Dadonequus Discord Part 209

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  1. >As the five of you walked, Zecora started to step to the side of you as Twilight moved a little aways to remove the make up and fix her mane.
  2. >It seems Zecora had something to say. "Anon, forgive me if this sounds like prying, but there is something about you I find very mystifying"
  3. >wut? Either she was a colt cuddler or...
  4. What do you mean? I'm just a regular colt. Nothing out of the ordinary"
  5. >Zecora nodded, as if to agree with you, but her words we're the opposite of what her expression was. Like she just wanted to make you feel comfortable while inquiring further into whatever she wanted to know. "Perhaps, but there is somethat that puts me at a bother, and thats the fact that the one who adopted you was your father"
  6. >What did she mean by that. Dammit, if she stopped speaking in rhymes, maybe you could find an easier way to deflect this line of questioning. because you already had a feeling where this might be going.
  7. "What do you mean?"
  8. >"Ordinary is not something Discord would normally do, I just have this feeling that this is more of a mutual deal of two."
  9. >Mutual deal of two?
  10. >What the hell? What made her even think that? Nope, NOPE..can't have that.
  11. "I...don't understand. Dad just came and picked me out of everypony else. If you mean the fact that I like him as a Dad, well, yeah. I consider him my dad."
  12. >"I see, well then Anon, please pay me no mind. I suppose thinking about it had caused my thinking to become entwined."
  13. >Really now? You had half a mind to ask her what made her think there was anything different. But, you couldn't. You really should't. But dammit, it was fucking curious. What did you do to even get her to think like that?
  14. >Whatever , it's fine. It's fine. she backed off. Just...act like a colt. Be curious about the destination.
  15. "So...where are we going? My hooves are getting kind of tired"
  17. >You call out to the rest of the group
  18. >"It's a surprise Anon, trust me. You're going to love it. It's a piece of history you might not have learned about back in the orphanage. And despite your father telling you about a lot of things, I highly doubt he cared enough to tell you about the great place we're going to!" Twilight stated,
  19. "You mean the...."
  20. >No, you stop yourself. Now you knew exactly where you were going. And it was probably best not to say where you were going. Twilight seemed pretty excited to "reveal" the old castle to you.
  21. "...deeper forest?"
  22. >"Maybe" Twilight giggles.
  23. >"Well, I hope it doesn't take too long. Trixie has things she must do back at her carriage. In fact.." Her horn starts to glow, making you float up and move closer to her. She then keeps you suspended in mid air, having you travel along with her hoofsteps. "Anon, if you're tired. Than allow Trrrrixie to assist you. No need for thanks, it is simply what friends do"
  24. > didn't feel too bad suddenly being lifted up. At least you didn't have to waste any energy walking.
  25. >It didn't take long to get used too either, given all of Discord's shit.
  26. "Well, I'm going to thank you anyway. Thanks Trixie."
  27. >"...hmm, well..Your thanks is appreciated. But again, unnecessary...but.." Trixie eased up a little again. She was having trouble either being a softy or her usual boisterous self. "You're welcome.."
  28. "You know Trixie, you don't have to be all "Trrrixie this" and "Trrrixie that!" All the time. Why don't you just relax. You were doing good some of the other times. Why not just be like that all the time?"
  30. >Twilight looks back at her, nodding in agreement with you. "You know, he's right Trixie. You're really nice when you're not trying to one up anypony. Why can't you be more like that?"
  31. >Fluttershy however, was now focusing on you and Trixie in a different way. It seemed she was worried in the fact Trixie was using magic on you. "I think everypony has the right idea Trixie, and um...Ican you gently put Anon on my back? If he's gotten tired from walking, then I'd like to be the one to carry him the rest of the way. I am his aunt."
  32. >"....." Trixie said nothing, she was now thinking about the words told to her.
  33. >"Trixie?" Fluttershy asked, a little more worried than before.
  34. >Trixie complied upon hearing her name, and put you gently on Fluttershy's back. Ohhh, this was actually much better. She was soooo sofffft. But Trixie...
