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  3. MC is a guy, main theme is love (loose inspiration is Ranmaru, the devoted servant and lover of Oda Nobunaga). Main attacks are shock batons and hidden blades. He can manifest either from any spot on his uniform, though he carries some when undercover. Very phallic imagery associated with these. In addition, he can launch these like missiles, usually preferring to do so from his crotch with a pelvic thrust.
  5. Natsume Nekoji? needs a cat theme at least.
  7. Backstory: used to work under Uzu Sanageyama, but when he was recruited by Satsuki and his group disbanded, MC steps up and confesses to Satsuki. She asks him to die for her, and he asks for her sword. She gives it to him, so he prepares to commit seppuku immediately. Before doing so, he states 'you only get to ask this once in a relationship' before cutting a cross in his stomach. Satsuki becomes intrigued, so she allows him to live, and pays for his hospital visit. While he recovers, she visits, and offers him a spot working for her.
  9. MC becomes Satsuki's spymaster, though to really sell his role, she publicly rejects him. While going through the motions of both dejection and a transformation into a suave ladykiller-type, he gathers information Satsuki can use in building her school.
  11. Before the beginning of Episode 1 in the series, he has made several inroads. Relationships are detailed here:
  13. Satsuki Kiryuin: She is cold to MC, though trusts him with important tasks and sensitive information. She issues orders without restraint. MC constantly flirts with her and calls himself her lover, though the extent of their physical contact was in sparring. Satsuki does not react to these statements positively or negatively, despite prompting from her other servants and admirers to do something. She never directly comments on his tendency to flirt with every other pretty girl MC talks to.
  15. Uzu Sanageyama: MC's former boss knows full well his old minion's skills, though he disdains his sneaky attitude and casual flirtations with women. Uzu usually wins in spars between them, but tends to have problems adapting to MC's unorthodox style.
  17. Ira Gamagoori: While Ira wrote off MC as a useless waste of time once, he does admire his dedication and willingness to do anything Satsuki asks. Technically, MC works under Ira in many ways (as the morals committee leader) though he is only in command when Satsuki orders it.
  19. Nonon Jakuzure: MC and Nonon have... tension. She believes she is closest to Satsuki, and so when MC claims his place at her side, she gets understandably upset. This leads to her shouting and insulting MC often, though he usually responds with compliments on her appearance, skills, or accomplishments. Being torn between pride and irritation seems to be a tough spot for Nonon, which almost always ends with her stomping off. Uzu also seems irritated with MC for doing this, and Houka finds it amusing, but distracting.
  21. Houka Inumuta: MC and Houka share much in common personality-wise. They both prefer to stay calm, analyze situations, and use their brains to gain an advantage. However, while Houka is completely focused on precision and intellect, MC prefers his gut feeling and perception to carry him. Houka is the only one of the Elite Four who is overtly friendly with MC, though even he finds his womanizing ways upsetting.
  23. Ragyo Kiryuin: MC met Ragyo relatively recently, and she seems... fascinated might be the wrong word. His direct attempt to flirt with her made her laugh, so she wants to see how brazen this boy can get. Ragyo has even accepted a dinner date with MC once, though it went nowhere in a romantic or sexual sense.
  25. Nui Harime: Nui first met MC only a few months back. She thinks he is fun sometimes, but finds his talk about love boring, or so she claims. Meanwhile. MC is trying to pick her apart, discovering what makes this strange little lady tick. He was threatened with murder a few times by now, but he's learned when to back off. Probably.
  27. MC has minor social connections with others, such as the Sewing Club's Iori, though he hasn't been around him much.
  31. First branch is when Ryuko first establishes herself as a strong fighter, around when she makes the Fight Club. MC will be given a choice of assignment here:
  33. Path 1A: Turncoat. MC appears to support Ryuko in her endeavors, joining her fight club and even using a 1-star uniform to fight other clubs. However, Mako still undergoes her transition and then casting off of her new status, to cement herself as Ryuko's friend for good. This period is mostly to develop relationships with these girls, and to show off MC's combat abilities at a basic level.
  35. Path 1B: UnderCOVERS. MC takes time away from the school to seek out Ragyo and Nui, to deepen his relationships with them and work on stealing secrets from them. During this, Ragyo will order Nui to create a 6-star uniform for MC to test. This is mostly doomed to fail, and MC will not keep this uniform even if he succeeds, but the idea is to display MC's unflinching will and, apparently, his devotion to Ragyo's cause. If he fails, the suit will take over, and MC learns the true pleasure and horror of being food for Life Fibers. A partial success means that he resists the control, but is only able to salute, before passing out. This alone impresses Ragyo and Nui sufficiently to take him seriously. Lastly, a critical success means that MC exerts control over the Life Fibers. This makes Nui's eyes sparkle, but Ragyo... had concerns. These are easy for MC to catch, and he assures her that it is his endless devotion to the Kiryuin women that fuels his ability. This leads to the honeypot trap option immediately. After a success of either sort, MC is left alone briefly, at which point he installs a worm that Houka gave him into the Kiryuin mainframe. This was the true goal all along. If the honeypot trap succeeds, MC feels intense shame and guilt, because he gave his first to a woman he hates with a burning passion. This will be addressed later with Satsuki.
