the need for cocks (twixanon, futa, shitpost) wip

Sep 16th, 2017
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  1. >be low libido Anon in horseland
  2. >it's 'estrus week'
  3. >"Please, Anon, I need it!"
  4. "No Twilight, you're not a whore, we already had sex last month!"
  5. >"PLEASE, just once! Just a bit, j-just let me suck on it for a bit alright? I swear I'll get you in the mood and--"
  6. "No! Just no! You're not just a sextoy to me Twilight, I don't want to fuck you in this state!"
  7. >"B-but it burns!"
  8. "Well, you'll just have to cope with it, just go take a bath or something,"
  9. >"Ughh! But that's not enough! I need a cock! Your cock!"
  10. "Geez Twilight, I never would've thought you'd be... that way! The Twilight I knew had no libido and never talked about sex!"
  11. >"For Celestia's sake Anon, that was on screen! That wasn't the real me!"
  12. "Still a no, I'm sorry Twilight, but I'm not some horndog porn addict that you could find on laotian image hosting services, I have standards, you see."
  13. >"But I'm in HEAT Anon! I need it! You just don't understand what it's like! You're hot and you're sweaty and you wink and you smell and--just, UGH!"
  14. "No, I don't understand, but I'm quite certain I'd be able to take it on me and ignore it,"
  15. >"Oh yeah?! Wanna bet?!"
  16. "What do you have in mind?"
  18. >Ten minutes later
  19. >Twiggy huffs and puffs, the spell was harder to pull off than expected, but she did it
  20. >The heat was gone
  21. >Her mind wasn't full of dicks anymore!
  22. >Yours tho...
  23. "F-fuck, what is this.. ugh,"
  24. >It's hot
  25. >Everything
  26. >Everywhere
  27. >You're hot
  28. >And hard
  29. >What the fuck is happening?!
  30. >Images of stallions and other anons flashes through your mind whenever you close your eyes
  31. >Whenever you blink
  32. "W-what, why..."
  33. >Twiggy is smirking, giving you a 'told ya' stare
  34. >But you can't lose
  35. >You said you'd cope with it, and you will!
  37. >An hour later
  38. >You had to remove your jacket, it was unbearably hot
  39. >Even tho the room had a steady 18° thanks to crystal magic
  40. >You don't think you've ever heard your heart thumping so much and for so long in your ears
  41. >Your breathing is heavy, labored
  42. >You tried to calm yourself, but whenever you did more and more images of cocks and balls appeared
  43. >Then you joined them
  44. >Then things happened between you and said cocks and balls
  45. >Things you'd rather not think about
  46. >Not that you can't do anything about it
  47. >The book you were reading is still open, in your lap
  48. >But you haven't flipped a page since the start
  49. >You can't concentrate on it, on anything
  50. >And even when you nearly get there, something catches your eye
  51. >Your wife
  52. >She's still standing there, sitting on the cold floor, smirking, snorting, winning
  53. >F-fuck, if only she had a cock
  54. >What the fuck was that?! NO
  56. >And why is your cock throbbing
  57. "Fuck,"
  58. >You mutter
  59. >It escaped your lips without you realizing
  60. >"What was that?"
  61. >It's a question
  62. >But it's not
  63. >She heard, she knows what you said
  64. >She knows what you're thinking of
  65. >"Are you alright, Anon?"
  66. >You groan
  67. "I'm fine,"
  68. >"You know, you could just take a cold shower, I'm sure it'll help~,"
  69. >You groan
  70. >Maybe it will
  71. >It should
  72. >It's called being in HEAT
  73. >How would a cold shower not help?!
  75. >It's cold
  76. >You're still throbbing
  77. >It does somewhat stops the images from flooding your mind though
  78. >So it's kind of working?
  79. >You finish rinsing off the suds and finally step out of the shower
  80. >It's cool, you can do this
  81. >No more pictures of dicks, you'll finally be able to get back to your book
  82. >You pick up the towel and starts with your head
  83. >Then your neck
  84. >Shoulders
  85. >Back
  86. >Torso
  87. >That's when something happens
  88. >You jolt as the cloth makes contact with your erect nipples
  89. >W-what was that?!