  35. >"Can...I ask a question actually?" Trixie was softening up again, and something was definitely on her mind. "Am..I to believe that we're all friends now? Or is this a temporary thing? I know I came here for the horn. But...." Trixie holds off, Making Twilight wonder what she was going to say.
  36. >"But? But what?" Twilight asked
  37. >"...I'd rather not say. It's probably better if I don't. I'm probably just fooling myself." Trixie looked down, feeling ashamed and alone. She felt like this was indeed something temporary.
  38. >"Trixie, if you want to be friends. Why don't you just ask us?" Twilight stopped walking, fully turning towards Trixie. No doubt about it now. Twilight was now in full trust of Trixie.Something you just couldn't do. It was too easy to fool ponies. And you would not be fooled. "It's easy. Look..." you want to be friends?" See? just do it like that, but...switch your name with mine"
  40. >"....." Trixie was eyeing Twilight suspiciously, she took a quick glance at everyone else, then back at Twilight. " can't be serious. You mean that when it comes to second chances, you're actually willing to look over everything I've done? Everything?"
  41. >Twilight nods "I am. Isn't that what you wanted?"
  42. >"Yes...but..." Trixie was confused "......I only said it to get closer to getting the horn. I didn't know this is what friendship actually felt like...I feel like...I'm part of the group"
  43. >".....You only demanded a second chance to get Anon's horn?" Fluttershy was confused, and nearly jumped to conclusions. in fact, she was going to ask a question that would either confirm or deny Trixie's motives. "Why wouldn't you just ask for a second chance to try to make amends for what you did?"
  44. >"..Because I thought using the horn for my show would help make amends. And I still do, but. Having kind of nice too....ngh" Trixie put her hoof to her chest "I'm feeling a pain in my chest I've never felt before....d-do I need to go to the hospital?"
  45. >Fluttershy didn't get anything from that other than the fact that it seemed she was actually trying. But still, one day didn't mean she could just have you near her like that. She was still a little wary.
  46. >"Did this pain come around right now?" Twilight asked,
  47. >Trixie nodded
  48. >"Weeelllll" Twilight grinned and moved towards Trixie, wrapping her hoof around her "I think that might be a little condition called guilt"
  49. >"Guilt?" Trixie moved backwards, confused "It can't be, I've never even felt that before"
  50. >Zecora chuckled "it is no question that you are now feeling guilt in your heart, and with that, you can now give your new life of friendship a head start"
  52. >"'re all willing to be my friend? Really?" Trixie was holding back her tears. "Wait don't answer that, that was a stup-"
  53. >Twilight nodded "Of know, as long as you don't try to take over the town again"
  54. >Fluttershy was a little more reluctant. But, she gave in just the same "I'm willing to be your friend Trixie, a-as long as you continue to be nice"
  55. >Zecora nodded "before, we have never formally met, so I think I could put myself into a new friend mindset"
  56. >wut?
  57. "Uhhhh...whatever she said. I don't mind Trixie, I don't see why we all can't be friends."
  58. >It was getting harder and harder to distrust her. But you've seen this before, the most elaborate of ruses. She now had everyone completely fooled. And although you were leaning towards friendship yourself. You had to be ready to make a jump the moment she showed her true intentions...if they were her true intention.
  59. >Trixie couldn't hold it in anymore, she started to sob and cry. She covered her face in her hooves as she whimpered and moaned.
  60. >Ok...that kind of made it hard to be suspicious of her.
  61. >".....I've never felt such feelings before. I always strived to be better than everypony else at everything, I never knew how it actually felt to be treated like I WAS everypony else. It hurts...but in a good way...I-I can't stop crying" Trixie just wouldn't stop.
  62. > it was definitely hard.'t let yourself fully go in yet. Just play the part,and bide your time. Ponies were dumb, but they could also be elaborate. What if Trixie was willing to do anything to get the horn?....fuck...what if she really did feel this bad? just...had to keep one eye open..thats all.