  37. After this, the Naturals Elections take place. MC can reveal his 3-star uniform at the start, or at the end, but in either case, this is a good time to talk with Ryuko more. Also, MC has the only direct, secure line of communication to Satsuki, and it is completely free of wiretaps or interception. He can discuss his shame, if the honeypot trap succeeded. In any case, MC's apartment is rendered unusable in an attack, so he may ask Mako to stay with them for a day. During this, he gets his first real good look at Senketsu, and attempts to talk to the seifuku. Of course, he can't hear anything, but Senketsu gets the idea that maybe MC is a decent person, as he pleads with the clothing to keep Ryuko safe and level-headed in the coming trial.
  39. After the Naturals Election Finals start, MC has the opportunity to battle one of the Elite 4 to claim a spot. Uzu is the obvious target, but Houka may be the easiest. However, Nui crashes the party, and when she recognizes MC, she squeals and plants a big kiss on him. Regardless of how much he accepts it, if MC was not outed before, he absolutely is now. Ryuko may be hurt or angered, and when Nui pulls the rest of her stunt, MC has only one chance to quiet her down. He does this... with a kiss, but only if he pushes Nui off of him. The shock of the action is enough to scramble her emotions, and instead of becoming a monster, Ryuko blushes and screams at MC for his creepiness. Nui is upset by this, of course.
  41. After this incident, another path divergence happens.
  43. Path 2A: Naked Truth. MC is outed as Satsuki's servant, and preparations for the Raid Trip begin. As this happens, Ryuko wants nothing to do with him, so he throws himself into his work. However, on a visit out of the area to scout another school, he is caught thanks to Nui showing up and ruining his cover. He argues with her, asking her why she feels the need to destroy others, and she just comments about how she's a hedonist. MC can then, finally, state his philosophy on love, and attempt to sway her heart, even a little. If he does well, and goes in for a REAL kiss... she becomes confused, and leaves to bother Ryuko instead.
  45. Path 2B: UnderCOVERS 2: MC can, at this point, perform the actions that happen in the potential 2A path. However, if he already did that, he is tasked with something else: get a sample of Ryuko's blood. If he can do this, Ragyo wants to test her, to see why she can handle a Kamui. Obviously, this would reveal her genetic link to Ragyo, so that's a bad idea from a meta position, but MC doesn't want her to have this anyways, because then she could not only develop a way to counter Ryuko, but Satsuki as well. Therefore, MC and Satsuki must find a convincing fake. If Nui was swayed, MC could call upon her to help find someone, as she can easily slip into someone's home and draw blood. If called upon and praised, Nui starts to understand what love can feel like. She grows addicted to the sensation.
  48. MC can take one of two roles here: He can participate in Uzu's raid as a backup, or he can ride along with Satsuki in her airborne command chopper. Either way, Satsuki offers MC one of the patches of Senketsu. MC accepts it, but has the choice of using it or not. This is the only other time Satsuki and MC can be alone before the end of their ruse, and as before, they can discuss the honeypot trap if needed. However, if that was already dealt with... Satsuki can let her feelings slip. In doing so, MC can make her promise to live, no matter what, for his sake. She refuses, and says they will all be prepared to die, but he counters that with 'ah, you already pulled that on me once. Not again, and I'm calling in that debt. You will live, so we can figure us out.' She doesn't have a response. Earlier in the conversation, they can also discuss any other relationships MC wants to keep. Satsuki is amenable to Ryuko and Nonon, though if Nui is an option, MC will have to accept that Satsuki doesn't believe that she's changed. After this, Satsuki and MC leap into battle with Takarada, and the choices connect here. MC finishes off Takarada, and Satsuki fights Ryuko. MC willingly gives her the final piece of Senketsu, and the three share an accord. Then, the last split happens after the battle.
  50. Path 3A: Nudist Breach
  51. MC follows Ryuko and Mako down into Nudist Beach, where he reveals he was their double agent, 069. After reciting the passwords, they begrudgingly accept him, and MC gives the explanation on Life Fibers and the need to stop them. Ryuko gets upset about Senketsu being made to kill his kind, and MC agrees, but asks her what Senketsu wants. There is a short rest period, where MC can get closer to the girls here, and potentially confess to Ryuko as well. Of course, she is... angry, at worst, and confused at best, though Mako may step in and tell her not to reject something nice.
