Leo "Hatchling" Feuiemel

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  1. References: (Not a whole lot)
  3. Name: Leo ‘Hatchling’ Feuiemel
  4. Age: 17
  5. Race: Half Elf, Pointy ears but not all that much longer than normal human ears.
  6. Hair: Blonde, Medium length for a guy, intentionally styled to look messy, with some half curls/cow licks, no facial hair
  7. Eyes: Deep Verdant Green
  8. Height: 5’3” (Perhaps an inch or two more with his boots)
  9. Body Type: Svelte, Very slender with little to no muscle, More pretty boy than manly man.
  11. General appearance: Leo walks around with an Air of confidence, about him, not so much borne of cockyness or the Idea of himself being superior, but more so out of pure unadulterated optimism, Always wearing a wide smile even in the worst of situations.
  13. Leo has always Dreamed of being a great Hero and perhaps had focused a bit too much on the aesthetic, always putting fashion and appearance first, sharp colors well maintained armour, making sure it fits his frame absolutely perfectly, and avoiding any metal that isn’t ornamental trim or jewelry, and even when relaxing he makes sure he’s in some sort of heroic pose.
  15. Outfit:
  17.  Generally His colour would be primarily white, with a deep green as a secondary, gold and silver trim for any metallic accents.
  19. a long tailcoat and vest combo, like ,
  20. a pair of thigh high leather boots Like
  21. a pair of slacks bridging the gap between the boots and tailcoat.
  23. Accessories:
  25. Over his right ear, he’d have a simple feathered hair clip like
  26. A pair of simple golden stud earrings in each ear
  27. a silver banded ring on his right ring finger with a large emerald set in it.
  29. Other:
  30. He Carries with him a Violin, a clean and simple design, but made of a dark mahagony, with Ivory trim,
  32. Sheathed on his waist, he carries a rapier, with a pomel design like
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