  63. >"...Trixie...hey" Twilight used her magic to lift Trixie up from the ground and then gave her a hug "You don't have to sit down there alone crying when you can have a mood lifting hug instead. Come on everypony! Big friendship grouphug!"
  65. >And everyone joined in. Even the reluctant Fluttershy. You had to hop off Fluttershy to be able to get in on the hug. You were willing to do it, because if it's one thing that can happen in overcomplicated plots. And that's sudden surge of FRIENDSHIP,
  66. >Trixie gulped, and cried, smiling as she did " feel....I feel....I..."
  67. >Trixie stopped, then hugged tighter "I don't know what this feeling is! But I like it a lot! I've never had any friends before, this is...A great and powerful feeling!"
  68. >It was quite the moment indeed. Trixie seemed so much happier. So much so that perhaps it was wrong to be suspicious of her. If even Zecora seemed ok with it. Why not you? Besides, maybe thats what was tipping her off in the first place? Maybe she noticed that you were untrusting of Trixie to a degree a naive colt wouldn't be...or something like that.
  69. >With hugs and cuddles. Everyone finally seemed completely comfortable with one another.
  70. >So with that, and with renewed vigor. You all made your way to the "surprise" spot. Though, you hopped back up onto Fluttershy's back. No way you were going to give up on getting a comfy ride now. Was that selfish? maybe a little...but soooooo soft.
  72. >With cheerier travels. You all finally arrive at the surprise spot. You knew was the castle of the two sisters.
  73. >And seeing it in real life....yeesh. It was pretty damn rundown. no amount of cartoony bright colors from watching it from the show could get this out of your mind now.
  74. >"Trixie, Anon....Welcome to the Castle of the Two Sisters! A famous piece of Equestrian history, isn't it great!?"
  75. >It was...something.
  76. >You hop off of Fluttershy's back and start looking around the outside walls. Seems the renovation for it stopped at some point.
  77. >"Isn't it wonderful Anon?" Fluttershy flew towards the front of the castle.
  78. >.......
  79. "It's...really neat"
  80. >you tried to muster as much enthusiasm as you could. But goddamn, what a mess. You could only imagine what the inside looks like.
  81. >"So this is the old castle of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna?" Trixie walked up to some of the vines on the walls."This is actually very amazing, the castle is so old and yet they look so young....I wonder if theres a spell for that"
  83. >Fluttershy flew over to the doors, she wanted to go inside first and make sure there was nothing you would step on that'd hurt you. Her maternal instincts were kicking in.
  84. "So, is this going to be like..a history thing?"
  85. >Twilight nodded "Yup! Isn't that exciting?"\
  86. >
  87. "Yeah"
  88. >You then look over to Fluttershy to see what she was doing, she was just..standing there.
  89. "Aunt Fluttershy? getting ready to start the lesson or something?"
  90. >Then Twilight noticed, and she noticed something very peculiar, Fluttershy was shaking.
  91. >"Fluttershy?"
  92. >That's when everyone heard a growl, and upon attention, a large and fearsome paw was rising up to strike Fluttershy down.
  93. >You felt it...something instinctual inside you. The need to protect, the need to defend. Fluttershy was about to be struck a....Chimera.
  94. >You had no time to think where it came from or if it had found residence within the abandoned castle. No, you rushed up to try to push Fluttershy out of the way. You were the closest to her.
  95. "I'm coming Aunt Fluttershy!"
  96. >"Wait Anon!" Cried out Twilight "Don't!"
  97. >Don't?! DON'T?! Was she crazy? In what realm of friendship was Twilight going to just stand there and let Fluttershy get smashed?
  98. >Fuck dat, Anon to the rescue
  99. >You dive to Fluttershy right when the paw had reached it's risen peak and began to come down.
  100. >Well, didn't dive towards Fluttershy. Because when you started your leap. She disappeared in a flash.
  101. >Twilight had teleported Fluttershy to safety. Making you the target of the paw. And target you were, it smashed down right on top of you.