  53. Path 3B: Quick-Change
  54. This path is ONLY available if the honeypot trap succeeded. MC quietly discusses with Satsuki their plans on the way back. If MC wishes, he can side with Ragyo in the final battle, and then betray her later. The ultimate double-betrayal. This can possibly lead to having MC as an inside agent if they lose. Or, he can stick by her side, and help fight Ragyo directly. In either case, this path is short, and the Athletic Festival begins.
  56. Other results of the path changes: if Ryuko has enough of a bond with MC, she can be snapped out of her coma early. If she has even more, she can be convinced not to attack Ragyo alone.
  58. MC becomes Satsuki's jailer if he joins Ragyo, and does his best to coordinate with Nudist Beach.
  60. If enough bond with both Satsuki and Ryuko forms, MC can be captured instead of the girls.  If he has enough bond with Nui, he can appeal to her for help, and she will be caught between desires. MC will eventually be made to put on an 8-star uniform, and Nui sent along to handle him. During this, the sisters battle him and Nui, and either she loses her hands as before, or she is captured when MC breaks free.
  62. If Nui is turned, and MC convinces her to embrace her existence as clothing, she becomes his new uniform. A 9-star one. This feeling gives her greater pleasure than ever felt before.
  68. MC went to kindergarten with Satsuki and Nonon, and was too shy to speak to either. However, he witnessed the charisma of both, and they stuck in his mind ever since. Seeing them again when Satsuki defeated Uzu in one move brought those memories forth, and he was a man with a mission ever since.
  70. MC dreams of a world where he can uncover himself and those he loves fully. Satsuki is still the same brilliant person she was, but Nonon seems less so, so he is unsure about her.
  72. MC has established himself as a double agent with Nudist Beach. He goes by Agent 069, because of course he does. He was responsible for funneling the information about the Kiryuins, Life Fibers, and Ragyo's plan to the revolutionary group. He also uses this connection to help provoke Nudist Beach into helping train Ryuko.
  74. Aikuro Mikisugi is aware of MC's role as spymaster, but not of his role as a double agent.
  76. Using his NB connections, MC has obtained their old research into Life Fibers. Not only was this the model that his personal Goku uniform is based on, but MC has dedicated his spare time to performing mental exercises to help combat the inevitable struggle against Life Fibers. This means he can, in theory, handle a 4- or even 5-star uniform.
  78. Nui is NOT technically a person. Her body was born from a womb of Life Fibers. This means that she has a small amount of human cells, but she's actually a Kamui in the shape of a person. This opens up implications for the future, if she can be swayed to accept MC's point of view. As she cannot WEAR Life Fibers, she must be meant to be worn. Sexual connotations aside, it was the greatest pleasure in her existence to be worn as a part of her greatest design ever, and she would also experience that as a Kamui. It would be even more, though, as the MC is capable of real love, and Nui never got to feel that even once in her life from Ragyo, Satsuki, or anyone. Who knows how that could change her?
  80. Ragyo is susceptible to a honeypot trap. If MC pushes enough, he can initiate a sexual encounter with Ragyo, who is a known hedonist and pleasure addict. However, this is only once, and the goal would be to create an opening to steal information or establish a back door into her company's security.
  82. Satsuki actually enjoys the attention MC gives her, and, were it possible, would accept his feelings. However, she fully is prepared to die, and so believes it would be unfair to both of them to start a relationship. This resistance can be broken down eventually, and one singular chance to be alone can be had during the School Raid Trip.
  84. Ryuko is equally susceptible to MC's flirting, though she is more violently opposed on the surface. She cannot understand why he likes her until she decides that he just likes EVERYONE. Only when her status as Satsuki's sister is exposed will she understand, though other things make it complicated at that time.
  86. Mako... is easy to sleep with, honestly, but she will not if it might make Ryuko upset. Seems like you need both to be honest with their feelings if you want both on board. Might be better as a bro at first. If her family finds out, they will be UPSET.
  88. Uzu is quietly crushing on Nonon. She reciprocates this quiet crush. However, both are too prideful and bullheaded to make any moves. If Nonon is 'taken' from him, Uzu may grow to dislike MC.
  90. Ira may develop feelings for Mako if she isn't clearly a target for MC by the end of the Naturals Election. Unlike Uzu, Ira won't fault MC for anything, as he knows he COULD take a shot.
  92. Hopefully, can work in the 'you asked me to die once, so I'm asking you to live.' With Satsuki.
  94. MC was stitched up with Life Fibers in his stomach. These permanently hold him together. At the end of the story, he will die without them.
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