus, each seeking to gain their fortunes in Canterlot. Numerous fountains and gardens can be found across the Square, offering respite from the hustle and bustle of trading.
  66. Canterlot Translocation Hub: a massive, 100' in diameter marble translocation stone on a gated, guarded, and raised platform on the central eastern side of Canterlot Square. Hubs such as this can be used to translocate entire convoys at a time, and while Canterlot's is particularly busy compared to most, travelers are granted primary priority when seeking to journey to far flung locations that are normally inaccessible from .
  68. Solar Guardian Armory: formerly the Solar & Lunar Armory, located south of Canterlot Palace, between the Royal District and the Industrial District. When the Lunar faction moved most of it's facilities to the Moors, General Valden ordered this ornate marble and obsidian building to be expanded to become the Honor Guard's Armory and barracks, but in order to boost citizen morale, he requested the Night & Lunar Guard both to keep approximately 100 reservists available at all times in their own wing, along with the condition that Starborn troopers and warriors be readily available in case of emergencies.
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  71. Cloudsdale, population: 5,500/5,500. A small, older pegasi cloud city 50 miles east and 80 miles north of Gozka, one of the two that have remained traditional throughout Tallus's long and difficult history. While it's inhabitants are quite old fashioned, their long term relationship and proximity to Gozka has enabled the citizens of Cloudsale to learn and specialize in dedicated crafting techniques that few other locales would have available. Unlike most, Cloudsdale pegasi have retained their spiritual connections, and as a result are highly orthodox, and extremely formal, when dealing with others across Equestria.
  73. NOTABLE LOCATIONS: unknown.
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  76. Crystal Empire City-State, population: unknown. Most of Northwest Equestria is claimed by the Empire, home to the Crystal ponies and Princess Cadence.
  80. Imperial Square: the central section of the City-State, south of the Spire. At precisely one mile wide and three miles long, the Imperial Square is
  82. Imperial Translocation Hub:
  84. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  85. Detrot, population: 210,000/220,000.
  87. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  88. Dragonspine Mountains, population: unknown.
  90. NOTABLE LOCATIONS: unknown.
  92. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  93. Gozka, population: unknown.
  95. NOTABLE LOCATIONS: unknown.
  97. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  98. Ferron Clan Beach Base, population: approximately 600. Located on a relatively safe portion of Southern Equestria's coast, approximately 100 miles west of the abandoned Enclave, General Twisted Wing moved her faction of the Ferron Clan pegasi here before Princess Luna's completion of the Razorback Fortress. Featuring one hundred stilted and thatched huts, sturdy reinforced walls surround the village, while twelve treetop towers are constantly kept watch from by sharp-eyed pegasi hunters. Four floating piers for fishing, a dedicated bonfire for cooking, and the Matron's House are the only three locations of note, though the Matron herself sometimes has strange items, most taken from the sea or nearby beaches, to trade and sell to travelers.
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  101. Imeron, population: 450/500. One hundred bamboo and wide bladed ferngrass huts along the edge of a 4' deep oasis in the east-central portion of Saddle Arabia, also surrounded by an equal number of black monoliths. Home to the Imeron's Matron, several Olvecant-Master Mystics, and an Eye formerly of the Dragon Vanguard, Imeron is a popular trade hub in both the wet and dry seasons owing to it's protective shield, making it pleasingly warm during the days, and comfortable atmosphere at night. Also one of General Twisted Wing's favorite locations, which has lead to rumors that some of the Imeron mares may be members of a warrior-cult dedicated to her and the Nightmare. These are, however, just rumors.
  105. -Imeron Matron's Hut: the northernmost hut, in reality two joined together with the eastern room being the Matron's alone, is used for village, tribal, and regional diplomatic meetings, and where most ceremonies would take place. Imeron's laws, much older than most of Equestria's, dictate that only one being may speak with the Matron at a time on important subjects, while her deputy, a violet colored Eye named Rokak, is usually available during the wet season for other matters.
  107. -Trade Depot: four large huts on the western side of Imeron, two north and two south of Vanjura's Hut, are used as storage and auction halls.