  90. >And the pictures come back
  91. >Of forms touching them
  92. >Pinching them
  93. >Lips kissing them and tongues lapping at them
  94. >Your knees buck under your weight and you have to grab the sink not to fall down
  95. >Fuck!
  97. >That's disgusting! You're not some disgusting degenerate that should feel arousal from this!
  98. >This is retarded
  99. >Whatever, let's finish this
  100. >So you lean down to grab the towel and finish wiping your upper half, making sure not to touch your little nubs
  101. >Even though it would feel so good to do it..
  102. >No! No! That's the path that leads to debauchery and profligacy!
  103. >You wipe a leg, then the other
  104. >Then you bring the towel to your groin
  105. >And that's when you lose control
  106. >The simple contact of the cloth against your throbbing shaft sends a wave of pleasure up your spine, the which you've never felt before
  107. >And you unceremoniously fall on your ass as an effeminate moan escapes your lips
  108. "O-oohh, fuck!"
  109. >You stay that way, unmoving, keeping it pressed against your shaft as it throbs and spurts pre into it
  110. >W-what the fuck--
  111. >A giggle interrupts your train of thoughts
  112. >You slowly turn to see your wife having the time of her life
  113. >"Are you okay?"
  114. >You simply groan
  115. >"I didn't know you could make these kind of sounds, it was kinda cute~,"
  116. "It was not--Nngh~,"
  117. >You try to stifle this one but with little success, the mere feeling of fabric stroking the underside of your pride is far more than you can take
  118. >"Awww,"
  119. >FUCK!
  120. >"You know you could simply tell me that you were wrong, tell me you're sorry, let me take it back and then you could make love to your wife, mh?"
  121. >Making love to your wife sounds fine right now
  122. >Sounds really good
  123. >But you stop yourself as your mouth opens up
  124. "NO! I said I'd cope with it, and I will!"
  125. >She rolls her eyes and groans in exasperation
  126. >"You and your stupid pride, ugh!"
  127. "T-this isn't about pride--"
  128. >"Yes! Yes it is! You could've avoided all of this by doing your job as a husband and bucked your mare while she was in heat!"
  129. >Her words sends more images in your brain, and even some videos
  130. >"Look at you! You can barely stand!"
  131. "I-I'm fine!"
  132. >It takes you some effort, but you do find it in yourself to stand up
  134. >Even if your dick is throbbing like crazy and your crown is literally dripping with need
  135. >Her eyes flick between your pride and your face as she raises an eyebrow
  136. "T-this is nothing, I can--NGHhh!"
  137. >Her horn flashes and you feel her magic gives your shaft the softest of caresses imaginable
  138. >Your hips buck and your entire body tremble at the sensation, but you somehow stand your ground
  139. >You groan and lift your head to look at her
  140. >And she takes it as a challenge
  141. >Another flash of her horn, another caress
  142. >But this one doesn't stop there, instead forming a loose grip around your head before pulling back, all the way to the base
  143. "F-fuckkkkkkkk!"
  144. >You fall again
  145. >You don't understand, this shouldn't be happening
  146. >This shouldn't feel so good
  147. >How is this possible?!
  148. >She keeps her magical grip around your cock as she starts trotting towards you
  149. >"Come on, Anon, let's stop this nonsense and--"
  150. "More..."
  151. >It takes you a moment to realize that this wasn't the word you tried to push out
  152. >And it takes her a moment to realize that you didn't mean to say that
  153. >To ask for more
  154. >Your eyes are as wide as her, both blinking in surprise
  155. >Before you finally find the presence of mind to try and correct the shot
  156. "N-no, I-I meant, I can--Nhhh~!"
  157. >You throw your head back as her grip tightens around you
  158. "T-twilight~!"