  103. >The Chimera had a goat,tiger, and Snake's head. The goat head had small spectacles adorned on his nose. And spoke in a very intellectual and snobbish tone. His tiger brother was the opposite, brutish and stupid. And the snake tail? was asleep.
  104. >"How many times, HOW MANY TIMES..." The goat was annoyed, but took a breath to calm down. " I have to tell you not to wind up for the pounce? They always manage to escape. And thats why we always go hungry."
  105. >"But Bapho, lo-" The tiger spoke, but was cut off by his goat brother.
  106. >"Yes...." He groaned "You caught something, BUT NOT the thing we were going to actually catch. It's just a unfilling young foal. who appears to have some friends. Let me do the talking...and me genius. I despise the name our mother gave us. I already have to deal with the fact that our other brother is always asleep and has a griffon's name for whatever reason."
  107. >You groaned, you could feel the pressure of the paw pressing on you to keep you in place.
  108. >Everyone was at attention. Twilight was getting ready to teleport you, Fluttershy, upon realizing what happened went from frightened to a rage. Zecora was pulling something form her bag. even Trixie was ready to try...something.
  109. >"You there, other ponies. I greet you and suggest that you disarm and disengage. I happen to know when a pony is going to cast magic and if you persist for even another moment, well....let's just say foal flapjacks is sounding rather delectable."
  110. >Twilight still kept her horn going for another moment. But she could tell the goat was serious. She stopped her casting.
  111. >"What is a Chimera doing all the way out here?" Twilight says to herself, aloud enough for her friends to hear.
  112. >Fluttershy's eye was twitching, she was slowly drawing near the Chimera "....Let him go.....Or else"
  114. >"The goat chuckled "Or what? are you going to predictab...oh she is...Brother, make sure you keep my balance as I coordinate a counter attack..right...there!"
  115. >Fluttershy, her maternal instinct piqued. Pulls a you and tries to actually attack the Chimera. And fails. She gets smacked away back to the group.
  116. >"Wow Bapho! That was pretty good! How'd you do that?" The tiger brother was impressed.
  117. >The goat groaned again "One, don't call me that..I told you...Genius...Ge-ni-usss. Two, that pony is very weak and slow and predictable to boot, she doesn't look like she's ever done anything aggressive in her life, and three..I don't wind up like you do. I only make the necessary movements required"
  118. >"I-I guess...erm...are we going to eat the foal now? I'm hungry" The tiger speaks again. Hungry as hell.
  119. >" would go without saying that I am as hungry as you are. But hold fast, we are about to enter negotiations"
  120. >The tiger growled a groan "..I hate negotiations"
  121. >Zecora was tending to the fallen Fluttershy, you were regaining your senses. And Twilight was pissed as hell, Trixie looked worried. She was scared, she didn't know what to do. She was even considering running...but something kept her there.
  122. >"...How could you just attack a young foal like that? What is a chimera even doing here? I've traveled and learned the routes throughout most of Equestria and I happen to know chimeras don't usually live near here." Trixie was trying to figure something out. She wanted to try a teleport spell herself. But she wasn't skilled enough to. She just..didn't know how she could be helpful.
  124. >"How astute of you to notice. Yes, this isn't our natural habitat. Which is why we're here. The brutal nature and lack of food in our own home prompted me to come up with a intelligent plan to move elsewhere where the food is plentiful and delicious to eat......and sadly, due to certain complications...I had to bring my brothers along. But fear not little pony, we are a very reasonable trio and are willing to make a trade. Surely one of you tire of being among the living and wouldn't mind trading your life for the life of this foal? hmm?" The goat was as malicious as he was intelligent.
  125. >"...Why can't we just eat all of them?" The tiger head was looking at them hungrily
  126. >The goat once again groaned at his brother "Because that would require chasing them, which means we would have to give up the foal to give chase, and if we give chase, if gives them ample time to come up with a strategy of their own to make sure all five of them escape to safety. This is why making a trade is the better option. We don't get all five, but we do get a delicious meal out of it. Get it?" The goat smiled at his brother, a surly smile.
