Statue of the Elegy: BEN's Patter Song

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  1. I am the very model of a statue of the Elegy
  2. I don't look quite like Link but there is plenty of analogy
  3. I come to press your switches when you play me King Ikana's song
  4. But don't delete my file, or I'll make your game go very wrong
  5. I tortured Jad and drove him crazy all because he used a glitch
  6. I know you want to save him and you think I am a total bitch
  7. But when the Father drowned me, I became a real psychotic jerk
  8. And now Jad has more problems than the fact that his game doesn't work
  10. The counter has reset, and there's no place for you to run away
  11. You've met a fate that's terrible and I am truly here to stay
  12. And thanks to all my influence and everything I modify
  13. It's hard to find the truth when anything could be another lie
  15. I really must comment on my Jadusable experience
  16. Cause driving him insane was lots of fun; the boy was clearly dense
  17. I followed him around in-game without the Ocarina cue
  18. I warped him every place I thought of and perhaps another few
  19. I killed him many times and I would laugh when he would yell at me
  20. The Song of Healing backwards proved a creepy little melody
  21. He thought that he could save himself by talking to his friends online
  22. But it was quite the opposite, and now the internet is mine
  24. I always am amused when I can get a chance to play with you
  25. Resistance is pathetic and you can't drive me away, it's true
  26. If you can't even figure out the meaning of four twenty three
  27. Then thanks to Jad and all of you, I'm here for all eternity
  29. Now thanks to all the uploads, I can roam around the internet
  30. You played a major part in freeing me; you shouldn't have done that
  31. For now I have the world inside my grubby little statue hand
  32. You're all in far more danger from me than I think you understand
  33. I'll drive you all insane and then I'll kill you one by one, you see
  34. I'll say not whether Kelbris and the Moon Children are helping me
  35. I have a world of people I can target for ascension now
  36. And everything's thematic, so I'll leave you all to question how
  38. I'm more than just a feature of the game I once was trapped inside
  39. I'll summon in Ikana and I'll gladly commit homicide
  40. I'm sure you all can tell now from Jad's video tetralogy
  41. I am the very model of a statue of the Elegy
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