Submission Is Mandatory: Commandant Sparkle

Jan 2nd, 2015
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  1. >Twilight groaned as she stirred from what barely qualified as sleep.
  2. >Her mattress contained adamantine springs, enchanted specifically to her body's dimensions; the pillows? Cloudsdale's finest and fluffiest Cumulus.
  3. >The bedsheets and pillow covers were 5000 thread Saddle Arabian silk, and they complemented the phoenix down blanket that always radiated just the right amount of warmth.
  4. >All of these normally would have made anypony sleep through an earthquake; But Twilight Sparkle was no ordinary pony, as evidenced by the 'Commandant Sparkle' name plate nailed to the front door of what used to be Carousel Boutique.
  5. >She blearily started her morning ritual; brushing her teeth with a toothbrush that likely cost more than a year of the stipend she once received a student, doing her ‘business’ on a golden throne with diamond accents and a matching handle, then finally dragging herself over to the closest that was bigger than most apartments.
  6. >While it had been rather large when Rarity owned Carousel Boutique, an application of a spell from some ancient city called Gallopfrey had made it bigger on the inside.
  7. >Twilight had been in this forced position for two months, and some part of her still marveled at just how extensive the collection of clothes, accessories and jewelry it contained.
  8. >Outfits both mundane and elegant, ordinary and outlandish, and an ensemble for any social situation. Twilight had done the math, and she’d have an original outfit for every day of the week…. For the next fifty years.
  9. >Years… time. Where had the time gone?
  10. >Twilight had been so immersed in keeping up appearances in her role as Ponyville’s iron-hoofed commandant, tasked with running the treacherous village that had given birth to the Elements of Harmony that she had barely given time any thought.
  11. >Barely a month ago, a lifetime now, her life had been perfect; Celestia’s prized pupil, her studies being passed with flying colors and the whole world was opening up to her.
  12. >How quickly destiny cruelly changed things…
  13. >Her last letter to Princess Celestia had been full of concern over the fable of the mare in the moon: Nightmare Moon. While many of Equestria’s myths and legends were just that, some had that grain of truth present in fact worn into a fairy tale by time.
  14. >The mare in the moon had been one of those, but it gave no indication as to the horrors it would inflict on Equestria.
  15. >While it was true that Nightmare Moon had been banished by Princess Celestia wielding the Elements of Harmony; the tale did not mention that the only reason she did so was out of desperation. No pony, no matter how strong willed or powerful they were, could properly wield the Elements of Harmony on their own.
  16. >Nor could six ponies chosen by destiny… Twilight idly thought, magically applying some obscenely expensive makeup to the bags under her eyes while staring at the percolating coffee maker.
  17. >She had never been given the chance to study the creature that had defeated and subsequently enslaved the Elements of Harmony. Anonymous, as she had quickly learned, seemed to be both immune to magic and able to disrupt it with prolonged exposure; he was the reason why her strongest spells were no more effective than fluffy pillows and why Rainbow Dash was still comatose and under heavy guard in the castle infirmary.
  18. >Fluttershy had nearly fainted at the sight of Rainbow Dash turning white and collapsing after attempting to wrestle Anonymous to the ground; she offered no resistance to his conjuring a collar and placing it around her neck. A simple promise of letting her nurse her childhood friend back to health was all it took to secure Fluttershy’s loyalty.
  19. Pinkie Pie had similarly surrendered without a fight; Turns out her strange abilities were unusually magical, especially for an Earth pony. The threat of effectively making her deaf and dumb placated Pinkie immediately, laughter being nothing if it cannot be shared.
  20. >Rarity was last to fall; She had fought bravely alongside Twilight right until Anonymous had snapped her horn in two. While not comatose like Rainbow Dash, she might as well have been. Anonymous had only to dangle the prospect of Rarity going horn and magic-less for the rest of her life in order to ensure the bondage of Generosity.
  21. >The very real threat of burning Sweet Apple Acres to the ground and salting the Earth had been especially cruel, but it had been just as effective on Applejack. The Element of Honesty had told her as much; all the while visibly shaken at the prospect of her family’s legacy being reduced to a wasteland.
  22. >”That just left me.” Twilight thought, while descending the stairs to the ground floor of Carousel Boutique. Anonymous had, much to the delight of Nightmare Moon, thought up a rather ingenious way to both punish Twilight for her steadfast refusal to break and force her to cooperate with the new regime.
  23. >The rules were simple: rule over Ponyville as Nightmare Moon would. To. The Letter.
  24. >No kindness, flexibility or weakness of any kind.
  25. >The entire hamlet had been gathered and informed of the situation upon Twilight ‘triumphantly’ arriving under Nightmare’s crescent moon banner.
  26. >Any act of rebellion would be punished swiftly and severely.
  27. >All rules and laws were immediately posted for all to see in front of city hall, and the former elements of harmony were trotted out as an example to all before being taken to Nightmare Keep.
  28. >Twilight was expected to mete out any punishments to lawbreakers personally.
  29. >Confiscating Pumpkin and Pound from the Cakes? Done with not a tear shed by Twilight as the heartbroken parents leveled their stares at her.
  30. >Big Macintosh had swiftly learned the price for resisting the Lunar guards sent by Twilight to confiscate the deed to Sweet Apple Acres (any property of one of Anonymous’ slaves was effectively his after all). While his ribs would recover from Twilight’s minor implosion spell, she never would, from the look on his and Granny Smith’s eyes.
  31. >These private moments in her new residence were the only time Twilight had any reprieve from her reluctant role as Ponyville’s dictator.
  32. >Publically she was a mare of ice: Cruel and distant, effectively Nightmare Moon’s iron hoof twisted around the undeserving residents of Ponyville.
  33. >Privately? Twilight wasn’t sure how much more of this she could take. All of the bravado she had shouted as the Lunar Guard had escorted her away from Anonymous had quickly abandoned her.
  34. >Twilight’s sheltered life hadn’t prepared her for the true cruelties of a world without the magic of friendship. Every day she had to weather the disguised looks of hatred and whispers of “traitor” and “defiler of Celestia’s legacy”.
  35. >While any outright acts of rebellion or violence against her were outlawed; Twilight suspected that Anonymous silently encouraged the stares and whispers. After all, if they didn’t break her, then the weekly ‘Tyranny Reports’ that Anonymous had assigned to her (all the while chuckling at some private joke) likely would.
  36. >Twilight was expected to, every week; submit to him a report on what she had learned both about Ponyville’s enslavement and her own.
  37. >He had an almost supernatural knowledge of how she thought and wrote, and Twilight had quickly learned to be sincere, if not wholeheartedly enthusiastic, in her writings to her ‘mentor’.
  38. >Twilight inwardly cursed at that word.
  39. >Mentor….
  40. >It was almost as if Anonymous expected to take over Princess Celestia’s role as her mentor; like he knew her destiny and had a desire to shape it.
  41. >But that couldn’t be right…
  42. >Could it?
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