  159. >The pictures come back
  160. >More than ever
  161. >Dicks, dicks, dicks, balls, more dicks
  162. >Your mind is full of beautiful, big, throbbing shafts and spurting crowns of all shapes and sizes
  163. >Big balls and small floppy shafts, small balls and long, thin rods, big heavy horsecocks with balls the size of your fists
  164. >There's actually a lot of those
  165. >"What is it~?"
  166. >Again, it's a question
  167. >But it's not
  169. >Your hands find your knees and you groan once more as her magic spreads across your entire length
  170. >"I can't help you unless you tell me how, Anon~,"
  171. >She's gone mad
  172. >She's possessed by the devil!
  173. >The mare you love! She's not this kind of degenerate! She wouldn't have sex for FUN, right?!
  174. >And still, it's her voice flowing in your ears
  175. >It's her magic molesting you
  176. >It's her eyes staring into yours
  177. "S-stop, Twilight, pleas--ah!"
  178. >"Stop? But you just asked for more silly! Make up your mind already,"
  179. >You don't like this patronizing tone
  180. >You don't like this situation!
  181. >You don't like the fact that her face is getting closer and closer to yours
  182. >And you moan again as her lips touch yours, and your hips buck as her magic works on your dick
  183. >And you hate it all!
  184. >But most of all, you hate it when she pulls back and breaks the kiss
  185. >So you whine in protest
  186. >And her smirk widens ever so slightly
  187. >"Oh? Did you like that?"
  188. >You can't keep your eyes on hers
  189. >She's the one making you think of all these things
  190. >She's the reason why your mind is flooded with disgusting, wonderful thoughts
  191. >"It's okay Anon, I understand how you feel,"
  192. >Does she?
  193. >She does, right?
  194. >So why not give up and--
  195. >Her snoot closes in once again, not to kiss, but to simply nuzzle against the side of your face
  196. >It's more than enough to make your heart leap
  197. >It's enough, and it's not enough
  198. >You need more
  199. >So much more
  200. >"This pressure building inside of you, these pictures flooding your mind, you can't think of anything else but 'that', right?"
  201. >Her face slowly dives down, and you shudder as you feel her lips press against your neck
  202. >And she hums knowingly
  203. >"And having the one you love so close to you is driving you mad, mhh? And you want more, and more, and even if he gives you more-"
  204. >She brings a hoof on the other side of your face and cups your cheek as she kisses you once again
  205. >"It's simply not enough, it's never enough... right?"
  206. >You can't help but lean into her touch
  207. >This is too much
  209. "T-Twili-ahn~!"
  210. >The warm ethereal field grows again and engulfs your balls
  211. >"Shhh, it's okay, I'm here for you~,"
  212. "P-please, Twilight, I need--Ah!"
  213. >This throb was the biggest yet
  214. >Maybe the biggest of your entire life
  215. >And her eyes tell you that she felt it through her magic
  216. >"I know, Anon, I know what you need~,"
  217. >Yes
  218. >You need it
  219. >You can't take it
  220. >This is far too much
  221. >You are but a man of flesh and bones
  222. >"But you have to tell me, I want to hear it, I want to hear you beg for it,"
  223. >There's a voice in your brain screeching autistically
  224. >Something about heresy and not doing it or you'll forever be a faggot
  225. >But it's so far away, and her voice sounds so much better
  226. >"Tell me Anon, what do you need, what do you want~,"
  227. "I-I need, Twilight, I want..."
  228. >"Yes, go on~!"
  229. "G-give me... your big fat cock, please, I need it!"
  230. >She freezes
  231. >And her eyes blink
  232. >Once
  233. >Twice
  234. >Her smile stays there, but this obviously wasn't part of her plan
  235. >"My... cock...?"
  236. "Y-yes, please, Twilight, I love you, I want-no, I need your cock, please I beg you, give me your cock!"
  237. >Her soft expression turns to disgust
  238. >"What the fuck?! Ew, no! Anon, just, no! That's fucking gay! Ewwww!"
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