  127. >".......why can't we have all five again?" The Tiger head asked again.
  128. >"........never mind, just...follow my lead and you rewarded..anyway" The goat looked back at the group "I just require one of you to climb into my brother's mouth and We'll be kind enough to release the foal back into your care. Perhaps the purple one, She seems to be that of an Alicorn Princess. And I do like to have high class cuisine."
  129. >"You can't just expect us to do that! " Twilight was enraged, but she wasn't going to give herself or her friends up. But she wasn't going to let you get gobbled up either.
  130. "..ogh..what happened? Aunt Fl...oh geez"
  131. >Your eyes go just realized where you were.
  132. "GHHH..Get off! You stupid..NGH"
  134. >"Please little foal, I don't need a headache" You feel a heavy pressure from the chimera's paw as the goat spoke.
  135. >Your yelp alerts Fluttershy, who calls out to you "Anon!..H-How could you!? How could you be so cruel?!"
  136. >"Cruelty? Oh no no, you mistake cruelty with necessity. If we were any simple chimera like our species dictates. We would have eaten the foal outright. If anything, I'd say we're generous and good natured. If you care about this foal so much. Why don't you come here instead? A little bruised, but still would make an excellent meal."
  137. >Fluttershy fell silent, she was shaking, she even put a hoof forward towards the Chimera.
  139. >You feel more pressure put on your back. "Do you mind? Really, no respect from the young these days." The Goat said snidely
  140. >"Come on, what if we crush the foal then chase em? We might be able to get more than one. And at least we'd have a foal to eat if we don't catch one. Pretty Smart, Right Bapho? Ri-Oww!" The Tiger head yelps as the goat head smacks his brother with his horn.
  141. >"Think Bengal, THINK! A foal isn't going to feed us. This is the only intelligent way to do it. Now calm down. We're getting close to feeding time...and me that!" The goat growled those last words. Angered whenever he heard that name.
  142. >Twilight held Fluttershy back, she couldn't let her do it. "Fluttershy..don't. We can think of a way to get through this." Twilight then looked to the Chimera "Is there anyway we can make a trade that doesn't involve any of us getting eaten? As Princess.." Twilight had no qualms throwing her royal weight around this time. "I demand negotiations that does not end with one of us getting eaten,"
  144. >These fucking assholes. You could barely move. This would have been a perfect time to have the fucking horn...Thanks Celestia..christ.
  145. >"No...we won't be doing any kind of negotiation that doesn't involve us eating one of you. It's just not a thing we're willing to do. In fact, my brother can get very very impatient and to prevent a risk of him doing something stupid. I need to enact a time limit. If you cannot come up with a decision in the next two minutes. We will simply crush him and eat him and call it a day. The choice is yours princess. We are but simple animals....two thirds of us anyway" The Goat gave her a cruel nasty smile. If the tiger was ruthless, the goat head was beyond so. Only god knows how the snake is like.
  146. >Trixie started stepping up to the chimera, annoyed and getting pissed. "No negotiations?! two minutes? When do you get to dictate what we have to do? Do you even know who I am? I am Trrrixie! The Great and Powerful! And if you do not release him in one minute. I'll turn you to dust with my fierce magic!"
  147. >Holy shit...Trixie no. Now is not the fucking time to ruse them. You actually appreciated the fact she was trying. But holy shit, that goat was one nasty motherfucker.
  148. >The Tiger began to quiver a little "M-maybe we should do what she says...look at that hat..she looks Great and Powerful.."
  149. >Trixie smirked, feeling her plan was going to work.
  150. >The Goat hated his brother's naivete. He could tell by a glance that Trixie wasn't worth shit. "No....she's really not. Nice try Trrrrrixie. But I can tell you don't have anything significant in that little horn of yours. Now then, tick tock tick tock. Please make your decision soon, I'd rather not have to hurt a little foal. But, survival is survival i'm afraid"
  151. >Trixie's confidence was waning. Everyone's was now. What the hell were they supposed to do?