  109. -Vanjura's Stall & Home: on the western side of Imeron near the center of the lake is the village's permanent trader, a young Saddle Arabian female named Vanjura Storm-Lock. Accepting nearly all forms of currency, from Equestria's Bit, to the Draconus Fang, to Germaneigh's Ear-Mark and more, she seems to only deal in highly exotic weaponry, armor, and enchantments, while her younger sister purveys both Saddle Arabian and Moors food and drinks at her own stall next to Vanjura's, using most of their house as storage.
  111. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  112. Las Pegasus, population: unknown. A vast, spread out cloud city, formerly home to Lucky, the previous Owner of the Rogue's Circle and Equestria's highly lucrative Black Market, it's ownership has transferred to Isiet, a young Rogue Elite Redblade. With at least one bar and two restaurants on every city cloud-block, Las Pegasus was well known and appreciated across Tallus for it's always friendly citizens, her wealth of trade goods flowing through, and the Undercity Casino & Arena. However, due to the Second Las Pegasus-Stalliongrad Conflict, it has been virtually closed to all except it's own citizens and the Rogues during it's slow, steady movement towards Saddle Arabia. At times, members of Razorback have noted that the translocation sequence to the Undercity is available.
  114. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  115. Manehattan, population: 350,000/400,000. Manehattan mostly consists of earth ponies and pegasi, with a lower percentage of unicorns. The city itself is nestled on the west bank of Two-River Lake: a large, circular body of water with two large rivers passing through it. The lake, and Manehattan, has become a central hub of intercity commerce and trade in Equestria, due to its relatively equidistant travel between most major cities in terms of marine travel. In combination, several large trade highways have been developed for fast, easy, and safe travel to Manehattan as well, making it one of Equestria's largest trading center, and bolsters one of Tallus' largest marine ports. Manehattan is divided into two main districts: Commerce and Residential; the Commerce district houses the shipping docks, warehouses, residency for dock workers and travellers, which is overseen by Trademaster Jarrat, a towering minotaur and a former Ranger originating from Gozka. The Residential district consists of Manehattan's primary populace, markets and business, and main guard force, which is overseen by Mayor Flint Spur. There is an additional cloud-built district several hundred feet above, dedicated solely for pegasi to live in their own creature comforts. Ultimately, the Trademaster yields to the Mayor in times of emergency. Due to Manhehattan's large earth pony population, and its proximity to, refugees and those wishing to leave Stalliongrad have made their home here over the past several decades. Though this has brought some slowly weaning bigotry, Manehattan had adopted some of Stalliongrad's more modern tendencies wherever is beneficial, and has also aided in its required expansions as of late.
  119. City Hall: centered in Manehattan's Residential District, City Hall is the governing center, maintained by Mayor Flint Spur and her city council. Any information on the city and current events can be found here, including its sister district.
  121. Manehattan Armory: located East of City Hall, Manehattan's Armory houses its guard's primary barracks and training areas. The force is entirely volunteer, consisting of citizen militia and former military from around Equestria to help maintain peace in both districts. Guards wear a modified blue and red primary armor unique to Manhattan, and are specifically trained in heavy urban combat and tactics. An offset to the easily identifiable armored guards are detectives: plain-clothed guardsponies, void of markings, for undercover work and obscurity.
  123. Market Center: covering roughly thirty blocks, South of City Hall, the Market Center is a sprawling maze of streets and miniature squares dedicated to in-city commerce. Literally every and any item and can be found or acquired, whether it have been legally or not. Locals are well versed in its layout, but sell maps for tourists and visitors.
  125. The Shipping Docks: this section of the Commerce District takes up 3/4 of the entire length of Manehattan's occupancy on the Two-River Lake side. Spanning roughly five miles from end to end, the docks often have a thousand ships at once in port, along with warehouses to store goods, as well as a dedicated ship repair dock on the southern end. Much to Jarat and Flint Spur's displeasure, the Docks are also home to a well-known criminal underground, which does well to smuggle in and out illegally procured items from around Tallus.
