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  1. Western League
  2. - WL North
  3. Sherbrooke Girls High (Canada) +1
  4. “A Mari Usque Ad Mare”
  5. Hometown: Greater Canada area
  6. Commander: Mackenzie King
  7. After a few high-profile incidents and injuries along with the sudden shutdown of Sherbrooke's ITL program, Sherbrooke has come back to the Tankery scene stronger than ever. Despite their funding woes, an intense recruiting blitz along with a string of victories in the North American tournaments has put butts in the cheap yet astonishingly effective tanks such as the Nashorn and Marder series to the Grizzly tanks and the British cruisers they have purchased through savvy merchantship. Mackenzie King leads Sherbrooke, and utilizing a deeply analytical system of understanding tankery strategy has managed to buck the traditions of Tankery that have led her team to be projected as eventually becoming Division champions.
  9. Camp Gagetown (Canada) +1
  10. “Perseverance”
  11. Hometown: New Brunswick and Quebec
  12. Commander: Meryl Hoffmeister
  13. Canada's premier military academy with a scrappy team filled with the standard Allied armor. Meryl Hoffmeister, the cool-headed commander, commands respect across all of her peers and in her devastating Grizzly Firefly can instill fear across her opponents. However, her team consistently lets her down through inflexible tactics and strategy, amateur mistakes, and overall poor performance. Despite this, Meryl continues to put on a good show as best she can, and she is confident that this year that Gagetown can and will make it to the postseason.
  16. Hugo Gernsback School for the Arts (United States) +4
  17. “Art for art’s sake”
  18. Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
  19. Commander: Salome Del Rio
  20. One of the most prestigious art schools of the western hemisphere, Hugo Gernsback School for the Arts attracts a number of students from all over the world to study art in all its forms (except modern). As a result, Hugo Gernsback is a relatively rich school that enjoys the selling and creation of its art to buyers all over. This means that while they are not great tankers, for whatever reason they've bought the largest tanks money can buy, including the infamous Jagdtiger tank destroyers, King Tigers, Churchill VIIs, and more. Their justification is that they serve amazingly well as art canvases.
  25. - WL Central
  26. Lafayette Girls Academy (United States) +4
  27. “Dum vivimus, vivamus”
  28. Hometown: Norfolk, Virginia
  29. Commander: Griselda Pool
  32. J. Walter Christie Polytechnical Institute (United States) +6
  33. “Semita Victoriae”
  34. Hometown: Stamford, Connecticut
  35. Commander: Perrine Hobart
  36. Famous for its elite teams of engineers and tank operators, and infamous for its dominance in the United States Tankery Unlimited programs, J. Walter Christie has built up an astonishing tradition of unconventional warfare and spitting in the face of Senshadou traditionalism. Their roster features an astonishing amount of refurbished and rebuilt WW2 Prototype tanks and other odd tanks, with the most "normal" ones being the infamous Churchill VII AVREs personally commanded by the brainy Perrine Hobart herself. Notably the only team that left the ITL to exclusively play in the NATO league. Very few in the Tankery world like them, but fewer still can beat them.
  38. George Washington Military Academy (United States) +1
  39. “Virtus Repulsae Nescia”
  40. Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  41. Commander: Carolina “Swamp Fox” Greene
  42. The illustrious George Washington Military Academy boasts a legacy of being founded by George Washington himself (the school was actually founded in 1967 by one of Washington's descendants). And as a result, the military academy has a proud martial tradition that emphasizes discipline, patience, and order on the battlefield. Unfortunately none of that has translated well to Tankery, and instead GWMA emphasizes fast attacks with a variety of light but heavy hitting tanks such as the M18 Hellcat, the Panzer II, the M24 Chaffee, and much more. And to further muddy the issue, GWMA also bucks tradition AND common sense by replacing radio signals, camouflage, and other sensible things by painting their tanks proudly in blue and white, and utilizing signal flares and bugle calls to coordinate their forces. All in all, they act like horse cavalry in modern day environments.
  44. - WL South
  45. Candido Mariano Da Silva Rondon University (Brazil) +1
  46. “Non ducor, duco.”
  47. Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil
  48. Commander: Maria da Silva
  50. Glenn Curtiss School of Engineering and Technology (United States) () +1
  51. “Ad Astra per Aspera”
  52. Hometown: Wilmington, North Carolina
  53. Commander: June "June Bug" Weathers
  55. Robert A. Heinlein Military Academy (United States) +4
  56. “Exitus Acta Probat”
  57. Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina
  58. Commander: Diana “Dix” Hauser
  59. One of the largest military academies in the world and one of the largest Academyships as well (17 Kilometers) is host to one of the most elite teams in the Tankery world. Even with having to build a whole new team for the NATO scene, they still manage to collect a wide variety of US Armor and veteran tankers to sweep the competition. Led by the hotheaded "Dix" Hauser, Heinlein's tactics largely revolve around the usage of heavy assault tactics by combining Chaffee and Stuart speed with Pershing dominance and Sherman and Jackson/Wolverine versatility. They are consistently one of the best teams in the world, second only to Kursk Girls Boarding School.
  62. Coming soon...
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