  152. >They didn't have a lot of time. And Fluttershy looked like she was going to put herself up for the trade.
  154. "Tch...come on guys. Can't you just let me go?"
  155. >You try to give them an adorable look.
  156. "Pweeeeeassseee? Theres these berrie-NGH"
  157. >"....Why doesn't anypony listen to me? Not my brothers, not my food....ugh. I swear, I'm the only respectably intelligent thing in Equestria. Now then...have you ponies made your choice?"
  158. >As Fluttershy made another step forward. Trixie stops her. And steps a few steps forward instead. "We have......Trixie be the trade for the young foal!"
  159. >What?! WHAT?!
  160. >No seriously, everyone on the pony side reacts. Trixie...stepping up to fucking die?! Wut?!
  161. "Trixie...what are you doing?! That's insane! Any one of you coming up to be eaten is insane! Just co-"
  162. >"No Anon, I see now..." Trixie looks to you, then Twilight and the others "I see that you have friends and family that you need to go back to. While I...Trixie.....have nothing to go back to. Everypony hates me.....and the ponies who began to like me...well, it's only been half a day. Eventually, you'll all forget about me anyway. was nice to have friends...for at least a little while"
  163. >"Trixie! That's not true" Twilight called out, "We'd never just forget about you!"
  164. >"Trixie..." Fluttershy was beyond words as she began to tear up.
  165. >Zecora nodded. She didn't seem as worried as the others at this point....for some reason.
  166. >As for you..
  167. "Trixie...come on, theres gotta be another way. Come on everypony..think"
  168. >Trixie shook her head. "There is no other way....But Chimera, Trixie asks if you can give her three more minutes to say goodbye to her friends. Surely you can do that?"
  170. >"Three minutes...ugh..that's too long..." The tiger whined
  171. >"Oh hush, it would be barbaric of us not to grant a last request. We are not monsters after all. Merely hungry. I shall grant you your last request. But...stay within our sight will you? Can't have your princess friend trying to cast a teleportation spell on us, now can we? We'll be patient, we won't hurt the foal. " The goat snickered "But three minutes is all you get, a deal is a deal after all. We're still hungry you know. Now go, the clock is ticking"
  172. >....fucking shit....fucking shit! She was really going to do it wasn't she?
  173. >You were the one who probably suspected her the most. You didn't even have the horn. You were the one who stupidly dove in. You never thought it would killed an MLP character.
  174. >You could se your friends walk into the distance, still in eye's view. Oh god...You wish you could spend those 3 minutes with her too. What the hell did you do? It wasn't supposed to be like this.
  175. >You lied to her about the horn. You lied to everyone....your lies...was going to get someone killed. Trixie didn't have to come along. You didn't have to be an idiot and just dive in.....You were the monster here...
  176. ".....can't you just let me go? or just eat me?...."
  177. >"No..and tempting. But you are merely the bait at this point. Now then.." You feel pressure on you again, making you yelp. "Not another word, I'm busy meditating the taste of our meal"
  179. >You were depressed was too late. Discord wasn't coming. You couldn't pull off a deus ex Machina....this was it. This was how it felt to be totally helpless..You couldn't even escape to go for his nuts.
  180. >Then the time came....
  181. >Trixie stepped up, she looked scared and worried, but she showed no hesitation. "Now then, I'm ready to fulfill my end of the deal if you are willing to fulfill your end. Let the foal go and I shall make myself your meal."
  182. >"Cute" The goat chuckles "But I'd rather not risk there being a trick. Do you think I didn't know that you probably have some plan ready to rescue the foal? No no no, we won't be doing it that your mouth wide please."
  183. >The Tiger was excited, finally, he'd get something to eat. He opened his mouth surprisingly wide.
  184. "Trixie...what are you even doing? This is stupid, This is ponyland....there's always some way out of this. Come on...Don't yo-"
  185. >But she hushes you.
