Jun 4th, 2019
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  1. You looked dully at your monitor, your gaunt face lit up by the artificial brightness shining from it the only light in the room, It was midnight and you were browsing 4chan aimlessly, you usually followed the /SCP/ threads in the /trash/ section and tonight you were in luck. A download link, shining out. Bright blue against the dull red-orange background tones of the website, it was a random string of numbers a comment next to the link simply read, For a good time, install -Anonymous. (open in mobile) was added as a comment below the main post, seemingly added as an afterthought. You bought up your phone, sighing at the useless effort you were expending, expecting to be at best rickrolled or at worst given a virus, it couldn't....wouldn't be what you were hoping for, it was impossible. You clicked on the link and almost dropped your phone in surprise, there it was, MalO V1.0.0 no icon, no reviews, it was perfect.
  3. You read the description your hand shaking in apprehension, the description was exactly what you expected as you had read the SCP article many times on a night, one phrase stood out to you "We analyse the end users preferences to determine their best experience" after that it was just a bunch of legal garbage. You pressed the install button your hand shaking so violently you almost dropped you phone, you still couldn't quite believe it, it had to be a scam, it just had to.To your immense surprise it installed successfully, you looked back to your monitor comments were just starting to appear now, you read a few of them "Hey thanks dude" one read "No way..." read another, to your unsurprise it read "Ha no way fag, not gonna fall for your scams" the final comment after that one read "Links dead, couldn't keep it up for too long with out the Foundation finding out". You let out a dry laugh, that poor anon, missing out at his one chance of a dream. You looked back at your phone, noting in surprise that the download had already completed, no icon showing up, just as you had hoped. A single tear rolled down your face, as you thought of the possibilities, you were about to embark on a dream you had always wished for. To meet -A for real, you had played it out thousands of times in your head.
  5. Your phone buzzed, already receiving the first image, she looked beautiful in the photo standing outside your house, she was dressed in a black dress and shooting you a seductive glare, her head tilted downwards as she looked up at you from under stark, white bone eyesockets. She was petite yet still looked strangely muscled and strong. You heard a crunch as the door was forced open and feet strode purposely towards your room, you backed away looking with alarm at the door, as a voice voice called out "Come on Anon, don't keep me waiting" the voice sounded saccharine sweet with a hint of buzzing static, you waited hearing the footsteps near your door "Didn't your mother teach you how to welcome a guest?" the voice called out in a sultry mocking tone as the door swung open, standing on the other side was the creature stood before you it's hair falling in luscious waves framing it's angular canid skull, it impatiently tapped a foot, looking at you with a alluring yet superior stare. "Strip for me darling" it commanded placing one hand on its shapely hip, giving you a leering grin.
  7. You complied removing your clothing and sliding off your underwear revealing your rock solid manhood, something about the way the creature acted just got you all worked up, perhaps it was the way it seemed to be treating you as unimportant a mere plaything to be enjoyed and discarded. While you were busy in your thoughts you were dragged back to reality by the sound of shifting fabric as the creature undressed its black dress dropping to the floor to reveal it to possess the largest cock you had ever seen a glistening strand of precum hung across its length "Come now Anon, not having second thoughts are we?" he teased still using that sickly sweet voice as he started lightly stroking his shaft with his fingers causing more pre to spill out from his erect cock, he extended a finger beckoning you to come closer, you walked towards him your eyes flicking from his face to his erect member and back to his face again, his expectant gaze locking your eyes to his, as you stood in front of him he grabbed your hair and forced you downwards toward his cock, careful not to hurt you but still rough enough to ensure no resistance from your behalf, you looked up again and hesitantly licked his shaft, the hot, salty taste of his precum filling your mouth.
  9. He began to gently stroke your hair, caressing you with a gentle yet firm hand. You began to suckle on his tip lightly massaging the end of it with your tongue enjoying the taste of your masters dick, you reached down to start stroking your own throbbing cock but he firmly pushed your hand away clearly wanting his own needs to be met before your own. You continued to suck on his solid cock taking it deeper into your mouth as you began to pump at the base of it with your free hand, you could feel his tension starting to build as his dick pulsed with more strength as his climax built, you pushed yourself further taking his length deep inside your throat, swallowing prematurely as you used the muscles of your throat and mouth to completely please his dick, his hand pressed on the back of your head, holding you in this position as he began to rock back and forth using you as his own personal fucktoy.
  11. He pulled out and pushed you down further until you were on your hands and knees, with a throaty growl he gripped your shoulders with his hands, and positioned the warm, lubed tip of his cock against your virgin ass. He mounted you, slipping the end of his warm lubed dick into your tight asshole, and you moaned first in pain and then in pleasure as he slid the rest of himself inside you, filling you with his warm presence, he jerked back and forward, as he gripped your shoulders tight enough to draw beads of blood from where his claws met skin, he was roughly slapping his warm, furred thighs against your ass, furiously hard as he neared climax. Pounding your insides with his member, the pressure on your prostate was sending unexpected jolts of pleasure towards your own member, as you almost came right there with the sheer ecstasy of the sensations pulsing through your body.
  13. His dick began to spasm and he withdrew panting heavily as he reached down and began to jerk himself off, denying you the pleasure of even bringing him to climax as he came on your face and neck coating it with lashings of sweet warm cum. He wasn't finished however as he carried you to the bed and gave your own member a lick with his smooth black tongue, the warm gliding sensation itself almost enough to bring you to orgasm, he started to stroke your cock with feather light touches, barely putting in effort as he treated your pleasure almost as an afterthought, within moments you were bucking your hips against his gentle grip desperate to intensify the pleasure you were feeling, to your awe and enjoyment he responded by opening his jaw, uncoiling his tongue and swallowing you whole, hilting your length in his maw as he slathered his tongue around your member coating it in saliva and sending electric jolts of pleasure through your body, he swallowed rapidly, mimicking the technique you had used an you felt your body lock in climax an involuntary moan escaping from your mouth as you pumped your load deep into his mouth, he swallowed and withdrew leaving you gasping on the bed. Without a word he lay down next to you and you felt sleep rapidly claiming you. The last thing you remember is him wrapping a firm arm around you.
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