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  1. So yeah
  2. This happened
  4. Offline. I can see where they climbed onto the roof of our fort and there was a fight and decorations were destroyed
  5. Offline raiding is against the rules
  7. HarleyQuinnToday at 1:09 AM
  8. give me a min ill look into that
  9. Those are two thralls or items that got destroyes ?
  10. destroyed
  12. AwareToday at 1:13 AM
  13. Both, the items were destroyed in the fight with the thralls. You can see where one was swinging and broke it and then right after was killed
  14. Also all the thrall's gear is gone too
  16. HarleyQuinnToday at 1:16 AM
  17. I wil talk with them , but i don't see this as ofline raiding as nothing was taken . I wil how ever sanction a strike when i explain them why
  18. i can reimburse the gear lost from the thralls if you wish
  20. AwareToday at 1:17 AM
  21. I was told by Dierdre that if a thrall is killed or even attaked it is a raid
  22. I would appreciate it. Its a pain having to clothe these guys with decent gear over and over
  24. HarleyQuinnToday at 1:19 AM
  25. i was not aware of that , i wil make it into a ofline raid and strike them for that . If you give me a list i wil make sure you get the stuff as soon as posible as i am in a RP atm
  27. AwareToday at 1:19 AM
  28. Sure I can do that.
  29. Epic versions of the Medium Armor Set for Hands, Boots, and Chest. Turanian light pants epic. Sandstorm mask.
  31. 2 pairs of that ^
  32. Also I suspect Zoe might be a banned player from before. Ego. Hes tried this before by coming back.
  34. HarleyQuinnToday at 1:22 AM
  35. He is not Ego
  36. We monitor that as we banned 2 of his acounts already
  38. AwareToday at 1:23 AM
  39. Ok but how do you check just IP address?
  41. HarleyQuinnToday at 1:24 AM
  42. among things , but i am sure they both in the server at the same time before
  43. they were bith in mors even RPed together at the same time so hard to do that .
  45. AwareToday at 1:36 AM
  46. You sure? Zoe is new, I dont remember having seen her before
  48. HarleyQuinnToday at 1:36 AM
  49. she is here for a few weeks for sure , but always up at the sisters
  51. AwareToday at 1:38 AM
  52. Well we'll find out. Their speech patterns are similar so I'm suspicious
  54. HarleyQuinnToday at 1:38 AM
  55. We can't ban people on a suspicion
  57. AwareToday at 1:39 AM
  58. I know, just letting you know so you can keep an eye out.
  60. HarleyQuinnToday at 1:39 AM
  61. We wil thank you :0
  62. :slight_smile:
  64. HarleyQuinnToday at 2:17 AM
  65. Those items from the thralls are they DLC items ?
  66. besides the sandstorm mask ofcourse
  68. AwareToday at 2:26 AM
  69. The pants are
  71. HarleyQuinnToday at 2:38 AM
  72. I wil need to ask an other admin to do them for you then , admin pannel does not let me cheat in stuff of a dlc i don't own
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