  127. Trademaster Jarat's Office: contrary to the title, Jarat's Office is a spanning building complex, dedicated to the day-to-day operations of the dock's operations and manages shipping manifests and schedules. Jarat occasionally gives out small jobs to passerby's that are looking for work.
  129. The Seafaring Mare Bar: placed on the Northern end of the Docks, this bar was specifically designed for the dock workers and foreign visitors in mind, catering to most species via climate controlled rooms. Several smaller bars have been broken into themed sections to cater to a ponies' specific tastes, whether from hedonistic Las Pegasus or modern Canterlot. Even Saddle Arabians and Minotaurs can find a comfortable atmosphere in one of its sprawling venues.
  132. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  133. Stalliongrad, population: 2,410,000/3,000,000.
  136. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  137. The Hive, population 4,101/100,001. Located far west of the Crag Moors and just above Southern Equestria's jungles in a perennial rain zone, the Hive is an immense, round chitin domed city with five inner shells that houses the entire Changeling populace. Directly underneath the Hive is a resurrection chamber, roughly 1/4 the size of the outer shell, covered in a vast tunnel system for growing mushrooms and vegetables that don't require the sun, while directly under the Hive is a
  140. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  141. The Moors, population: unknown, but estimated to be 500,000. A series of lowland swamps, jungles, and floodplains extending from Western to Eastern Southern Equestria, taking up the majority of the southern coast. Inhabitated almost solely by batponies throughout most of it's long and turmoil ridden history, a number of Lunar faction pegasi have moved here to take advantage of the warm, humid climate, as well as constant access to fresh fruits and fish. Direct access to most locations is nearly impossible due to the Scars of the Moors, sites in which Celestia and Luna personally battled during the Lunar-Solar War, creating zones of warped arcane and Eldritch energies that are both extremely dangerous and highly inviting to Otherworldly and Planar beings seeking to enter Tallus.
  143. Basin Village: approximately 700. A large stone village surrounding a central granite basin, the center of the basin containing a small translocation hub. Situated near the center of the Moors, the Basin provides access to all smaller translocation stone destinations in the region, and despite the laziness of most batponies, it is constantly under watch by active, or retired, Lunar Guard and Starborn members.
  147. -Basin Hostel: the only two floor building in the Basin, the hostel is managed by a young, usually sleeping dark purple batpony mare, also being Hodch's adopted daughter, and one of the few aware of the translocation stone to the Citadel, kept in a secluded alcove. Featuring 16 smaller rooms on the lower floor, and 12 medium sized rooms on the upper floor, the accommodations are considered small for earth ponies, and with no possibility of room service it is highly recommended that one bring their own food and drinks, or order out from the Last Stop.
  149. -Lann's Doll Shop: a small, rectangular building directly south-east of the translocation stone.
  151. -Last Stop Restaurant: a spacious restaurant populated by couches and futons only, the Last Stop is notable for being the only place in the Moors where all food comes cooked. As the Basin has recently been frequented by travelers from all across Equestria and beyond, the Last Stop's mysterious owner has contracted several construction companies to create several underground storage rooms, one for frozen storage foods, one for cold storage foods, one for cool storage foods, and one for general use.
  153. -Mangoes and Merchants: the three southernmost buildings are designated a free trade zone, with five open air stalls always occupied by batpony traders, whom rotate in and out of the Basin on an hourly basis depending on their stock. Extremely rare goods from the Empire, particularly those that wouldn't be sold in Equestria or the Crystal City-State itself, appear here from time to time, which makes the knowledge of such events heavily guarded AND highly prized.
  155. -Rockstag Bar: owned by a grizzled, scarred batpony veteran of the Lunar Guard, the Rockstag Bar is located on the western side of the Basin Village, featuring a decent selection of hard alcohols from the Crystal Empire, Saddle Arabia, the Minotaur Hegemony, and even rare vintages from the Gryphon Kingdoms. The food, mostly fruit, nuts, berries, insects, fish, and crustaceans, is always fresh, but the last two are the only ones that can be guaranteed to be cooked before serving.. usually.
  159. -Pegasi Arena:
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