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Aug 15th, 2013
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  1. ```````` OPERATION HAUSHURT ````````
  2. (4LL1|\|9 4LL L4Z0R5, 7R0LL5, 4|\|D d0><3R5 /\/\1D|<1PZ |\|33D3D
  4. For the past decade The Spamhaus Technology Limited front operation known as Spamteq aka Spamhaus has used their social influence on the internet to censor politicians, commerce, activism, hactivism, and religious content. They have listed innocent IP ranges without any regard to the damages it does and the content being censored from web researchers. They do not care about how people feel about their extortion, how Anons feel about the censorship, or how Governments feel about their DoS attacks. They simply attack...attack...attack.
  6. Spamhaus has victimized multiple Anon brothers and sisters; including Sven Olaf Kamphuis of Cyberbunker, Andrew Jacob Stephens of STOPhaus and even gone after Kim Dotcom and Julian Assange at times. Stephen John Linford of Spamhaus has no consideration of the consistency of web content, the redundancy of media, or the stability of connectivity. They are far worse of a threat to global communication than any Government and they control the web content with impunity, secrecy, and without any oversight. Spamhaus is a plague to the functionality of the internet and must be stopped with haste.
  8. In response to Spamhaus' intolerable actions, failure to compromise, and desire to effectively censor the web for their Corporate Monger sponsors from M3AAWG; such as Time Warner, AOL, and Facebook The STOPhaus Movement has joined forces with Anons from across the globe in efforts to put an end to the madness once and for all. After what the media dubbed "The Largest DDoS Attack in History" in which "Almost Broke the Internet", Spamhaus and Cloudflare (their DDoS mitigation flunkies) launched a widespread PR campaign in attempts to recruit law enforcement to do their bidding. This premeditated manipulation has caused the arrest of one of our dear brothers, Sven Olaf Kamphuis and it is time to tell Spamhaus "No More!"
  10. Operation HausHurt will be the end-game for Spamhaus. We will destroy all bases and any support they reach out to. Any and all communication between Spamhaus reps will be recorded and released to the public, any and all data on Spamhaus' servers will be exposed. Any and all supporters of Spamhaus will be subject to attack. Any and all ISPs that give in to extortion from Spamhaus without evidence will be attacked. Any and all domain registrars that give in to blackmail will be attacked. Any and all ISPs that fail to disclose the fact that they allow Spamhaus to censor user's email accounts without their knowledge will be dealt with.
  12. The vigilant will be victorious. Call it a vendetta. #OpHausHurt
  14. We are STOPhaus
  15. We are Anonymous
  16. We have forgiven
  17. We will not forget
  18. It's too late to expect us!
  20. #TSM - The STOPhaus Movement
  22. (4LL1|\|9 4LL L4Z0R5, 7R0LL5, 4|\|D d0><3R5 /\/\1D|<1PZ |\|33D3D
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