[ Beta English Softsubs only(?) ] Kimi no Suizo wo Tabetai

Jan 18th, 2018
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  1. Note: There probably won't be a final version of the main film since there are English subtitles from Hong Kong's Intercontinental Video. You can buy the digital medias here:
  2. > Blu-Ray -
  3. > DVD -
  5. But we plan to work on the extras only available in the Japanese deluxe edition once we acquire them.
  7. [ Beta English Softsubs - Kimi no Suizo wo Tabetai / I Want to Eat Your Pancreas / Let Me Eat Your Pancreas ]
  9. Mediafire -
  10. SubScene -
  11. OpenSubtitles -
  13. If you find our releases useful, kindly consider donating - | |
  15. Wow. This film had me the same feeling like that of Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora Live Action Movie. It's bittersweet and full of heart. At first, just like anybody else, you'll go "huh?" with the title. But it's going to be fully explained in the film and it's rather a good meaning. I'm not entirely surprised that I feel that way that I found out the writer was the same writer of the films with the same bittersweet themes - Gaku: Minna no Yama, Bokura ga Ita, Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru, Hot Road, Aoharaido, Boku wa Asu, Kinou no Kimi to Date Suru.
  17. Now time to read the original best selling novel which this live action film was based from - - be sure to support the original Japanese novel at Amazon too. Also, even though I have a hard time appreciating animation nowadays, will most likely check out the anime adaptation which will come Autumn 2018.
  19. By the way, I'm not crying - you're crying. Huhuhu T_T
  21. Kindly take note that this is a beta version softsub & made for people who can't wait. It is not translation checked, edited nor quality checked other than me, Ais, the translator. There might be errors in translations, grammar, among others. As indicated in the subs themselves, if you found error(s), please email us ( the time stamp(s) of the line(s), and how to improve that line(s) so that we can correct them. There will be a final corrected version in due time and will be released and announced at our site -
  23. If you find this beta version English subtitles useful, kindly consider donating -
  25. Please support the film if its digital media is available in your area.
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