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  1. {Town builder}
  3. In this game you can make your own town with your own creation there is a lot of stuff that you can put in your town :) Also you can hire employees and you can do a job too! Everyone can buy your stuff from your town to earn more money! Plus in this game there is plenty of option that you can do! You can roleplay with everyone, there is a minigame for not being bored, extra money for doing an obbies!
  5. {Game-passes}
  7. • V.I.P [450 Robux] (You can unlock a new special building and make a new more stuff! Also you can make V.I.P land that you can enjoy anything! By the way you can go to the vip place!)
  9. • More Space [300 Robux ] (Your space is too small that it's smaller than an ant? Then buy this! You can enjoy 100x100 plot! Bigger is better! Right?)
  11. • x2 Money [400 Robux] (In this gamepass you can collect x2 money from the people’s and own more money!)
  13. • Unlock Candy Land [600 Robux] (Candy Land need a 100 rebirth... Too hard? You can’t wait anymore that you wanna smash everything? Then buy this gamepass! Ay look at me friend I can enter Candy Land)
  15. • x2 Speed [200 Robux] (Tired to be like a turtle? Then buy this! You can run faster than everyone now yay!)
  17. • Teleporter [100 Robux] (Seems to be the building shop is too far... but you can teleport to the shop for easy! Now thanks this because you don't need to break your leg now)
  19. • Simple Donation [50 Robux] Seem small but who knows? Still a Robux right? We still appreciate it! It help us a little bit
  20. • Decent Donation [100 Robux] Bigger than simple donation? Yep!
  21. • Medium Donation [150 Robux] What? A donation is bigger than decent donation? What!? Also thanks I can feed my outside house stray dog lol
  22. • Great Donation [200 Robux] This big brother appreciate it
  23. • Big Donation [500 Robux] I can finally feed my family! Thanks to you :D
  24. • Large Donation [600 Robux] I can feed more member in my family! More thanks!
  25. • Ultra Large Donation [1000 Robux] I can't describe it how much it mean to me, I mean it's big... Just can't stop thanking. Really
  27. • Money
  28. 100$ [50 Robux] Who said this is small? This can atleast boost you a little bit
  29. 250$ [150 Robux] It cost more but it give you more
  30. 500$ [300 Robux] Extra more? Uh, yea
  31. 1000$ [650 Robux] This is enough I guess
  32. 10000$ [1000 Robux] Wow, your are a rich man/women! [<{Sale}>]
  34. V.I.P server [100 Robux]
  36. {Money’s}
  38. • Be a town DJ [200 Robux] (you can be a DJ to your own town! Also when the people came you are earning more money! How much reputation do you have in your town now? Maybe a good reputation you have :D)
  40. {Setting option}
  42. Tons of language option
  43. Setting(English, Spanish, Japanese, Koreano and others!)
  45. High quality and low quality option
  47. Hi, Head-Administrator here. Hope your computer can run high quality
  49. Music option
  51. Reset plot
  53. Trade option (You can trade a building with your friends that is not the only one! You can trade pets and money too! Hope your friend appreciate the things that you gave him)
  55. {Job option}
  56. • You can change how much the stuff cost!
  57. <Developer tip: Don’t make the stuff too expensive or else the customer value will go down (There wont be much customers)>
  59. • You can make your own food! I hope it's good
  61. • You can hire employees to make money more easier
  63. [<{WARNING}>]
  65. • If you are a iPhone or Android player make sure don't set the quality too high or else it may cause lags! You can set it to high if your device specification is good
  67. • Please don't exploit our game, if you got caught exploiting in our game you will get permanent ban
  69. • Please don't use glitches to make yourself good, it's not fair but if we caught you doing a non major glitch we will warn you, if you do a major glitch like money duplicator we will permanent ban you
  71. {Game description}
  73. ⚒ Welcome to TownBuilder! This game is about making your own town and roleplay with your friends! In your town you can make your food at restaurant, making you own imagination land! Also you can hired employees on your restaurant. Many people came to your town mean more money you own! There is a lot of gamepasses to buy it! But most of all is free! :o Also more rebirth will give you more furnitures & buildings to unlock! 🛠
  75. ⚠️ Waring this game should have a lot of update so remember that if I shut down the server it should mean we updated the game! ⚠️ Beware that we tested it before unprivate the game
  77. Season one update!
  78. - Furniture
  79. - Houses and buildings
  80. - Gardens
  81. - Stores
  82. - And more!
  84. ✉️ Use code this for money! It will boost you a little bit on start
  85.       [<{S1TB}>] ✉️
  87. 🐦 Follow my Twitter for more codes! 🐦
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