  186. >"Anon, there's nothing more that can be done. I am the prime choice for this deal....As a performer, I must be the one to make sure to end the show with everypony satisfied. Even if it means my life. Anon...." She sighed "I thank you, and Twilight, and everypony for giving me my second..and last chance." Trixie began to tear up.
  187. >"Yes yes, how very sad. Less chatting, and more eating. We won't let him go until after you are swallowed up. So if you don't want us to suddenly make both of you into a meal. You will comply..and step inside" The Goat was truly heartless, behind all that intelligence was just another monster.
  188. "Trixie! Trixie! D-DAMMIT! DON'T YOU DARE!"
  189. >She said nothing, she just took a breath and held it in as she walked into the tiger's mouth. Saying one last goodbye before the Tiger closed his mouth with her inside.....holy really happened....
  191. >She was gone...just like that. No magical blast from Twilight, no trick from Trixie. Nothing.
  192. >You could feel your tears flow out as you stare in shock, this was your fault...
  193. "How could this happen?....this wasn't supposed to happen...nobody dies in this cartoon unless they were already dead or how?"
  194. >" seems we traumatized the foal. Listen and learn young colt, this is nature. You don't hear the chickens lamenting for their chicks when you have egg on toast, do you? It's how things then.." The goat looked over to his tiger brother "Bengal, flatten the dear colt will you? I'd rather not do it myself, it's too barbaric for a intelligent mind such as myself."
  195. "W-what?! ....YOU LYING BASTARD!...Shit...SHIT! WAIT!"
  196. >You now realize you were going to die, you try biting at his leg, kicking, anything. But it wasn't working.
  197. >"Yes...I can't honestly believe ponies would believe in such a deal anyway. We're rather large, we need as much nutrition as we can get. I shou...hmm? Bengal, just press on him already!" The goat was getting agitated "I don't wish to have a conversation with a idiotic colt!"
  198. >But he wouldn't in fact, his paw slowly came off you as they stepped backwards.
  199. >"B-Bapho...s-something's wrong...I don't feel very good...I think something was wrong with that pony." The tiger was looking dazed
  200. >"What?! If you're feeling it then I would....oh...ogh....w-what's going on? Why do I feel sick all of a sudden...This is illogical, ponies shouldn't cause this..." Now the goat was beginning to feel the pain.
  201. >What the hell?..wait....Trixie had those yellow berries on her...You forgot about that. She never got to use them for what she wanted to use them for...a-atleast it meant you could escape.
  202. >But you couldn't look away, it looked like they were actually dying.
  204. >"C-curses! I had no idea ponies could cause such.....ogh...pain. And oh no....that feeling...b-bowel movements?" The goat was having trouble thinking, he was in too much pain.
  205. >"I don't k-kn..ngh..What bowel movements are....B-b-but..I gotta take a pooooooop!" The tiger whined
  206. >But the amount of berries Trixie had, if they were potent......oh god...OH GOD.
  207. >But...even with the threat of literal shit imminent...Trixie still died. You were too filled with despair to move. Too surprised. and..a little too hurt.
  208. >And it seemed the pain on the chimera was too much. It fell over, and as it fell over, you could feel yourself suddenly being grabbed and pulled away.
  209. >As the Chimera fell unconscious, the snake tail began to wake up, tired and woozy "...Hey Hey, fellas. is it morning already? Woah..."
  210. >The snake looks at his fallen brothers, it seemed he wasn't affected at all by the pain of the berries. "Dude, lame. This is why Mom is always yelling at you two. You're both always asleep when we gotta get to doing stuff. What a drag....why'd I gotta be born the tail..?"
  211. >You were pulled away, behind the bushes by none other than Fluttershy. Who took the opportunity to nab you the moment you were in the clear.
  212. >She gently put you down and started inspecting your body straight away, noticing some bruising on your back "Oh no...Anon..oh Anon.."She started to cry "He hurt you, I-if only I was stronger..."
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